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Myosotis by Rainbowbutterfly16 reviews Before Sorey and Milkeo ever set out on journey, when they are still children and love to explore ruins. Inside of Mabinogion ruins, they find secret room that old piano is still playing music. Then they discover huge egg is sitting next to the piano. When Sorey makes contact with the egg, it hatches and a girl comes out. A girl with purpose to change outcome as a tool. OC included Tales of Zestiria - Rated: Quelles sont ses intentions?

Que va-t-il se passer maintenant? Along his journey, Ash has friends, rivals, finds love and so much more. Follow Ash as he faces the Ultimate Champion and what adventures lead him there Hunter x Hunter x Saiyan by Shy01 reviews Shortly after the Cell Games, Gohan fell through a portal and found himself in a different dimension and on sail to the Hunter Exam!

Is Gohan stuck there forever? Wendy's Issues by Flaredragon reviews It was wrong and she knew it, but it was so hard to resist him when he's like this. She knew it was wrong to feel about her brother like that but she couldn't help it. She cannot wait any longer. She must be with him, and she knows that he feels the same way. The only problem is how. Wendy is seventeen and is a lemon story, you've been warned. Helping Hand by Jolty11 reviews During a warm evening in Alola, Lillie gets a glimpse of Moon as she changes her clothes.

Lillie then proceeds to "take care" of her arousal when Moon leaves the room, only to be caught in the act when Moon walks in on her. Just as Lillie is about to die in embarrassment, Moon decides to give Lillie a helping hand Part 2 of my Lillie x Moon series. Une grande aventure commence by MelKaizoku reviews Une nouvelle arrive a la guilde de Fairy Tail , c'est une dragon slayer de la glace et c'est la soeur de Wendy Elle s'appelle Yumi. Venez vivre cette aventure avec Yumi et les gens de la guilde.

The Legend of Mina: Et bien Mina l'a fait! Je suis la seule?

Leur histoire commence en l'an x alors que Mavis n'est encore qu'une enfant. She didn't knew that her method would be so Mais qu'est-ce que c'est, de devenir pirate? Ceci est un crossover avec Final Fantasy IX. In SAO characters from lost song and Hallow fragment but is in play of the anime story additional characters will be added wait and see what I mean. Law, OC - Complete. Darklings are beings of corrupt darkness. These two races have been at war with each other since their creation. When Riamu ends up in the avatar world while trying to kill a shineling, he ends up joining the avatar until he can find a way back home.

Little does he know that he wasn't the only one who came to the avatar world. Wendy meets Chelia and Romeo. Does Wendy have a crush? Fairytail doesnt belong to me nor does the cover. Fairy Boy Forgotten by Icy Cake reviews While out on a mission, Wendy and her teammates discover an ancient temple where they find a mysterious, injured boy. Much to their disappointment, the child suffers from severe amnesia and is devoid of any memories.

It's up to Wendy and her friends to help him remember who he really is.

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Many thanks to The Epic Legion for the fantastic cover! Qu'est-ce que cela changerait pour Seto Kaiba? Riko's Harem by RoyalAttack reviews Rito gets turned into a girl by Lala and might have to stay like this for a while, but that doesn't stop Momo's harem plan. Contains yuri lemons girl x girl and Riko x Harem. Genderbending, harem, yuri, lesbian, smut, fluff, lemon. Desperate to see the world in it's fullest, possible extent, she vows to take the Hunter Exam for herself.

She makes some friends, goes on daring adventures, and starts to rethink her forced upon opinion on humans. Though, despite her heritage, she takes a liking to two certain boys. Unlikely Lovers - Fondantshipping by QuirkQuartz reviews Miette and Serena have been dating for a few months, and truly love one another, only there's an issue - Serena is shy beyond belief. Miette finds it adorable, but wants to be able to hold her girlfriends hand, something Serena's shyness won't allow. During a rainstorm, Miette offers Serena to stay at her house for the night Third Wheel No More by ZHelbigs reviews Toph is the greatest earthbender in the world, but that doesn't mean she doesn't feel like a third wheel sometimes.

So what happens when she meets someone new? Toph X OC Avatar: The Legend of Zelda: The Gauntlet of Lust by jax-naut2. Luckily, she'll find a human who's more than willing to help her with it: Rated M for sexual themes, you've been warned guys! Link and Medli accept their feelings for each other. Tremble by fajrikyoya reviews Megumi accidentally burned herself, and Souma had a nice idea to cool her off. Across the globe and back, chefs and patrons work hard to earn the impossible; her praise. For the years during her stay at Tootsuki, that has been nigh impossible, such a thought was ludicrous.

That was… until one common looking boy appeared during the Totsuki Transfer Exam. Suppose that before Eren's mother is devoured, a Titan appears and saves her life? Suppose that this Titan is unique, for it tries to protect mankind rather than devour it. And then, just as quickly as it arrives, it disappears? T - English - Chapters: Even minor characters need love too! So why not just choose them all? Please read on own accord. New Allies by fulcrum reviews A small fleet of warships from WW2 finds themselves inside the world of the Avatar.

With no way home, Admiral Yamamoto is forced to work alongside the Gang in order to return home. SHE turns into a HE! I DO own my OC! Woah, who knew that Ranma wasn't the only one! The Avatar must work together with the Vala to keep balance and peace in the world. But how will Avatar Aang and Vala Kama possibly be able to return balance and peace to a world that's been in chaos for a whole century? Merde, je suis dans One Piece! Neverending Pokemon Romance by C. M - French - Romance - Chapters: Links sexuality by mudaika reviews Warning, MA rated content is ahead, the following material may be disturbing to viewers who are not okay with sex in general.

This story starts off with Link is right about to get to Saria for Saria's song. Link has already passed the Deku-skrubs, and is about to see Saria. This story is about Link unlocking his sexuality, will he do it? Find out here Legend of Zelda - Rated: He is found by the sky maiden, a few miles outside the Cait Shelter guild.

Transfer of Worlds by Jazeoth reviews Kagero was raised by her father as a boy, and with brutal training and hard work her father finally acknowledged her. For her birthday, he decided to send her to her mother's world. The world of hunters! After entering the world she meets the starting trio of characters. Befriending Gon and the others, she sets off on the journey to find her mother.

Cette fille qui porte un kimono by Aikya reviews Elle est bizarre. He will go on many different adventures with his fellow members in the guild he joins. Yuri Tale by Kuugen the Fox reviews When an old enemy turned friend becomes terminally sick, Fairy Tail, under the command of it's seventh guild master Erza Scarlet, sets out to find the ingredients to a mystical cure. Split into five special teams, they each have their challenges to overcome, many of them far from their usual approach of just beating someone up.

Feelings are hard to control by Shoko Fuuyumi reviews A girl who was saved by Gin Freaks decided to become a Hunter like him in order to meet him again. She signed up for the Hunter's exam and there she meets her fated person. Killua x OC Nothing new it first chapters, but I assure you, it'll get better! During the exam she makes new friends - and they're 12 too! Don't take it seriously.

Rated for author's language and occasionally characters. Lucy is happy to provide her with it. Yuri, Lucy x Yukino lemon. A Hero's Choice by Mr. Juggonaut reviews Link x Malon A story that will have three parts. This is the main story and there will be two smaller chapters added. There are going to be half lemons. This story and its other parts are a more mature version of TLOZ, dealing with scenarios after Ganon is defeated.

Lemons are between Link and Malon. Also there's not tons of plot, just hopefully a solid Ash x Latias lemon. Sensing the hands of destiny at work, he sends the fairy Navi to collect the would be Heroine of Time, Link. But this is not the Legend of Zelda, and Link's perilous journey will be filled with much danger, and much sex Le nom by LaFaucheuse01 reviews "Ton nom?

Je regarde le petit homme devant moi. Grand Line One Piece - Rated: I choose you Deviluke? I do not own ether Pokemon or To Love Ru. Gon's change in objective by Xantetsuken reviews Hi everyone, This will be my first story on this account. I am doing a lemon of Neferpitou and Gon because there are no lemon fanfics of her at all. For my story, I am going with Pitou being a girl, even though in the manga, Pitou is a man. A Saiyan Pirate by Ryan. What could possibly go wrong. Link and Malon's life thereafter by malinklover reviews Once Link has defeated Ganon, he goes back to the ranch.

He stays and calls it home and a very special person also lives there. There's gonna be a few chapters to it, it the story of how Malon and Link fell in love. MaLink obviously but Link does There's also quite a bit of adventure later on as well, mature scenes! I don't own LOZ character but I own others. How an Eevee gets a Thunder stone by sinfulnature reviews A smut fic based on a poke-hentai comic of the same name. Silver and Gold by Parzivale reviews This is my first fanfic so please be nice!

Nana's old friend arrives on deviluke and gets sent to earth in desperate need of rest. Toph's Older Sister by raven reviews The life of being Toph's older sister. Having not seen one another in years, both on separate but still same paths.

Can things be patched up between the two? You wouldn't hurt your soulmate, now would you? Link learns firsthand what it would be like. Originally T-rated, but rated M to be safe. Malchance quand tu nous tiens, Gamine! Love on Lon Lon Ranch by Anjerachan reviews The innocent farm girl has a perfect life, a cute lover and a lovely Epona, what could go wrong?

How about a secret affair? Legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda - Rated: So now we have that we can start the story and like every story on this site I don't own this idea. Beyond the Boundaries by GamerLUPO reviews With the only connection between the two worlds destroyed, they both felt a sense of loss, until an eventual loop hole is found!

Spoilers for those who haven't finished the game!

Read e-book online However Tall the Mountain: A Dream, Eight Girls, and a PDF

Maybe more than one! Suivez cette grande aventure sur la Baleine Blanche. Shiruba no Hanashii by Arrow-chan3 reviews Isana, a cheerful and random girl, accidentally came to the hunter exam when she has no idea on what it was. How will she pass the exam with Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, Killua, her younger sister, her clumsy friend who thought that she was a yuri, and a boy who was forced to cross-dress?

Deux folles dans le monde de One Piece! T - French - Chapters: Il ne s'agit pas d'une Mary-Sue, mais d'une parodie! Rated 'M' for Lemon between a boy and his fairy. If you don't like the idea of Link and Medli having 'relations' then don't click on this. Rated 'M' for obvious reasons.

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If you don't like the idea of Link and Ruto having 'relations' then don't click on this. Zelda's heroboy by zeunknownwriter reviews This is about a young boy named link following the ocarina of time story with a slight twist of LEMON! Oh and Princess Zelda is an adult. Which is why this is rated Mature. Jira's Adventure by Dragoon reviews A girl born on a wonderful night goes through her quest in the Kanto and Johto regions.

Rated M for language, possible lemons and graphic violence. Un bouquet de lys by maboroshi no sekai reviews Madoka est amoureuse de sa meilleure amie, Hikaru, depuis longtemps. Une fille double de Luffy? Aventure au croisement des univers! T - French - Romance - Chapters: Link finds himself at the mercy of two princesses. Read and Review to see what happens. M for a reason.

To-Love-Pollin by Oulaff reviews Celine is a cute little plant who has taken the form of a toddler. She loves soda pop very much, but she isn't allowed to drink it because it has an interesting effect on those around her. Despite Momo's innocent appearance, she has very mischievous things on her mind. And when an opportunity presents itself, both she and Celine make moves toward their goals. M - English - Humor - Chapters: Gardevoir's Plan by timberwolf v1 reviews Gardevoir has been following Ash around for a while now and wants the naive trainer to know her true feelings for him.

She concocts a plan to try to erase his obliviousness and steal his heart! Read and find out! Rated M for safety purposes, though I will say right now that there are no explicit lemon scenes and no excessive violence. Mini crosseover car j'ai pris une fille de Bleach pour en faire un nouveau perso de To Love-Ru. T - French - Humor - Chapters: Frost Bite by iAMamused reviews A teenager from this world gets sucked into another, and he finds a eevee, beaten and hurt, laying in the road.

But when the eevee evolves, but gains two eeveelution abilites, all hell brakes loose. But one day she gets her wish and nothing will ever be the same. Majora's Fire by Lemonly Sweet reviews When Majora is resurrected as a 13 year-old girl, she forgets all about the end of the world incident. However, The Happy Mask Salesman wants to use her to destroy the it again to create a new world. But after Skullkid befiends Majora, he decides to keep her away from the Salesman in order to stop his dastardly plans. I don't own LOZ. It is owned by Nintendo. TLA storyline, the only difference being a new Firebending OC and whatever changes to the plot he may cause.

Pairings will spring up as they occur since stories like this flow naturally. Rated K, always going to be family friendly! Link has been told by a very strange man that his father is alive. Link has to set off, while trying to protect the most important thing in the world to him, Zelda. Could the strange man who told Link the news be his father? This is my first story! Ocarina of time belongs to Nintendo. Rated M for sexual content. Twilight Princess written as i think it should have been done. Mainly the same story, but with My flare and of course LinkxMidna! Rated M for Future Lemons!

McDowell is a wanted criminal, on the run for most of her life. Seeking shelter at the guild of a friend, Eva attempts to lie low. With a guild suspicious of her origins and an entire magic council on her tail, will Eva ever life a peaceful life? Malon's search for Link by zombi reviews This occurs after Link loses Navi.

Big Dan: Dans l'intimité de Daniel Van Buyten (SOCIETE) by Daniel Van Buyten,Pierre Danvoye

Malon hasn't seen her childhood friend in so long. One night,she decides to go looking for him, but she had no idea that she would be traveling to another dimension. Will she find Link? Rated M for language and actions. To the World of Benders by Ty Lee Hyuga reviews A teenager wins a computer program that lets him travel between dimensions.

It went ignored for its absurdity. But after seeing something he wishes to change in a show he watches, his curiosity gets the better of him. Can he reach the part he wishes to change to his liking, or will his intrusion, and possibly others, send the set series of events spiraling into chaos? Excited she visits Ash, and from there things start to go a little out of plan A family of Eeveelutions admitting their lustful and romantic feelings towards one another?

We all like that Love only a Pokemon could give by Yomekyo reviews This a short story about a girl and her Pokemon. She found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and needed someone to cheer her up. Little did she know, she had someone there for her the whole time and his name was Vaporeon. He shows her love only a Pokemon could give. I will write more of these only if request. This is a crossover of Negima and Fairy Tail that takes place 5 years after the defeat of the Lifemaker and after the 7 year time skip of Fairy Tail. This crossover will focus on the interaction between some of Ala Alba and Fairy Tail.

Rated M for sexual content and graphic language. Contains yuri girl on girl. Continuation of "The Sky Lovers". Takes place before the Tenroujima Arc and after the Edolas Arc. Wendy and Chelia meet on a mission and its love and first sight. This is probably gonna be a two-shot. Be advise that my use of English language and writing skills are not of very high standards but I will definitely put in my best efforts to write properly. Meanwhile, Saria gets tired of waiting for him to come back. When war breaks out, will the two realize each other's feelings? I suck at summaries, sorry!

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The Order of Balance by Rogue 2k8 reviews Who said small acts of kindness didn't change anything? One day Saria decides to lose her imortality but she has no idea how, she wants to be like Link and live a normal life with the one she loves Link has strong feeling for Marin. But the one and only secret of Kholint Island could tear him apart inside. Read of Link's love and share your thoughts. Link tries to convince the Zora Princess that a relationship is hopeless- but she's having none of it.

Rated M for Lemons. May post another chapter later, who knows? Heat and Eevee by SpicyCocoa reviews A family of Eeveelutions have gone into heat, but the entire forest's males have already been taken. Now there lies three needy females, aching for a mate. But then there was a son. When times are desperate, you'll do anything to get what you want. Darkest Light by NobleSolst reviews Alternate Universe after defeating Gannondorf the exhaustian of channeling his life force through the master sword kills Link and causes Midna to be captured by grief till she meets Solst a strange boy who says hes in charge of her protection MidnaxOC Legend of Zelda - Rated: Reflections within a Dream by yoshmaster5 reviews The Instruments of the Sirens have been gathered, and all that remains is to awaken the Wind Fish.

Link has a night to think to himself, after an encounter with Marin. Neverending Pokemon Romances by YamiMarik reviews A soon to be large collection of lemon stories. Send suggestions of any pairing you would like to see. Can do yaoi and yuri. See inside for details. C'est un gros AAML assez triste, mais qui finis bien.

Please enjoy and reviews. Cold by Gamesplayers reviews October, this year, was colder than it was supposed to be. But it was nothing compared to his temper Link and Malon short lemon. Language and well, sex. The Blessing of Life by XT reviews After Saria gave up her immortality to be with Link, the two, now both young hylians, set off together in the uncharted waters of adolescence, while trying to avoid an all-to-familiar evil Sequel to 'The Curse of Immortality' 'M' for safety A new evil has started to grow from the desert and Link must set out on a new adventure.

Quoiqu'il y a eu pire Comment vont-elle se consoler? Que de citrons en folie! K - French - Humor - Chapters: With You Now by NintendoGal55 reviews Link and Midna being together on their little honeymoon shortly after marrying and being together for good in the Twilight Realm. How their love has become so strong. What to do on a rainy day by Elise-Opotomas reviews Dara finds wolf Link out on the streets Own character with Link. Dara x Wolf Link. Affection by Darasaurus reviews Wolf Link x Dara. Rated M for language and sexual themes. Bestiality Legend of Zelda - Rated: You whispered in my ear all the things that I had longed for you to say, that you wanted only me all night and day.

And you pressed your soft, sweet lips against mine The School of Hard Knox: The Autobiography of Archie Knox. The college of tough Knox chronicles the existence and profession of 1 of the main trendy and revered coaches ever to grace Scottish soccer, Archie Knox. By Awista Ayub A ball can begin a revolution.

Born in Kabul, Awista Ayub escaped together with her relatives to Connecticut in , whilst she used to be years previous, yet her connection to her background remained powerful. An athlete her entire existence, she was once encouraged to begin the Afghan early life activities alternate after September eleven, , as a manner of uniting women of Afghanistan and giving them desire for his or her destiny.

She selected football simply because little greater than a ball and a box is required to play; in spite of the fact that, the braveness it will take for ladies in Afghanistan to do that must be tremendous--and the social swap it may possibly lead to via creating a loud and transparent assertion for Afghan girls was once sufficient to persuade Awista that it was once attainable, or even necessary. So, Awista introduced 8 women from Afghanistan to the U.

They again to Afghanistan and unfold their curiosity in taking part in football; whilst Awista traveled there to host one other health facility, countless numbers of women grew to become out to participate--and the numbers of avid gamers and groups continue to grow. What all started with 8 younger ladies has now exploded into whatever of a phenomenon.