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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Watching Jimmy by Nancy Hartry. Watching Jimmy by Nancy Hartry. Watching Jimmy is impossible-to-put-down; full of danger, warmth, and dark humor. With shocking candor, Carolyn relates what really happened to her best friend, Jimmy, when his uncle chose the perfect time to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

The truth is Jimmy didn't fall from a swing like Uncle Ted claims. Carolyn knows - she saw everything.

With the dreadful secr Watching Jimmy is impossible-to-put-down; full of danger, warmth, and dark humor. With the dreadful secret locked away, Carolyn walks an emotional tightrope.

No matter what else is happening in this post-war era, she must keep an eye on her now poor, braindamaged Jimmy. But when Uncle Ted threatens his beleaguered family with even more abuse and the loss of their home, Carolyn must find the courage to match wits with him and to speak out, using the truth as her only weapon.

Set in , Watching Jimmy is a brilliant portrait of the post-war era, a family of strong women, and a resourceful heroine who exudes character, resilience, and most of all, love. Paperback , pages. Published September 11th by Tundra Books first published April 14th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Watching Jimmy , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Historical Fiction - My librarian asked me to preview this book for her as it is new to our classroom library. Throughout the text, I found myself questioning having this text in our library.

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I'm not sure our elementary students are developmentally ready for some of the content in this book. Carolyn, the main character, takes care of her best friend Jimmy who was injured due to physical abuse by his "uncle". Thi Historical Fiction - My librarian asked me to preview this book for her as it is new to our classroom library.

This story takes place in the 's and makes mention of post-war issues. The story revolves around Carolyn's inner growth, and the struggle of Jimmy's family to free themselves from abuse. I tried to approach the book with an open mind and recognize there was going to be difficult topics discussed. However, I struggled with supporting how the book was written, especially aspects of the ending that suggest you should keep abuse silent.

Sep 11, Claire Zheng rated it really liked it. The main character, Carolyn, has witnessed a tragic event involving her friend Jimmy's uncle Ted teaching him a lesson and causing him to have brain damage. Now, Jimmy can barely think straight and Carolyn has to protect his family from even further abuse from Uncle Ted. But nobody else knows the real truth behind Jimmy's accident, and Carolyn has to muster up the courage and speak out. This book is touching to say at the very least and was incredibly heartwarming at the end. I really do recomme The main character, Carolyn, has witnessed a tragic event involving her friend Jimmy's uncle Ted teaching him a lesson and causing him to have brain damage.

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I really do recommend you to read it. Though, there may be content not meant for younger readers and I feel it's more fit for middle schoolers. Jan 10, Kristi Bernard rated it it was amazing. Carolyn Jamieson has a story to tell. It's not your average everyday story that any normal almost twelve-year-old would tell. You see, Carolyn was high up in a tree one early evening when uncle Ted thought he was alone in the park with her best friend Jimmy.

That particular day would change all of their lives forever. Carolyn and Jimmy have lived next door to each other. They spent a lot of time together mostly because Carolyn's mom worked the night shift. Aunt Jean, Jimmy's mom, took care of th Carolyn Jamieson has a story to tell. Aunt Jean, Jimmy's mom, took care of them as best she could.

Uncle Ted, who was presumed to be Aunt Jeans brother, and was considered to be a wealthy man. It's the late 's and he has made his money in the plumbing industry. He drove a blue Thunderbird with white pleather seats.

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Jimmy always wanted to drive that car. Uncle Ted always showed up on Thursday to visit Aunt Jean and he would always leave her a little money to help out. While Uncle Ted visited, Jimmy, Carolyn and the neighborhood kids would hang all over his car. Jimmy always sat behind the wheel. Uncle Ted would come out of the house and yell at the kids causing them to run and scatter. He would always sock Jimmy in the arm leaving behind a bruise every time. Carolyn and Jimmy would be stuck wiping all the fingerprints off of the car before he would leave.

Carolyn couldn't figure out why Uncle Ted was always so mean to Jimmy. It was as if he had a secret hate for him. One Thursday evening in the park Uncle Ted challenged Jimmy to a race for a chance to drive the car.

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It wasn't man against boy running, but a race with man and car against Jimmy. And then it happened. Uncle Ted hit Jimmy with his fancy blue car, unaware that Carolyn saw the whole thing from high up in a tree. The story goes that Jimmy fell out of the swing and bumped his head. It put him in a coma for a while and when he woke up he wasn't the same.

He now wears diapers and drools. Carolyn knew she had to watch over Jimmy and protect him from Uncle Ted. One day, Carolyn finds Jimmy home alone with Uncle Ted who had been giving him alcohol to calm him down from one of his fits. It is now Carolyn's mission to find out why Uncle Ted is so mean and to figure out a way to tell what really happened to Jimmy. Hartry draws readers into Carolyn's world. The unfolding of events is filled with suspense and emotion. Readers will eagerly turn the pages to see what Carolyn does to protect her friend and family.

Although the content is sensitize this is a middle grade friendly read. As a librarian-to-be, I try to sometimes read kids books as well as adult books. I chose this book for 2 reasons: This was a great story.