Breaking the Code: The Series (Book 1)

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The Book of Revelation has been misunderstood by many people, especially Fundamentalists, for a long time. Many people read Revelation and come away with bizarre predictions for things to come. Metzger's book gives the reader an excellent verse by verse view on what Revelation actually means by placing the writing in a religious, political and social context.

It's impossible to understand any writing without understanding the context. Metzger was one of the great New Testament scholars of the 20th Century. His book is thorough, but not so academic that lay people will have a hard time following it.

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  • At the heart, Revelation gives great insights into 1st Century Christianity and the problems early Christians bravely faced. It is not a text intended to predict coming human events. This is a good study book to go along with reading Revelations in the Bible. It was used as part of my Sunday Bible Study class. It reads very well, and the author is exceptionally good at explaining this interesting part of the Bible. I recommend it to anyone who would like to better understand Revelations. Understanding the book of Revelation is not an easy task, but this book does an adequate job of presenting the author's views and theories on Revelation in an easy to understand and non-academic way.

    Non-academic is probably a big key here. If you are looking for a definitive commentary on the book of Revelation, this is definitely not it. But what it does do it does fairly well. There will undoubtedly be things in this book the reader disagrees with, and I found myself disagreeing with a lot, but I sometimes find that to be a good thing and makes me think about a subject. The book is inexpensive and is worthwhile to use as a Bible Study or in a group format. Used for a bible study at church. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

    Good study of Revelation. Metzger looks only at what the Bible says and not, like many prophecy teachers today, what the news says. Teachers today try to make the events they see fit with what scripture says insted of just reading in the sense of when it was written.

    Cam is a As I was reading this book, one thing kept running through my head - how in the world did I manage to miss this book for so long? Cam is a wounded former soldier now coding for a living, with her former CO Royce whose book is number 2 in this series, so now I know the background I didn't know when I read Book 2. He suffers the guilt that survivors always carry. When these two people meet sparks fly immediately. These are both dealing with a crisis - Cam with a new contract Royce's company is struggling with because the software is jacked, and West with the possible loss of his gym because a high tech gym moved across the street you know the ones, loud music, lotsa glitz, attended by all the pretty people - yep, you know it.

    I have been refusing to post any spoilers in my reviews lately, but I will say that you won't be disappointed in the build up of the tension in this book, nor in the outcome, although I will say it ends more abruptly than I thought it would. This book is yet another one of Eddy's that made me cry. In another review I got poetic and said that she was weaving her characters together with technicolor threads. That is absolutely what she does. The farther into her books you go, the better you know the characters and the more interesting they become. In this case, I cried with Cam because she was learning about trust and not giving up on people, but mostly she learned how to ask for what she needed.

    Yes, I would recommend you read this book. And while it isn't necessary to read this first, before reading In Her Sights, it does give you background about the characters that are featured in both books. I had a couple of aha moments while reading this, especially about Ryker and now I like him even more.

    Discharged after an explosion left her with nerve damage on the left side of her body. Now works for her former CO as a programmer for his security firm. Retired after one mission that went south and members of his team died. Now owns a gym specializing in PT for amputees and disabled vets. They now have weekly video game nights and are slowly progressing towards more. But Cam feels like her past will keep her from being available to anyone. Hopefully she can work through her issues because West is smokin hot!

    I have not known anyone with PTSD.

    Breaking His Code

    So for me, reading about these characters and their emotional struggles was fascinating. Had Cam not had PTSD, I would have wanted to reach into the book and smack her around for being so ridiculously stubborn and selfish. But knowing that made me go a bit easier on this fictional character. Instead I just watched the drama unfold and cringed at her reactions to West. It was frustrating to see her struggle with her confidence. But all of this just goes to show how well written this story was. This was definitely a book out of my normal comfort zone genre, but I am glad I read it.

    I enjoyed the story a lot and definitely recommend it! Stories that are brought into this technological age really intrigue me, and Patricia D Eddy grabbed me from the very start. People meet online all the time using video games, social media, and forums as avenues to find friends with common interests. Taking something as easy as online gaming and turning it into a realistic love story is what today is all about. Cam, a code writer for a security company, meets West, the owner of a gym while playing Halo online.

    When their relationship becomes fli Stories that are brought into this technological age really intrigue me, and Patricia D Eddy grabbed me from the very start.

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    When their relationship becomes flirtatious, they decide to meet. Both being ex-military, they are aware there are both visible and invisible scars.

    Revelation: Breaking the Code

    With secrets and pasts to work through, these two have their work cut out for them. The vet forum as well as Royce, Cam's boss also includes a very realistic side of the soldiers that come home with PTSD and survivor's guilt. I loved how Eddy has masterfully woven this story with such pragmatic characters. It is edgy, suspenseful and passionate, the best kind of book. With a dual POV, they each had an easy listening pace, and distinguishable, believable voices.

    It is a pleasurable listen. May 27, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: A circle of vets who are living in a world of recovery, rediscovery, and reinvention have formed a cyber-security firm and landed a BIG client, only to see heir vaunted new software malfunction at every turn.

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    Camilla, veteran, bomb disposal unit survivor, and code-writing genius has to juggle her PTSD, her imploding work project, her strained relationships to family and friends, and a new man, West, who makes her feel like the woman she wanted to be - before she went to war. It's a well-old story, with a cast of characters you come to know and care about. This is a high-tension read, with industrial sabotage and hacking against million-dollar clients on the business side, and lots of anger, angst, and fears one the personal side. The romance adds more to the drama, and the end of the book resolves only some of the dilemmas begun in the novel.

    Clearly, there's a sequel coming, and I'm curious enough to want more. My thanks to the author and to Hidden Gems for the ARC, this review is voluntary, independent, and uncompensated, and Breaking His Code is a good read. This is actually more of a 4. I really liked it. The story was an interesting start to a series I can't wait to read because the secondary characters were so well done.

    I enjoyed the writing style so much. I get really bothered when everything is spoon feed to me. If a characters is thinking to themselves in a story I hate when they "think" a sentence like "I picked up my pet, a pure breed whatever that was a gift". Who would "think" that to themselves, let another character enter that info.

    I This is actually more of a 4. I found the characters thoughts and actions believable and honest, if maybe messy at times. It makes reading enjoyable for me. The writing is strong and well done, the pace and flow are good. No slow downs or lulls to gloss through. The romance built in a natural way and the conflict fit the storyline. I did want that fleshed out a bit more, but that is more a me thing and it's not my story to tell.

    Breaking the Code: Hugh Whitemore: Books

    While the story deals with injuries and PTSD there wasn't a lot of violence but if discussion of injuries or service might bother you go slowly here. I thought this was a smart story and an enjoyable read. Jul 03, Stephanie N rated it it was amazing. I am very impressed with this first novel in the Away from Keyboard Collection. She is a very talented coder in the virtual world and decides this is where she belongs.

    West is a former naval Seal that happens to run across Cam as they are playing Halo and other virtual games. Cam decides one day to meet the sparky Cam over coffee in Seattle. West is haunted by losing his I am very impressed with this first novel in the Away from Keyboard Collection.

    West is haunted by losing his team while in service whereas Cam still struggles with the horrible memories that left her scarred in Afghanistan. You must read to find out. Eddy, writes a heart wrenching creative story. Her characters are well developed and defined. Her sexy cyber romance is hot, and her imagery is perfect. Eddy explained it well enough for me to grasp the entire situation. Cam and West have found the source code of love.

    Cam is a one tough chick. From surviving her time in the Army and subsequent injuries to her topdog programming job she presents a strong face to the world. But underneath that exterior she is a mass of fear and pain. Like most Vets the transition back to civilian life isn't easy and the scars, both physical and mental, she carries with her are sometimes paralyzing.

    When her online buddy wants to meet her she is hesitant to take that relationship Cam and West have found the source code of love. When her online buddy wants to meet her she is hesitant to take that relationship from cyberspace to real life. West has his ghosts and demons from his time in the Navy.

    Now he just wants to make his Dojo work and try and re-acclimate to life. With business money troubles and his night terrors, the one bright spot in his days is Cam. Once he convinces her to meet and feels those insta sparks he knows he cannot let this amazing woman escape. When a threat is levied there is no way they will leave a man behind. Time to get with the program. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book. The character development was great.

    Both the central characters Cam and West have issues they need to work through that are real and treated well. What I struggled with: This was a good read and I will look to read more in this series of books. I definitely was invested in the story and wanted to know what happened was just a little disappointed that the obvious solution was so clear or at least to me early on.

    Camilla Delgado, or Cam for short, likes her private life, coding during the day on a project that could make or break her career as a coder, while running an online support group and playing online gaming at night. Expecting to just have coffee with the man and go home, Cam is surprised at the feelings he awakens when the pair touch. Not used to feeling anything, and as an unfortunate accident leaves Cam feeling embarrassed, she leaves the coffee shop and thinks that things are over between the pair.

    Will she be able to give into her new feelings for West? Will West be the one to break through her hard outer shell? I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. May 26, Mella rated it it was ok Shelves: Cam was a great character with a complex backstory and kind disposition. The backstories of all the characters though were emotionally intense. I did find myself a bit confused with what was happening. The author showed rather than told but I think there should've been a bit more explanation about what was going on.

    I didn't quite understand the situation with Royce or with Lucas. Still, this was a great story and I felt emotionally invested in the chara This was good. Still, this was a great story and I felt emotionally invested in the characters and their search for happiness. I mostly liked the relationship between West and Cam, although their lack of communication at times irritated me. I did like that they tried to open up to each other. But I kind of felt that there was too much happening in this book. There was the emotional aspect, the tech plot line, the backstories - it was just too much.

    I think there either needs to be more development or less plot complications. Still it was a nice little read. This is the first book I have read by this author and I was given as part of the ARC for the second book in the series. I really enjoyed the story and it felt very realistic talking about both the returned military members and how they cope once they come home.

    It also highlighted resources used by them and ways they utilize their training. The author also took you into the tech start-up world with all the struggles and challenges. These are both areas I know little about but I found very intere This is the first book I have read by this author and I was given as part of the ARC for the second book in the series. These are both areas I know little about but I found very interesting. The main story revolves around Cam Camilla and West, who are both returned veterans that meet online, but build an interesting and challenging relationship mainly around Cam's past and some unresolved issues.

    The writing and pacing of the story is excellent and all the characters were so well established that I could not wait to continue in this series.

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    • I really liked this book! Aside from the love story, Patricia Eddy puts a spotlight on veteran issues such as: PTSD, survivor's guilt, coping with debilitating injuries and financial hardships facing service veterans. The story is evenly paced with romantic, suspenseful and dangerous moments. Cam and West are extremely likeable characters. They each struggle with the after effects of the horrors of war. They "get" each other. Now Cam must learn to trust West and not pull back and try to go it a I really liked this book!

      Now Cam must learn to trust West and not pull back and try to go it alone as she typically does. West is desparately trying not to lose his business. He's finally to the point that he must take a dangerous job in order to keep the doors of his Krav Maga dojo open. Meanwhile, Cam is exhaustively working to implement new security system at a hotel, battling her boss and his over the top crappy attitude and convincing her best friend to stay working with her. Have it in Audio. Hero is West A seal. This is a fast pace action story from the first sentence to the end.

      All the characters are civilians now. All the characters will need to lear to life with their hang ups and some with injuries. Cam and West meet playing an online war game. After a game West suggested that both he and Cam meet for a coffee. West first says no. West mind keeps on playing tricks by showing him past scenes in the war torn part of the world and urging him to go to one lady assignment Does West tell Cam. I really enjoyed this book, and I am glad I had the opportunity to read an advanced copy, because I'm not sure I would have read it otherwise. The characters were real and weren't perfect, they made mistakes and learned from them.

      I was invested in the characters, and not just the main two characters, but all of them. I also thought Patricia Eddy did a wonderful job with showing the after effects of soldiers coming home. Often you see books w I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Often you see books with a strong male soldier who is perfect and has no lasting issues, but these characters were dealing with their past in the military.

      I'm not familiar with the military or coding world, but this book was still very enjoyable! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. This book is about two former military heroes who bond over online gaming. Cam is a former bomb disposal expert who was seriously hurt while in service to her country. West is a former Navy Seal, emotionally scarred from a mission gone wrong. This is the story of love, learning to trust and two broken halves becoming a more solid whole. There is also some action and intrigue.

      And a few steamy scenes.