Excavating Women: A History of Women in European Archaeology

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I am exploring this theme through archaeological case studies, through Heritage Studies , and through gender studies. Bronze Age temperate Europe Since my first undergraduate essays on the Bronze Age I have been intrigued about the nature and characteristics of communities during this period. I have worked with material from Scandinavia, England and central Europe, and been involved with the investigation of new data as well as revisiting old classic sites, such as the grave of Leubingen.

I am interested in investigating the mechanisms which, within local cultural contexts, enable the development and maintenance of local traditions and the construction of various kinds of identities. My research has rested on the premises that material culture is an important medium for cultural communication and is actively involved in the formation of the cultural context. I am currently investigating the spread of cremation during the Middle Bronze Age and the implication it had for attitudes to the body. I am also using the experience from excavating on the Bronze Age tell at Szazhalombatta, Hungary, to rethink the nature of the household during the Bronze Age.

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Archaeological theory I believe all archaeology must involve theory but also that theory should be treated as instruments for exploration rather than directives. Within archaeological theory, I have in particular been involved with the development of gender archaeology. I have explored ideas about the materialization of gender and the interconnection between gender and other social ideals.

Historiography and Heritage Studies Although Historiography and Heritage Studies are now two distinct sub branches within archaeology, for me they have been naturally interwoven. They provide deeply important dimensions to our understanding of archaeology as a contemporary practice and to the importance of the past in the present. I have worked on the 19th century history of the discipline and the origin of concepts such as typology. I am especially interested in the role of the past in the present with particular focus upon nationalism and identity formation and on how the tangible or intangible heritage is assigned value and is used in identity discourses.

My interests also include working on the development of explicit methodologies for heritage studies. I am currently working specifically on how reconstruction of heritage after deconstruction impact identity and sense of belonging. Gender Methodology and the Ancient Neat East workshop. Ecavations at Cidade Velha, Cabo Verde.

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Body Parts and Bodies Whole: Changing Relations and Meanings. Viking and Medieval Scandinavia , 5, War and cultural heritage: The impact of conflict on cultural heritage: A History of Women in European Archaeology. Aspects of Continuity and Change in European Societies c. British Archaeological Reports, International Series Archaeological Theory - Present, Past and Future.

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First church of the Tropics. Where slave-traders came to pray. Cultural Heritage and Armed Conflict: New Questions for an Old Relationship. The construction and reconstruction of a memorial landscape. War and Cultural Heritage: Identity, gender and dress in the European Bronze Age.

An Early Christian Church in the Tropics: Excavation of the N. A Place of History: Introduction to Part I: Velkommen Hjem eller velkommen Tilbage - refeksioner over Istedloven.

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Parallel lives - An interview with Ruth Tringham. From substantial bodies to the substance of bodies: Analysis of the transition from inhumation to cremation during the Middle Bronze Age in central Europe.

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  • Body-Centred Research in Archaeology. What does sustainability have to do with it? Reflections upon heritage language and the heritage of slavery and missionaries. On gender negotiation and its materiality. Ancient and Modern Issues. English and Danish Iron Ages — a comparison through houses, burials and hoards.

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    Current Swedish Archaeology , 10, Prehistoric Finds from the island of Als, Denmark. The Newsletter of the Prehistoric Society , , We found them directing fieldwork using male workers whose own wives held subservient roles. Their activities were arduous, often dangerous, and required determination, stamina, a love of adventure, and certainly dedication. This database includes women from many countries both Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, and North America who were, not only field archaeologists, but also some of whom also taught in universities or worked as museum curators or archaeological artists or photographers.

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    A combination of at least two of these skills is often encountered among them. Yet whenever any of them were on expeditions they all faced the same deprivations of poor housing, primitive hygiene, limited food, and long hours in severe weather sorting or washing pottery, drawing plans, keeping records, and enduring sandstorms, searing temperatures, or heavy rains. Archaeology is not glamorous, but it is adventurous and filled with the unexpected.