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There are many websites with information and jobs out there, but they are not all reliable. Here are a few more sites you can try:. All Cruise Jobs — Cruise job vacancies. Carnival Entertainment — Entertainment jobs.

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Cruise Ship Job — Cruise ship vacancies. You can find a full list of trustworthy recruitment agents and cruise lines on my blog. Applying directly on the cruise line website is also a good way of getting a job on board a cruise ship. I applied online with Caribbean Cruise Careers and had my interview in Amsterdam. I also had interviews in London through Cruise Carreras. You will have a quick interview with someone directly from the cruise line. They interview many other applicants on the day, as they do multiple recruitment days every 6 months or so.

So make sure you are available on your assigned day, as they will be unable to change it or you might have to wait another 6 months until they do another recruitment day. The interview itself does not last long. They will ask you questions about your experience and will test your language skills. Your English has to be perfect and other languages will definitely be a pro, especially European languages.

After the interview it might take some time before your find out if you got the job. Once you have been hired, it can still take a while before you join the ship, as a position still needs to become available. Once you secure the job, there is a lot a paperwork that needs to be done. The cruise line will give you the necessary paperwork that you need to apply for the visa. You need a passport that is valid for at least one more year. Depending on where you will cruise, you might need other visas like a Schengen Visa for Europe or an Australian visa if that is where you will cruise.

You have to pay for all visas yourself. You will also need to do a full medical check up, for which you also have to pay yourself. There are no average days on board a cruise ship. Everyday brings something new and every day of the cruise is different.

How To Make Money and Travel The World As a Cruise Ship Worker - Goats On The Road

A turn around day is completely different from a day in port or a day at sea. On a port day, most guests leave the ship, but all the facilities stay open, so you might have to work. But there is less to do. Sea days are busy, as all the guests are on board. Most of my tasks consisted of settling bills, answering questions about things to do on the ship or complaints about the cabins, food and entertainment.

On a port or sea day if I had the early shift I started at 8: Or the late shift would be from 4: On a turn around day I usually started at 6: They need to settle their bills and have lots of questions about how they get to the airport. Once everybody is off the ship, at around Once 4, new guests come on board they have a lot of questions, luggage is missing, cabins are not what they were expecting, kids getting lost as well as husbands. This goes on to late at night, after which I desperately need a drink in the crew bar!

Hopefully I am in bed by midnight. The alarm goes off again early the next morning, either for an early shift or time off in port. On average I would work about 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 7 months. And these are considered the better hours on board a cruise ship. As everybody around you works these hours, I never minded them.

We were one big family and made every cruise a success as a team. But this is tax free and I had no other costs. No rent, no bills and free travel. It is paid bi-weekly on an on board account. This is about average for any service related position on board a cruise ship. The lowest paying positions are along the lines of the cleaners and maintenance, this excludes the housekeeping positions, as they get tips, which can add up to a lot at the end of the each cruise.

Same goes for the waiters. Work on board never really ends, even after my shift was over there was work to do. Finishing off complaint reports, settling the cash I received that day for payments. And twice per cruise there were boat drills, where we practiced evacuating the ship. Shifts on port and sea days are about 8 hours, but on turn around day the hours are long and 15 hours were not unheard of.

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  • Overtime is not paid extra. I had no time to do side jobs and was not interested in the money anyway, as I was on board for the experience. Side jobs are available however. You can help out in other jobs if your position allows it. There were many cleaners that would help out housekeeping on turn around day. However it is the housekeeper that pays the staff member from his own money, it is not paid by the company.

    I was part of a big family and had 1, colleagues on one of the ships, from all over the world, which is one of the things I loved about working on cruise ships.

    Boarding The LARGEST CRUISE SHIP IN THE WORLD! - Symphony of the Seas Inaugural Cruise

    Many relationships and friendships for life are made on board. The view from my office changed daily, one day I would be looking at the beaches on the island of Saint Thomas and the next I would be looking at beautiful blue oceans.

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    The job is a lot of fun, meeting so many people, and after work the crew bar offers plenty of entertainment. The pros and cons in this job are plenty. The pros are obvious. You get to travel the world for free and you get paid for it. In between contracts you have about 2 months off, which gives you time for even more travel, although you most likely just sleep for 2 months. I have also noticed that applying for any job after working on board cruise ships is a pro.

    Companies see you can work hard, have international experience and just love hearing about it. For me the cons were not necessarily the hours, you know this before you start the job. The money could be better, especially for the amount of hours your work. But I started feeling like a number at some point. I started making friendships on board and even a boyfriend, but was then transferred to another ship, and had to leave everybody behind.

    I know of couples that are married and get separated. The company is too big to keep track of who wants to be on what ship with whom. Also, you cannot go home if a family member or friend is getting married, has a baby or gets ill. You just do not have a life outside of the ship. The thing I loved most about this job was at the end of the cruise seeing all the happy guests leave the ship.

    All the crew and staff worked hard to make it another successful cruise. I always felt very proud to be a part of that team. The job is very rewarding in many ways — happy guests and the time off in port. One day you are exploring the Vatican and the next day you on a beach in Greece.

    I got to save a lot of money, as I had no costs on the ship. Plus, you can work your way up on board and can end up having a really good, well paid position. You will never want to leave ship life! If you have always been dreaming about one day working on cruise ship, the only thing I can advise you is to just do it. I have so many stories to tell! No job is perfect, neither is this one, but it will give you so much life experience and is helpful for your future career too. You get to see the world and it could turn into a real career at sea. I know plenty of people that have been on board for most of their working lives.

    Give it a try and see where it takes you. It has opened many doors for me and still does until this day. For all other travel job posts, click here! Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, we receive a small commission. This will never cost you extra and in many cases you receive a special discount. We appreciate your support! Cindy Landlust is the author of landlustaroundtheworld. She has traveled for more than 20 years and shares here experience on her blog. She has worked her way around the world and hopes to inspire you to do the same.

    How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship

    This eBook covers everything from designing your blog to growing an audience and earning big money from advertisers. Invest less than the price of a cup of coffee today and learn how to make real money down the road. I think with a lot of jobs like this the idea is sometimes more fun and exciting than the work itself. I always wanted to be a flight attendent to see the world. But this would be one of the jobs to consider if we want to continue traveling after the money runs out. Work hard for a while and go see the sights afterwards. Certainly going to check out all the websites mentioned in this article.

    I wish these cruise ships offered on-board tours of the ship while in port. We live in Portland, Maine and we see about 80 or 90 cruise ships in late summer and early autumn. I wish I could hop on for a tour. Thanks for the post, it is good to see another person like yourself at 40 years old still traveling the world! Yes, i agree with you! If you are considering getting your sea legs and trying your hand at working in this dynamic vacation-land setting, read on to learn everything you should know about working on a cruise ship.

    Many people think that crew members either work 24 hours a day for six months straight or simply party all the time without working at all, but both of these misconceptions are false. Working on a cruise ship does involve long hours with real responsibilities, so anyone who simply wants to use these jobs to travel and have fun will find themselves unemployed before long. Beyond the obvious benefit of partaking in world travel, working on a cruise ship comes with a large quantity of advantages. While you may be required to work long hours seven days a week, you will build an amazing social life with access to bars, lounges, dining areas, swimming pools, fitness centers, and crew parties.

    Working closely with hundreds of other international crew members will also guarantee long-lasting friendships with people from various cultures and tons of global networking opportunities. With two to four months of vacation each year, you will actually work less and save more money than if you worked on land too.