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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Poem of the Man-God Vol. Published first published June 8th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Frank O'brien rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Greg Fazzari rated it it was amazing Feb 16, Ricardo Leon rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Nathan Porter rated it it was amazing Aug 16, Mario rated it it was ok Sep 11, Don Sears rated it really liked it Mar 26, Andrea rated it it was amazing Oct 12, Judy Doeden rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Aristobulus II B.

The Second Period Hyrcanus II B. Herod the Great B. Disturbances after Herod's Death 4 B. The Roman Procurators A. The Great War with Rome A. All that was best in the original has been preserved: It is impossible to overpraise this volume. The up-to-date bibliographical coverage alone, the wide trawl of the most recondite sources in many languages, Semitic, Greek, etc.

From Nain to Esdraelon. Jesus Stays at Micah s. The Sabbath at Esdraelon. The Parable of Rich Dives. From Esdraelon to Engannim Stopping at Megiddo. From Engannim to Shechem in Two Days. From Shechem to Beeroth. From Beeroth to Jerusalem. The Sabbath at Gethsemane. In the Temple at the Hour of the Offering.

Jesus Meets His Mother at Bethany. The Power of Mary s Word. Aglae Meets the Master. At the Temple on the Eve of Passover. Jesus to the Gentiles: Faith Is Built as Your Temples. The Parable of the Prodigal Son. From Bethany to the Grotto of Bethlehem. Going to Eliza s at Bethzur. The World s Reasons and God s. Welcome Reception at Hebron.

At Kerioth, Jesus Speaks in the Synagogue. In Judas House at Kerioth. The Lunatic Girl of Bethginna. In the Plain towards Ashkelon. Jesus Is Master also of the Sabbath. Jesus at Magdalgad Incinerates a Pagan Idol. Lesson to the Apostles Going to Jabneel. Jesus Speaks to Highwaymen. The Paralytic at the Pool of Bethzatha. Mary Has Sent for Martha at Magdala. Marjiam Is Entrusted to Porphirea. Jesus Speaks at Bethsaida. The Woman with a Hemorrhage and Jairus Daughter.

Jesus and Martha at Capernaum. Parable of the Lost Sheep. Mary Magdalene in the House of Simon, the Pharisee. The Parable of the Treasure Hidden in the Field. The Parable of the Fishermen. Jesus Is the Powerful Lover. The Parable of the Lost Drachma. Knowledge Is not Corruption if it Is Religion.

The Poem of the Man-God Vol. 2

In the House at Cana. In the Synagogue at Nazareth on the Sabbath. Our Lady Teaches the Magdalene. At Bethlehem in Galilee. Jesus Meets the Disciples at Sicaminon. At Tyre, Jesus Speaks of Perseverance. Jesus Speaks of Faith. Syntyche, the Greek Slave. Goodbye to Mary of Magdala, to Martha and to Syntyche. Jesus Speaks of Hope. Jesus to Johanan s Peasants: In the House of Dora and Philip. The Man with the Withered Hand. A Day of Judas Iscariot at Nazareth. Instructions to the Apostles at the Beginning of Their Apostolate.

Jesus Works as a Carpenter at Korazim. Jesus Speaks of Love. The News of the Murder of John the Baptist. Departure in the Direction of Tarichea. Speaking to a Scribe on the Banks of the Jordan. First Miracle of the Loaves. Jesus Walks on the Water. The Deeds of Corporal and Spiritual Mercy.

Joseph is now listening to the two sons of Alphaeus and to Simon, who are paying particular attention to him. He is coming with us as far as Galilee. You will see that that is what is going to happen. With that foul story about him? I think that the Pharisees are too keen on keeping an eye on us. That is what you mean. So, we should allow a son of Abraham to be plunged into grief, because we are afraid of being annoyed. It is a soul that can be lost or saved according to how its deep wound is healed.

Because of its vastness, the workers will never be sufficient. He is deeply disillusioned by all the bitter hatred he has had to endure. He is indeed poisoned. I ask you to remember that your Master was always very benign towards those who were suffering from a spiritual disease. You think that My greatest miracles and My main virtue consist in the curing of bodies. Yes, you too, who are ahead of us and you, who are behind Me, come here. The road is wide and we can walk in a group. Hearts are discouraged by grief when they are convinced that they have been struck and abandoned by God.

What is a soul that has lost the certainty of the help of God? It is a thin bearbine crawling in the dust, as it is no longer able to clutch at the idea that was its strength and its joy. It is horrible to live without hope. Life is beautiful, in its hardship, only because it receives such warmth from the Divine Sun. The aim of life is that Sun. The days of man may be dismal, wet with tears and smeared with blood.

But the Sun will rise again. Then there will be no more grief, no separations, no harshness, no hatred, no misery or solitude in an enveloping fog. Instead there will be brightness and singing, serenity and peace, there will be God. See how gloomy the earth is when there is an eclipse. If man were compelled to say: But man knows that behind the planet that hides the sun and makes the world look dismal there is still God s bright sun.

And the thought of being united to God during life is like that. If men hurt, steal, calumniate, God cures, grants, justifies. And He does so in full measure. He knows all reasons and is benign. He is more benign than the most benign of men. He is infinitely so. Father, I have but You. Your son is in anguish and depressed. Give me Your peace. I have been sent by God to gather those whom man has upset and Satan has overwhelmed and I save them.

That is really My work. A miracle on a body is a manifestation of divine power. The redemption of souls is the work of Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Redeemer. I think, and I am not mistaken, that those who have been rehabilitated by Me in the eyes of God and in their own, will be My faithful disciples, the ones who with greater strength will be able to lead crowds of people to God saying: And yet you can see that the Messiah had mercy on my spiritual distress and He wanted me to be His priest.

Because He is mercy and He wants the world to be convinced of that, and no man is more suitable to convince than he who has experienced such mercy in himself. Nay, I will set them alongside the shepherds, with those who have been cured, with those who without any special election, like you twelve, have followed My way and will follow it as long as they live. Isaac is near Arimathea, as requested by our friend Joseph.

I will take Isaac with Me, so that he may join Timoneus when the latter arrives. You may join them, Joseph, if you think that there is peace in Me and a purpose for a whole life. They will be good brothers to you. It is exactly as You say. My deep wounds, both as a man and as a believer, are being cured very quickly. I have been with You three days.

And I feel that what was my torture only three days ago, is a dream that is fading away. I had that dream, but the more time elapses, the more its harsh details vanish before reality. During the past nights I have pondered over things. I have a good relative at Joppa. And that will tell You whether we were in a position to know whose daughter she was.

True, she may have been the daughter of my father s first wife. But he was not the father.

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Her name was different and she came from far away. She became acquainted with my relative through business transactions. And that is how I met her. My relative was very fond of my business. I am going to make him an offer. The business would come to an end without a master. I am sure he will buy it, also because thereby he will not feel remorse for the trouble he caused me. I will then be self-sufficient and I will be able to follow You without any worry. I only ask You to grant me that man Isaac You mentioned. I am afraid of being all alone with my thoughts.

They are still too sad. He is a kind soul. Sorrow has perfected him. He has carried his cross for thirty years. He knows what it means to suffer. In the meantime we will go ahead. And you will join us at Nazareth. The Sanhedrin is very busy. We will find out from Isaac. If he is there, we will take him our peace. If he is not there we will stop only one night, to rest. I am anxious to reach Galilee. There is a Mother Who is suffering. You must remember that there are people who are keen on distressing Her.

I want to reassure Her. The region is still mountainous, but since the road is quite wide, they are all in a group and are speaking among themselves. It is nothing but pride! I say that it is only a pretext to justify, somehow, their unjust behaviour towards the Master. All we have to do is to imitate Him. It is not for us to guide Him. And we must be happy about it. It is a great relief to have only to obey. It is easier to obey than to command. It does not seem so, but it is. It is certainly easy when the spirit is good. And likewise it is difficult to command when the spirit is upright.

Because a spirit that is not righteous, gives irrational orders and worse than irrational. Then it is easy to command. When a man is responsible for a place or a group of people, he must always be charitable and fair, wise and humble, moderate and patient, firm but not obstinate. For the time being you have but to obey. You must obey God and your Master. You, and you are not the only one, wonder why I do or do not do certain things. You wonder why God allows or does not allow such things.

See, Peter, and all of you, My friends, one of the secrets of the perfect believer is not to set oneself as the interrogator of God. And that soul seems to be taking the attitude of a wise adult before a little schoolboy and says: You now see that under the pretence of zeal for John I am being driven away. And you are scandalised. And you would like Me to put matters right by polemizing with those who maintain such principles.

You have heard what the Baptist said through the mouths of his disciples: A saint is not attached to such things. He has no followers of his own. He works to increase the believers in God. God alone is entitled to have followers. Therefore, as I do not regret that some people, in good or in bad faith, remain disciples of the Baptist, so he is not distressed, as you have heard, if some of his disciples come to Me. He disregards such numerical pettiness. He looks at Heaven. And I look at Heaven. Do not argue, therefore, among yourselves, whether it is fair or unfair that the Jews should accuse Me of snatching disciples from the Baptist, whether it is just or unjust to allow people to say that.

Those are altercations of talkative women round the village fountain. Saints help one another. They give and exchange spirits with unreserved ease, smiling at the idea of working for the Lord. I have baptized, nay, I made you baptize, because the spirit is so dull, nowadays, that it is necessary to present piety, miracles and doctrine in a material form to it.

Because of such spiritual dullness I will have to avail Myself of the help of material substances when I want to make you work miracles. But believe Me, the evidence of holiness is neither in the oil, nor in the water, nor in any other ceremony. The time is about to come when an impalpable, invisible thing,.

That is the returning queen. Then baptism will be a sacrament.

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Then man will speak and understand the language of God and will give life and Life, he will give power of science and of strength. But you are not yet mature to learn what Grace will grant you. Please help its coming by continuously training yourselves and forget useless and mean things. Do you think I ought to speak there? I will not make any effort to speak. But I will not disdain to speak of God if I am asked. One year is over. The second is beginning. It is between the beginning and the end. At the beginning the Master was still predominant. Now the Saviour is being revealed.

The end will see the face of the Redeemer. The more a river approaches its estuary, the more it grows. I also am increasing the work of mercy because the end is approaching. Perhaps to the Nile? That is, towards the fulfillment of My mission. Listen carefully to what I say to you, because afterwards I will leave you and you will have to continue in My name. You go into town and buy what is necessary for our meal. We shall eat here. You had better be all together. You will be left alone. I will pray, while waiting for you. I will pray for you and for them. It is a big well, so wide that it seems a cistern.

In summer it is shaded by tall trees, which are now bare. It is not possible to see the water, but the little puddles and ring marks of wet pitchers on the ground near the well, are clear signs that water has been drawn. Jesus sits down and meditates, in His usual attitude, His elbows resting on His knees, His hands stretched out and joined, His body slightly bent forward and His head lowered. When He feels the mild warmth of the sun, He lets His mantle drop from His head and shoulders and holds it round His waist.

He raises His head and smiles at a flight of wrangling sparrows quarrelling over a large crumb of bread, which someone has dropped near the well. But the sparrows fly away when a woman arrives near the well. With her left hand she is holding an empty amphora by one of its handles, whilst her right hand with a gesture of surprise pushes aside her veil to see who the man is who is sitting there. She is tall, with a beautiful strongly marked figure. A Spanish type, we would say: Also her rather plump features are typically oriental and slightly soft, as is customary with Arab women.

Her dress is a multicoloured striped robe, which is held very tight round her waist and her plump sides and breast, and then falls to the ground in a kind of wavy fringe.

Volume 2 of The Poem of The Man-God

She is wearing several rings on her rather plump dark fingers and bracelets on her wrists, which appear under her linen sleeves. Round her neck she wears a heavy necklace from which some medals are hanging I should call them amulets because they are of all shapes. Heavy ear-rings hang down as far as her neck and shine under her veil. Will you give Me some water to drink? And You ask me, a Samaritan woman, to give You a drink? Have we been rehabilitated, or have you been routed? A great event must have taken place, if a Judaean speaks kindly to a Samaritan woman.

But I should say to You: A great event has taken place. And because of it many things have changed and many more will change. God has granted a great gift to the world and through it many things have changed. If you knew the gift of God and Who is saying to you: It is in this well. But it is ours. As bounty comes from God. As life comes from God. Everything belongs to the One Only God, woman. And all men come from God: Is this not Jacob s well? And is not Jacob the head of our race? If later on an error divided us, that does not change our origin.

It was the error of one who had lost sight of Charity and Justice. I do not wish to offend you or your race. Why do you wish to strike an offensive attitude? But reverting to the well, yes, it is Jacob s and its water is so plentiful and clear that we in Sychar prefer it to other fountains. But it is very deep. You have neither amphora nor bucket. How could You, therefore, draw living water for me? Are You greater than our holy Patriarch Jacob, who found this abundant vein for himself, his sons and his cattle and left it to us as his souvenir and gift?

But whoever drinks this water, will be thirsty again. I instead have a water and whoever drinks it will not be thirsty again. But it is only Mine. And I will give it to whoever asks Me for it. And I solemnly tell you that whoever has the water I give him, will always be satisfied and will never be thirsty again, because My water will be an unfailing eternal spring.

I do not understand. Are You a magician? How can a man become a well? A camel drinks and lays a supply of water in his big stomach. But he then consumes it and it does not last all his life. And You say that Your water lasts a whole lifetime? In those who drink it, it will gush until eternal life and will give germs of eternal life, because it is a spring of health. I get tired coming here. If I have it, I will not be thirsty any more and I will never be ill or become old. And you feel only the need of drawing water to drink and satisfy your poor body?

There is something more important than your body. Jacob did not procure only the water of the earth for himself and his sons. He was anxious to be holy and to bestow holiness, the water of God. If what You say is true, we cannot be holy. And God, Who is just, will reward him for the good he has done. It will not be a complete reward, but I can tell you that between a guilty believer and an innocent heathen, God looks at the latter with less severity.

And if you know you are such, why do you not come to the True God? What is your name? Go and call your husband and come back here with him.

You have no husband. But you have had five men and you have one with you now who is not your husband. Also your religion condemns lewdness. You have the Decalogue, too. Why, then, Photinai, do you live thus? Are you not tired of the exertion of being flesh for everybody, instead of being the honest wife of one man only? Are you not afraid of the evening of your life, when you will be all alone with your memories and regrets? And with your fears?

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Fear of God and of ghosts. Where are your children? But their little souls, whom you prevented from seeing the day of their birth, are reproaching you. And they always will. But emptiness, and tears, and interior misery. You are forlorn, Photinai. And only through sincere repentance, through God s forgiveness and consequently through your children s forgiveness, you can become rich again.

And I am ashamed. Do not weep out of dejection before the Man. I will speak to you of God. Perhaps you did not know Him well. And that is why you have been so faulty. If you had known the True God well, you would not have degraded yourself so much. He would have spoken to you and supported you. You say that one must worship only in Jerusalem. But You said that there is only One God.

Help me to see what I must do and where. Before long the Father will be worshipped neither on the mountain in Samaria nor in Jerusalem. You worship Him Whom you do not know. We worship Him Whom we know, because salvation comes from the Judaeans. I remind you of the Prophets.

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But the time will come, nay, it has already arrived, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, no longer according to the ancient rite, but to the new one, where there will be no sacrifice of animals consumed by fire. There will be the eternal sacrifice of the Immaculate Victim consumed by the Fire of Charity. It will be a spiritual cult in a spiritual Kingdom. And it will be understood by those who are able to worship in spirit and truth. Those who worship Him must do so spiritually.

I know, because we also know something, that the Messiah is about to come: Not far from here there is also one who is said to be His Precursor. And many go and listen to him. But he is so severe!. I think that Christ will be good. They say that He is the King of Peace. Will it be long before He comes? Are You perhaps one of His disciples? The Precursor has many disciples. Also Christ will have them. I came here, although it was not necessary, because I knew that your soul was tired of wandering.

You are disgusted with your food. I have come to give you a new food, which will remove your nausea and tiredness. Here are My disciples coming back with My food. But I have already been fed by giving you the first crumbs of your redemption. She goes away forgetting about her amphora and the water. Here is some cheese, fresh bread, olives and apples. Take what You want. It s a good job that woman left her amphora. We shall draw water with it quicker than with our small flasks.