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Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the inspiration. Like Liked by 2 people. Thanks for the comments, guys! Yes, my old blog is unbelievable. How did I think those colors would work out? Like Liked by 1 person. I look forward to sharing this blog—and your first—with my students. Thanks again for being a great guinea pig and guide! Tim, as always thanks for an insightful analysis — with plenty of real world examples and resource links.

Your presentation is straight-forward and makes it much more clear. I especially like the Marketing and Promoting section. I definitely would be interested in more posts like this. Ah, this is awesome. So many book ideas, so little time. Wake up every morning and put in 4 hours.

Another awesome article, I will definably have to read all those marketing books you recommended. Great post, Ryan and Tim. Just wanted to chime in with a few other tips based on my experience as a self-publisher:. Some niches sell more in paper. I publish in LSAT prep. No one mentions e-books on forums, either. Paper royalties can actually be quite high, too. Look for niches that have moats. I only entered the LSAT explanation business for two reasons:. I already had some explanations that I sold through an affiliate blog.

I just had to format them to make a book. I had gotten fast at writing explanations, so I can write new books fairly quickly. This took months of effort. It also means competitors are not likely to enter my niche, as it is not very lucrative. This leads to point 4. There are countless niches capable of supporting this level of book sales. Tim, is there any way to allow us to follow replies to only our own comments via email?

Like Liked by 3 people. Thanks for the great comment, Graeme! I clicked it once… also known as how I learned how to create gmail inbox filters. That would be great. Great comment Graeme — I agree with a lot of what you wrote and was about to write a similar comment, especially about the smaller niches. In the first month I did five figures, although that may have a lot to do with the next few months being the most popular time men propose. Writing an ebook is really the easiest part. Promoting and marketing your ebook is what will make the difference between a success or not.

You get instant credibility this way and reach far more people than trying to build up a fan base through your blog. However, in order to do this you have to learn how to think like a journalist, pitch stories that are newsworthy and tied into current events.

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Again, great post and resources and best of luck to all of you! You can only 3 reviews for the book and claim to make 5 figures in the first month. Thanks for your insightful reply. Any ideas for where to start looking for niches too small for traditional publishers? Thank you for this in-depth analysis. I have been thinking about releasing non-fiction e-books for kindle, but there has always been consideration in the back of my mind if I should go through traditional route first.

I have not made up my mind yet either way, but information like this certainly helps. There are so many different opinions, so much to know and learn about the industry — but each case is different, and I guess we will all have our individual failures and successes. This article is PERF. It dovetails nicely with the recent Hugh Howey article on Salon. One for inspiration, the other for execution. Please do post more like this! Tim, this is perfect. Goal is to have first book, Tales of Iceland, on Amazon in 2 weeks.

50 short books for busy people

Also, most of the world is still way behind the US in ebook adoption. Even in Iceland where they read more books per capita than any other citizenry in the world , ebooks are still rare…but growing. So the good news is that as other countries catch up, the potential market will continue to grow. More like this, please! I think the most impressive stats is that digital sales just surpassed printed — This is extremely valuable info. Absolutely would consider doing digital-only. Thanks so much for this! You have been my mentor and friend in my head! I just finished my kindle ebook and I am working on creating an app talk about synchronicity!

This is very helpful! This is where I plan to go financially. Thanks for an amazing post. I was getting doubtful for a little bit, if I had taken a mistake for taking the summer term off. But as a student, I have very little to lose. But, alas, how in the heck am I supposed to take notes on such a great post, when the whole damn thing is worth noting?! I wrote a book some years ago about my time in the music business, and how to get a gig in that world — I hired a design student to lay it out for me using Adobe PageMaker, and he also did the cover.

I also sell it on Kindle, which is insanely simple. Great article but I am certain that the Stephen King, JK Rowling, and Stephenie Meyer did not make it big because they were mercenary about following pop culture trends and finding market niches. You will find it easier to write. It will sustain you through the writing process…and the blogging…and promotions. I do not try and hijack trends. Lifetime fan value done properly could be x that. Its like mixtapes in the music game. Give it away for free and make 10x on your live shows instead.

Can even be done with physical books, just book a distribution deal. Tucker realized the power of mass market self-publishing and evidently this is actually news to the publishing world, but rappers have been doing this both mixtapes and sub-labels to be distributed for decades. Time to catch up guys.

You earn a repeat paying customer 2. They tell others that it was good so the exponential impact is amplified.

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I love this post! This article have me lots to think about. Got me thinking for sure. Thank you for delivering great stuff again and again. Imformative blog, dropped by to check you out. It will enlighten everyone as to what goes on behind closed doors.

Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online

All real names will be used in this novel to expose the truth. A book that is so compelling and graphic that has already caused an attempt on my life. The original copy of that book was destroyed during that attempt. After many years, I have decided to re-write the book. Thanks for giving confirmation to my thoughts with your very informative blog. For those of you who are trying to format your book for the Kindle yourself, I recommend that you use Microsoft Word to do so. Great piece Ryan and Tim. You literally could have written a short ebook on how to write ebooks just using this article.

Been a fan of this blog for several years but this just might be the best post. Thanks Ryan and Tim — really inspiring. And the million dollar question s: Ever checked the torrent sites? Software with DRM-cracking facilities? A substantial part of the music-industry went broke by the peer-to-peer networks.

You can use torrents to your advantage. Thanks a lot, very helpful info. I just watched the interview with BitTorrent, quite interesting too. Imho, the most valid argument you gave to go for ebooks is that they are here to stay. Even so, as you worked with BitTorrent, do you have any idea how many copies of the 4HC were illegally downloaded? Is this roughly measurable? I wrote years on it and am now gradually focusing on ways to put it into the market and promote it.

What are your thoughts on publishing outside the Kindle store as well? I run Digital Delivery App, which is basically a modern e-junkie, and we have a load of e-book publishers who sell via their own websites. I plan to start writing soon. Also, I would be very interested in learning how you built your supplement business back in the day. I have a few ideas about supplements but not sure how to start- legalities, manufacturing, etc.

Amazon just recently started a more sophisticated cover creator. You can easily create a really nice cover in minutes. That sounds about right to me. But getting those checks from Amazon every month makes it all worth it. I work with many authors and they would love this post. Jamie McGuire, Jessica Park and Lauren Clark are all excellent examples of authors that have been incredibly successful going the self-publishing route.

Long pots but loved reading it till the end. I would like more of this type of post with steps we can straight use as a practical guidance. Reading on the Go!! I would like to see more posts with this format commenting on different industries. Tim, you need a word by which your followers can self-reference. You have reached and I am in awe of this a cult-like fervor. I am left to wander the wilderness, with no quick-way to identify myself as an evangelist for the tribe.

Tons of really useful information with links to much more. Thanks for all the info. All of them made it so complicated that my book is still unpublished. Until now one of the all-time favourite articles on your site was the one by Noah mentioned in this article. The detail is incredible and amazingly helpful in so many ways.

My personal interest is in the development of online training courses, but is is so easy to see how everything here translates across.

Top 6 Mistakes People Make Self Publishing a Book!

I fully plan to exploit the cr p out of every suggestion and resource in here. I just wanted to add that Scrivener is awesome for outputting a Kindle mobi or an ePub formatted book which you can load straight to Amazon KDP. You can test it on a device which makes it much easier to know what your customers are getting before you publish.

This seems to remain unknown in germany. The only bad point is, now I have 10 more tabs open I have to read. Interesting to note also: By the time it sold k copies she got her publishing deal so she was already doing very well. I think the key in everything you wrote above is…quantity. All the people Konrath, Hocking, EL James, Hugh Howey who dominated the best seller lists in their categories did so by publshing multiple books one after the other. At one point, Howey was on the sci-fi list. I was at one Amazon event for self-published authors and there was one woman who was making a living from writing there who had published over novels.

Take all the covers and then just line them up next to each other. And hang it on my wall so I can see so much love every morning when I wake up. I would add that kindle books can be powerful marketing for your other products on Amazon. We have 8 video guides and 9 kindle books, all offering practical sex advice and proven pleasure techniques — and the kindle books are one of our best forms of publicity for the videos. Also would recommend adding a catalog of your products to the end of every book, with easily clickable links directing folks right back to the kindle store.

That way, when they finish a book they have loved, you can make it easy for them to get more right away. I was curious if anyone has any experience with E-Junkie to publish their ebooks? Tim this is legit. WordPress is pretty damn easy to use but it can become more complicated, I guess I just need to spend more time on it. I emailed Matt Mullenweg last year and he actually got back to me. Following you has help me learn about some pretty awesome people. AJ Jacobs is pretty legit also. Any ideas on how to split the two and sell thru amazon?

One strategy I borrowed from you was launching the landing page before the book was complete. One question for you: Have you already build your audience before launching it? Amazon is great because it really help you market your books. Doing it in-house can remarkably increase profits but the toughest part is generating targeted traffic cheaply! This post is freaking fantastic start to finish. I always hear people saying that self-publishing will guarantee you make lots of mula.

I need one but it totally scares me letting someone have my book. How do I find one? In fact I read about books at the same time a week. I read one for an hour,Put it to the side and grab the next been doing It since 3rd grade. So others make sense of it cause I can go off on a tangent. Tim, a great blog post with lots of helpful advice for my own e-book challenge. Maybe see you in Amsterdam in a few weeks. You have a best-selling cookbook and no one is going to call you chef. You have best selling fitness book and no one is going to call you a personal trainer.

You have a best selling book in lifestyle and no one is going to call you life coach. I wrote an e-book and have not had the ovaries necessary to market it effectively. I was looking for direction and so checked to see if you had a new post. Thank you for inspiring me once again. Somehow you have an intuitive mind that knows what your readers truly need to hear. That totally strokes their ego pardon the pun.

Yes, if you have a blog that already has a solid following, this is a great place to cross sell a kindle book related to your blog topic. But putting in the time to start a blog and gain followers just to hopefully get people interested in you enough to buy the book is a huge opportunity cost I think. Lets say after 2 years of a lot of hard work, you have a blog that attracts a solid 25, visitors a month in whatever niche you are in. So even after all the hard work of creating a blog with a solid following, you would only be cross selling 50 books a month.

Unless you are already well established in a certain niche, your time is better spent focusing on perfect your amazon sales page, cover design, etc. Same thing goes for other social media like twitter and facebook. It might make you feel good or productive that you are creating a facebook page, setting up a twitter, blogging, but the reality is it is not doing anything to convert any real sales volume. I would say only once you are well established, then start utilizing blogs, facebook and twitter to sell more books.

Tim the other Tim, lol I completely disagree. It wasn't that difficult. A couple of hours of formatting, and it was done. Within a few days, she was selling nine copies a day of My Blood Approves , a vampire novel set in Minneapolis. By May she had posted two further books in the series, Fate and Flutter , and sold copies. June saw sales rise to more than 4, and in July she posted Switched , her personal favourite among her novels that she wrote in barely more than a week.

By January last year she was selling more than , a month. You don't have to be much of a mathematician to see the attraction of those figures: Multiply that by a million — last November Hocking entered the hallowed halls of the Kindle Million Club , with more than 1m copies sold — and you are talking megabucks.

The speed of her ascent has astonished Hocking more than anyone. In internet-savvy circles she has been embraced as a figurehead of the digital publishing revolution that is seen as blowing up the traditional book world — or "legacy publishing" as its detractors call it — and replacing it with the ebook, where direct contact between author and reader, free of the mediation of agent and publishing house, is but a few clicks away.

There is certainly something to that argument. The arrival of Hocking onto the Kindle bestseller lists in barely over a year is symptomatic of a profound shift in the book world that has happened contiguously. Her rise has occurred at precisely the moment that self-publishing itself turned from poor second cousin of the printed book into a serious multi-million dollar industry.

Two years ago self-publishing was itself denigrated as "vanity publishing" — the last resort of the talentless. A survey carried out last year by the book blog Novelr found that of the top 25 bestselling indie authors on Kindle, only six had ever previously enjoyed print deals with major book publishers. That's the kind of statistic that made Penguin's chief executive, John Makinson, say recently that he saw "dark clouds" gathering in But Hocking's new-found stature as self-publishing vanguardista is not something she welcomes.

Self-publishing is great, but I don't want to be an icon for it, or anything else. I would rather people talk about the books than how I publish them. She also resents how her abrupt success has been interpreted as a sign that digital self-publishing is a new way to get rich quick. Sure, Hocking has got rich, quickly.

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But what about the nine years before she began posting her books when she wrote 17 novels and had every one rejected? And what about the hours and hours that she's spent since April dealing with technical glitches on Kindle, creating her own book covers, editing her own copy, writing a blog , going on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word, responding to emails and tweets from her army of readers?

Just the editing process alone has been a source of deep frustration, because although she has employed own freelance editors and invited her readers to alert her to spelling and grammatical errors, she thinks her ebooks are riddled with mistakes. It's exhausting, and hard to do. And it starts to wear on you emotionally. I know that sounds weird and whiny, but it's true. In the end, Hocking became so burned out by the stress of solo publishing that she has turned for help to the same traditional book world that previously rejected her and which she was seen as attacking.

The deal kicks off this month with a paperback version of Switched. It's a fast-paced romance featuring changeling trolls called Trylle who are switched at birth with human babies.

The novel cannot be classed as literary, but then it makes no pretensions to be so. It is precision-targeted at a young-adult audience, and is surprisingly addictive. Once the Trylle trilogy is out, Hocking's new series of four novels, Watersong , revolving around two sisters who get caught up with sirens, will be released from August in hardback and ebook simultaneously.

Hocking's editors on both sides of the Atlantic point to the deal as evidence that traditional and solo digital publishing can live in harmony. There's something peculiar about all this: Hocking is very aware of the paradox, which she observes with a wry writer's eye.

And they want to use me to show it isn't. Switched, the first in the Trylle Series by Amanda Hocking, is out now in paperback and ebook formats, featuring previously unseen extra material. Martin's Griffin in the USA. For further information, see www. The Chicago-based author is both prolific — he has written seven thrillers, a horror series, and a sci-fi novel, each under a different pseudonym — and candid about the benefits of self-publishing. If Taliesin can find Ringerike, she can free herself from her life as a scavenger and save her Clan from the sinister forces out to destroy it.

But not all is as it seems, and friends are not al Most people make at least one really harebrained decision in their life. Tony Piza is no exception. So, to the shock of his tight-knit family and closest friends, he postpones law school and smooth-talks his way into a job teaching sixth grade at a Catholic school in Staten Island, N.

A paid vacation if ever there was one!

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    Thanks to her human genes, it could leave her disfigured. Sydney learns Kyle is in Bayou Fontaine. But, for the sake of the pack, the council has already chosen Emily, as his mate. The relentless she-wolf will stop at nothing to claim what i Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal Size: MarissaI broke his heart. This had to be some sort of joke.

    After all these years, Kirk. But there is one plot twist: I do not let things go. Lillian Jacobson was a very happy four year old.

    50 short books for busy people

    She had two loving parents and an older brother who put all other brothers to shame. Everything changed one horrible night when her entire world was savagely torn apart. Her parents were brutally murdered in front of her eyes and she was left with a bullet wound in her shoulder as a constant reminder of the tragedy. Now she and her brother are living their lives in constant fear; every day a fight for survival. After years of relative safety under witness protection, their situation turns from bad to worse.

    Betrayed by a man who swore to protect them, her brother is taken by the same people who ended her parents lives years before. She is moved to a secure location under the protection of two agents, but a complication ari Tied to a Boss. Local gangster Dante Jack Boy knows more than anybody how dangerous and ruthless the streets can be.

    But against his better instincts allows himself to fall for a local female gangster named Alinna.

    Some of the other Kindle Million Club members

    Considered to be somewhat of a competitor to Dante because she leads her own all female crew. Alinna too, is very well aware of the dangers that come with letting feelings get in the way of business. But like Dante, decides to embrace the attraction anyway. That however proves to be a mistake. When she discovers Dante is two-timing her with a female gang unit officer. But unlike what she has with Dante, this relationship is more about lust and power.

    Or better yet the officers lust for it. While both get pleasure from this arrangement, she al Wild for the Mountain Man. I'm wild, and I'll ravage her innocence. Retreating from civilization was the best decision of my life, the only next step to avoid more tragedy to people around me.

    He and his wife are the only real sense of family I have left. The only people who braved this mountain over the years to make sure I was okay.