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Itachi didn't just change one thing in Naruto's life; the motivation was there and it was all because of that lone Uchiha. New Beginnings by Nigellica reviews Team 7 is under cover as high school students. Under the careful supervision of Iruka and the The team's very core is disrupted with Naruto suddenly Mr. Popular and the Ice Prince is left out in the cold. A Twisted Fairy Tale by michelerene reviews A pact with the devil leaves a desperate soldier careening down a path he never imagined.

Will he survive to find his happily ever after or lose his soul in the process? Or will he take a certain raven for his own? It was a gradual change, one that came with a question and ended with an answer. Guarding the sole survivor of a 'tragic' massacre was one thing but being able to free yourself of your restraints was another. Sacrifices by Agni reviews Naruto is accustomed to making sacrifices.

He is ready to give up everything for his friends and for his village. But in the face of new changes and painful revelations, will Naruto finally start looking after his own interests? ItaNaruPein Naruto - Rated: Lives hang in the balance, tempers rise and emotions abound. Uzumaki deal with the tensions at work every day. And then they go home and deal with their own relationship. Even if they fight her. It was always this day, always this bar, always the heavy liquors and always a woman. Too bad that my brain decided against the tradition this year.

Senses by Jelp reviews Sometimes the senses can be beautifully overwhelming. PWP Naruto - Rated: Havoc and Hawkeye have a bet on the outcome. Kogane no Roketto by passionatetigress reviews Yaoi Flowers wilt, and stars fall, but a pure love can never tarnish away; just like the gold on a locket. The Rubber Band Odyssey by antilogicgirl reviews It started with a bad morning, which resulted in a bet. That bet was countered with another. Then, it grew into curiosity. And obsession…well…it might just become more than that.

And all this, because of one rubber band. Taking Advantage by BrokenSouledPoetess reviews A heartbroken fox gets the chance to experience real love the kind he had always been meant to know. Teambuilding by Kantayra reviews Kakashi assigns Naruto and Sasuke teambuilding exercises, yet somehow they keep ending up in compromising positions. Master of the Zanbatous by pudgypudge reviews After defeating the Akatsuki and losing his sensei, Naruto is given the responsibility of being the Toad Sage. On his way from the battlefield he acquires two familiar swords that wish for him to become their master.

And is Sakura falling for the blonde? Belly of the Beast by Mari Falcon reviews Naruto has passed the first two tests of the gods. Now, he has the chance to get what was stolen from him at birth. The question is, will he? Sequel to 'If Only. She thinks he'll get it. He's not so sure. Equally Cursed and Blessed by Mina1 reviews Luke Skywalker, battered and bruised after his collision with destiny on Bespin, is called upon by the Alliance for a desperate rescue mission that goes horribly wrong.

There's only one person who can save him: I would never help him,not in a million years! If I could I would pull out my pistol and blow a hole through his head! The Demilitarized Zone by michelerene reviews Itachi Uchiha has always had a sadistic streak when it came to his little brother. He does love him after all.

It's been years since they broke up, though the raven has changed a lot. He became a famous writer and a better person, but he can't seem to forget the blonde so, he writes an article for a magazine. Will the blonde read it? Summer in the South by BloodRedAngel reviews Sasuke's family left the big city for a peacful summer vacation.

What they got was a town full of lively people and dark secrets. And a pack full of misfits with pasts darker than the town itself. The Hyuuga Swap by uberneko-zero reviews Naruto is in a brand new relationship with Hinata. But when he meets her cousin Neji, he finds himself inexplicably preoccupied with the dark haired boy, despite his prickly personality.

AU yaoi Naruto - Rated: Senden by HinodeoftheCovenant reviews Renji wonders if Ichigo's sword compensates for anatomical deficiencies elsewhere, and poor Byakuya gets caught up in it all. When Naruto had a mission at a massage parlor, the last thing he had expected was Sasuke and team Hebi to walk through the door.

Olicity 4.15 Part 5 Vixen Locating William

How ironic for Sasuke now to be the one chasing Naruto, but how long can poor Naruto resist? Post time ski Naruto - Rated: But… What happens when he gets one more year to set things right? Will he end up wasting this extra time? Yaoi, and more fluff than is healthy. Naruto has been brought back from oblivion through Kyuubi. And this time, a certain Nine Tailed Fox is going to make sure his beloved kit is safe and happy. Full Circle by Case13 reviews The past catches up to us all.

AU as of recent manga chapters Naruto - Rated: When Sasuke is released from the hospital, he leads Naruto to such a beauty that will never die. Everything by selandora reviews "I'm scared he'll follow in Minato's footsteps! The Slave of Sound by Ren reviews Angst, mature themes, distressing situations, deepening yaoi. You have been warned. Sound has risen once more, under the auspices of the traitor Sasuke Uchiha but what of Naruto Uzumaki, stolen away by the one he called his friend so many years ago?

M - English - Angst - Chapters: Five years of being gone has made Naruto stronger and made him realise his true feelings for Uchiha. His name of the memorial stone and a Uchiha Uke for his own! Narusasu Naruto - Rated: Empathy by DiePi reviews Hitsugaya is paying the price for using the ultimate skill. He needs to stay at Kurosaki's during his recovery but how will things turn out, especially when the prodigy is empathic?

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Inferno by Frozen Shattered Roses reviews All the captains of soul society have one thing in common. All have achieved Bankai. There has never been - and never will be - a captain of the Gotei 13 who has not achieved this level. For some of them it's just difficult to admit A Legacy of Strength by PadmeKSkywalker reviews After Obi Wan's death, 19 year old Anakin Skywalker struggles to rediscover his place in a dangerous universe—but as that universe is threatened by dark powers, Anakin must find a new role for himself amidst politics, friends, and his career as a Jedi.

What is left for him to do then? Maybe he just needs a new path Silver Lining by Cynchick reviews Sequel to Perception. Eight years ago they said goodbye forever. Now, when they have both lost everything, fate has thrown them together again in the most unlikely of ways. The Canalized River by senior-witch reviews What never happens in the canon: Hebi revolts against Sasuke, Naruto rebels against his senseis, and Sasunaru of course. Princess in the Middle by thejadespirit reviews Haruhi's accomplished her dream of becoming a lawyer and, yes, the Host Club is still around. But what happens when she finds herself in the middle of a dispute between the Suous and Ootori?

And what happens when Haruhi finds out she's the problem? His decision made, Ichigo appears in Hueco Mundo but he is not entirely unexpected. After being apart from Sasuke for so long, Naruto decided to hunt down his old friend on his own. However, he was not sure whether he would be welcomed by his long lost friend, or the empty shell that he last met. Purging Your Life by michelerene reviews Naruto purchases the Uchiha compound and finds a new way to express his feelings towards his missing best friend. Darth Vader has been asked to go to Alderaan for an unusual reason, one that Vader soon discovers will change his life forever.

Kagome wants nothing but to return to the past Can Sesshoumaru and Kagome help each other out SxK Inuyasha - Rated: It lets out a sudden burst of power and Naruto is knocked unconscious. He wakes up to find everything is wrong. The Darkest Reflection by Dracoqueen22 reviews If there had been only one reason, Ichigo might not have chosen to do what he did. Hatsukoi by Agni reviews He had fulfilled his ambition. His clan is finally avenged. Now it is time to return home and claim his hatsukoi. Lost by hitokiri oro-chan reviews Merry is hit by a massive storm and Luffy develops a fever while defending her.

Smoker kidnaps him while he's sick and realises all pirates aren't as evil as he was taught. Slight situational out of character. Naruto is also searching for Sasuke and Itachi.

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At the same time Naruto meets an old friend. She will help Naruto with finding Sasuke, and also help him with his hidden feeling's for the boy. D Naruto - Rated: Sympathy for the Devil by E. Week reviews The Doctor is determined to find the meaning of the drums the Master claims to hear in his mind. The truth may be more than either of them had bargained for. Doctor Who - Rated: Revolution by chucknotsteve reviews [Unsuited Vader — Luke — Leia] When the dark lord himself stumbles on a bar on Tatooine, he runs into someone who might change his life forever Starts out ten years after ROTS.

Perception by Cynchick reviews The Akatsuki think Sakura will be the perfect bait to lure the Kyuubi but they get a whole lot more than they planned for. A story about the blurred line between good and evil and how what we think we know can be proven very wrong. ItaSaku Naruto - Rated: Conversion by Arathe reviews Five years after his arrival on an alternate world, a chance meeting with someone from his past gives Edward Elric the hope that maybe, just maybe, he might have found his ticket home.

Will of Fire by Taisi reviews Falling victim to a strange jutsu, Naruto wakes up in an older Konoha, still governed by the Yondaime. Daddy Naruto - Rated: Luke Skywalker is struggling with the truths he learned on Bespin. Wanting to escape the deep trauma, he takes off in his XWing, only to end up on an unknown planet with a stranger. Or no stranger after all. Falling Into Darkness by SilverKytten reviews Ichigo heard the other man approach but didn't look up. Sympathy could only take you so far, and he was fairly certain he'd reached the end of the line. Safe from the storm by Nordic Angel reviews Ever wondered what happened after the Host Club walked in on Tamaki having blindfolded Haruhi, as he found out that she was afraid of thunderstorms?

Sasuke has to get a wife thanks to the insistant Tsunande who claims that it would make Sasuke more loyal to Konoha. Sasuke doesn't seem so toubled, he has the perfect candidate for the job. But how do you seduce one who seduces back? And what started out as a harmless plan to raise money is now an ever changing labyrinth with the hosts trapped and separated inside. Shadows of the Future by stormqueen reviews ObiWan lost the duel on Mustafar, but instead of dying, he finds himself on a ship leaving Tatooine, with his old Master and a familiar young boy.

As events begin to unfold, can he stop the future he knows from occuring? Another World by Shi no Tenshi reviews Team 7 and Gaara are transported to somewhere else and doesn't know where they're at, but to make matters worse Naruto starts acting different and knows where they are at. Remade by TheRealThing reviews An AU story starting after A New Hope in which Vader discovers that he has been lied to by his master about the death of his wife and children, and sets out to avenge them. Haruhi is a young lawyer specializing in contract law. The firm she works for is bought out by a larger company, and with the buy out comes the reintroduction of members of the host club into her life.

Sound and Leaf by Lisea18 reviews NaruSasu. Some reflections about Sasuke and Naruto, a meeting between them… and what happens afterwards. I'm really not good with summaries. Chapter 12 is rated M. Has a sequel called 'Frogs and Snakes' Naruto - Rated: Road Trip by Lunar Chasmodai reviews What begins as a road trip between six friends turns out to be a nightmare when everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong.

Destined to Be by lizzybee reviews Originally posted, but was deleted mysteriously. The gang seperates and meets in unusual yet so similar ways. New enemies arise, as new feelings collide with old ones. See Fuu, Mugen, Jin and Shino as they take on one of their biggest challenges. Will the Samurai Champloo - Rated: The Uchiha Couple by asashouryuu reviews Uber fluff and angsty stories of Sasuke and Naruto as a married couple.

Mpreg starting from chapter Caffeinated Beginnings by Canned. Laughter reviews In which Haruhi embarks on a romance without even realizing it. A not very obvious tale of love between our beloved heroine and a Hiitachin. But not the one you'd expect. The Protector by TheRealThing reviews Padme Amidala has survived, and has spent the past five years with her twins in hiding from the Emperor. She believes Anakin died on Mustafar, but soon learns the truth.

Apotheosis by Akuni-A reviews One year after Nexus, Ichigo and Renji face personal challenges and a new crisis that threatens everyone. Second in the Amaranthine series, sequel to 'Nexus'] Bleach - Rated: Naruto is up to another lonely Christmas, but that's not what Sasuke wants. Haiku by Unhappy Squirrel reviews They were limited to speaking in Haiku form, and it still didn't stop them from insulting each other. Walking Corpse by dazdnconfusd reviews Ten years ago Naruto died in the fight against Orochimaru.

Even Kagome and Sesshoumaru. I do not own Naruto. YaoiLemon Naruto - Rated: Kagome meets a present day Sesshoumaru and goes back to the Sengoku Jidai, only to meet the formidable TaiYoukai there. Never realized this wasn't listed as "complete" until now! Kimi no Koe by Kuron reviews Life is random. Even the finest manipulators cannot control the direction that life has set up for them. However, the greatest manipulators can turn any twist and turn into their advantage. So what happens when they fall in love?

After Uchiha Sasuke has returned Konoha, team 7 was sent on a mission. Then they came back with an unconscious Sasuke and there's only ONE way to wake him up. Hot Springs by MindStorm88 reviews Naruto is just minding his buisness in a very fortunate hot sping when a certain Uchiha decides to visit. What turns out after a few weeks is something that neither of the boys would ever expect. M for language and smexy boyxboy action! Nexus by Akuni-A reviews A postwar mission helps allies forge new bonds. First in the Amaranthine series.

Pyromaniac by FastForward reviews Sasuke is a firefighter intent on bringing down his arsonist of a brother, who only has one goal in life: Which of the two brothers will come out on top, and how many will die in the crossfire? That was plenty romantic. FinnRory Gilmore Girls - Rated: Jul 17, Jennifer Diaz rated it it was amazing Shelves: I first have to say if you have not read Sin at Sea Go get Sin at Sea and the comeback. I don't want to spoil it for you and you should really go read it! Continue reading at your own risk because this will contain spoilers from Sin at Sea With that we pick up right where Sin at Sea stops.

Sin and Mr BE has decided to meet one week later in Vegas. Sin and Jolie go back home and bac I first have to say if you have not read Sin at Sea Sin and Jolie go back home and back up and start their cross country drive to Las Vegas to start fresh. Sin cannot wait to see Mr BE and his nervous that maybe he won't show up. They are in Vegas for only a few days when Ben conveniences Sin to visit his winery in California. When they get to California things quickly change for them.

Vixen Artes J Binocular Features

She walks in on Ben and his sister having a heated discussion and Sin over hears them speaking and learns that Ben had been hiding something from her. So Sin does what she always does. While together Sin and Ben discover a great love for each other they have never had with anyone else. They make each whole. They both find peace that either one have ever had. Will Ben's secret push Sin away for good, will it be too much for her to handle?

Will she follow her pattern and not let anyone in? Or will Sin finally decide to grow up and accept to let someone in and love her the way she deserved to be loved. You need to get the book to find out! With that I do take my hat off to Ms Nichols. This is such an amazing story of love and struggle.

Where Sin at Sea has a fun smexy read filed with lots of sex and fun, Vixen in Vegas is so much more! It really has it all. It has your hot sexy parts, the parts that make your heart melt, and the parts that just turn you into mush! It had me turning the pages and wanting more of Ben and Sin on their journey of love. I so did not expect the ending and had me holding my breath until the final page! With that, I loved every minute of it! I so give Vixen in Vegas 5 outstanding stars!!

Some of my favorite quotes from the book: I was ready to be in love… with him. I want to possibility of forever wrapped in a hundred million moments. It touched every base in my body and soul. I laughed, aawed, and cried —yes I sobbed like a baby. No not with him…and then, really, adding Bon Jovie with You Want to Make a Memory to this whole situation,it was the most fitting song ever, but it crushed me completely. Gosh this part of the story broke my lil heart.

The last 40pages of this book will really tear you up, I was so so sad and was yelling in my mind at Emma why she put my poor heart through something like this! Ben is the most beautiful man from the inside and outside I've ever came across. I refuse to call him hot or any other names because his actions, his words, aaah just everything he said and did for Alysin were the most beautiful things ever. He taught her so much, helped open her eyes, but furthermore, she made him fight, she completed him.

I would go anywhere, everywhere, just to be with you… Alysin Sin was in ViV a much deeper character and I enjoyed her, I really did. She opened up, changed her bad habits and fought for her own happiness. She surprised me with her actions, but also warmed my heart how love can change someone; changing them into a passionate and caring person. I was happy for her, happy she found love in such a special person like Ben.

He made me want things I had never wanted… like permanence. She was a solid rock; equally for Sin and Ben. She was supportive but also called Sin out on her bullshit. She always kept a clear mind to help Sin making the right choice, or even push her into the right direction.

I loved this side character a lot and she rounded up this story perfectly and her humor matched often my own. BE is the spice of life. Aug 14, Sugar and Spice Book Reviews rated it it was amazing. Well, 'Vixen in Vegas' begins where 'Sin at Sea' ends When Alysin and Jolie return home from their cruise, Alysin begins to doubt herself and the past week she has had with BE! All the feelings she has begun to feel and never stopping long enough in her past to really give herself a chance at a 'REAL' relationship can BE be the one?

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Picking up and 'running', she is used to but running to a man she knows nothing about? I was a chick of action. During this week, Jolie confesses to Alysin she has decided she is tired of running and is ready to grow up and settle down. I don't want to keep moving around any more. I don't mind that my life revolves around you, but I need to get to a point where I make my own life, live it on my terms. When BE's luggage is delivered to the suite, Alysin goes running to the gondolas to search for him Alysin about falls out and this is where they both formally introduce themselves and we finally learn BE's real name "Ben".

I can't say anymore because I would totally spoil the rest of the story Because that is what happened to me. This story goes in a direction you have no clue it would ever go!!! Congrats to Emma Nichols!!!!! Aug 08, Jenni rated it really liked it. Sin at Sea was fun and crazy and yet sweet while Vixen in Vegas was heartwarming and loving with a touch of sadness, an endearing ending to a wonderful love story.

Without him, my heart is the most useless piece of me. For the most part she has her life together, just as she wants it. She calls the shots…no one else. As a quick way to nicely refuse a man who advances on her, she meets Mr. Bedroom Eyes aka Mr. BE pretending to be married to him. Their one week fake marriage comes to an end only to discover that they have completely fallen for each other and plan to meet in one week in Vegas.

Only now…with BE, maybe I did. We had more story to tell, more life to live, more experiences to be had. Vixen in Vegas picks up right where Sin at Sea leaves off. Thank goodness for her BFF who keeps her in line and talks her off the ledge of making a possible mistake of not giving love a chance. She does it, Alysin puts herself out there for a wonderful man who loves her so deeply.

And as I called it in my review for Sin at Sea, Mr. What got me more was how his secret got resolved. At least I think it was my heart. There was this wide, open ache in my chest like a cannon ball had plowed through it. My head was pounding as I tried to process it all. This sequel might not have the angst some novels have but my goodness it is still quite a story.

I adored every word, every scene, every moment. So I suggest you do that with Alysin and Mr. This man had me under his spell for sure. Emma Nichols certainly won me over with her debut series. You can guarantee I will read her future stories. Jun 21, Blushing Reader rated it really liked it. If you have not read Sin at Sea here is my review , go read it first. I love reconnecting with characters from previous books and getting to see what happens after the first book ends.

Vixen in Vegas gave me a LOT to read about! While Sin at Sea was a fun, sexy joy ride for BE and Sin, Vixen in Vegas is where things start getting real and life throws them some curve balls that can either make them closer or knock them flat. It was great seeing these characters again and getting to dive deeper; really getting to know them and understand what makes them tick. Emma Nichols did a great job giving the reader the insights into what these characters were thinking, feeling and learning. We get to see how BE we finally find out his name and Sin turn what was supposed to be a week of fun-filled fantasies and turn into a relationship in the real world.

Vixen in Vegas was a much more emotional and twisty journey that turns your expectations inside out. I had an inkling this book would grab me by my heart and it did. Emma Nichols does a great job unfolding this story and leaving you satisfied but craving more. I would have loved more time at near the end of the story with BE and Sin, I wasn't a fan of the twist at the ending, but I am not the writer of this story and it did work out the way it was mean to be without leaving us with, what would have been, a crazy cliffhanger, so all is forgiven ; I really hope that Vixen in Vegas isn't the end of Sin, BE and Jolie, I am not ready to be done with this cast of characters and could keep reading about them for many books to come.

Cue Huey Lewis and the News Seriously, if you are looking for a book that will touch your heart, make you laugh, make you cry, make you a bit crazy and add a dash of steamy hot fun, this is the book for you.

Want a great way to kick off your weekend? Grab a tasty beverage and read Sin and BE's journey. Jul 30, Jennifer Wolfel rated it it was amazing. I was worried about how these two would make it when they both seemed so detached from the idea of having a lasting long term relationship, but when you find out the truth behind BE's reasons your heart will heart! As we start out the book Alysin is having a really hard time dealing with her emotions and feelings about the week on the ship. She's having second thoughts about meeting BE and continuing this affair She continues to question herself as to the why when she was so bent on making a clean break after the week was up.

He's everything she was never looking for and more But she still doesn't even know his name or what he does for a living or where he even lives. With only the promise of meeting him in Vegas, Alysin sets out on a journey that she will never be able to turn back from! The moment she see's BE again all the doubts and reservations fade into the past. These characters embark on a journey that is unique. From the moment they meet again and exchange REAL names this time to the last words of the book you couldn't imagine the things that can and will change your thoughts, your heart and your life It's pretty clear from the beginning that there is something going on with BE and it will truly leave you scratching your head trying to figure out what is wrong.

When Alysin takes a short trip with BE to his family's home in California everything changes, and some of it not for the good. The characters in this book face some very big challenges but their love for one another stands up to those challenges and they knock them down one at a time. Who know that a chance encounter on a ship could lead to such and emotional journey. I absolutely adore the characters in this book and though I felt at times like some of them needed a rap to the head I was thrilled with the way the story went and in the end my heart felt light and heavy all at the same time!

Vixen Binoculars Artes J 8x42 | Errol Mason | Secrets of the Sambar

I highly encourage you to pick up this book and follow this touching journey about finding your true love and discovering self-worth. I loved every minute of this story and give this book 5 stars! Emma did an amazing job weaving this awesome story together! Jun 24, Maria's Book Blog rated it it was amazing.

Vixen in Vegas picks up right where Sin At Sea left off, with Sin and BE preparing to meet up in Vegas and possibly break the rules of their arrangement. I have to say that Vixen in Vegas is a much more serious and intense story when compared to Sin at Sea. Whereas SaS was lighthearted, romantic and playful, ViV takes on a different approach. It's still playful and the romance is most definitely still present but the tone of the book is much more somber and tugs at your heart strings. It makes sense when you stop and think about it: In book 1 they were on vacation, it was like the honey moon phase of their "relationship" where everything is all peaches and cream.

Once the cruise ship docked it was back to reality and everything they left behind. Unfortunately the seriousness of BE's reality was not something Sin expected, nor did I for that matter. I just had to know what was going to happen next and if there could possibly be a happily ever after. I absolutely adore HEA's. There was a moment towards the end when I yelled "Oh my God! It wasn't just me! With a cast of characters as real and lovable as this group is you can't help but become emotional and share their joy, pain and anger.

You will get sucked in. Emma Nichols has without a doubt become one of my new favorite authors. I seriously can't wait to read more of this amazing series! Jul 17, The Suburban Eclectic rated it really liked it Shelves: Vixen in Vegas begins right where Sin at Sea leaves off. We finally find out who Mr. Bedroom Eyes really is and Alysin finds that some gambles pay off. The would be couple meet up in Vegas in part to see if their relationship can withstand breaking all the rules.

Is Sin just kidding herself or is she ready for the long hall? Yes his name is Benjamin sigh. I love these two together and they have to be in the running for cutest couple. That said, their relationship is not without strife, however if comes from an unexpected source. Bonus points for not reverting to the romance conflict script and giving us another trite misunderstanding. I would have liked to see where that was going. I would have enjoyed a glimpse into some really heady, heavy stuff.

I did miss BFF Jolie. I really think Ms. Moore can do her story justice. You would think that a story about Sin and Vegas would be full of debauchery and while it has its sexy moments it is emotional, heartfelt and touching without every being sappy. We pick up the story shortly after the end of Sin at Sea. Extremely strong, yet light weight magnesium frame will not cause fatigue during a long day in the bush. Rubber armored ensures silent, non-slip use. This is an important point of difference. Hydrophobic Coatings on objective and eyepiece lens prevents fogging and significantly reduces the effect of rain on viewing.

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