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Those who could miraculously stand up from a wheelchair could already walk without a wheelchair before the event, as it was later discovered CIB Bulletin, Jan.

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Such "wheelchair-healings" during mass evangelistic meetings are a favorite. A missionary to Africa who recently accompanied me to Tansania related that his children were eyewitnesses of a Reinhard Bonnke evangelistic campaign near the slums of Nairobi. They sat in some kind of balcony towards the side and realized how a healthy person sitting in a wheelchair was pushed to the front.

Recap: Unterwegs in China - Chinatour 2016

With much excitement and joyful hallelujahs the "healed man" jumped from his chair. This led to the "conversion" of many..

Jan Krüger: Unterwegs (On the Road, D )

The children were upset and confronted the representative of Bonnke's missions agency, CfaN Christ for all the Nations that this was deception. But he had no problems with this kind of "preaching", since it creates and strengthens faith in many. Pastor Helmut Weidemann, who investigated the objective, medical evidence of a supposed and widely publicized faith healing through Reinhard Bonnke here in Germany, commented later with resignation: The magazine "Aufatmen", in reference to Benny Hinn and his book about the Holy Spirit and healings, stated:.

A spokesman of the hospital involved considers Hinn's statements to be forgeries. Also the story "Heavenly Man" Br. Yun has turned out to be more fantasy and deception than fact. But the Chinese man Yun has made a fortune through this book. We could extend this list almost indefinetly. Nobody would claim that deception and seduction are present with every follower of this movement. People like Lee Grady and many others wage a decided war against this kind of untruthfulness in their own ranks.

Even in non-Charismatic groups similar problems of dishonesty, double standards and hypocrisy are on the rise. One must wake up to the fact that a spirit of lies spreads in the world, in denominations and in churches and that apparently many, even believers, really want to be deceived. Elias Schrenk, the pioneer of evangelism on German soil, made a memorable observation about the rise of the infiltrating Pentecostal movement of his day which aptly applies to the popular hierarchy of today, esp.

Lies for the Glory of God?

I would rejoice in a movement that can be purified and that can be proven to be a genuine movement from God. But I am strongly convinced that you cannot cleanse a movement that is so obviously involved in so many lies as this movement is Paul Fleisch, "Geschichte der Pfingstbewegung" , [ A History of the Pentecostal Movement ], Francke-Buchhandlung GmbH, , p. Especially when people attempt to spin and trim the obviously unfulfilled prophecies — which were boastfully proclaimed in the name of the Lord — long and hard enough so that they can somehow be shown to be vindicated after all, one cannot escape the conclusion that this is not the work of the Holy Spirit who is known as a Spirit of Truth.

Reinhard Bonnke, for example, proclaimed during his "fire conference" in Frankfurt that a great outpouring of the Spirit in Europe and Germany was imminent. What has happened since?

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An outpouring of deceiving spirits according to 2. Europe is experiencing an unparalleled invasion of the occult and the New-Age. As an unbiased witness, the British pastor Keith Parker, counting himself to be a Charismatic, stated concerning a specific prophesy given by the late John Wimber:. The time came and went. Signs and Wonders Real or Bogus? But the Word of God says: Lies for the Glory of God? Are they teasing Marco, are they playing with him - or do they desire him? But desire as what: We don't know and we will not learn.

The camera keeps watching, but the film obstinately refrains from explaining. There is an uncanny objectivity in the camera's unmoved gaze, an objectivity that very soons turns into stupifiying mysteriousness.

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We see, but we don't understand. What we experience is a horror of not knowing. How can we make sense of him? And then the film breaks into sheer happiness, into an incredible beauty, out of the nowhere it has been circling all the time. For five minutes the film seems to complete lose its direction, Sandra and Marco at the beach, Sandra and Marco on a motorbike, slow motion, extremely grainy pictures, almost dissolving into dots and pixels. The narration is elliptical all the time, but here, in these minutes that will change the lives of everybody involved, ellipsis turns into an abyss of wordless happiness.

It can't last, it won't last, the ending is near. It's nothing but afterplay after this ride out into the darkness, in which the pictures seem to lose their referent, seem to move towards disfiguration, a painterly abstraction. During this afterplay, however, everybody will be hurt, everything will be reshuffled. Nobody will really know how it happened and why. It happened, it just happened. The drills come just days before the US president visits the region amid high tensions with Pyongyang. Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were seized by Chinese state security forces for "endangering national security.

Rather than roll their eyes at the new scramble for the continent, Africans should see it as a chance to get the best deal for themselves, analysts say. President Trump and Chinese leader Xi agreed to a day stop to new tariffs in a step to slow an ongoing trade war.

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The meeting came on the heels of a G20 summit that called for revamping world trade rules. DW News presents the most important news — in brief, quickly and up-to-date. Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Germany Anti-AfD activists prank populists with hoax corporate ads Business Greece's debt crisis leaves nation hungry and children malnourished Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter.

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America backs off — China steps in? What Robert Mueller's indictments of former Trump campaign officials mean for the president By indicting two former Trump campaign officials and getting a guilty plea from a third associate, the independent probe into Russian election meddling has entered a new phase.