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I was especially impressed that it stayed crispy because by the time we got around to dessert it was pretty late and I was totally mentally prepared to be serving apple oatmeal. GF, vegan bread of any kind is just nasty, at least that is my experience. Will the rolls look that good and taste good if GF flour is used cup for cup?

Do you think I could substitute coconut sugar for brown sugar? I used coconut sugar and it was great. This recipe is delicious and it was hard for me not to eat the whole batch in one sitting! I made some slight alterations, based on what I had available in my house: I also threw in about tsp vanilla so good! I was so surprised at how much fruit I ended up having, that I decided to double the topping!

Thanks for a winner of a recipe! Could I substitute the brown sugar for coconut sugar and the sugar for honey?

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What would you suggest? Was a big hit with my guests who were fasting for Orthodox Easter. I doubled the topping, to cover the apples. Worked well subbing all-purpose flour and coconut oil in the crust. I have to say I was worried when I mixed up the topping — I followed the recipe pretty much exactly only subbing butter for the vegan fat and the consistency of it was about that of wet muffin batter. I was not sure! But in the end it baked up pretty nicely into a sort of firm oatmeal cookie-like top, with enough topping for 5 apples.

Lastly — I left out the sugar that is supposed to be mixed in with the apples, and I found it plenty sweet! Mind that the light brown sugar is often coloured with caramel sirup, which is a derivate from wheat. So then it is NOT glutenfree!! I love the flavor of these cookies, but every time I make them, they crumble.

Any idea what I may be doing wrong? As others have said, highly recommend doubling the Topping. I also left the apple skins on and turned out fabulously. I substituted coconut flour for the almond meal, and used a sort of odd mixture of brown sugar, maple syrup, and honey as well in the topping. What do you recommend as a substitute for almond meal in this recipe? Left out the almond meal and added a little more GF flour.

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Everyone including the gluten lovers gobbled it up. This will be a go to recipe from now on! The food blog world is interesting to me. Yours and cookie and kate are my go-to blogs. I see you two refer to each other from time to time. This apple crisp recipe was truly amazing. I think the almond flour in the topping added a huge flavor boost. And we made your vanilla ice cream to go with it. And your coconut whipped cream.

It is wonderful to have so many delicious dairy-free options as dairy-sensitive folk. This is a delicious recipe!! Can you tell me how to make the topping crispy without using the quantity of margarine or butter asked for? The more crumble the better! I did the same but I found it to be too sweet.

Gluten-Free Vegan Apple Crisp

In all reality prep time is a good half hour. I increased to 10 apples cortland and increased the other ingredients accordingly and placed in a rectangular glass dish. I brought this to Thanksgiving and left with an empty pan. I did a mix of pink ladys and honey crisps.

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I also used coconut palm sugar in place of the regular and brown sugar. This recipe is a keeper. Will definitely make it again. We had it for dessert for our Thanksgiving dinner. It is going to be a family favorite from now on!! Thank you for sharing: I also squeezed some lemon juice over the whole thing and sprinkled it with a bit more cinnamon and some nutmeg before baking it. Absolutely delicious with peanut butter nice cream, too! I have made this a dozen times and each time it comes out perfect!! I recommend this to everyone. Even fooled my no vegan friends who have requested the recipe.

This is a fantastic idea!! I have all these apples on a tree outside. Thanks for the inspiration, looks delish!!! What can I use in place of the cornstarch? Hi, do you have any thoughts on what I could substitute for almond flour? I LOVE this recipe and make it a lot but bringing it to a potluck and a friend has a nut allergy.

I have made this 2 times. I made some changes, not because I believed it was needed but because of what I actually had laying around. Changes I made were to use 1 type of apple, tapioca flour, butter and sliced almonds. It is always eaten quickly and everyone likes it. Best apple crisp recipe ever! I made only minimal changes: Thank you for the recipe, Dana!

Try this one next! Great recipe but always find it very disappointing when read gluten free oats. For people with Coeliac disease there is no such thing as gluten free oats. This may be the yummiest thing I have ever eaten. I made a double batch for a potluck and people kept commenting on how delicious it was. This recipe is very good but way too sweet for us. I used half granny Smith and half Jonagold. I made this yesterday for 4 people and it was soooooooooooo good. I made a few modificatios in terms of the toppings as I like more toppings on these type of desserts.

I actually used double the ingredients and then added half again! I also doubled the topping ingredients and it was the perfect mixture of crispy and soft. So glad I found this before Thanksgiving. I think my in-laws will love it! I am not a cook by any means but tried this last night for some friends and everyone loved it! Yum, came out just right!

Vegan Gluten-Free Apple Crisp Recipe | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Can it be made a day or 2 before and then reheated or will the topping get mushy? Hello, The recipe looks delicious! Can I substitute for ghee? Will is still come out crispy? I made the Apple Crisp last night with ghee and although it was not bad — it was not great either. The topping came out kind of hard and this morning its soggy. It did not stay crispy as some other reviewer suggested. But I have to admit that although the consistency is more of an oatmeal it still taste great. When you tried it with ghee, did you use the same amount that the recipe calls for?

I am considering trying it with ghee as well as my daughter cannot have the sunflower ingredient in the Earth Balance butter nor can she have coconut. I brought it to a potluck with friends and everyone raved about it! As far as the streusel topping, instead of regular brown sugar would something work like date sugar or coconut sugar? You could also try coconut flour. Thanks I tried this last night and added in a bit more GF flour — it turned out so good! Much better than regular apple crisps I made in the past, this version is so much better! I just made this and my apples turned to sauce!

Did I cut them to small? I tried to match the size to your photos. The only subs I made were oat flour for gf flour and more Oats instead of almond meal.

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I did notice my topping was more wet than crumbly sand. Just wanted to see if u had any tips?! I would try cutting them a bit bigger next time and maybe adding a little less vegan butter! Second time making with few modifications: Its a very good recipe. Husband and kids loved it! Can you substitute coconut oil for the butter for a more healthy option? If so, how much coconut oil do you suggest? Great, just brought it to a pot luck pie party in a pie dish was one of the few to be completely eaten. Made this for dinner party with half suggested amount of sugar in apples and topping.

This was an awesome recipe! I replaced the butter with coconut oil and used less sugar and more honey in the crumble part. Thanks for the recipe, How would I make this a peach and apple Crisp? Should I use half and half of each and how firm should the peaches be? We actually have a peach crisp recipe you might be interested in! I ended up making this recipe and it was a bit hit. I doubled the topping as suggested and was glad I did. I also subbed extra oats and flour for the almond meal. Thanks for the great recipe!

I come to you first for my dairy free recipes. I need some help. Sometimes food gifts are overwhelming, so I want to freeze it in a disposable paper cake pan and have the topping in a baggy. Can you tell me or help me find out how to change the baking temp and time if cooking from frozen? I am gluten free and I had to find a dairy free recipe because we were out of butter GASP and I needed one that worked well with coconut oil.

I made a few changes because I didnt have everything on hand added a pinch of nutmeg and ginger, used coconut oil, and used gluten free flour because I had no almond meal -but almond meal would have been better I am sure I also used wealthy apples which taste AMAZING but are really hard to find these days. Thank you for sharing this with the world! With quinoa becoming more popular not only as a wonderful, gluten free flour but also as an exceptional cake flour, we felt it was time to source some organic quinoa flour for The Garden Shed and Pantry.

Presently there are very few farmers of quinoa in Australia and there is no quinoa being milled commercially for flour in Australia.

Checking all of our contacts produced very little information. Moreover, there are specialist retailers selling quinoa flour at prices we would be uncomfortable charging. While I was in South Australia, I was able to contact a woman recently returned from Bolivia who is involved in the importing of quinoa flour and has regular contact with the farmers over there.

Irupana Andean Organic Food S. New Organic Products We have sun-dried pears, cacao nibs, ground turmeric, cinnamon sticks and wild harvested long pepper. The range of spices I have is expanding every week and I get fresh supplies regularly so you can always be sure of the best flavours. In addition, we have limited stocks of the cutest little spice grinder from Turkey so that you can grind the spices you buy from The Garden Shed and Pantry!

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