I Fantastici Viaggi del Principe (Italian Edition)

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Amber, the one real world, wherein all others, including our own Earth, are but Shadows. Exiled on Shadow Earth for centuries, the prince is about to return to Amber to make a mad and desperate rush upon the throne. From Arden to the blood-slippery Stairway into the Sea, the air is electrified with the powers of Eric, Random, Bleys, Caine, and all the princes of Amber whom Corwin must overcome. A kingdom beyond imagination — where brother fights brother to succeed to the throne…. When Corwin awoke in the hospital he remembered very little.


Then he discovered his name and the fact that his strength was superhuman. And that was enough to send him on a journey that started in New York and swiftly flung him into the fantastic realm of Amber where eight brothers fought for the right to be crowned king. For Corwin was the ninth Prince — his royal colours, black and silver — who had been exiled to the shadow world of Earth.

Afterwards, things change for Cinderella; she ends up handling all the chores in the house, and is forced to live in a small room in the attic of the villa. Fortunately, Paulette, her Fairy godmother, watched over her, secretly removing troubles that Cinderella faced in various situations as well as giving her the gift of being able to communicate with animals. Cinderella soon befriended four little friends who aided her whenever possible; Patch, her dog, Chuchu and Bingo, two clever little mice and a little bird named Pappy. During one of the few occasions when Cinderella is able to go into town she is virtually segregated at home to cope with household chores, while her stepsisters are out having fun , she meets a strange young man who only identifies himself to have a connection with the prince of Emerald Castle.

Cinderella initially does not trust him and calls him a fibber repeatedly.

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However, Cinderella does not know this guy is none other than Prince Charles himself, who, unwilling to stay at the castle to take lessons from his tutor, sometimes runs under the disguise of Alex, his page and great friend. This marks the beginning of many adventures, including hunting, discovering enchantments, betrayal and conspiracies of the palace that feature the Prince almost always in disguise , Cinderella and her friends, and her stepmother who hopes to marry one of her two daughters to Prince Charles.

But in the end, Cinderella discovers the true identity of the boy to whom she called a liar several times and is distraught and desperate; how will she make up for what she said to the Prince?. Meanwhile, the King is organizing a big royal ball, to which all the unmarried girls of the area are invited, so that his son Charles can find a woman to marry. The stepmother and stepsisters were angry that Cinderella was also invited.

After Cinderella helped her stepsisters get ready for the ball, she quickly changed her clothes, wearing her mother's dress. Eventually, the stepmother insists it was an insult and forbid her to go. Then, her stepsisters tore up her invitation. The Fairy Godmother, always ready to help Cinderella with her magic wand gives her a beautiful gown with the beautiful glass slippers; Cinderella can now go to the ball, but must return before midnight hour when the magic is completed. This time, Cinderella is to be incognito at the ball; Prince Charles does not recognize that the beautiful princess who appeared out of nowhere was the companion of many adventures.

But, come midnight, Cinderella is forced to flee, losing a shoe on the staircase of the building. The Prince was fascinated by the mysterious princess, desperately searching house to house to find her. It was proclaimed that the person whose foot fit into the shoe would become the bride of the Prince. And thus after many difficulties, Cinderella was proved to be that girl and was brought to the palace. On the day of the marriage, Duke Zaral had something else in mind. He gave poison to the Prince in his drink and kidnapped Cinderella. He took her to top of the Clock Tower and forced the King, Charles' father, to give up his kingdom in lieu of Cinderella since his son was no more.

Suddenly Prince Charles, who did not really die, appeared with the palace guards.

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He explained that he had already known about Zaral's plan and acted accordingly. A fierce battle ensued between Zaral and the Prince. At last Zaral fell from the Clock Tower to his death and defeat. Cinderella and Charles were married and lived happily ever after. Elisabetta Spinelli as Cenerentola.

Aldo Stella as Marco. Annamaria Mantovani as Signora Madre. Claudio Moneta as Carlo. Davide Garbolino as Alessio Bingo. Diego Sabre as Andrea. Federica Valenti as Papi. Graziella Porta as Ciuciu.

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Manuela Tamietti as Caterina. Marcella Silvestri as Giannina. Marina Thovez as Fata. Patrizio Prata as Marcello. Pietro Ubaldi as Paco. Stefano Albertini as Franco. La storia inizia con la partenza del padre di Cenerentola per un lungo viaggio d'affari. La fanciulla rimane quindi sola con la matrigna e le due sorellastre, Caterina e Giannina.

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Da quel momento per Cenerentola le cose cambiano: Fortunatamente Paulette, la sua Fata madrina, veglia su di lei: Cenerentola si circonda quindi di nuovi piccoli amici: Il Principe, rimasto affascinato dalla misteriosa fanciulla, la cerca disperatamente di casa in casa, fino a trovarla. I due giovani possono ora vivere felici, con l'approvazione anche del padre di Cenerentola, finalmente ritornato dal suo lungo viaggio.

The King Lion similar to Mufasa is shot by poachers in the presence of his three cubs. This is one step in Shere Khan's plot to overthrow the King from his throne. Little Simba suspects something strange, and subconsciously feels that Shere Khan similar to Scar was to be his great enemy in the future.

Simba and his two sisters are adopted by the wolf-pack, who has already raised Mowgli, the human. The wolves and the other animals of the Jungle will teach them everything they need to know. Bimbo, an orphaned fawn whose parents similar to Bambi's mother who was killed by the unseen man, but not The Great Prince since he's alive were also shot by poachers, will soon become Simba's best friend and companion, accompanying him both in adventures and reverie. Together, with the help of their friends of the Jungle, the two will become strong and wise so that Simba will one day sit on the throne of the Jungle.

Pocahontas embarked on a long journey for the greater good of all American countries, calling on the different Indian tribes to share the message of the creator as it had been depicted in the Hopi prophecy a long time ago. In her journey, Pocahontas and her spiritual companion Hopi Ho, get the chance to become acquainted with the different ways of living, customs, houses, foods, ceremonies, legends, etc.

Guided by her indomitable spirit, blessed by her grandmother a famous shaman , and protected by her animal guides such as the Puma, the Wolf, the Coyote, the Eagle, and the White Bison- each gifted with special powers , Pocahontas shares her message of love, peace, brotherhood, and valuable life lessons, always observing the harmony and love of nature as taught by The Creator.

He is in charge of taking account for the mice who are making the trip. A young mouse from Brazil named Ronnie who enjoys playing soccer befriends Conners and Conners falls in love with Ronnie's sister Stella. Meanwhile, a rich aristocratic woman named Elizabeth and her family board the Titanic.

Her father is a famous Duke and is very prominent in the whaling business. He and Elizabeth's stepmother have arranged for Elizabeth to marry Mr. Everard Maltravers, a rich whaler. Unknown to the Duke, the marriage is actually a scheme concocted by his own step-wife, Rachel and Maltravers to get certain whaling rights for themselves. February 24 , age 82 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. What is Emily Mortimer Watching? Related News The Forgotten: The Leading Italian Men! Got the Globe, where's my Oscar?

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Won 1 Golden Globe. Io e Caterina Enrico Menotti.