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You have to lift your own body into the air, support yourself, and move yourself around. As a result, there are two factors that are very important to your performance: These two factors are directly opposed: But of course these two things are also intrinsically tied to one another: When you first start building muscle, the amount of strength that you are gaining more than makes up for the amount of weight that you are gaining, so your overall performance improves.

However, as you keep on building muscle, you eventually reach a tipping-point: Think about muscles as spheres. Of course, in reality muscles are not exact spheres: Basically, muscles are mutated sphere shapes. The strength of a muscle is proportional to the thickness of the muscle; in other words, the strength of a muscle is related to the area of its cross-section. For example, think about your bicep. The strength of your bicep is proportional to the area of the cross-section you get by cutting it in half at its thickest point. The strength of a muscle increases with the area of its cross-section.

The weight mass of a muscle, on the other hand, is proportional to the volume of the muscle. It is the overall bulk of a muscle that contributes to how much it weighs.

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Kalen goes to the gym at Bayview High on the first day of school to pick up his timetable. A pretty girl called Anna asks him where Mr. Cooper's history class is.


She tells him she has come from St. Mary's and is in grade eleven. Scott and Amber catch up with Kalen. Scott is interested in Anna. Kalen teases Scott saying that she left when she saw him. Scott punches Kalen playfully but it hurts because Scott is quite strong. Amber looks Scott over. Kalen is worried that she is impressed. He is determined to get in shape.

Kalen goes to The Sweat Shop for his first workout. The gym is very busy. Scott is not there yet. Kalen does not know how to use much of the bigger equipment so he thinks he will start with hand weights. He steps around someone who snaps at him for getting in his space.

Scott shows up and they do some warm-ups together. Anna is there and asks to work into the chest fly machine. He offers her a ride home sometime. Scott goes over to talk to the guy with a goatee. He tells Kalen that Karl just gives him tips. Karl starts yelling about kids leaving equipment around.

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Dan, the owner, has to calm him down. Scott and Kalen go into Dan's office. They are worried that they are in trouble. Dan makes three protein shakes and shares them. He tells them about the pressure of competing as a bodybuilder. He tells them about the use of steroids and the side effects. The effects can be physical or emotional. Anyone who has mood swings has what is called 'roid rage. Kalen and Dan wonder about Karl and his outburst.

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Dan makes it clear that anyone selling or using steroids will have his or her membership cancelled. After showering, Kalen finds a yellow pill lying on the floor. He puts it in his pocket so he can ask Dan about it later. Kalen decides to stay out of Karl's way at the gym. He focuses on his diet and routine. Kalen and Scott make plans to meet with Dan to get some protein supplements.

Kalen's mom notices that he seems to be handling his schedule and is developing some muscle. But Kalen is aching from the workouts. The protein will help repair the muscles and make them grow larger. At the gym Dan takes them to the storage room. He tells them they need to try supplements based on their body's needs. He gives Kalen one that will help him gain weight by drinking two shakes a day.

But Kalen needs to continue to eat a healthy diet. Kalen gets some power bars for his gym bag. After six weeks, Kalen can see the results of his hard work. He has a six-pack and his arms, neck, and shoulders are more muscular. He is worried about the expense and asks for more hours at the grocery store where he works. Kalen is busy with workouts, basketball, and homework.

While checking his e-mail he finds a junk mail ad for getting a great body in two weeks. It is an ad for anabolic steroids. He checks out the photos.

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He cannot see any of the side effects Dan told him about. The site warns about sharing needles and tells how to deal with side effects.

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  5. It has an order page too. While looking through the photo gallery he sees Dan who was Mr. Ultimate from to He credits his body to one of the popular products. Kalen is angry with Dan for lying. Scott knows that Dan used steroids and that all the top bodybuilders do. He is not mad at Dan. Kalen does not like the hypocrisy but Scott reminds him that his program is working and Dan is not forcing him to take steroids.

    Amber sees him and comes over to talk about going to the movies. Kalen is short of money so wants to go the next weekend. She and Julia, Kalen's sister, make plans to go to the basketball game.