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RobotC is a complete IDE offering a very practical, highly effective interactive real-time debugger. RobotC can multi-task — it can run up to 10 tasks simultaneously on the robot.

Nine alternative programming languages for LEGO MINDSTORMS

Moreover, as we shall see below, RobotC installs its own firmware on the robot, firmware that is more efficient than the standard firmware. RobotC programs are the fastest when compared to programs created with other programming software. By default, RobotC supports all the standard Lego sensors. A third-party open-source library is available and includes all the sensors and accessories found on the market.

RobotC therefore provides unlimited programming of the NXT robot.

introduction to programming NXT Robots in C with RobotC - Génération Robots

A 3D simulation tool compatible with RobotC is currently being developed at Carnegie Mellon University this tool will be included in the version 3. The RobotC programming interface.

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The RobotC programming interface is conventional enough for anyone familiar with programming environments. The left-hand bar is used to find the standard code structures, and the error zone at the bottom lists the compiler outputs. During programming, RobotC runs IntelliSense, which auto-completes terms entered by the programmer for increased efficiency and productivity.

This only needs to be done once and is very easy. This opens a new window, shown below:. The message is very clear: You will hear the brick make a little noise and then reboot itself. Firmware downloaded on the NXT.

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If, after working with RobotC, you wish to work again with NXT-G the graphical programming software supplied with your Lego kit , you will need to repeat the same procedure in the NXT-G interface, which will revert to its original firmware. We are now ready for our first program. In this program, motors connected to ports A and C on your robot are controlled using the motor function.

The value assigned to this function indicates the speed at which the motor runs:. Depending on your construction the direction of the motor on your robot , you will have to use a positive or negative value. F5 compiles and transfers the compiled code to the robot. Naturally, this function only works if the robot is connected, i.

Press F5, and a window will open showing the progress of the program download onto the robot. It then closes, and another opens.

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We are going to add a Lego Mindstorms NXT ultrasonic sensor ,which, as its name suggests, uses ultrasound sonar to detect the distances to obstacles, and then we will connect it to port No. We therefore need to inform our RobotC program of the presence of this sensor. Later you will find out that this step is optional and that a sensor can be declared in the code, but our aim here is to introduce RobotC and a few of its many possibilities.

In passing, you will also notice that the position of the motors on the robot can also be declared.

The Lego Mindstorms NXT robots

As shown in the figure above, you can give a name to your sensor and select its type from the drop-down list. Make sure you do this on the port to which your sensor is connected or your program will behave oddly. The interface then automatically adds the following instruction in your code: We are going to design a program that will make it move forward in a straight line until it encounters an obstacle, at which point it will make a right turn. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Browse book content About the book Search in this book.

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