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To stop hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and start talking to people. Community leaders and organizations need to promote and encourage in-person, constructive dialogue. One segment was about the recent trend to tear down Confederate statues in the wake of the awful events from Charlottesville.

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A trend that actually gained steam initially after the Church shooting in Charleston which feels like eons ago at this point, but alas, was only just over two years ago. And how Jackson has managed to maintain his presence in that window, despite the fact that the entire congregation is black.

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Stonewall Jackson was as a human being and as a man of Christ, of faith. He defied all the laws of the South by educating his slaves.

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He taught them to read and write. He preached peace and harmony.

A surprising finish to the main event concluded another exciting edition of Raw

Until that day, she sees that window not as a tribute to the Confederacy, but as a connection to her own past and a church she loves. Along with the recent Confederate statue swirl, questions like this wandered in and out of my mind over Labor Day weekend.

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Up until now, whenever the name Enola Gay was mentioned, it was either part of a trivia game I was playing, or something that older generations were talking about at family gatherings my mom was born three days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, so WWII conversations came up every so often. It was almost as if I wanted to look around to see if anyone else saw me standing there staring at it. The bomb dropped from that plane killed an estimated 70, people in one day, and tens of thousands more when you consider injury and radiation.

By way of comparison, the total number of deaths on September 11, , was 2, It has been said that history is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books—books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. Listen to the winners and the losers.

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Take the American Revolution, for example. Which, outside of the U. But there are a lot of good points of view out there if we take the time and listen to all of them. The Thrive Global Community welcomes voices from many spheres. Learn more or join us as a community member! Log in Sign up.

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The Titus Worldwide member then went on a rally of his own, twice securing near falls on Rollins following a standing moonsault and shooting star press. The finish came after Wyatt's superplex attempt on Crews turned into a double powerbomb from Rollins and Balor underneath. The two babyfaces then attempted a pin of Wyatt at the same time with both Rollins and Balor declared winners as the show went off the air. Strong booking from WWE to create the short-lived cliffhanger finish.

WWE Raw results, recap: Main event controversy, Elimination Chamber changes

The addition of both Rollins and Balor only enhances the Elimination Chamber match, making it a triple threat to start unless WWE debuts a fifth pod or shoves two superstars into a small booth. Even better, the continuing tease of a Rollins-Balor feud entering WrestleMania promises nothing but five-star match potential. WWE creative pressed all the right buttons on Monday and the important feel of the go-home finish, featuring an exciting match with something legitimate at stake, was a big part of that.

Elias drew major heat during his in-ring song by declaring California "a toxic dump" and boasting he's the favorite to win Elimination Chamber. He also claimed to have written lyrics specifically for The Miz's pregnant wife Maryse. An interruption came in the announcement of: The big man was seated on the stage with a microphone and soon revealed a giant standup double bass, which he held like a guitar and broke the strings while attempting to play.

The giant went on to sing a song which included the lyrics, "You don't know it but when this song is over, you're going to get these hands. As Elias crawled away from the ring, Strowman picked up the bass and smashed it over him. There isn't a single WWE superstar who continues to evolve his character at the level of Strowman.