The Story of Saint Catrick

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One day, he told his students the story of the mouse family that befriended him during the Wild Dog Campaigns. The fire that had once burned inside Catrick, suddenly started doing so once again, just for a few minutes. The kittens saw it, and the next day, they begged him to tell it again; and a day later, again; and again. Each time, the fire burned more intensly. Usually, that was in a class room, but sometimes, they were out on the campus grounds during breaks when the kittens were idly chatting and asking him questions.

Then, the fire that lit his eyes would kindle the imaginations of his pupils. The result was that Catrick soon found himself the unwitting leader of a small and growing group of students and junior professors who met for lunch to discuss the place of rodents in society.

The Story of Saint Catrick

Now and then, the topic would turn toward equel justice, and the bigoted attitudes on the part of most cats. Some of the kittens began to develop strong opinions, and a few even began to foster friendships with their rodent neighbours. Catrick wasn't a thoroughly willing leader for such a group. He did see his earlier self in some of the enthusiastic young cats whose opinions were taking shape, and some of this tugged on his heart strings so as to further fan the fires.

He also had a wide circle of friends among the senior professors and aristocratic friends of the family who took exception to the unbridled free-thinking of the youth. Now and then, he tried to defend the youthful energy of his young friends while with the seniors, only to be rejoined with a 'humph' or a sudden change of subject.

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Also, just knowing about the influence he was having would put some off. Right about that time, the Rodents Revolt was beginning to pick up steam. Catrick's position began to look awkward indeed. The de facto leader of the rodent revolution was a rat answering to the name of Vladimer Rodenski.

His original home was the rodent ghettos of Catropolis where he grew up, but since becoming a fugitive of justice it was more often the hedges and the byways of the counties. He started out in life as a good little rat, and with his intelligence and nimbleness, it looked as though he would go as far as a rat could in a cat dominated society. His parents had taught him to be satisfied with his lot, and satisfied he was.

That was until his father was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and mistaken for a troublemaker. The cat-wardens chased him as far as the rat neighbourhood where the neighbours banded together to fend them off. The end result was, both of Vladimer's parents and several of the neighbours were taken away, the house boarded up, and young Vladimer, left to roam the streets.

Even then, he did well for himself, and got into as little mischief as he could. He even continued to attend school, until the school master, a cat -- schools run by rodents weren't allowed in the city -- began giving him notes to take to his parents demanding his school fees. Then, he simply stopped going to school, and spent more time looking for food.

It was when winter approached that life for an honest young rat without a home became hard to cope with. But banding together with other street urchins made the living easier, though not the staying out of mischief. As he grew into an adult, Vladimer Rodenski continued to develop into a street-wise survivalist with a resentment against the society that had made him that way. He learned well from every mistake.

From each tangle with the authorities, he gained know-how in avoiding further trouble. Whenever he managed to get jobs as a messenger, or other odd jobs, he used the opportunity to observe cat life closely. The attitudes of the cats he met daily taught him to hate their culture, but not so much that he couldn't learn a thing or two from them. He learned what made cat society purr, and ways to turn it to his advantage. Gradually, he pieced together his knowledge of every level of society to form ideas of how an ideal rodent nation could work, given the chance.

He spread his ideas via the print media. Both his experience and his charisma drew others to him until his name was a household word in every rodent home. Of course he was too dangerous to be allowed to run free in the city, so he fled to the counties. The education that he managed to obtain for himself enabled him to write persuasive pamphlets, which the underground printing presses reproduced by the thousands, and the network of rats and other rodents that had joined his cause distributed throughout the kingdom.

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Some of the presses were literally underground, operated by moles. Ivan was the nephew of Rodenski's mother, who was of the Von Ratsburg line of noble rats. Long, long before, in ancient history, the forebears of the Von Ratsburgs were a dynasty of rat kings, the last one being defeated by the Nutcracker in a fierce battle, which was later celebrated in a ballet presentation of that name. Rodenski was only reunited with that part of the family since becoming a fugitive, but from the moment they met, Vladimer's and Ivan's hearts were bonded by the cords of family ties and a common cause.

David Mousecovitz was a most valuable contact mouse for the mouse community, as he was on many of the inter-village mouse committees, and even had a seat on the Kmousett. That's where the experts in mouse law meet to discuss the finer points of proper mouse conduct and inter-community relations.

Also, he was quite an accomplished violinist, and was often featured in the concert halls of Catropolis. He had even gained the respect of the cat community. His activities in the rodent liberation front were, of course, under cover. David Mousecovitz was travelling, one day, from Mouseburg to the twin cities, Red-Leicester and Double-Goucestershire, on his bicycle. In the basket in the front was propped his violin case, and strapped to the back was a carpet bag containing files, a couple of legal volumes, some sheet music, a change of socks and underclothes, a towel, a night-shirt and a toothbrush.

In Mouseburg, he had just met with a subcommittee of the Kmousett, and now he was on his way to play at a concert in Double-Goucestershire. While swerving to avoid puddles and rocks that jutted through the gravel road he kept his eyes peeled for a cottage of a certain description that someone had discretely passed on to him in the pub across from the Kmousett chamber.

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At one point, he stopped to ask directions from a sheep. All the cottages down this way have thatch roofs, mate - delicious too, I might add if one can reach them. There's two houses just up the road with window boxes, mate. That was enough for David. He went on his way while the sheep went back to his grazing. The house he wanted would also be surrounded by thick bushes and a hedge.

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The first house he came to had green window boxes, but it had a tile roof, not thatch. That's the last time he'd ask directions from a sheep! But the next house answered to the description perfectly. David gave the secret knock, and soon the door was opened a crack by a squirrel whom David knew as Roary McNut. David laid his violin case and carpet bag down by the coat rack, the sqirrel took his coat and hat, and directed him into a room joining the corridor.

There was a fire roaring in the fireplace. Mouscovitz, good of you to come by on such short notice. When will you get that thing oiled? Roary, be a good squirrel and get this gentlemouse a mouse-pint. A king can have limited power, and preside over a parliament, with the additional benefit that he could act as a guarantor of democracy. This is a war of liberation - of the rodents throwing off the shackles of cat rule.

Once we have obtained our liberation, we can have a republic, or we can have a monarchy. Let the rodents decide that for themselves. That way, we don't have to be tied down by any campaign rhetoric. That's the beauty of it! David nodded, with a gleam of realisation in his eyes. Just then, came the secret knock from the door.

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Soon, the door to the corridor opened, and in strode Ivan Von Ratsburg, still in his great-coat, with a sword hanging by his side. The coat looked like part of a military officer's uniform from a bygone regime. Another rat pint along with a mouse pint of ale were brought in. The grape vine has it that the kittens of the Royal Feline University are sympathetic to our cause. Can either of you fill me in? Catrick Siswart has opened some of his pupil's minds by relating his war experiences, in which he was befriended by a mouse family somewhere in the region of Co.

It appears that the mice saved his life. The look on his face showed that he didn't know what to think of a cat having any sense of appreciation whatsoever towards a mouse. There were many refugees from that area that the mouse councils had to account for. Some of them returned after the campaigns, but quite a large number resettled elsewhere,' said David. Can they be made to work for us?

This is Augustinian religion - love god and do what you like. The author has a talent for storytelling, however, and this is what saves the book. It avoids being preachy and the writing is good enough to keep you reading. The author's insistance on including the species in every name was a little tiresome, but helped the reader to remember which character was which Baron Mousechild, for example, could be nothing other than a wealthy mouse banker. This is not my usual fare.

The Story of Saint Catrick by Robby Charters

I prefer my fantasy worlds to be a little less allegorical, but as a book it holds together nicely and folk who like this sort of thing will enjoy it because it's well done. Jun 23, M. Mooney rated it really liked it. Catrick is a professor at the university. After being saved and cared for by a mouse family, Catrick, a cat, begins to question the abuses of the cat community and their authority over rodent-kind and canines.

From there he must struggle with his own philosophy and ideals to come to a place of what is best for all. This is not your standard fantasy fare, and after seeing the style of writing and that the characters are talking a Catrick is a professor at the university. While there is nothing graphic in the book, either language or otherwise, this is not a kids book. Charters has created a world of allegory where races of people are represented by animals — namely felines, rodents, and canines. Taking from colonial issues, European history, and the American Civil Rights Movement, Charters brings in aspects and combines them in an interesting way.

Given all of those aspects, Catrick, the main character, comes to a unique conclusion, one that is idealistic and yet inspiring in its simple faith. The writing is at times charming and funny, and the solution of simple yet powerful faith is a clear guide throughout. Some of the names and comments twisted to animal type names were well done i. I read a lot of fantasy, and a lot of fiction, and Charters has done something unique. So unique that it is difficult for me to recommend to any specific audience … other than those looking for something refreshingly original.

Peahen marked it as to-read Feb 29, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I presently live in Belfast with my family. That's where my dad was from, and where I have family connections. Most of my life was spent in Thailand, where I was born, and where my wife is from. I've done a number of things in my life, including charity work, training and mentoring, teaching English, telemarketing don't hit me , working with homeless children, and, of course, writing. In three of I presently live in Belfast with my family.

In three of my books you'll find a character named Boz. Oh, and I also do freelance book design. Just Google "Robby Charters" to find me, or go to my website: Books by Robby Charters. Trivia About The Story of Sain No trivia or quizzes yet.