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There are not many YA authors that capture the "teen voice" as well as Allyson Condie.

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My daughter and I both read Freshman for President and loved every page. We were rooting for Milo and his gang from the first chapter on. Obviously you'll have to suspend disbelief with this one as Milo is a kid trying to win the White House. But the clever twist on how his campaign can affect change keeps the pages turning.

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If you're a teen, you just might be inspired to run for something. Even my daughter now has grand plans of her own. Don't pay attention to the release date, it's obviously in stock since I bought one from Amazon. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Like I said I enjoyed the book the loose ends made me mad though what was the senators religion what exactly happened to Maura and you didn't even finish up the thing with eden which you build up to much for you to not follow through all the way to end he knocked on Edens door with flowers isn't really a conclusive ending.

Item arrived as described and expected. You should definitely read this book. You should definitely NOT read this book at the gym, a doctor's waiting room, at church, or anywhere else where laughing aloud to yourself will earn you some curious glances. Let me just say that I made this mistake and there are now several people who won't be stair stepping next to me anytime soon. I was prepared to have to do some pretty heavy suspending of disbelief to buy into the plot of this story. Milo is a typical 15 year old boy who decides to do something atypical with his life--run for President of the United States!

However, despite my reservations I was immediately drawn into the story and the fact that Condie made it actually seem possible for a teenager to make a significant difference on such a grand scale. But that is only a small part of what makes this story so clever and touching. Milo not only takes on a rigorous campaign, but he does it while coming to terms with serious emotional issues that touch the lives of those he cares for the most. This book resonated with me and I believe it will resonate with anyone who reads it.

I think that readers will relate to Milo's struggle to know how to help a sister who is struggling with emotional issues, while dealing with some of his own. I also thought that Condie's treatment of life and death issues was very real and timeless.

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The plot moves at a good pace and is full of humorous banter, believable relationships, inspiring ideas, and beautiful symbolism. Through it all, Milo's character development is a potent illustration of how we really are the product not only of our experiences, but how we choose to handle them. Milo is definitely my favorite candidate this year!

This is Condie's fourth book - the first that wasn't in the Yearbook trilogy or LDS based and it was an absolute joy to read.

I really like Milo and related very well to the students in the book. This is about a teen, Milo, who is annoyed with what is happening concerning the student body elections at his school, and has a brilliant friend, Eden, who talks him into running as a write-in candidate in the presidential election.

They take the city, then state, then US by storm through the methods best for teens - internet. Milo has to really grow up - sometimes it is nice and slow - other times it's in the course of a conversation, but that is reality. I like that the dreams thought up by these teens are a little big - something abnormally ambitious.

I like that the conflicts weren't written to be the conflicts everyone assumes teens have but surely are being over-exaggerated - that Ally wrote them how teens feel them without being cutesy or trite. I found this book to be interesting on a few different levels. First, it's got a fun plot with warm and interesting characters. Milo is charming because he is so average in many ways. I found myself rooting for him because it felt a little like I was rooting for the good kid that literally lives next door. He's not eloquent, or intellectual but he is earnest and sincere. I also enjoyed this book on a more fundamental level.

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Surprisingly, the theme of this book is not the at times trite "anything is possible. This theme is developed nicely in the contrast between Milo, who would do anything to have people know who he is and Milo's sister Mara who, because of some events in her life, wishes that she could be forgotten.

Both eventually realize that they can get what they are seeking. Milo achieves national recognition and Mara buries herself in near complete isolation. The interesting part comes when they realize that the kind of fulfillment that they have been seeking can't be found in the places they have looked. I really loved this book, and I think that teenagers would love it even more.

It's both exciting and deep, two things that don't often go together. Teens will love this book! As an adult who enjoys YA literature, this book was so fun and refreshing to me.

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The author clearly feels no need to push the envelope of how many adult themes can appear in a book aimed at teenagers. Freshman for President is touching, funny, inspiring, and thoroughly enjoyable to read, all while maintaining what I'd consider a PG rating. Well done, Ally Condie! See all 8 reviews. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Get to Know Us. With strong leadership also comes the responsibility of seeing people for who they are, and who they want to be. Working with my peers as their spokesperson I will be able to provide that level of respect for each and every student. Lastly I have a true desire to assist and help all.

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  4. It is a great way to let the freshman voice be heard, and to make the school year better. I want to run because I have great ideas, I am god at communicating to a greater audience, and I have experience with ASB. Why am I the best candidate?

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    I am trustworthy, responsible, hardworking, committed, humble, and I have a strong value for integrity, following through on what you say you are going to do. In middle school I was the ASB treasurer for two years, and the president my final year. I learned an incredible amount of leadership styles and skills during my time participating in ASB.

    I hope that if elected, my skills and personality will flourish when working with other student leaders at SAMi. I want to inspire others to be inquisitive with the world around them, to step over boundaries, to ask questions. I want to provide people opportunities to get involved in their own society. I want to help people reach their goals and become something amazing. I want to encourage my peers to follow their dreams and to control their own future. So, I promise you, that if I am elected, I will provide, encourage, help, and inspire those around me.


    I like to keep in mind that we have a limited time in high school, and I want to help make my community a better place while I have the chance.