How to Succeed As a Bodyguard: For New Executive Protection Specialists Just Entering the Business

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My associate had been hired to protect an entertainer that is an up and coming rap artist.

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After a recent show the rapper, his posse, and countless guests were partying in a small private space at a nightclub. While the party was in full force, the local fire marshal came to the club and met with my friend. My friend advised the fire marshal that he would comply and not allow anyone else to enter the room.

Keeping true to his word, my associate was diligent in his task and ensured that no additional guests entered the party. Many individuals entering into this field believe that they have to take the first job that is offered to them; however, this is the wrong attitude to have. Working a protection detail, in many cases, is similar to marriage.

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If one member of the relationship fails to follows these guidelines, that marriage is doomed to fail. The same holds true when working with a client. Think about this for a minute…before you are going to be hired by that musical pop-star or owner of a fortune company to provide EP services for them, these individuals, their record labels or private investigators are in many cases going to put you thru the ringers by conducting a background check, financial check, and then will speak to references that include former co-workers, family, and friends.

So my question to you is this, why would you not look into the background of these individuals prior to accepting employment with them?

Executive Protection Specialist Is A Crucial Business. Learn Why!

Be leery and always check on who and what the individual s you are going to protect are about. People working in this industry get things done in situations that make others want to turn the other way and run. Instead of fretting over decisions they take action — and make the magic happen now instead of later.

You learn a lot about the cultures you travel in and solve problems in, of course, but you also learn a lot from the people you protect. After all, these are typically people who have achieved extraordinary success in their fields. You get to see the world and meet all kinds of great people: Globetrotting alongside our clients lets us see the world and experience things most folks will never see.

EP agents have great friends and acquaintances all over the globe — in all kinds of cultures and socio-economic groups. Because your personality is one of your most important tools, jerks get weeded out quickly and faster than in other parts of the corporate world according to what we hear. And yes, it is pretty cool: There is a certain cool factor to working in executive protection. At least if you ask the two of us. For one thing, you have a completely legitimate reason to try out all kinds of seriously clever gadgets. Hey, this rocket-launched drone interceptor is for work!

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Client needs always come first — not yours. You just learned of the death of a family member or that your house burned down? EP can be one of the loneliest jobs in the world. EP agents should be ready to be blamed for — and take the rap for — problems they had no influence on creating or preventing. They forget about what your role is, and try to task you with duties that take away from your primary responsibility. We mentioned above that your wins are BIG wins.

Welcome to the flip side of the coin: Your failures are BIG failures. They matter because what we do matters: If we make mistakes, they may have serious consequences for the principal. They probably will have serious consequences for us. But they can also be career game changers. One mess-up destroys all your credibility, and your career can self-destruct in a minute. The executive protection industry is fragmented across generic security firms, specialist partner companies, and plenty of mom-and-pop operations.

Some of the people and companies we run into are frankly not very professional. And they certainly understand very little about providing protective security in corporate and high net worth environments.

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They can talk for hours about how to carry which calibre gun where, or what kung fu grip is best. But they know nada about effective SOPs and even less about dealing with people. These people give EP a bad name. And sometimes your job gets downright awkward. The restaurant folks are willing to do whatever they can because the client is of utmost importance. You bend over backwards, you get the entire restaurant to bend over backwards, and then at the last minute the client changes his mind and cancels the reservation. You look and feel like an idiot.

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  • The next day the client changes his mind again and asks you to figure the whole thing out one more time. Normal life can be a comedown: Travel on the corporate jet? Stay in five-star hotels?

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    Check out those amenities. Eat in Michelin restaurants? When you take your own vacation you travel economy, stay in a budget hotel and eat at P.

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    • You get a taste of the nice life and realize how much harder you have to work to get even a small piece of that for you and your family. At work you deal with death threats, hostile encounters and high-risk environments. At the end of the week you come home and listen to your friends and family get worked up because the garbage guys came a day late. And enjoy it all.