Java 6 New Features (A Tutorial)

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Convenient methods are available for Discovering Existing Scripting Engines. For example, the following code will iterate and will list down all the Script Engines that are available in the Java 6 Distribution. As such, two different ways are there to get instances of ScriptEngine classes. One way is to call the method ScriptEngineFactory. Execution of scripts can be done by calling the ScriptEngine. Bindings as represented by javax.

1) Introduction

By default, the ScriptEngineManager manages some set of Default bindings, which can be obtained by making a call to ScriptManager. The Bindings that are obtained in this manner i. Following is the code to get a reference to the Global-Bindings object and to populate it with application-specific values. It is also possible to customize the Binding information on Engine-by-Engine basis.

For example, to obtain Bindings that is very specific to a particular Engine, a call to ScriptEngine. These Bindings that are obtained in this way are called Engine Bindings. In the above code, a new instance of ScriptEngineManager is created in the very first line.

Then, the Scripting Engine that comes shipped with the Mustang, i.

New Features of JAVA SE 6.

Arguments are passed from and to the Java Code with the help of Bindings. The input string to be processed is added to the Bindings with the call to Bindings. Then the script is executed by calling the ScriptEngine. The output which is the length of the input string is now in the Script variable called result.

And as mentioned previously, since all the Script and the Java Objects will be maintained and controlled by the Bindings, it is possible to get the value of the Script object result directly by calling Bindings. This article covered some of the new features available in Java 6. Each and every Annotation in this package is briefly explained and examples were given to make it more understandable.

Hi, First of all thanks for the post. Can this be mentioned as part of Java SE 6 new features?

New Features of Java 8

Let me make it little more clear. Can you please read this article: Thanks for pointing it out. I was referring to http: May be the wiki page is incorrect?

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Wiki page is correct. It is part of the Java EE 5 introduced too. Before that it is not part of J2SE. This article covers the left-over features of Part-I. More specifically, it will cover the […].

Introduction to Java New Features, Part–1

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