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The single bevel-gear overhead camshaft ran across the cylinder head and four bores with special air cooling housed two pairs of cylinders at 26 degrees to each other.

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A single carburettor fed all four induction valves through a cross shaped induction that produced an uneven feed. Coil and dynamo ignition was driven by skew gearing from the camshaft-drive vertical shaft. A dry-sump oil system was supplied from a steel tank at the base of the front-down tube, bolted to the engine's crankcase.

The engine was flexible, however, and could be started by hand and run in top gear most of the time. This was an important factor for the hand operated gear change.

Matchless G9

In the sales literature Matchless described the Silver Hawk as unquestionably the most fascinating machine to ride that has ever been built. It combines the silence, smoothness and comfort of the most expensive motor car with a super-sports performance. On top gear alone the machine will run from as low as 6 miles per hour to over 80 miles per hour, while the acceleration given by the four-cylinder overhead camshaft engine in conjunction with the four-speed gearbox must be experienced to be believed.

Manufacture of the Silver Hawk was expensive and sales were slow - the Hawk was discontinued in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Description [ edit ]. The Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle.

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The Matchless tank badge was a winged "M". Like many motorcycle manufacturers of the time, they had started as bicycle manufacturers. Charlie won the inaugural TT singles race in at an average speed of Harry did not finish in , but won in , and Charlie won again in , bringing Matchless motorcycles to the attention of the public.

They made their own engines from on. At the Olympia Motor Cycle and Cycle Car show Matchless showed a V-twin powered cycle car , with two wheels at the front and a single drive wheel at the rear. The frame was of pressed steel channel. It was priced at guineas. Matchless was not given a contract to make motorcycles for the army during the First World War. Peacetime production resumed in , concentrating at first on V-twins for sidecar use, leaving singles until In Henry Collier died, and by Matchless was a limited company. The two cylinders were set at 18 degrees within a single casting under a single head.

The shared models were considered by some AJS fans to be only badge-engineered Matchless models. Matchless supplied engines for the V-twin versions of the Morgan three-wheeler from until Morgan production was halted by the outbreak of World War II in From on they were Morgan's exclusive supplier of V-twin engines.

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A dozen surviving unused engines were still in storage at the Morgan works in and were used to build a final batch of V-Twin trikes for a Morgan dealer in Australia. Matchless also supplied engines after to to the Brough Superior works.

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These engines were made to the specifications of Brough Superior and are not identical to similar engines used in Matchless motorcycles. The Brough Superior engines used a fork and blade rod configuration, cams ground to different specification, and larger ports in the cylinders or heads. By they had eight models in their line up, but the number had dwindled in The G3L was the first to feature the "Teledraulic" front forks. Competition models of the singles were produced from , which gave the company some memorable wins. For , the Model G45 twin-cylinder production racer was introduced.

Derek Farrant won the Manx Grand Prix at AMC withdrew from factory-supported road racing at the end of the season, following the death of Ike Hatch, and facing fierce competition from the other European bikes.

The Matchless G50 single-cylinder racer was made generally available for privateers in , and competed against the Norton Manx. With the closure of the Norton plant at Birmingham in and the merger of Norton and Matchless production, the future was beginning to look rather bleak. With the G15 line, AMC built on the merits of the G12 but there were numerous changes to frame, forks, swinging arm, primary chaincase, transmission, cycle parts and lubrication system.

The New SC Mini

The P11 was the last line of bikes with bonds to AMC. It used a modified G85CS frame but there were stronger forks, completely new cycle parts making some was rather costly , altered lubrication and modified primary chaincases, to mention a few. The G15 series was offered as 3 brands: The G15 series was produced from to They were initially for export only, but by these models were available in UK and Europe too.

The Matchless G85CS used a The new lubrication system helped lubricating the big end and piston as well as the top end on the high-performance singles.