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Love alllll your songs Liz Bourne Jamez gal , London. How old r u people??? Espesially James hez sooooooooooo cute!!!!! Hi James,I love u your soooooooooooo cute i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are just soooooooo sweet! Luv Mouse Ears - Slave to Busted 4eva! Cant wait till March 2 c me gorge boiz!!!!! When I saw the frank skinner episode the embarrassed face he made was really cute!!

Aww, i find everything about him really sexy, his looks, his voice I saw the Frank Skinner episode and thought it was brilliant. I loved the face Matt pulled in embarrasement! I luv Busted sooooooo much and think that teacher is lovely. Mattie, James and Charlie - can't wait to see u all in March!!! Patrina Sammon, Athlone town Ireland. Matt is sooooooo fine i luv busted to bits they Rock. There's actually a really cool teacher in Auckland, NZ, called Ms Mackenzie - this song reminds me of her!

What a great story. It's nice to hear a song thats based on some one. James is the best! Top Theatre Index Home. Big George's Panto Diary. A history of the Hawaiian islands. University of Hawaii Press, Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. We go there often. Someone told me they saw one guy jump off the cliff during a party, on acid. At dusk an old car arrived at the shelter next to where I was camping , they looked Rastafarian she was dressed in beads and beautiful he had dreadlocks just to his shoulders matted brown red hair , he had a necklace that included these two horns , our conversation was very polite , they had been at a Native ceremony.

Through this long evening and into early morning I met one of the great-grandsons of King Kalakaua. Many years ago, a friend and I camped at MacKenzie overnight. Aside from a long-time vagrant camper, we were the only ones there.

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As we drove and found our tent site, we got out of the car. Just steps away from the car door was a flat rock that had a set of car keys on top of it. I picked them up and dangled them to show my friend, "I'll bet this turned out to be a big problem. I knew nothing about any hauntings in the park. We put up our tents, cooked dinner, and turned in note: In the morning, we each got up at different times - I took a walk down by the cliff - my friend did likewise later.

We then packed up to leave. My friend asked me for the car keys. I told her, I didn't have them - I didn't need them when I got up. She said I must have them, because she never used them that morning. I told her we always put the keys in your tent, and I didn't take them that morning. We looked all around the camp, all our pockets. Ultimately we unpacked our tents, and looked inside them. It's been 45 min. She got angry with me, accusing me of losing them; I didn't know what to do next - no clue - where could they be.

About then, dejected and wondering what to do, I wandered toward the car, and there, on that same rock, were OUR car keys! How could we have missed finding them when we were looking, and how did they get there? We each knew we had not put them there. Same place as the other car keys. I told my friend it was the minehunes - she was not amused. I used to go to mackenzie almost every day. I love that place Never experienced ghosts, but never went at nite. Loved hiking and meditating there.

Most of the time I had the whole park to myself. The lava tubes are fascinating!

Busted - What I Go To School For

Around I was camping down there with 2 girlfriends. One of us was always known for talking in her sleep. As we were all going to sleep, my friend started talking in her sleep like a child. She was saying some very strange things in a child-like voice. My other friend said something along the lines of "Oh, she's talking in her sleep already!!! Locals warned us it was haunted but we were young and on the road and didn't care.

My "sleeping" friend didn't say anything for a few moments because she was so terrified, then she muttered out "guys, that wasn't me, I have been awake this whole time".. It was absolutely terrifying. I always get interesting comments on this article, but yours is the most fascinating one!

Thank you so much for sharing about your great grandfather and family history. This park is named after my great grandfather. It is interesting that it is said to be haunted. My father told me stories of the time he was courting my mom, who is the granddaughter of Albert MacKenzie.

My grandfather, Albert's son, told my dad he was not allowed to take my mom to certain places, because the Menehune would get angry. He was very superstitious about the Menehune and various other supernatural forces. When my grandfather died in a freak accident, people said that the Menehune had gotten him. Maybe his father had taught him something that the rest of us don't know Aloha Liz, thank you for your comment. Wow, it's so cool that your parents met here in Hawaii. I hope you have a chance to visit the Big Island soon and check out this beautiful park.

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I'm most intrigued by the paranormal; in fact, we have a mischievous young girl spirit in our home. I've never been to Hawaii; but my parents met there during WWII, so it's on my bucket list as a spot to visit. I visited Mackenzie Park this Summer while staying a few miles away in Puna district on red road. I did not know the history, but was looking for things to do close by and maybe I could capture some good photos. As I entered the road leading to Mackenzie, I snapped a couple of photos of the amazing arched trees and such, which turned out to be very telling later.

I entered the park, like others have said not many were there other than someone with a tent set up a little bit over to the left on top of a cliff. I felt an oppression as I took pics of the waves lapping the cliffs. I suddenly felt like I knew how someone died there and felt very emotional and cried.

I never felt that kind of energy before. I started snapping pics all around like I needed to do this. The first was one I took directly behind me. The photo turned out to have a beautiful turquoise orb in it. You could see energy in the photo. Another I took in the woods behind had three orbs grouped together. I started walking to the trees on the right from where you pull in the entry and my battery drained on my camera, but not before I captured something odd behind a tree, like a hand. I left right before sunset.

Less than a minute after pulling out something hard hit my windshield. It scared the crap out of me and surprised it didn't crack. I figured a coconut fell out of the tree. I didn't get out to look. Later, my photos taken going in show a ladder surrounded by mist being moved into the road by a hand in the tree. Two shots taken a couple of seconds apart show the tree changes shape. I can share these if you care to see I have several spirit photos taken around the big island.

It never messed up before and when I got to the arched trees, I knew. I said out loud, hell no! Such a cool place, we have some pics of Mackenzie it if you're interested: My father in law and I fish at night for years there it always seemed to b a little creepy but after a few beers the loneliest felt. Like just one nice place to be at night but be aware. The Wales come very close to the Cliff and will scare the crap out of u if u never heard them before It a nice place. Funny how this article always seems to be republished almost every year at the end of October.

Hidden Hawaii: The Haunted MacKenzie State Park

Sure wish I could figure out why? I go there every week. The whole area surrounding will be full of people, but not Mackenzie. Although I don't believe in places being haunted, I'm still intrigued by their history and who wouldn't want to explore a piece of Hawaiian soil. Great hub and very interesting. Been there when i was I'm originally from Lahaina Maui. Did my history project about the Big Island went around the whole island. When I last visited my parents there. I felt like I was home. Sounds awesome and looks so beautiful! I'm not sure i'd be brave enough to spend the night. Though I probably would if it was necessary, but I would stay wide awake all night!

This is such a well written and researched piece.

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You juxtaposed paradise with horror. Voted up aned interesting. Even if I never been there I am in love with Hawaii, but I have to say that I never knew it has such a dark side. But, exactly the type of place I'd like to visit.. If I could only get to Hawaii first.. The park was empty my sister had to use the restroom,funny thing she went in and came out in a hurry and said that she could not use it and that we had to leave like now so we did.

Having lived in Hawaii for more than three years as I went to school I have come to see many of the beauties that that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. However, another side to this story is that I've spent many many summers there camping and fishing and I have to say I've never felt creeped out by the place.

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I was with my mother on this trip. I decided to take her along red road from Kalapana as it is so beautiful. As we came upon MacKenzie state park I turned and drove inside. Anthropologie bedding linked similar. Cow skull linked similar. Watercolor flamingo linked similar. White soft blanket have had this one since freshman year! Hanging calendar mine is from Target; linked a similar option.

I use plastic drawers under my bed as well to store t-shirts, socks, etc. Vintage western belt linked similar Horn necklace linked similar. Tall gold lamp from Hobby Lobby. I hope that you enjoyed my college room tour! Thank you for checking out my blog.