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Atmosfear: The Gatekeeper

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Tony John Craig Howells Edit Storyline After an accident involving a touring hockey team and a date gone wrong, a group of youngsters find themselves stranded in the hills with a weird local and a mysterious stranger. The Gate Is Open Edit Did You Know? Trivia Stacey Daly 's dress was so short in the film that the camera kept seeing her underwear. Throughout the shoot they changed color several times and had to be digitally colored in post-production. Add the first question. Audible Download Audio Books.

In both booklet and DVD instructions it is recommend that players create a perfect " Atmosfear " before playing, which includes playing the game at night, dimming down the lights and turning up the volume for the DVD with a suitable 5. The board is set up with the keys, Time and Fate cards put on and beside the board. Players then write their greatest fear on individual slips of paper and place them -folded- into the Well of Fears in the center of the board.

Then the players choose their playing pieces and corresponding character cards, as well as a numbered key rack.

The Gate Keeper

Once everything is set up, "Play" is then chosen from the main menu, summoning the Gatekeeper. When he asks who is playing, the players need to use the DVD remote to tell the Gatekeeper which characters are in the game; at least 3 players are required. He will then choose a "Chosen One" to act as his eyes and ears.

The Chosen One rolls first to start the game.

The Gatekeeper - Award Winning Short Film - Atanu Mukherjee - Shuruaat Ka Interval

Once the game and on-screen countdown begin, pressing Stop or Pause on the remote is not possible. The object is to win the game before 49 minutes expires. To do this, the players must collect six keys, one of each character's color, then head to the Well of Fears in the center of the board to face their "greatest fear" and finally press the Menu or Title button on the remote to win. However, if the countdown reaches zero, the Gatekeeper is declared the winner.

Starting from their characters' Headstones, players take it in turns to roll the dice and move clockwise around the board and can choose to roll one or two dice each time. Whenever the Gatekeeper appears on-screen, all players must stop, listen and do exactly what he says e. Players start collecting keys by either landing on a space marked with a key on the game board or taking them from other players by duels. Players must collect all six different color keys, placing any keys they have in their rack facing towards them to hide the colors from opponents.

Although players only need one key per color, players can collect more which prevent other players from completing the game. Should the Gatekeeper tell a player to take a key, they must take it from the realm they are in unless instructed otherwise. A Black Key is also on the board and must be avoided, otherwise the player who picks it up is "cursed" and unable to win the game as long as it's in their possession, even if they have one key of each color.

Players can get rid of the Black Key by passing it on to another player when their pieces both occupy the same space or try to lose it in a duel. If a player lands on their own Headstone, they can earn a key from their realm by roling their own key rack number on the die; likewise, if an opponent lands on it, the player can take a key from that opponent by rolling their number.

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During the game players may come across objects to either make the game harder or easier, these include flight, dueling, black holes, Fate cards and Time cards. Flight allows players to travel from one flight stone on the game board to another unoccupied flight stone. Dueling allows players to duel other players to steal one of the players' keys, as long as the two players have keys of their own.

A player can either be banished to a Black Hole by the Gatekeeper or stumble into one on the game board, temporarily rendering them unable to play. Players are only released from a Black Hole either by the Gatekeeper, having a Fate or Time card that releases them, trying to get their number on a dice roll each time their turn comes around or having possession of their corresponding colored key.

In each case, a player must still move to a nearby Black Hole and wait for their next turn before being released. Fate cards are cards with instructions which the player must follow. The Gatekeeper will require a player to pick up a Fate card during the game. Just like Fate cards, Time cards have instructions which the player must follow, but players only carry out these instructions at a certain time in the game as defined on the card. The inner track which is the only place on the board that players can travel in both directions can be used at any time as a shortcut, though punishment will come to players if the Gatekeeper catches them there without six keys.

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After a player has collected all six different color keys the player then can try to win the game by returning to the Well of Fears to face their fear. When the player reaches the well, on the player's next turn the Chosen One or another player should it be the Chosen One who faces their fear picks a fear from the well. If it isn't the player's fear, they must return to their Headstone and try again, but if it is their fear, that player wins the game. The six Harbingers in the game are: Anne de Chantraine , the witch; Baron Samedi , the zombie; Elizabeth Bathory , the vampire; Gevaudan , the werewolf; Helin , the poltergeist, and Khufu , the mummy.

Each of the Harbingers is based on either a real person or a myth, except for Helin.

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Helin is also the only character with barely any background information, because Brett wanted players to use their own imagination for this character. Elizabeth Bathory is based on a serial killer who is believed to have murdered and drunk the blood of about six hundred and fifty virgin girls. The final character in the game is the Gatekeeper, whose job is to make sure the other characters cannot escape from The Other Side to the real world.

After nine years of development, [10] the Gatekeeper was released on 8 July From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.