The Lotus Effect: Shedding Suffering and Rediscovering Your Essential Self

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Inspired by Buddhist and Vedic psychology, The Lotus Effectwill help you rediscover who you are by clarifying what you are not. Through the contemplative ""identity detox"" exercises and meditations in this book, you'll learn to let go of stress, worry, anger, suffering, and need for approval as naturally as the lotus sheds mud from its leaves. As you practice detaching yourself from life's disappointments, frustrations, and fears, you'll take the first steps toward strengthening your core ""lotus self"" so that you, too, will possess the resilience to blossom, no matter the circumstances.

What if we could go through a day of spilled coffee, traffic snarls, and fights with our loved one, and emerge feeling balanced and unscathed? The Lotus Effect offers ancient meditative techniques designed to help readers do just that. Written by clinical psychologist and practising Buddhist Pavel Somov, this book breaks down the "lotus effect"-the ability of the lotus plant to repel any non-nourishing foreign substances that cling to it in order to allow it to access as much sunlight and water as possible. This natural resilience helps it to thrive and bloom in even the worst conditions. Using the lotus flower as its central metaphor, The Lotus Effect offers meditation techniques and intriguing thought and perception exercises for shedding difficult thoughts and experiences, anger, worry, stress, and feelings of low self-worth.

Readers discover what triggers their minds to focus on these feelings, and they practice disidentifying with these thoughts and instead identifying with their essential selves-the selves which, like lotus flowers, remain unstained by the slings and arrows of daily life. Somov introduces practical meditation practices including neti-neti mindful detachment from distressing information, "I am not this" , vipassana meditation interconnection between mind and body , Dzogchen meditation acceptance and awareness of reality , and Western relaxation training.

He also helps to explain teachings on emptiness with wonderful clarity and insight, and makes the paradoxes that exist in this area more understandable from an experiential level.

This is a highly beneficial book that can help overcome entrenched negative emotions and thought patterns--even addictive behavior. The writing, too, was seamless and highly engaging. I actually started reading this book at night when I was tired, and I have to say that I happily lost some sleep that night because I couldn't put it down. Thank you Pavel Somov for sharing with us such a unique and healing book.

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The Lotus Effect is a remarkable book which guides readers on rich exploration of their relationship to their own identity. Somov's voice is lithe, often playful, but his intent is dead serious.

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The ideas and techniques in the book are designed to do nothing less than transform the way we think about our own identity. We being with a process of "identity detox" - which is a wonderful way of describing the process of detaching from the information about ourselves which is not our true self.

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After working through a series of short exercises designed to help us enact the experience of dis-identifying from what we are not, we are then led on an exploration of what is left after we have discarded all of these unhelpful attachments. Somov has a gift for capturing issues of great complexity in simple concise metaphors and enactments, allowing us find our way almost effortlessly into an experience of deep self-exploration.

Pavel Somov's "The Lotus Effect" is an identity detoxification program and dis-identification manual that will radically transform the way in which you view yourself, others, and the world around you.

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Inspired by Tibetan Buddhist wisdom and advaita psychology, Dr. Somov has developed practical exercises, strategies, and techniques that will not only help you reduce the symptoms associated with the causes and conditions that contribute to your suffering but will also allow you to become aware of the very source of suffering itself - your false identity. By helping you first become aware of how your false identity the self that you believe yourself to be causes you to suffer, Dr. Somov opens a space for you to come into intimate contact with your true identity the self that you actually are.

He will guide you through a series of practices that will help you to awaken to your true identity by way of dis-identifying from your false identity. You will feel lighter and less burdened by the emotional baggage that your false identity has carried around because you have shed the very source of the baggage itself. Somov has tested all of the techniques in this book by way of personal experience. He not only writes from the position of being theoretically sophisticated but from experiential knowledge.

Somov is no "armchair" psychologist or philosopher that will tell you to try a technique that he himself has not practiced. He has practiced the techniques in this book and knows how helpful they can be. Not only have I practiced the techniques in "The Lotus Effect" and have experienced a radical transformation in the way in which I view myself, but as a licensed psychologist, I have recommended many of these techniques to my patients. By practicing some of these profound identity detoxification techniques on a consistent basis, many of my patients have reported that the overall quality of their lives has greatly improved as they no longer cling to painful emotional states when they arise within their awareness.

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Instead, from the perspective of their true identity, that vast space of awareness where suffering cannot root itself, they have been able to let painful emotional states come and go as clouds floating through the sky. With sincere gratitude do I thank Dr. Pavel Somov for writing this book as he has done a great service to all sentient beings. Review submitted by Ian C.

The Lotus Effect: Shedding Suffering and Rediscovering Your Essential Self

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