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Poison Throne 1 Moorehawke Trilogy Author: Which would you sacrifice? Wynter returns from a five-year exile in the bleak Northlands to find her beloved homeland in turmoil. King Jonathan's civilised, multicultural realm is no more; the gibbets and cages have returned. The fire shot blue and lilac highlights through his curtain of black hair and outlined his chin in gold as he said, "Oh, you must get some frogs, lad.

They are excellent good companions. And when I woke up, that bloody bear was making off with my fingers.

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I chased him, of course, and he dropped all but the two that are missing. And your good Lord Razi, he sewed the others back on for me, because he is a great doctor, and a most excellent man. Now, whenever I see a bear I follow him home to see if he's shat out my jewels. You roots in bear poop! Christopher With short hair and modern clothes, of course ; Wynter Jun 09, Elyse rated it it was ok Shelves: How do I start.

I threw it and the damn thing decided to cause me some more internal damage by hitting my poor dog, Jersey. My dog is old. She's also very small. So when it hit her, she sort of flew into the air and hurtled into the pool. She's also never been in the pool before. However, the book decided this wasnt enough- so while I left the damn cursed thing in Okay. However, the book decided this wasnt enough- so while I left the damn cursed thing in the pool.

However the book is too damn big that it ended up And basically blew the pump thing that the leaves go into. But it doesn't end there, I was wet and when I stepped on the very slippery floor. I plummeted very unattractively to the floor and broke my finger. Okay, well not really. But I did hurt it. So all in all, I am very, very pissed with this book.

I mean the only thing good about this book was Christopher, and you know what they did to him? Sent him to freaking Morocco. Y'know after destroying his face and making you imagine him as the ugliest dude on the imaginary and very stoopid kingdom of No one Gives A Shit. Y'know I actually got through this book. The entire bloody thing. And i just sat there confused and had to re-read th last chapter. I picked this book up solely because of the cover- I mean it looked like it would have rebels and teenage-girl-assassins plotting to kill an evil king. But nope- they tricked us- its a stupid, coward rebel who thinks hes a prince but actually ran away like the big pussy he is, and a couple of his minions who keep failing to kill ONE guy.

And a girl who I cant decide is a lesbian or just fricking ignorant to any romance. At least they got one thing right, the king is evil. Because for some insane reason he is actually a really nice dude- but for some reason he wants to kill both his sons, and destroy everyone around him. Including his own damn kingdom.

But he's still a 'nice dude'. So there it is.

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Dont read this book- it sucks ass. It hurts to read. But as I always say, Happy Reading!! Well, it's been that kind of month and the nasty reading slump in the middle of it did not help things in the slightest. I didn't want to ruin this read with my foul mood, so I started it early in the month, put it down again, and waited until things had picked up some before giving it a go. I was especially excited as I had heard it likened to Megan Whalen Turner 's Attolia books Well, it's been that kind of month and the nasty reading slump in the middle of it did not help things in the slightest.

I was especially excited as I had heard it likened to Megan Whalen Turner 's Attolia books as far as the quality of intrigue and political fantasy go. And as anyone familiar with me knows, this is very high praise indeed. So I picked up a copy at my local bookstore and took it home that night. I have to say I love the covers Orbit has designed for this trilogy's U. Previously published in Ireland and Australia, all three books have already seen a handful of lovely covers and I like the leafy vignette and swirling cloak style going on here. Wynter Moorehawke and her ailing father Lorcan have returned home after five years away in the barbaric North.

Home once more, Wynter cannot wait to renew her friendship with her beloved quasi-siblings Razi and Alberon. Both sons of King Jonathan--one legitimate and one illegitimate--Wynter grew up with these boys, running all over the castle that was their home. But when she comes across Razi in the kitchens, Wynter discovers that things have changed in the years she's been gone. And not for the better.

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  4. Jonathan has changed, gone from a tolerant and fair ruler to a cruel and unreasonable lord intent on naming his legitimate and suspiciously missing heir Alberon as dead and grooming the illegitimate Razi on the throne in his place. Tensions are more than high as Razi--a gifted doctor--does not want to be king at all, his people would prefer open war to a dark-skinned by-blow on the throne, and the king appears increasingly unstable and violent.

    Into this maelstrom Wynter is thrown without a by your leave, yet she is simultaneously expected to accept all these changes without question and play her part as an apprentice carpenter under her father's tutelage. But Razi needs her. And his unusual and generally unwelcome friend Christopher seems to be always underfoot and in need of a watchful eye. And Wynter is determined to stand by her friend and get to the bottom of this mounting disaster. I was sucked into this novel right away. I enjoyed Wynter's easy relationship with her father and it was fun feeling my way around the castle along with her as she struggled to come to terms with the magnitude of the changes that had overtaken it in her absence.

    I loved the slight hints at the supernatural in the cats Wynter used to be able to communicate with and the many ghosts that haunt the castle and can clearly tell when danger is afoot. And, though initially a bit confusing, I liked the historical setting in a sort of alternate Europe, sprinkled here and there with references to such places as Padua and the Moroccos.

    The Poison Throne: The Moorehawke Trilogy Book One: Celine Kiernan

    And I was all set to enjoy Wynter, with her brotherly affection for the educated and kind Razi and her righteously indignant banter with the handsome rascal Christopher. However, somewhere around the halfway mark my enthusiasm began to pall. Nothing seemed to happen and each of the characters became oh-so-tiresome. Wynter was reduced to running here and there after the various men in her life. All of whom, by the way, needed a swift kick in the pants if you ask me.

    There seemed to be a sort of imbalance across the whole narrative. Characters who are innocent and loving one minute turn into raving lunatics the next, hugs and fond reminiscences are bedfellows with what felt like an out-of-place amount of surprisingly cruel and coarse violence. Wynter adores her "brother" Razi and, despite being frequently annoyed with him putting her off and not telling her things, she forgives him at the drop of a hat. And the instant forgiving soon extends to much more heinous crimes than withholding the truth.

    So much so that I started to lose my respect for both of them. Disliking Razi made it difficult to believe in him and in Wynter's affection for him. And, as much as I liked Christopher, with his mutilated hands and his mysterious past, I was not exactly keen on year-old Wynter falling for a young man quite so promiscuous as he.

    All of this is to say that there was quite a bit of potential but it was a struggle to finish and ultimately fell flat for me. If it weren't for the drawn out ending, which took me almost a week to read, this would be a solid four star read. A character-driven fantasy, clearly part of a trilogy and not offering much conclusion in this first instalment, I very much enjoyed both the world and the characters.

    This book falls into the category of "more talk, less action", but until about 75 pages before the end, this didn't bother me at all. Very atmospheric, a wonderful father-daughter relationship that often brought me cl If it weren't for the drawn out ending, which took me almost a week to read, this would be a solid four star read. Very atmospheric, a wonderful father-daughter relationship that often brought me close to tears, loyality and friendship, a blossoming love I really hope book two won't pick up where this has ended in terms of boredom factor, but will move with a bit of a quicker pace and offers explanations denied in The Poison Throne.

    Can't wait to see more of Wynter, Razi and Christopher hopefully and maybe even Alberon very curious.

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    View all 6 comments. More appropriately this could be considered historical fiction with fantasy overtones I suppose, but talking cats, infuriated ghosts and magic tends to make think 'fantasy' so fantasy it shalt be called. Also this is considered Young Adult by the author and most places I looked it up, I suppose since Wynter is 15 years old, Chris is 18 I think and Razi is 19 that makes sense, but I'll warn you for content regardless since it feels like there is more of the following than I normally read in YA.

    There is violence, torture and no small amount of sexual innuendo happening. Onto the book itself! There is a lot to recommend this novel for fantasy fans; its a medieval setting, royalty is the main seat of power, court intrigue and political machinations saturate this novel as well. We start out with Wynter Moorehawke and her father Lorcan Moorehawke returning home from 5 years in the North keeping the peace for King Jonothan.

    But things aren't working out how Wynter, or Lorcan I imagine, thought they would. From the odd reception at the front gate, to the fact that the court seems suspended with a level of tenseness neither remembers, events begin adding up to a to create an upsetting picture. As I said Wynter is 15 years old, but circumstances and life make her seem much older. She has to bear up under some stressful situations. Her father's rapidly deteriorating health, her one friend banished and the other keeping secrets, the knowledge that her beloved cats were all killed, and turbulent feelings over Razi's new friend Chris.

    She had uncertainties, fears and doubts that plagued her and made her act out in impulse instead of reason. But beneath it all there was a core of steel built not only from her own willpower and determination, but also from years in court life. The 'action' of the novel comes in segments with long interludes of conspiracy and maneuvering as players began their gambits. Kiernan doesn't let any of her characters fall into one category; King Jonothan the 'bad guy' of the book, for various reasons is shown to be cruel and merciless at times, but with Lorcan an old friend and the Lord Protector he is all doubts and pleas to understand.

    Poison Throne #1 Moorehawke Trilogy

    Razi, a Doctor and the second in line to the throne he is the bastard son of Jonothan and an Arabian mistress is fiercely loyal to his friends and to his brother the rightful, but banished heir Alberon but his loyalty is at a cost as he slips further away in his efforts to keep them safe. The truth of what is going on is murky and changes depending on who you ask. Jonothan is certain his rightful heir Alberon is plotting a coup with a machine Jonothan swore would never see the light of day again. Razi thinks Jonothan is off his rocker and making a huge mistake.

    Wynter can't believe that her childhood friend Albi, who idolized Razi so much throughout their childhood, could be such a vicious fellow now. The court is certain that Razi is the bad guy, that Jonothan is bewitched and Razi is trying to usurp Alberon's place. What I found fascinating is how quickly a mass of people, who have known Razi all their lives, are willing to turn on him when their expectations are tested. This book ends in heart-breaking decisions. Decisions that were as hard to read about as they were for the characters to live. I don't know if I could have been strong enough to do what Wynter does.

    Or to live with myself if I could. The Crowded Shadows is available now review coming soon and the third and final book, The Rebel Prince, is due out in October. It can't come quickly enough! I was sucked in from the first few chapters. First I loved the setting.

    What I mean by that is you have talking cats, ghosts, yet the setting is set someplace in Europe not really specified. I thought this was interesting and different. The book may be slow to some. Yet I was so interested in the political Wow. Yet I was so interested in the political intrigue, that the pace was good for me. It created your questions, made an interesting world for you to get used to, and gave you a set list of characters so you know who is who without getting confused.

    Besides, what would be the point of a trilogy if all questions were answered in the first book? I absolutely loved the characters in this book. I enjoyed Wynter and her relationship with her father , but her friendships with both Razi and Christopher are also interesting and differ from each other. I found no fault with any of them and liked all of the characters. I even liked King Jonathan despite his issues with Alberon and his mistreatment of Razi. Although none of my questions have been answered for this novel well, the majority of them I am going to continue reading this trilogy.

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    I absolutely loved this book. This one proved to be one of the best reads I have come across so far for this year. This book is definitely worth the read. View all 5 comments. Dec 19, Gemma rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rarely nowadays do I get to read a novel for young people that is so mature and so well written!

    The characters are all so complex and multi-layered - Wynter annoyed me sometimes with her pig headedness, but I still really cared about her. I loved Christopher, he was a really different yet compelling take on the usual 'hero', and Razi for all his brooding guiltiness was a great character too. The language was flowed beautifully, and again made me realise how many books are really simply written and the writers don't seem to grasp how to use words to evoke reactions in people.

    The Poison Throne is complex, emotional, dramatic, amazing, beautiful, epic, spellbinding, dark, magical, and generally awesome. This series gets better as it goes on, so if you liked this or were lukewarm about it, read The Crowded Shadows - the story only gets better. This book just plods along, never really telling you where it wants to go.

    The author keeps trying to throw in some 'machine' that none of the characters are allowed to talk about, perhaps trying to create mystery, but after a while, it just gets old. Also, the characters started out interesting, but then never developed into anything. Their actions seemed forced, there was Blah, blah, blah. Their actions seemed forced, there was no build up. The romantic element is just plain messy. No direction, no drive, no logical reasoning. I cannot believe how good this book was! It isn't a kind of book you should rush to get to the end. I strongly recommend you savour every scene and every emotion each character exhibits.

    I felt with the characters, and to me this book read almost like literature. I don't know a YA book in similar genres that describes characters so well and so consistently. I am going to pace myself now and read the second book a bit later so that I won't have to wait for the third book too long. Am I being sill I cannot believe how good this book was! Am I being silly??? This book made it to my rather short absolute favourite list!

    The Poison Throne: Moorehawke Trilogy by Celine Kiernan - book review

    View all 4 comments. Though they are carpenters of common birth, they also serve their friend, King Jonathan, as Lord and Lady Protector. The Poison Throne is a pleasant read due to some immediately engaging characters: Kate Rudd, who narrated the audio version Brilliance Audio , did a nice job with each of them. I liked all of these characters right from the start — there are many tender moments in The Poison Throne and this was definitely the best part of the book.

    Except for the opening and closing scenes, all of the plot occurs inside the castle grounds most inside the castle itself and involves a lot of political maneuvering, silly court behavior, sneaking around, concern and conversation about what everyone else thinks and does, etc. The general setting and history are a bit far-fetched, too. King Jonathan was a good and fair man until recently. If so, why is Wynter as soon as she returns, before she realizes that things have changed so hung up on perfectly proper courtly behavior?

    Why does she worry that the court will eat Christopher alive if he makes a social blunder? These things and a few others may be perfectly explainable — perhaps I missed something — but there were several times that I felt like I only had a loose grasp on why some things were happening or why Wynter, Razi, and Christopher had to take certain drastic and dangerous actions. I recommend trying it on audio.

    Every once in a while you come across a book that satisfies everything your bibliophilic heart desires and demands in a good read. For me, it was The Poison Throne. Because I wanted to savour it. Yes, I loved it that much. It begins with a homecoming and th Every once in a while you come across a book that satisfies everything your bibliophilic heart desires and demands in a good read.

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    It begins with a homecoming and this is such a smart way to start a story. Even though Wynter was born and grew up in the Southland, she has been away from home for some time and while she has been away, things have changed. They are exquisitely complex beings who have been created by the times they live. Also deserving a mention are the relationships between the characters. The dynamic is engaging and evokes an empathy in the reader with the circumstances the protagonists find themselves in. Even though romance is not a big concern in the book, what there is of it is sweet.

    The book is a glorious amalgamation of different cultures, religions and traditions brought together in one world that struggles to find balance in a time that is much too beloved of chaos. The writing is flawless and sweeps the reader away in the world created by Ms. She has built her world with an exactness and the detail that is reminiscent of Tolkien. As for the plot, if you are not gasping for the next book by the end of this one, well you have more restraint that I do.

    I know that my review has done no justice at all to this book so I urge you not to take my word for it. Read it and decide for yourself. Can't decide between a 4 or a 4. A fantasy book I can sink my teeth into or hands, rather! I loved this book! I loved how all the characters are fully realized with their own faults and flaws but they have their own inner strengths that make them shine. Wynter is a pragmatic, tough, and a very determined heroine. I loved how she cares for her father and her friends.

    The fact that she does not wallow or mope about when things get hard is awesome. So tired of Can't decide between a 4 or a 4. Dialogue Tips on technique 5: Plot Tips on technique 6: Tense Tips on technique 7: Temporarily unavailable from this website, please try another retailer. Wynter returns from a five-year exile in the bleak Northlands to find her beloved homeland in turmoil. King Jonathan's civilised, multicultural realm is no more; the gibbets and cages have returned. Days of laughter, friendly ghosts and gossipy cats remain only in Wynter's memory - the present confronts her with power play, dark torture chambers, violent ghosts, and cats those still alive too scared to talk to humans.