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Instead, experience is gained for specific stats based on how the player performs in battle. If the character gets hit a lot, for instance, defense will increase. Also, whenever the player finds a wispy white spirit, they can choose an element of magic to upgrade from Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. Leveling up these elements grants the character new attacks and strengthens existing ones. The game has no money system which is unusual for an RPG. Every item is either found in a treasure chest , given to the player character free of charge, or dropped by a monster, if the character doesn't have one already.

If Brian runs out of HP , the game will return him to the last inn at which he saved. He retains all spells, items, and experience he has gained before death, but any items used before death will not be returned. Because the North American and PAL releases of the game were considered too short and easy, Imagineer added new events and tightened some of the repetitive gameplay for the game's Japanese localization. Expectations were high for the game as in when the game was released the Nintendo 64 didn't have any RPGs.

Go to Town 1. Discover that there's a villain scaring everyone and making it impossible to get through Forest 1 to Town 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

June 1, EU: Naturally, she's working for the Big Bad, and may have even kicked your dad's ass just before you showed up to help him. However, see Lovable Traitor below. The Blue Cave, which is one of the biggest Dungeons. It however is early on, and the enemies drop Experience very fast, so leveling up there is inevitable. There's Guilty, who is King Beigis' dragon. Mammon's World, which contains many Demons.

Elemental Baggage Elemental Embodiment: Some notable ones are the Earth-aligned Man Eater, which is a pile of rocks and bones, the Fire-aligned Will O' Wisp , which is a living fireball, the Water-aligned Multi-Optics, which is a small slime with tons of eyeballs, and Elemental Powers Empty Room Psych: When you first head downstairs in the monstary, the first room has a character you can talk to, but all other rooms are empty. Other empty rooms are visible. Soul Searcher 1 and 2 Event Flag: You cannot return to Crystal Valley once you have the Water Orb.

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Everything Trying to Kill You: While there's no machines, there's multiple different mythological as well as humanoid monsters. Most of the bosses are human as well, with only Guilty and Mammon being non-human, and Nepty only having Cute Monster Girl fin-ears. Mammon says "Ha" around twenty-two times when first encountered. Mammon's World as a whole. Magma Fish who is unexpectedly fire-aligned and Winged Sunfish. Shannon remarks that King Beigis burned Greenoch to the ground for no reason than to test his newfound power. Once you die, the actual battle and graphics freezes, while Brian slumps down.

You're quickly brought to the Title Screen. Get on the Boat: Required for not only an element bubble, but to simply progress. Were Hare, being the weakest monster in the game. Some cities have a tavern. As soon as you leave the first city, you can see many surroundings with trees, ponds, and even a great big ocean. The second continent fits this trope by adding in bridges. In order to get an item from the Lottery, you have to not only wait to win it, but there's a mailbox in Melrode Monastery.

The Quest for Brian

It is permanently missable when it gets combined with Brannoch Castle. One of the monsters is named it, and his big brother Ghosthound eventually comes to play. Luckily, they don't travel in a pack directly together. Magnet Rock Heroes Prefer Swords: You prefer a staff, as does some other magicians like Leo D'Nardo and Zelse. Flora plays the name straight though. Improbable Power Discrepancy Infinite Supplies: If you don't have an item, a set of npc's can always supply you with that particular item.

Multiple bosses have a close and ranged attack. The former is often times more powerful than the latter. To an extent, you can also use moves like that. Solvaring, Shilf, and King Beigus has an attack of each. You can grab Items in Treasure Chests from any house or castle. Brian appears to be around years old. Averted, as the first enemy is a Were Hare, and is rather weak. Oddly, this one's only lethal because of monsters, because you can't fall in the lava itself.

It's a cave inside a volcano. It gets a little love on YouTube , but not as much as the N64 version. This works simultaneously with the Broken Bridge description. You open doors the exact same way. Despite betraying your dad, Shannon doesn't seem especially compelled to fight for the Big Bad and quickly joins the Humans are alright crowd after you beat the final boss.

The other half of the plot. Homing Arrow 1 and 2 are weak versions of this, however, Mammon 's suped-up version is another story. It's called at least in some of the faqs Serpentine Arrow for a reason. There's quite a lot of spells that are water-related, and you can literally use an effective Splash attack with Water Pillar. One of the spells, Drain Magic, does this. Medieval European Fantasy Meaningful Name: Others include Multi-Optics, who has lots of eyes, and Rocky who is made of rock.

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Mammon comes from the demonic representative of the sin of greed. Epona also means Horse goddess, which is rather appropriate, especially in her same-named counterpart in the Zelda series.

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Your Staff is far weaker than in the original version. You do get an upgrade to further increase its power, not including Spells that do so as well. Night of the Living Mooks: You have no element, and take any elemental attacks equally. Other enemies actually take less damage depending the element.

Despite being a mostly bareboned rpg, exploring meant leveling up and finding some storyline plots amongst other things. Ironically, a few Final Fantasy games perfectly fits this trope. Brannoch Castle is this when it combines with Melrode.

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You're the only playable character. Intimidated by that pack of monsters? Instead of all your enemies taking a turn ahead of you, turns alternate between you and your enemies, so that the more enemies you have attacking you, the more actions you get to take.

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  • Effectively works with the Locked Door and Broken Bridge descriptions. Averted with the Point of No Return. Our Dragons Are Different: Only three types of dragons appears, and two are a Wyvern and Red Wyvern. The Wyverns in this game have Jay Leno chins. The other enemy is just a giant sea serpent named Dragon. Our Monsters Are Different: This includes the Kobold, the variation on the Ork Jr. Our Werebeasts Are Different: A werehare and a werecat.

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    Many enemies have a different colored version, or some use a similar character model. A few are slightly bigger. If you save in the final area of the game or Brannoch Castle , you can never go back to any other area, thus, you can lose any items or hidden spirits. Kiliac and his crew. Of course there's fire spells. What rpg is complete without them? Naturally, like all elements, there are status spells that come with the burn. It's impossible to get all the parts of the plot if you use something to do it out of order.

    It will not prevent you from reaching the final boss, however. Point of No Return: Entering Brannoch Castle starts a chain of events that locks you out of Melrode. Heading back to Brannoch Castle also stops your from leaving. Mammon's World cannot be gotten back from either. Or any other obvious elemental-aligned monster.

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    A lot of monsters seem to avert it by throwing off spells that don't relate to its element, however, they make no difference since you're non-elemental. This is Larapool the City of Water. It also houses the means to get to the aforementioned Blue Cave. Not too far from it is the actual Port itself. There's one boat in Celtland, and it goes to three ports. You can't even use the boat again till you defeat two bosses. Just how did people get to the other continents in the first place then?

    Oh, wait, they Took a Shortcut. There's an item to help every statistic, as well as a bunch for healing both HP and MP. Any Power-Up spell that fails, literally. In addition, all the subtropes may apply one way or another. Many, many of these, to the point of being every few steps. Lots of enemies drop stuff, but you can carry 20 regular Items max. There's floating spirits on the ground, hidden in places, and just about anywhere you might think.

    They level up your spirit power, giving you new spells. The aversion is that your experience itself doesn't change at all. There's no other notable type of gameplay, having zero mini-games whatsoever. The Lottery comes close, but you simply use Spirit Gemstones Tickets, basically up to the number of the Item you want, then wait 5 minutes. Or more specifically, Celtland. This'll happen when your Defense gets high enough. Some monsters still have a higher output though, which are mostly late-game monsters anyway.

    Only usable for the Lottery. If you save a bit before you would get the item, the Random Number Generator can let you win. Apophis, Lamia, Dragon, and Pinhead. You're fixing Lavaar 's mistake. It's complete with an ancient pyramid, housing a servant of the Mirror, Shilf.