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V-I-C-T-O-R-Y In Jesus

This song came to mind this morning during my worship time. I love knowing the roots of the hymns of faith. We still sing his songs, including the ones you listed at the end of the story, in our church. Great songs that stand the test of time! I once heard one of Bartlett's sons speak about his mother's near death experience, where at her death bed, sat up and sang a portion Victory in Jesus. Can anyone help me with the details of this event? Gary Wallace gatywa gmail.

The Story Behind Victory In Jesus

Praise God for servants like him that have gone before us preparing the way with song. This is one of my favorites as well. It stirs my soul and I especially enjoy shouting "Praise God" during the chorus after the third line. Many in the first church I attended after having received victory myself did that during congregational singing. That's good stuff right there. These words still rang true now just as they did for me back in when I first received Jesus into my life.

Victory In Jesus - Lyrics, Hymn Meaning and Story

He has never been defeated. But we must read their history in Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy from a different perspective. Not once was God ever defeated by His enemies.

They may fail, but God could never be defeated. Have you ever found a single instance in the Bible of God being defeated? God has never been defeated. This is the main concept of this Psalm.


God is moving, and with His move is constant victory. We may sometimes delay God a little, just as the children of Israel delayed Him for forty years in the wilderness, but what do forty years mean to God? According to divine reckoning, the children of Israel delayed God about fifty-five minutes. Actually, with God there is no concept of time; time is something with which we are concerned.

The Band Steele - Victory In Jesus (feat. Bo Steele) [Official Music Video]

To God, yesterday, today and tomorrow are all the same. In a human sense, God has been delayed many times, but He has never been defeated. To Him, a delay in time means nothing. He is moving on, and wherever He goes He defeats the enemy.

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Regardless of how poor the situation of the church may be, we should not be distracted. We are not so strong and able; we are not, in a sense, the warriors of battle; we are the women publishers. We just publish the good tidings. And what are the good tidings?

I never heard praising or rejoicing. The publishers of the glad tidings are women, and those who divide the spoil are also women. The women tarry at home; they do not go out to fight.