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Nov 27, Paola Anghileri made a comment on her review of Il bersaglio. Il bersaglio by Jason Pinter Goodreads Author. Canzone gitana eLit by Tori Phillips. Oct 30, Scusa, non ho capito bene. Leggere Romanticamente — members — last activity Aug 10, Venite a visitare il nostro forum e i Per tutti voi appassionati lettori del genere urban fantasy, paranormal romance e romance in tutte le sue forme! Venite a visitare il nostro forum e il nostro blog!

Selly - Leggere Romanticamente. People Paola is Following. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Fra i saggi segnaliamo: Appalachian Notes , Chockecherry Places. Essays from the High Plains , e Rivers and Birds In un saggio intitolato Alfresco. Il viaggio, lo spostamento fisico, ma soprattutto i cambiamenti nel paesaggio, nella flora e nella fauna che caratteriz- zano ciascun angolo della vasta geografia americana, sono elementi importantissimi per la sua poesia.

You hated the popular Sioux. The French knew, they called you Beaux Hommes. Low porcelain hills open to frenzy but generally cool Book JIT Voialtri che odiavate i Sioux che invece piacevano a tutti. I francesi lo sapevano, vi chiamavano Beaux Hommes. Su basse colline di porcellana disposte alla frenesia ma solitamente tranquille Book JIT O O birds before your minds took over. O O eager looks through cold clear water and priceless navy bodies creased and figured from sleeping on the rope. Roy took a ride on a chrome hay wagon. The larger of the two was an aspiring building, vacant and inspiring above the poonta poonta poonta of the gypsum works we saw where we stopped to sell the rubies.

Inside was a tight yellow room with well-worn flimsy white trim and muffled gold curtains shattered about knee-level, a row Book JIT Oh oh uccelli prima che col pensiero prendeste il sopravvento. Oh oh sguardi smaniosi attraverso acque fredde e chiare e impagabili corpi da marina allisciati e sagomati dal dormire sui fili.

Roy ha fatto un giro su un carro da fieno cromato. I pour a whiskey and stand in the far one inhaling salt air and half listening to the high thin whine of shellfish feeding close around the reef at sundown. A tuba-faced man gets out of a dark convertible and limps toward the door in a slight hurry, pink dacron shirt steaming under a blue Muslim smoking jacket like an orchid.

Mr Bertoni — Mr Khan. TV light looks weird through igloo walls and the cord disappearing off across the ice looks even stranger, X bent over the hotplate melting down the rubies, dictating lurid memos for the Hong Kong plan: And meantime off Gibraltar hundreds of swollen cellos just waiting for a man of vision and friends Book JIT Il signor Bertoni — il signor Khan. E intanto al largo di Gibilterra centinaia di violoncelli gonfi in attesa di un uomo geniale e qualche amico Book JIT Then that entirely different time in the North outside a tavern with spaceheaters wired into the dash of the pickup parked next door.

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Mango trees unwinding, Z bent over the barbecue melting down the blubber. The lava is hot. Although we share a minimal common ground I absorb his polka tastes in strategy and music while he picks up my preference in views, cheap shrimp and weather, long before and after dinner walks diamond-shaped from cards or baseball, east, and up and over feathered Inca racing dogs to who. Alberi di mango che si rilassano, Z piegato sul barbecue a sciogliere il grasso.

Like frying potatoes near the solstice a big batch, the Main Course, silverdollars with onion flashed to chestnut ; Scotch, no rocks; and travelessness, the art of going nowhere for a month or two. Last May we drove to Arizona, sent a paper plane down Canyon de Chelly and spent days steeping in the Chiricahuas, the border country crawling with humming and other birds. Those cool unsuspected canyons tucked high above the desert, the stillness, their poise will take your breath away.

Dawn and dusk cool air flows up or down them like a tide; the sycamores sigh. And on through the umber to El Paso and Juarez for blankets — those shrimp and calamari vendors with their tubs of ice deserve a hungry painter — and north Book JIT Nights I whistle him in like a dawg. Le notti lo invito dentro con un fischio come un cane. Detainer Mergatroid, mother of men whose steel skullplates pick up radio stations they hate — Poor America — the first broken eggshells alight in the yard: Povera America — i primi gusci rotti si posano sul giardino: Uccelli mattutini si cantano le loro canzoni come fanno gli uomini partoriti dalla Mergatroid.

Un ragazzo del quartiere appena ammazzato in Corea da una semi-automatica, Stalin con la bava alla bocca chiuso nella sua stanza, noi ci bagniamo Book JIT An ice cold glass of water. My mother a fullblood I tied notes for no one high in the lilacs: Days a Year april Dogs have what kids lost. Roy has his skull bowl of cottonwood flowers, plush crimson and green the mother tree bobs and sways in the wind like grass in slow water: Giorni in un anno aprile I cani trovano quello che perdono i bambini. Osier the fearless puts forth.

The apple boughs bow. We went and built a tinga, then a mole, pouring the cinnamon-chiles from high above into hot fat. That was days ago but pockets of the nose still hang Book JIT Siamo andati e abbiamo preparato una tinga9, poi un mole10, versando a pioggia sul grasso caldo peperoncini alla cannella. We tap them when we find them, break them out. Now here is a sunrise they will speak of many centuries down the line. It bronzes the harebells and basks on a hypersqualid surf-rocked girl in ersatz leopardskin dress asquat on random church steps.

It lights on a harebrain in fine black suit, expounding. His mouth is open, his zipper is three-quarters open. He passes like a kidney stone. He knows not the cool of the dirt three or four inches down. High heels struck in syrupy asphalt: Thick July darkening the sky like many many flocks! Your flies Book JIT Le foriamo quando le troviamo, e le rompiamo. Brunisce le campanule e si crogiola su una ragazza iper-squallida tipo surf rock11 in un completino di finto leopardo accovacciata sui gradini di una chiesa qualunque.

Bocca aperta, cerniera aperta per tre quarti. Passa come un calcolo renale. Luglio denso che oscura il cielo come un mare di greggi. Ti schiacceranno le mosche Book JIT Browsing, sifting, Book JIT Scorrere, setacciare, Book JIT Guarda il rosa, il grigio-rosa dei frutteti. Si tratta di conchiglie di scapofodi, la cui forma e colore ricordano la zanna di un elefante in miniatura, con cui i Crow creavano collane e orecchini. Nel gioco delle carte, i nostri quadri, picche, cuori e fiori diventano in inglese diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs.

Con Panhandle ci si riferisce a una striscia di terra di forma rettangolare e allungata nel nord del Texas. Piatto tradizionale della cucina messicana a base di cipolle, manzo o pollo tagliuzzati, pomodori e peperoncini piccanti affumicati. La sua origine va fatta risalire al periodico a vignette Believe It or Not! He has published a book-length study: Luigi Pirandello, studi e ricerche Metauro, and numerous studies on modern and Renaissance Italian literature and on Italian cinema. He has lectured extensively at colleges and universities in Italy and throughout the US and Canada. Philosophically this medieval and Christian canticle integrates and incorporates the weltanschauung of its day and it has remained meaningfully relevant throughout the centuries while assuming a revitalized worldwide role in contemporary society.

Francis, son of Pietro Bernardone, a wealthy merchant, and Pica, a devoted Christian, was born in in the central Italian town of Assisi, near Perugia. After a youthful and extravagant lifestyle of a bourgeoisie son, Francis abandoned the affluent and Book JIT At the age of twenty-four, Francis renounced all his worldly pos- sessions in a public forum in front of his father and the bishop of Assisi.

His religious followers have established Franciscan religious missions, churches and schools throughout the world. His earliest biographer Tommaso da Celano described Francis as having a medium stature with an oval face, dark eyes, hair and beard, having a delicate and slightly frail physique, yet possessing a jovial and benevolent countenance.

Francis belongs not only to his Franciscan family, but he is consid- ered an exemplary civic leader for his socio-economic ideas and influences on society-at-large transcending time, place and cultural differences. It is believed that St. Francis composed the first twenty-two verses in mid while meditating and praying in the garden of St. Damian; whereas, the remaining verses vv. Written in the 13th century vernacular rhymed prose, Il Cantico delle Creature appropriated from biblical and liturgical phraseology all too familiar to Christian worshippers.

The thirty-three verses that constitute The Canticle of Creatures vary in length and are asym- metrical in structure revealing a powerful and eloquent poetry composed of alliteration, consonance and assonance. The canticle employs a repetitive refrain analogous to a liturgical responsorial invocation or a religious litany. Its resemblance to biblical texts leads the authoritative Italian literary critic Gianfranco Contini to refer to St.

Religious literature of the late Middle Ages, which focused on moral rebirth and condemnation of ecclesiastical and civil corrup- tion, mushroomed throughout Italy in the 12th and 13th centuries. This religious fervor gave rise to a plethora of poetic compositions 1 Gianfranco Contini, Letteratura italiana delle origini.

Of noteworthy importance is its novel theological concept that St. Francis intro- duces in The Canticle of Creatures: Francis died on the evening of the 3rd of October, , and two years later he was buried in a crypt in the Basilica bearing his name in Assisi. The text, punctuated by linguistic, stylistic and even orthographic borrowings from medieval Latin with traces of Umbrian or central Italian vernacular speech of the early 13th cen- tury, has served as a privileged subject for composers and singers throughout the ages from Russia to the United States, from Ger- many to Spain, as well as the innumerable Italian versions ranging from orchestra to soloists, from choir to oratorio, from operatic to ballet performances, from folk to rock music, from pop culture to religious adaptations.

Intended as a syllabic one note per syllable musical composition to be sung in the traditional Gregorian chant, St. The canticle expresses an eloquent lyricism and yet it is very simple and unassuming while fluent in expression. Francis con- veys a genuine love of nature unsurpassed even in contemporary times. His devotion and passion for all of nature: Today the various environmental movements have appropriated it for their cause. The title of the Encyclical Letter derives from the opening refrain of the Canticle of Creatures, an eight-century-old poem celebrating the beauty of our planet and the obligation to care of it.

Below you will find the original Italian text of Il Cantico delle Creature with my accompanying English translation. To You alone, most High, do they belong. And no human being is worthy to pronounce Your name. Praises be to You, my Lord, with all Your creatures, Especially master brother Sun, Who gives us the day, and You through him give us light, And he is beautiful and radiant in all his great splendor; Because of You, most High, he brings meaning.

Praises be to You, my lord, for sister moon and the stars, In Heaven you created them bright and precious and [beautiful. Praises be to You, my lord, for brother wind And for the air and for all weather: Praises be to You, my Lord, for sister Water, Who is most useful and humble and precious and pure. Praises be to you, my Lord, for brother Fire Through whom You brighten the night And he is beautiful and joyful, and robust and strong. Praises be to You, my Lord, for our sister mother Earth, Who sustains us and takes care of us.

And bears plentiful of fruits with colored flowers and [meadows. Praises be to You, my Lord, for those who forgive for the [love of You, For those who endure sickness and suffering. Blessed are those who endure in peace, Book JIT Praises be to You, my Lord, for our sister bodily Death, From whom no living person will ever escape. Woe to all those who will die in the state of mortal sin: Blessed are those who in carrying out Your most holy will, Their second death will not harm them. Praise and blessed be my Lord, and give Him thanks And serve Him with great humility.

Her short fiction, essays, and co-translations have appeared in numerous literary magazines. She is a Professor of English at Adelphi University. He has also co-translated the work of the Milanese poet Giampiero Neri. He has published interviews with several contemporary Italian writ- ers. In his fam- ily moved to Milan where he has lived since then. Brother of the writer and literary critic Giuseppe Pontiggia, he has worked in a bank all his life at the same time cultivating his literary interests.

Mon- dadori, ], La serie dei fatti: An Anthology of Italian Poetry from Officina to the Present in cui si tenta di ridisegnare una possibile mappa della poesia italiana dagli anni di Officina fino ai nostri giorni. In una stretta compagnia dimorano a forma di malinconici simboli, privi di vita. Ora non ricordo tutti i particolari. Come vorrai riceverlo quando, rovesciato sul dorso, preme con impazienza davanti al tuo cortile?

In questa attesa, infine, che il discorso si presenti a suo modo non ha una grande importanza. Circondata da un gran numero di figure, la testa del greco manteneva intatta la sua strana suggestione. Infine sembrava inutile proseguire le ricerche, dare una spiegazione diversa.

I ponti di Virgin River

Era tardi ormai, si distinguevano a mala pena i contorni. III Al piccolo teatro il luogo di riunione era un albero con la tradizionale insegna dipinta in verde. In a tight cluster they dwell in the form of melancholy sym- bols, lifeless. How will you receive it, lying on your back, when it presses impatiently in front of your courtyard? During this wait, in the end, that the question manifests in its own way is of no great importance.

II In what strange country in the world will you find a water- mill, well covered in moss, which moves its paddles cheerfully in the green water? Of what has happened only the names have changed. From your gate the road runs off behind the trees in a frame of dust and the masks of long ago are blotches here and there. Surrounded by a large number of figures, the head of the Greek maintained intact its strange suggestiveness.

In the end it seemed useless to keep on searching, to give a different explanation. It was late by then, the contours barely distinguishable. III For the little theater the meeting place was a hotel with the traditional sign painted in green. Ma allora si notava un grande interesse per la recita e io stesso aspettavo che avesse inizio, anzi lo desideravo fortemente. Circondati da uno straordinario numero di ombre, ascolta- vamo: Sembra un particolare di poca importanza? Guardo una mistica frana di castelli in aria.

Il nuovo dottor Livingstone Intanto cerca di fare altre cose, lascia un margine bianco sul tuo diario. But at that time one noticed a great interest in the perfor- mance and I myself was waiting for it to start, indeed I desired this strongly. So at the first words nobody wondered for instance where the voice came from.

Surrounded by an extraordinary number of shadows, we heard: At the time it seemed merely an ambiguous sign, a little blotch on the horizon. V The fact remains that not even a child was playing on the beach when the front of the storm broke away from the farthest line and began coming forward rapidly. I watch a mystic collapse of castles in the air.

The New Doctor Livingstone Meanwhile try to do other things, leave a white margin in your diary. Nocturnal traveler in the city, a letter is sent to your name a correspondence you thought interrupted Book JIT Che dire allora del professore, recitando la sua parte come un attore francese: Guardando a destra, dalla feritoia, il fiume verdissimo pie- gava lento a gomito e scompariva dietro gli alberi. II Dei fiori mi sembra, una luce passava dai vetri. Nella mat- tina, la strada e le case hanno ripreso i colori di una volta.

Formano lunghe immagini nella mia stanza, sono tornate con molti argomenti. Ma si notava il particolare sullo sfondo? The baroque idea seemed to demolish the castle of supposi- tions, causing it to collapse in a fantastic chaos.

Paola Anghileri

Most impressive of all was the lack of perspective, because for example the cabin window filtered a slanting light, absolute- ly unsuitable. What then to say of the professor, reciting his part like a French actor: Looking to the right, from the slit, the very green river made a slow elbow-bend and disappeared behind the trees.

The idea of the return was gaining ground but an unbear- able red blotch forced its dramatic stop. II Some flowers I think, a light passing through the windows. In the morning the street and the houses have regained the col- ors of long ago. A similar picture will once again be come upon, one day or another. But was the detail in the background noticed?

E avendolo visto per caso: IV Il padrone delle tigri stava facendo colazione.

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Si deve forse aggiungere che gode della generale considerazione, di una stima universale? Ricordo ancora il colloquio come si svolse nella sua forma tipica e sullo sfondo un ritratto sfocato appeso alle parete. Manifesti annunciavano altre rappresentazioni, lo spetta- colo si allontanava. Equus asinus indica un animale del genere equus, come il ca- vallo, la zebra e il quagga. Qualche autore vi comprende la zebra di Burchell. Actually the storm threatened to make an extraordinary number of papers fly. It turned out to be ever more difficult to meet the professor, constantly busy correcting some homework.

And having seen him by chance: IV The master of the tigers was having breakfast. Do we per- haps need to add he is of high repute, universally esteemed? I still remember the conversation as it took place in its usual form and in the background an out-of-focus portrait hanging on the wall. Posters announced other performances, the play was going away. Everything will proceed as before and in the end some signs, a fairly simple theme, were what remained afterward.

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Pseudohorse I The name is unusual and because of the absence of the char- acteristic r it does not seem Latin. Equus asinus indicates an animal of the equus genus, like the horse, the zebra, and the quagga. Some authors include as well the Burchell zebra. Ha la testa robusta, corre in modo meccanico come sui trampoli. I giovani lo battono con forza. La sua voce che ha toni acuti e bassi si risolve in un grido prolungato e spiacevole.

V Simile in questo al mastino, ha una presa tenace. Era accaduto durante un viaggio. It has a robust head, runs in a mechanical way as if on stilts. From Africa it is brought to Europe. It is cited one time by Homer in the eleventh chapter of the Iliad. And yet, having penetrated the field rich with wheat, it is the one who mows it. The boys beat it with force.

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It never occupies the middle of the road but out of habit walks on the extreme edge. It is considered of little intelligence, obstinate, and often perverse in nature. Its voice which has shrill and low tones resolves in a pro- longed and unpleasant yell. V Similar in this regard to a mastiff, it has a tenacious bite. The act is unexpected, without apparent motive. I remember well the missionary, returning from Africa, who carried the marks on his hand after many years. It happened on a journey.

Il quadro, un falso probabilmente, ha per titolo Il sogno del guerriero. Vola di notte seguendo sempre un uguale itinerario. Altre specie di uccelli formano in aria un disegno a V, dietro la capofila. III Ci sono molti tipi di richiami. Strani insetti che hanno breve vita, come dice il nome.

Verso il centro della riserva sta il falco rosso, cacciatore not- turno. Beyond a remnant of vine-covered wall extends a grove of durmast and common oak, and the imaginary wood that then continues toward the background can be partly recognized. II The place is suitable for hunting, inhabited only by a few fox.

In the darker zone, where perhaps the badger also lives, near some roots and in the fallen leaves, the woodcock can recur- rently be found. It flies at night always following an identical itinerary. Other species of birds shape in the air a V design, behind the leader. They call out to fake fellow-travelers, wooden wild ducks and coots floating on the water. III There are many kinds of bird-calls. Of whistles, screws, small mirrors the hunter makes use ac- cording to the season, but mainly of the live ones.

IV The observer directs himself toward some details. The color of the leaves or the presence of ephemera on the banks of the creeks. Strange short-lived insects, as the name says. Near the center of the reserve lives the red falcon, nocturnal hunter. During the day it stays hidden, but sometimes it crosses a little valley or a clearing, pestered by the sparrows. La ferrovia Nord attraversa una zona industriale.

Aveva avuto diverse esperienze. Un piccolo commercio di zafferano che acquistava personalmente in Abruz- zo. IV Il professore di greco stava nel vano della finestra. Guar- dava gli alberi in doppia fila di via F. He ran up the stairs and opened the door. The second liceo classroom was at the end of the hall. The North Railroad crosses an industrial zone. Sometimes the sun would pass through the roundness of those letters, would light the scene for a moment. A little trade in saffron he used to purchase himself in Abruzzo.

Of good quality but too expensive, as had become clear later. Also a trade in films to be pulped, exported to an Eastern Bloc country. Many copies of old movies had wound up at a celluloid manufacturer, The Blue Angel, la Duse. He was gazing at the double rows of trees in F. Picenni Road, perfectly lined up.

Symmetrical order was at the base of his studies on Society and Time. A work of his entitled Symmetry and Necessity had been read by a few students. The necessary and difficult test for the guest, the dangerous game. V A causa dei continui ritardi il giovane venne espulso dalla scuola. Proprio sul marciapiede di casa era scritto in gessetto: Come coriandoli stavano nel palmo di una mano.

II Dalla strada si guardava attraverso una porta a vetri. Sul muro, dietro la scrivania, teneva in gabbia una civetta. Tante volte — diceva — la lepre si prende senza correre. Si alzava una nebbia Book JIT V Because of his continual tardiness the young man was expelled from school. Running he retraced his steps, to 12 Libia Square. Right on the sidewalk in front of his house was written in chalk: Like confetti they filled the palm of a hand.

II From the road one looked through a glass door. On the wall, behind the desk, he kept an owl in a cage. Many times—he said—you catch the hare without running. She tottered between the windows in the room, sometimes in the garden, until she fell on the floor. IV It was the year of the sunspots, of events and phenomena. A fog was rising Book JIT Si camminava sulla terra screpolata nel letto del fiume, fra i sassi.

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Non si vedeva nemmeno un segno di vita. V The drought scorched the mouth of the Lambro. We walked upon the cracked ground of the riverbed, among the rocks. In a water-hole a family of fish had remained, still alive. VI Even the pearl-gray plaster of the house had cracked. Not one sign of life could be seen. Of a baker the name has remained on the wall, and of Mete Cominia to whose heart Creste is dear.

IX From this pile of stones the city of the past extends. Of the old border traces remain. Along with the earth, the trees, up to the sea. Si leggeva in aule improvvisate quasi deserte per le molte assenze. Erano i modi di una ruvida vita, esempi della storia recente. Vicino si trovava il maniscalco con la sua clientela naturale. Teneva ferma la zampa del cavallo lo ferrava come si deve, ribatteva il chiodo sullo zoccolo. One studied in improvised classrooms almost deserted due to the many absences.

Modes of a harsh life, instances of recent history. Nearby was the farrier with his natural clientele. Dei loro campi di tennis e vani conversari era rimasto un eco di saluti notturni il fruscio delle ruote di biciclette che si allontanavano.

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With such an implement one could hit a sparrow or perhaps a swallow as had already happened in full flight. Of their tennis courts and empty conversations remained an echo of nocturnal greetings the whispering of the wheels of bicycles going away. Fiancheggiata dagli alberi una scalinata saliva verso una tribuna di pietra. Si era formato un processo di tipo giacobino in quel periodo di tempo. Qualcuno si era voltato a guardare verso la fine. Si notavano allora persone mai viste prima che si affrettavano ostili. Per comune testimonianza il corpo era riverso il capo fra la base del letto e il comodino, sembrava una morte provocata.

Bordered by the trees a staircase rose toward a stand of stone. A kind of Jacobinic trial had taken shape in that period of time. Somebody had turned back to look near the end. At that time one noticed people never seen before who were hurrying hostilely. By common account the body turned sideways the head between the base of the bed and the night table, it seemed an induced death.

A shadow, at the end. Effimere Volano sulle correnti di un invisibile oceano che si suppone infinito le diverse specie di effimere dalla forma inconsistente.

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Viaggi i Tornare indietro — sospirava — allontanarsi da quello stesso luogo. Si era attestato un corteo che non lasciava il campo di nuvole nere a ridosso. II treno andava nella pianura annottava. Within the work of the masons one noted a few older stones. Like a becalmed lake sign of remoter distances its surface unrippled. Ephemera7 They fly on the currents of an invisible ocean assumed to be infinite, the diverse species of ephemera of impalpable shape. Travels i To go back — he sighed — to move away from that same place. The train was going into the valley, night was falling.

Quando al traballante movimento della carrozza uno studente parla dello stato di emergenza guardo dal finestrino il paesaggio che cambia. Un commerciante in vini un calzolaio con la loro storia. Si andava verso la conclusione. Magro commensale poi diventato guardiano in uno zoo negli anni dopo la guerra. Ma era passato il tempo si svolgeva un diverso avvenimento anche noi diventati talpe per il variare delle circostanze. I funzionari del Ministero trasferito al nord ritornavano a casa. A wine dealer a shoemaker each with his story.

The conclusion was being approached. Thin fellow-diner later become a zookeeper in the years after the war. But time had gone by a different event unfolding we too become moles due to changing circumstances. The functionaries of the Ministry transferred north were returning home. Uno dei grossi gatti che stavano in cortile. Era un sistema per sorprendere gli uccelli, cadevano dai rami a capofitto. Tornavano qualche volta non pagate, mutate in pezzi di carta senza valore. One of the big cats that stayed in the courtyard.

Motionless like the lions of the Abyssinian king Giovanni or Johannes8, but threatened by the masons at work in the vicinity. The family of cats has greatly dwindled. It was advancing in silence, according to orders, hen a hare descended rapidly zigzagging. It ran along the path, until it disappeared. From a small amount of carbide, a sticky cloud was rising.

It was a means of surprising the birds, they fell headlong from the branches. He was inclined to usury, with a preference for cambiali, in English promissory notes. In un sac- chetto di plastica portava due beccaccini. Letters written in French would arrive, fake of course: In a plastic bag he carried two snipes. The landlord lifted his head from the pillow with difficulty.

Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre was a French entomologist. When young, the poet considered becoming an entomologist. La vita a Virgin River scorre quasi in un'altra dimensione, avvolta nell'abbraccio protettivo dei boschi che la circondano. Il luogo ideale per trovare rifugio e rigenerarsi. Annie McKenzie non avrebbe mai pensato che trovare dei cuccioli abbandonati sotto l'albero di Natale di Virgin River le avrebbe cambiato la vita.

Annie e Nate hanno molte cose in comune, a partire dal'amore per gli animali. La Strada per Virgin River. Innamorarsi a Virgin River.