Huit Études sur des Auteurs Lusophones (French Edition)

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There is no single register at USP of the persons invited, those who actually came, or the duration of their stay. Marcus was to replace Breslau, who died suddenly. Most professors came for a short period and returned after the first year. Classes started on 11 March with forty-six students in philosophy, twenty-nine in mathematics, ten in physics, twenty-nine in chemistry, fifteen in the natural sciences, sixteen in geography and history, eighteen in the social and political sciences, five in classical literature and Portuguese, and nine in other foreign languages.


As can be seen, the major contingent of scholars was French. Those involved with the social sciences were influenced by the concept of the science de l'homme , the study of humankind based on an integrated perspective of psychology, sociology, and anthropology together with philosophy and economics. The extent of such French study in field research in Africa and Asia, gave it a particular focus on tropical lands and environments and on stages of culture and civilization among a vast array of native peoples.

The young scholars these French consultants recommended determined what and how the French have studied Brazil even until today.

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The production and influence of some of the principal USP generation of French specialists on Brazil comprised: Arbousse-Bastide also wrote an introduction for a book by Gilberto Freyre. Bastide's work on African culture and religion in Brazil was given continuity in that of Pierre Verger and numerous scholars since.

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He published little, however, on Brazil. An economic research institute is named after Braudel at USP, inaugurated in He also wrote studies of native tribes Mascatis and Guaycurus and the development of Brazilian air transport. The publications on Brazil of the French scholars from USP began to appear in the late forties and throughout the fifties.

With the appearance of these works, an additional contingent of scholars began to emerge also focusing on Brazil. The architectural and artistic accomplishments of IPHAN were complemented by the work of the German musicologitst, Curt Lang, who made numerous discoveries in regard to Brazilian baroque music. As a continuation of interest in the Brazilian baroque, an exhibition of such art occurred at the Petit Palais in Paris during In addition he published two works on literatura de cordel. On Brazil he wrote Alcool: In relation to Brazilian history, he produced volumes on each century of its development along with a multi-edition, standard, one-volume history of Brazil: A further interest in comparative literature thereby encompasses Brazilian literature in relation to Latin America and the lusophone world.

He was a leader at the Rio Conference. French study and writing on Brazil are centuries-old.

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French intellectual and cultural influence on the country was even paramount during much of the nineteenth and into the early twentieth century. What distinguishes the study of Brazil in France?

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In relation to the modern American focus of Brazilian studies, several characteristics are apparent: However, it rarely focuses exclusively on Brazil. In part this could be due to fewer academic or research positions in France exclusively for Brazil. Generally Brazil is studied only as a 'case' within the context of a particular disciplinary focus or hypothesis such as the psychology of religion, literature in Portuguese, Third World economies, tropical native peoples, agriculture, ecology etc.

The approach is more horizontally integrated than vertically. However, the spelling preserves the 'a' of the English term, a recondite example of franglais.

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Production of the last half century is of a wide, integrative nature, several works, especially in anthropology and social psychology, having become seminal classics. There is often an ideological and social camaraderie of "subaltern elites," allowing them to operate as gadflys to the anglophone, neo-liberal social science establishment Pierre Bourdieu possibly questioning such an enclave. Due to the modern francophone community or the older French empire, French social scientists have generations of experience in working familiarly in subtropical or tropical environments, such as the Caribbean, west Africa, the Middle East, and southeast Asia.

Quite important also is the French conception of and respect for negritude , the originality of African art and culture, and the adaptive, integrative character of French civilisation. However, due to factors of scholarship funding and changing interests in fields of study, the number of such students is declining. In addition to the scholarly works of the post-WWII period, a considerable increase has occurred in recent decades in the production of doctoral dissertations on Brazil at French universities. The volume has an insightful preface by Anita Pires-Saboia.

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More than 98 percent appeared in the period to Most significantly, 95 percent have appeared since , and At the heart of this increase, of course, was one which also affected the US, the expansion of higher education. Another three fields, literature The remaining areas are the anthropology 6. The social sciences overwhelmingly dominate and the tradition of the science d l'homme. The expansion of study of Brazil occurred due to several factors.

Within French higher education, the number of universities increased by approximately perecent after the student uprisings of May, Located throughout the city, the new universities adopted more modern curricula, including such things as business administration, and reformed degree programs, especially the doctorate. Throughout the country the number of students, programs, and institutions increased. A brief description of the nature and size of the expansion of French higher education can be read at http: As more university positions in more varied fields became available in France, a greater number of Brazilian students sought them.

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The growing repression of the military regime after forced numerous young Brazilian radicals into exile. Brazilian enrollment in French sociology departments vastly increased, that discipline virtually forbidden then in Brazil. Furthermore, the Brazilian military government gave priority to improving the country's level of higher education as a fundamental vehicle for national development.

Thereby, it sponsored more financial aid through thousands of scholarships for doctoral study abroad. Although most students with these grants chose to study in the US, the second alternative, especially in the s, was France. Thereby a further increase in French doctoral dissertations on Brazil appeared.

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