Illinois Hauntings

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The tales I tell are all backed with documentation. Grant ran his successful presidential campaign. This tale gained notoriety in when Galena had a major flood. The hotel has kept the doorway open and covered with Plexiglas, and is on display for visitors to view. From there, Repp leads his guests the Turner Hall, used as a theater. In the balcony, set builders have reported seeing the ghostly figure of an older man with a goatee, rolled-up sleeves and laser-like eyes, while a local pastor reported hearing a garbled voice coming from there.

Elena Bennett

The ghost is said to be Charles Scheerer, the hall's longtime business manager and Galena's mayor when he suddenly died in the hall in At Vinny Vanucchi's restaurant, workers have felt taps on the shoulder, heard whispered names and seen a mist-like figure. Repp leads his guests into the restaurant to see a photo, taken by a chef, that shows three swooping, wraith-like figures that means ghosts!

Galena, Illinois, USA

Plus, they uniquely offer participants the opportunity to learn how to use ghost- and paranormal-activity detectors, such as EMF detectors, K2 meters, ghost boxes and dowsing rods. Walker says there is paranormal activity just outside of Galena, too — at the Indian burial grounds, Effigy Mounds, Casper Bluff, and the old County Poor Farm, just to name a few locations.

Once a privately owned estate perched on top of a bluff overlooking the Mississippi, the acre property was converted into an elegant country inn with romantic suites, charming cottages and secluded cabins. Every morning starts with a gourmet breakfast, fueling couples for a romantic day of adventures in downtown Galena, on the river or at Chestnut Mountain Resort.

A collection of distinct, independent destination properties uniquely positioned to deliver guests an extraordinary experiential vacation. Could this be because of the history of death, disease, violence, the Civil War, the Underground Railroad? Or has Alton simply been deemed one of the most haunted towns because of the ghosts and hauntings that occur regularly? That's for you to to decide on one of our Haunted Tours. Built in , the notorious McPike Mansion has been featured on several television shows and investigated by numerous paranormal investigators who have found the haunting of the McPike Mansion to be authentic.

The house has not been occupied since the s.

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Before weather and vandals brought extensive damage to the structure, it was a regal addition to the Illinois town of Alton. McPike Mansion today is owned by Sharyn and George Luedke who have been trying to nurture this great house back to its regal state.

When they purchased the house, they had no idea that it was haunted. Now, people see orbs, balls of light, even figures of people in the background of pictures taken at the mansion. Some claim the haunts date back to the property before the mansion was even built with detections of Native American ghosts and a residue from a possible Underground Railroad stop.

13 of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in Illinois

Other mysterious stories include servants of the building, a cook in the kitchen and a strange death of a woman in the bathtub. Some even believe that Eleanor and Henry McPike still roam the corridors of their former home. The Cellar has been a focal point of many energies felt in the mansion. This Grand Ole House is thought to still house many of the spirits that once lived here.


The First Unitarian Church was built in and called St. The Unitarian Society purchased the land and rebuilt a church for themselves. Another fire occured in , burning the church down to it's foundation yet again. The church that stands now was rebuilt in Reverand Phillip Mercer became a well respected preacher at the Unitarian Church at the young age of Moving here from England, he had a way of speaking in his sermons that made people from all over come to hear him preach.

One night in November of , he found himself ill. Shaking and unable to speak properly, he went to visit a friend, James McKinney. After a few days of not seeing Mercer, McKinney went to the church to check on him. Mercer was found hanging in the doorway of the minister study. - illinois halloween haunted houses props

Since the reverands death, there have been reports of voices and shadowy figures coming from the basement of the church. The piano seems to play itself sometimes and doors open and close with no explanation. The Milton School House was built in and was up and running successfully until it's official close in This school served as the main school in Alton until it's close.

After the school shut down, it became a factory for Intaglio Design. Since then, other businesses that have taken up residence in this building. The story of its haunting came about when the story of a little girl, Mary, started circulating the area. One day after school, Mary was finishing up a seasonal bulletin in her classroom while everyone else in the building had left for the day.

Abandoned Estate in Illinois Woods

As the sun started to go down she realized that she ought to get home before her mother worried about her. As she was skipping down the stairs towards the gymnasium doors, she heard a noise behind her.