My Life as a Cartoonist (The My Life series)

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Derek's family is still fostering Frank the monkey, and Derek thinks it would be great to train Frank to assist Umberto. But Derek quickly realizes that Umberto is definitely not looking for any help. Derek soon becomes the butt of Umberto's jokes. On top of that, Umberto starts stealing Derek's cartoon ideas and claiming them as his own.

How did Derek get himself into this mess, and how can he find a wayout before he is the laughingstock of school? She lives with her family in Los Angeles, California. Derek Fallon the underachiever star of two funny, perceptive books returns, and this time he meets his match in Umberto, a new student who is in a wheelchair. At first it seems as if the two could be friends. Derek's family is even training a capuchin monkey to be a service animal, and he can't wait to tell Umberto about it.

But after their first conversation, Derek realizes that sarcastic, flip Umberto doesn't like him.

In trying to defend himself, Derek is soon perceived as the kid bullying the boy in the wheelchair! Worst of all, Umberto is a cartoonist like Derek, but better. If all the Umberto travails weren't enough, Derek's crush, Carly, has started a relationship with an older boy, Crash.

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As with the other titles in the My Life As series, Tashjian's son, Jake, provides the stick figures acting out the more difficult words and concepts. Great for reluctant readers like Derek , this also neatly twists the bullying theme, offering discussion possibilities.

Thank you for using the catalog. Twelve-year-old Derek wants to train his pet monkey to help Umberto, a new student who uses a wheelchair, but Umberto would rather steal Derek's cartoon ideas.

My Life Series by Janet Tashjian

Cartoonists -- Juvenile fiction. Wheelchairs -- Juvenile fiction. When I read an amazing book, the You should read Ellies story Molly's Story: A Dog's Purpose N Buy Book Borrow eBook. Book 3 of 5 in the The My Life Series. Share to Google Classroom. Hardcover , pages. Published on April 30, by Henry Holt and Co. I want to read this book but I can't find i at the library!

My Life Series

I like cartoons so would be a good book for me! This book was about 2 main characters. Umberto is in a wheel chair Umberto is the new kid and you would think that he is the under dog but This book is very good because I like books that are like a diary.. Nice I wish that my life was written in a book It's rally cool can you even battle with avacodes I can't really I can't Well I just wish I get to read this nice and awesome book. Copy and Paste the code below to your website or blog.

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