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In the past five years, revenue and profit growth for the top five companies listed on the BSE have halved. In August last year, the company suffered a jolt when a contract from the Royal Bank of Scotland was nixed following the Brexit referendum.

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That resulted in some 3, jobs being lost at the Bengaluru-based company. Its dollar revenues in the December-ended quarter fell 1. When contacted by ET Magazine, Infosys did not respond, citing the silent period before its quarterly results. Industry leader TCS too felt the impact as it made a shift in business model towards software platforms and chased digital contacts.

I think we have had the slowest growth for Q2 in our history. In the past 12 months, Cognizant has seen its growth targets reduced thrice in the face of changing realities. I am more pessimistic than ever about Indian IT.

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This would involve Indian outsourcers learning to work with marketing chiefs who often control more of the IT budget than CIOs and CTOs , and speaking their language business outcomes over tech jargon , to stay competitive. The Trump effect External factors may be harder to fix. Immigration experts suggest that the US has committed to the WTO to provide at least 65, H-1B visas annually, and the Indian companies use a legitimate comparative advantage for India with its large number of welleducated technology workers to build an industry.

Instead, an auction system in the H-1B programme has been mooted by experts, so that companies would be bidding against each other for the right to hire workers under the programme as opposed to the current lottery system. That is the only accurate way to determine what the value of these immigrant employees is for the companies that hire them. Along the way, the company is changing the way it approaches its business — from trying to build everything in-house to leaning on crowd-sourcing and collaboration now.

It is working with over 15 startups incubated within the company or externally to get ahead in a tough market. Protectionism is in the air. The cost advantage has become dramatically less compelling for labor arbitrage to be attractive. Automation, especially Artificial Intelligence driven automation, is wiping out jobs brutally and decisively.

Indian IT industry will take AI on the chin. First, Indian entrepreneurs have become a credible force in developing software products, not just contract services. The mindset shift was very difficult to achieve. It has now come about, and the woes of the IT services industry will accelerate the trend. More product entrepreneurs will hit the market. Of course, there will be services as well, but not as much low-end, commodity services. There will be higher value services.

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Integration of products that are built in India, for example. Interesting and creative ways of leveraging SaaS-enabled BPO, an area that remains under-explored to this day. I have written a lot about this topic over the years as well. You can go read some of those articles on my blog. Sales cycles are very long. This implosion will free up large numbers of technically skilled professionals. This immense body of technology-comfortable professionals will get redeployed into the Indian SME sector, bringing with them the ability to dramatically upgrade technology penetration in that sector.

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If we can infiltrate Indian SMEs with a million tech-savvy people who are comfortable finding technology online, evaluating products on a web self-service mode, and buying software without requiring ridiculous levels of hand-holding, India will experience an unlocking of productivity and value at a giant scale.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Let me familiarize you with my argument first, before we get to the issue on hand: With no resort, they check into a hotel, where Asha accuses Todd of being frivolous with Kali. They argue but end up having sex.

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Upon their return Asha informs Todd that she has been engaged to a family friend named Ashok since she was four years old. She says their affair could be only a " Holiday in Goa ", a term for a short time spent with a lover before marrying another. Todd is confused but accepts the situation.

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One day, a laundry man invites him to his home for lunch and gives him a rice flour cake. The call center MPI is at six when Dave calls to let Todd know that he needs to be picked up from the railway station. When Dave arrives, the power shuts down due to flooding, but the employees manage to set up their workstations on the roof and resume business.

Dave is impressed, but when the employees go to the local bar to celebrate, Dave informs Todd the business is being shifted to China. Todd informs the employees they have been fired, and Dave is erasing all data off their hard disks. Asha tells Todd that she has been writing a novel on her work computer called Holiday in Goa that needs to be saved.

Todd gets the hint and they leave for Gaurav's another employee's house, where they spend time together. Todd refuses to go to China but suggests Puro as a replacement.