The Key - Forgiveness and Beyond

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An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Forgiveness ignores all of that, which is why it exists beyond right and wrong. Yet the problem with the retributive model of justice, constructed as it is upon the moral instinct for proportionality, is that it can easily serve to perpetuate violence and hatred — one act of violence leading to another in response, which can provoke yet another, and so on. The blood feud that can exist between families is the most striking example of how answering violence with violence can be a potentially endless business, with old hatreds forever spawning new ones.

Politicians who support amnesty arrangements such as the Good Friday agreement are often upbraided for betraying the past. But what Jo Berry is more interested in is how the instinct for revenge can easily become a betrayal of the future. Her forgiveness of Patrick Magee is quite extraordinary, taking huge courage and emotional poise. And she admitted to me that she sometimes goes for a walk on the beach in north Wales and smashes rocks against each other in frustration. Beyond Forgiveness: Reflections on Atonement (): Phil Cousineau: Books

This is a safe detonation of the anger she feels inside. She says that for all to move on and reclaim a more peaceful future, these feelings have to be left on the beach. Too often, forgiveness is construed as miraculously having positive feelings towards the person who had harmed you.

This understanding is, I suspect, an impossible fiction. But what is not impossible is the refusal of revenge, the refusal to answer back in kind. One might also note that, in Christian terms, it is this same sacrifice that puts the good into Good Friday. Topics IRA Loose canon. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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Show 25 25 50 All. There were some I created that I just could not like. I would have real emotion about them, be angry at them, disappointed in them. Yet, they were still clothespins, nothing but clothespins in reality. In many ways, you and I are like the clothespin people. We put on costumes. We get our wardrobe from the sewing machine, or the discount store or the exclusive fancy designer store, or whatever store.

They are costumes we put on. There are many faces, and yet they seem to play very similar roles for us and our stories. We have villains, rescuers, lovers, etc. We act this way and that. We say others act this way and that. Yet, underneath it all, we are divine. There is an Eternal Soul in us that is unharmed by all of our stories, acting, costumes, beliefs and melodramas.

One of the goals of this book to help us bring into the light our awareness of this Eternal Self and this inner sacred space, to look beyond what we have made up!

We all have stories about our lives and the people in them. The Truth is that we are all on a journey here on earth, learning, ignoring, laughing, crying, healing, hurting, shining our light, hiding our light, going toward God or going away. And, at the same time we do this dance, we are eternal souls that continue on after this experience on earth.

At some level, we are not only unharmed, but we are also educated by the twists and turns of our lives. One of the interesting things is that the more energy we put into maintaining the stories, the more we draw away from the Truth of us. We reinforce and become stuck in our rut.

It is my belief that we can safety give up our stories and have a life of coming from the baseline experience of knowing we are an Eternal Self, of knowing our spiritual power, love, joining, wholeness, beauty, wisdom, peace, joy and light. We can find our core and live authentically. Sure, we may have a few moments of tears when we give up our stories, those old familiar friends. What will I talk about? I just wonder, how free we can be as we forgive and cease to judge.

The question for my life is this, just how far spiritually can I go in one lifetime if I truly practice the spiritual principles to the best of my ability?

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For me, in order to find the answer to this question, it is worth doing what it takes to get there, even forgiveness and giving up resentment. What is it like now, and what is happening as we change? How do we want our lives to be? You and I have grown and unfolded since coming to this planet.

We are obviously different than when we entered in birth. There is more to do. Growth is urged from our depths. For me, accelerated unfoldment began when I learned and practiced forgiveness.

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As a result, today I have the experience of incredible freedom and joy. I am loved, and I love freely. As I began to set others free through my practice of forgiveness, a remarkable thing happened, I was set free. It has meant so much to me to know about forgiveness and to use it liberally, that I want to share it with you. I want you to have your life the way you want it, and I know forgiveness will help you in that.

It will take you a long way in the direction your soul longs to go. Before I found forgiveness, and these life-transforming ideas, I was something of a physical, mental and spiritual basket case. I was fearful, had low self-esteem, was shy, had physical illness and felt cut off from God and my spiritual nature.

None of these things are true of me today. My life is healed in a major way. Yes, YOU can do it too! We may not know each other in the traditional sense, AND I know that you want peace of mind and love in your life. You want the good life in every sense. And, I want you to have it. I know you can have it more than you ever dreamed possible. Write me and tell me about it. It thrills me each time a beloved brother or sister makes a breakthrough. New Thoughts for a New Life. Come explore with me and share with your friends. See all the choices below.

The key to forgiveness is the refusal to seek revenge

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