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Volume 3 1 Apr Water-quality reconnaissance of the perimeter of the Rolling Knoll Landfill near Green Village, New Jersey, and electromagnetic survey of the parts of Wildlife Refuge, Children Engaging with Drama: European Inter-war Diplomacy 1 Dec Previous Page 1 2 3 4 5 Next Page.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. I do have to say they handled the scene where Jory discovers Belinda strangled quite nicely. You and Kas return to the Cavern of Shining Light to see what Taimi has been up too in a riveting conclusion of this episode.

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In the cavern you regroup with Taimi, Rox and Braham at the ley line hub. After all the sentiments are said and done, Taimi shares her discoveries with us. She confirms her theory that the waypoints are connected with the ley lines. And these vines are not minions but Mordremoth himself tapping into the magic these waypoints work on. Luckily Taimi has a solution to the waypoint problem. This does make me wonder what this means for the practical side of waypoints in the game.

Dry Top already has less waypoints then the other maps. Next Taimi takes us to the machine in the center of the room. As the hero you of course try to save her not realizing the consequences. What happens next is the highlight of this episode and will be subject to much debate amongst the community.

You seem to be floating in something similar looking to space with strange symbols and signs passing you. The Pale Tree with circles on either side. You get pulled into the Pale Tree and you witness what looks like one big element surrounded by six smaller elements.

You have a red, blue, purple, black, white and green element. The six elements circle the big element until the green element dives into the big element, turning it green and looking like an eye. Screen fades to black ending with a road.

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Epic, I know but what does it mean? The scene of the elements reminds me a lot of the popular theory that the six dragons are connected to the six elements the six human gods represent. I also think the big element in the middle is Tyria, which would explain why the green element attacks the big one and corrupts it. I think the dragons as well as the gods are representations of these elements. I also think the small elements are what define Tyria to its core of what it is and how it functions. It points to somewhat of a very grim and hopeless scenario where the people of Tyria can never win.

On a side note, I have to say I love the irony in this situation. Anyways, upon awakening you share what you saw with the others. Because you saw the Pale Tree in your vision, you decide we have to talk to the Pale Tree as it clearly has a part in this. You also decide that the leaders of Tyria need to know the Mordremoth threat, so they can rally together.

Next to the story we get newly added zones in Dry Top and once again Arenanet has outdone themselves in how these zones look. On multiple occasions you just stop and gaze at the beauty of this map. These additions to Dry Top do feel somewhat linear. The first new zone you explore is the Treadrock Uplands, which is basically centaur territory. These centaurs however are peaceful. They do seem to follow the same way of life as Ventari preached. These centaurs have a camp nearby, Restoration Refuge, which houses merchants and an armor repair anvil like many other towns and encampments across Tyria have.

It also functions as a refugee camp for the crashed Zephyrites. It takes you to Raptor Prowl which is a big open canyon and is just breathtaking. Just take a minute and find yourself a cliff to stand on and take in the scenery. With the crystals you can almost jump everywhere you want. Raptor Prowl takes you to the next zone which is the Uplands Oasis. If you thought Raptor Prowl was beautiful, wait until you take a look at this.

Coming from a dry and death canyon, you end up in a lush and green oasis with a stream, palm trees and where it rains. This oasis is basically what makes this place hospitable for the centaurs. Once again, take your time to take in the scenery. This vine is grown by special seeds which are references to GW1. In it you can find a centaur camp, events and a new legendary boss: This sand giant only appears in sandstorms which give you 20 minutes to kill it. The giant is easily zerked down and puts up little of a fight. It does however has a knockback and fear attack that it spams continuously which is not really a problem but it is VERY annoying.

From the Unswept Uplands you arrive in the last new zone: This is mainly a story heavy zone but also houses events, a skill point and a vista. This is basically the run-through of the newly added zones. The sandstorms that we saw in Prospect Valley are also present in these new zones every forty minutes. This time they made the skill points a little more difficult where you have to fight something or someone instead of just communing with a source of power. The skill points also require some more searching then the one on Prospect Valley. The other type of minion is of an entirely new design.

The Mordremoth Trashers are monstrous giant flowers who have a charge attack that leaves a trail of poison cloud. Concerning achievements, I can be quite brief. Just like the first episode you can only complete these achievements upon finishing the episode for the first time.

Rewards-wise not a lot has been added. The events in the new zone also contribute to the Zephyrite meta-event to get to a higher tier. The only new thing is a merchant in Restoration Refuge. Gentt is looking for exotic insect fossils. For every weapon you need at least: You can get these ambrite fossilized pieces by trading unidentified fossilized insects with Gentt.

It does require some farming of the necessary geodes for the lock picks, recipe as well as the necessary pieces of ambrite. Turned out to be quite a lengthy post again but I blame the story for that this time. This time the new zones still excel and even top Prospect Valley but the story takes the cake. The story accelerated and fully pulled in Mordremoth into the story.

The cliffhanger will also surely keep the community buzzing until the next update. Will they be able to top this in the next update or have they peaked already? See you next time! Or were there more bad aspects, hidden in the update, that outweigh the good? Get ready for the holy trinity of Gates of Maguuma! Number one and two were fixed in my mind rather quickly but number three required some more pondering.

What feature made me smile the most, next to number one and two? I ended up with the music and more specific the Dry Top soundtrack. This soundtrack is basically the debut of composer Maclaine Diemer. Epic soundtracks are more fitted for boss fights, like a dragon, anyways. Number two is the story in this first episode of the Living Story. First reason why I enjoyed the story so much is because Arenanet clearly listened to the community and the remarks on season one.

Season one had a lot of its shortcomings like easy and lazy storytelling with the returning different alliances Scarlet used to reach her goal. Also the lack of use of the guild wars lore was a real shame. Guild Wars has one of the riches lore out there in the mmo universe and not using them sufficiently was disappointing to say the least. So the writers had their work cut out for them but they managed to address all these issues. No more boring alliances and more dialogue with gives the characters more substance.

This makes characters like Taimi really shine in this update. The story itself looks promising as well. Of course this is only the first episode and a lot more has to happen. But they manage to reuse one of the more popular story elements of season 1: Now, I understand some people call Aerin Scarlet 2. I just think some people got such a bad aftertaste after the Scarlet centered season 1, that every appearance of a Sylvari in the Living Story raises a red flag. Number one in this holy trinity of Gates of Maguuma is the new zone and more specific how the new zone looks.

I love how the sand dunes look and how the desert flows over in steep cliffs which give a Grand Canyon feel. Whenever I climb on top of one of those cliffs, I linger to enjoy the scenery. The vista in the West of the current zone is a worthwhile mention as well, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Dry Top. Also the mechanic of the sandstorm, that blows over Dry Top everyone 40 minutes, really makes this zone come alive. This all makes it even more of a shame that we had to wait this long before we got a new map.

The next update also looks very promising in this area. See you for the review of the 15 July update: Arenanet held true to their words and delivered an entirely new map chockfull of events, enemies and much more. To top it off, we got new and harder achievements as well as new rewards. But the question we have to ask ourselves, knowing our notoriously critical community all too well, is: The New Story Journal!

First off, we have the reorganization of the story journal. To its core the story journal is now the merging of the living world story and the personal story. But in practice, with the reorganization of the story journal, the living story has become the personal story or vice versa, however you like it. How does it work? Each episode of season 2 and beyond will be added to this living world story section in the same way you progressed through the personal story.


What does this mean? This means that by logging in once, you can play that episode whenever you want and replay it whenever you want. When you miss this window you have to cough up gems to unlock it. But as you might expect, the minute a free-to-play mmo asks cash for content, the community is up in arms.

But is that justified? How hard can it be to log in once to unlock that episode? As long as the content is temporary the player is forced to regularly log in to play the content. They lost that effect with the permanent content coming our way but regained it by forcing the player to log in to unlock the new content. Also, gems are not hard at all if you convert gold.

For the moment gems is about 20 gold but the exchange rate is rising rather fast , which takes almost no effort at all to farm. If you only want to experience the story you can group up with someone who has unlocked the episode and you will be able to play the content free, even though you missed the window. As far as season one is concerned, it will not be available right away. Also the re-playability of the personal story will be for a later time because of the different choices you had to make, which heavily influenced your personal story.

But there are also downsides to this restructuration. The first one is a clever trick from Arenanet. The lowest amount you can get is gems. The second downside is more directed to the future. Imagine a new player who joins the game midway the third season.

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That player will have to cough up a considerate amount of money to play the past content. The addition of the story journal is the proof that Arenanet does listen to its community. It might cost gems to get the content if you missed the window, but really, how difficult can it be to log in for a few seconds?

It also might be a prelude to an expansion. With this restructuration it looks easier to add a new big personal story. I for one applaud and welcome it as a nice addition to the game. Off with the technical mumbo-jumbo and on with the first episode of the Living Story: Over the course of the first season the Living Story endured quite some justified critique. And the rich Guild Wars 1 lore was barely used and more often ignored. So the Guild Wars 2 team had their work cut out for them but based on this first episode they seem to be on the right track.

The episode is quite lengthy compared to season 1 and filled with lots of dialogue which gives more depth to the story and the characters. Also this first episode seems to be using more of the Guild Wars lore and successfully connecting it to the current narrative. Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands.

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What the event does do is bring us face to face with the Elder Dragonic Corruption of Mordremoth. During the event you come across Jungle Tendrils, small and large. Together you wind up at a small Seraph camp who deals with black market traders. We knew we could expect her to play a part after she was introduced at the end of season 1.

Many people believe Belinda is destined to die in the story because of the way she was introduced. But for now an introduction to the character of Belinda Delaqua is all we get. Your conversation is cut short, however, as the Inquest launch an assault on the encampment. We also get some more background on the Delaqua family, especially the mother. This tells me that the background of Marjory and Kasmeer will play a part in the future of the Living Story.

Onwards to the Maguuma Wastes! As you could see in the trailer they released just a week earlier source , the Zephyr Sanctum was sabotaged from the inside. Some people are complaining that they destroyed one of the best things of the first season by crashing the Zephyrites. The Zephyrites clearly have a big role to play in this second season. Also the jumping, dashing and rolling mechanic which characterized the Zephyr Sanctum has remained and even been incorporated in the new map. Of course, the good Samaritans our little band heroes are, we offer up our help to the Zephyrites and investigate the cause of the crash.

During our investigation we get some dialogues that show the evolving, maturing relationship between Kass and Jory. Both of them show worry for each other when in battle, despite both of them being formable fighters. Eventually we find a Zephyrite corned by some Inquest. After pummeling the Inquest into oblivion we interrogate their victim before she succumbs to her wounds. She tells us the leader of the Zephyrites, the Master of Peace, whom we encountered during the Festival of the Four Winds, is in danger.

Now, the Zephyrites always were a mysterious people but now they also got a more sinister touch. My best guess would be that it has something to do with Glint. The first time the Zephyrites landed in the Labyrinthine Cliffs, there were only hints at a connection between the Zephyrites and Glint. The second time they landed, they confirmed that connection by clearly referencing Glint. The Zephyrites are the successors of the Dwarven Brotherhood of the Dragon.


But what does that legacy entail? After Glint died the Zephyrites sought out her body and garnered the power of the elements out of it aka the jumping, dashing and rolling crystal mechanic. This means that one rash dodge could send you off the cliffs. Anyways, as we continue our investigation in Dry Top we encounter more and more bodies. This turns our investigation into a hunt for a killer. As we hunt for clues and find them, we deduct that the culprit is a Sylvari and to be even more precise, our culprit is a Soundless.

This points once again to a possible narrative that has a big following in the community, namely the connection between Sylvari and Mordremoth. Now, what are the Soundless Sylvari? The Soundless were always present in GW2 but never on the forefront, which seems to have changed as of now. As we conclude our investigation we figure that the Master of Peace would most likely flee to the nearest town.

And on that note we decide to continue our hunt for the murderous Sylvari Soundless in the little mine town Prosperity….