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Ana Vidovic — Federico Moreno Torroba http: Ana Vidovic is an extraordinary talent of formidable gifts taking her place amongst the elite musicians of the world today. Equally impressive is the fact that she has already recorded five CDs, one of them for the Naxos label and that she has already concertized in some twenty countries throughout the world. She was a child prodigy who could play the Napoleon Coste, Etude No. She recorded duets with no less than Miguel Llobet in She died in June of David Russell - 19th Century Music http: Now, he records for Telarc and is quite well known.

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The music has more substance than you will find on the average collection of guitar miscellany especially Mertz's Elegie, quite a touching piece , and the congruent yet varied romantic program makes for good listening. Russell plays superbly, making sure that the pieces sound different from each other, and his guitar is realistically captured by the recording.

Leslie Gerbe Dionisio Aguado 1. It was a surprise for me, and it allowed me to earn some money…". From the beginning, he was established as one of the great voices of Latin American popular song, with clear leftist and folkloric roots.

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He cultivated a contemptuous and manly style, and his thick voice and a typical accompaniment of guitars gave his hallmark. He entered and adhered to the Frente Amplio of the Uruguayan left, fact which earned him ostracism and finally exile during the years of dictatorship. His songs were banned in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay during the dictatorial regimes that ruled those countries. He lived then successively in Argentina , Spain and Mexico , starting from February 9, After the ban on his music was lifted, like that of so many in Argentina after the Falklands War , he settled again in Buenos Aires , where he gave three memorable concerts at the Arena Obras Sanitarias the first day of July As a poet, he was honored by the Inspectorate of Montevideo with the Municipal Poetry Award of , for the book Explicaciones Explanations , which he never wanted to publish.

In his storybook Por si el recuerdo In case I remember , was published, containing stories written at various times during his life. Like any creator, Alfredo Zitarrosa nourishes his work from several sources, but even so, in his particular case emphasis has to be placed on the highly autobiographical nature of his compositions.

The recording is included on birds and souls, published posthumously in For healing a wound I have spent my life but I lived it anyway I was born and I left To die, to live, because death is stronger than me I sang and lived in each couplet bled loved sung born and gone Mas mientras te busque en las cosas, en tanto regreses sin que yo te llame o te olvide, te pido que limpies mi amargo dolor; por favor, que no sigas muriendo. My father you will be, as you were my father, a gamete in the closed crack of time … But as long as I look for you in things, as long as you return without my calling you or forgetting you, I ask you to clean my bitter pain; please do not continue to die.

Years later, he recalled the episode: He was too old to be my best friend, but when being a widower he asked me not to leave him, I felt that more than being my stepfather he was my brother, and I accompanied him until the end, and I buried him, with the help of his genuine nephews, after rescuing him naked, from the morgue of the Military Hospital.

His coffin sounded like a roar when it impacted the bottom of the Police Graveyard in Buceo". He explains it this way: Artigas y 18 de julio, el 27 de enero de Artigas and July 18, January 27, Poor as we were, I remember the large revolver of my father unloaded, which he kept in a drawer of the 'trinchante', after taking off his 'straps' every night or every morning, depending on the shifts.


The bullets, always separated, smelled all the things kept there by my mother. I couldn't imagine how they were opened, or what the hell they had inside which was so dangerous. But those bullets and that gun, the luxury of that humble home, a property of the government — so I was told — which my father was carrying as a punishment not exempt of a certain hesitant pride. Song of Barracks, don't forget there are people outside when you sing for the soldiers, don't forget that they are not rich, and the pride you don't have in excess, don't forget that there are other poor.

In my vacations, in the summertime, I always went to the heart of the country, to the city of Trinidad, capital of the department of Flores, who is perhaps the most backward of these interior departments of the country, an area which depends predominantly on cattle breeding and growing, of large estates […] As far as I remember I spent there the three summer months, from my childhood until I was 12 years old, from. There, of course, I learned everything I know about the countryside chores, although later I lived in the countryside too, but as a teenager.

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Hoy 26 de julio de nuevo conmemoramos el asalto al cuartel Moncada en Santiago de Cuba. XI, luego cuartel militar a partir del s. Aparte es que tampoco le dieron mucho cuartel desde la directiva.

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El imputado fue trasladado al cuartel de la PDI a la espera de ser formalizado. Es responsabilidad del jefe del cuartel cuidar y proteger a su gente. Fue en cuando las primeras soldados llegaron a los cuarteles. Ya en cambia de domicilio al actual cuartel policial. Con sus brazos rotos, Benigno fue llevado al cuartel.

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  • Delincuentes incendiaron un centro comercial y asaltaron el cuartel de los bomberos para robar agua. Y nos fuimos caminando hacia el cuartel de los bomberos voluntarios. A Rafael lo encarcelan en el cuartel de San Luis.

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    Tras ello, los guardias redujeron a esta persona y la llevaron al cuartel. Luego me llevaron al cuartel de investigaciones de Temuco. Hoy cuenta con hombres distribuidos en el cuartel central y cuatro destacamentos. Aquello era una especie de cuartel para civiles. No hizo falta que el pueblo llegara al cuartel.