Exiled Egyptians: The Heart of Africa

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. A Guide to the Kamitic Way for Personal. I applaud this author and have referred to this work on several occasions because he was one of the first authors that I am aware from Western academia, to publicly claim that many of the West Africans were exiled from Kamit Ancient Egypt.

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The interesting thing is that if he was able to find this comparing cultural, linguistic and other similarities between the West African and the Kamitic societies. I am sure other archeologists have known this as well and simply chose to ignore the significance.

Exiled Egyptians: The Heart of Africa

The drawback about this book is that the author seems to be touched by Darwanism in thinking that the Kamitic people were highly civilized and that other indigenous Africans were just primitive, hence the strongest will survive attitude. This reflects in his writing when speaking about the West African societies along with the present-day Egyptian subcultures and folk Egyptian practices, which he is highly supportive of.

I found myself simply thumbing through the book to get the information I wanted and discarding the rest not because I think it is rhetoric.

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  • But, because he does not give enough information supporting these claims. For instance, claiming that a minority of present day Egyptians continue to practice certain customs but doesn't explain what they do, how or anything. Just simply leaves you wondering. Besides this, it is a pretty decent book.

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    I absolutely loved this book! It fills in a lot of gaps. In fact, majority of the ethnic groups in Africa are descendants of the ancient Egyptians. Wolofs are the descendants of the Khemites Egyptians of modern-day Egypt while others such as the Yorubas are descendants of the Meroitic Egyptians of ancient Meroe. I am very thankful that Mr. Gadalla unlocked the key to the truth.

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    One thing I wish Mr. Gadalla did is to place more information about ethnic groups who are descendants of famous Egyptians of antiquity if he knew about it. Full of generalizations, poor language and lacking in coherence. The writer is asking the reader to completely ignore "academia" as a western plot against Egypt and Africa and just believe him.

    The book is extremely detailed in its first chapters and may put you off. If you were to concentrate too much on the details, you are mostly likely to even get confused.

    The African Origins of Ancient Egypt

    I appreciated the use of the true original ancient Egptian words rather than their Greek counterparts: Using only Greek words in texts tends to send a misleading message that the ancient Egyptians were Greek or Europeans: I enjoyed the part on the Egyptian model explaining the ancient Egyptian religion, especially the ancesstral part: Also, the appreciation and respect of nature paganism is simply respecting and appreciating God's power of creation.

    The author does extremely WELL to explain these simple concepts. Read how they rebuilt the ancient Egyptian model system in Africa. Find out how a thousand years of Islamic jihads have fragmented and dispersed the African continent into endless misery and chaos.

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