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Colleen Playfair has been raised on American Soil cut off from her Scottish ties. When she inherits the Clan's castle with the caveat that she must live in Scotland for a year to claim it, she is excited. Seems pretty cut and dried, only The MacQuarrie's have an interesting welcome for her. Clan chief Grant MacQuarrie has dealt with the Playfair heirs in the past. Never a pleasant job. While he loved the original Playfair and served her diligently, he despised her son..

He doesn't want her there. He is sure she plans to disrupt the running of the estate and destroy what has worked for centuries. His plans to move her to a local bed and breakfast for the duration of her stay are slightly inspired. Too bad Colleen has his number. This was just a lot of fun! Plenty of headbutting due to an arrogant wolf who is sure he is right. It would have been perfect had he bothered to gather all the facts..

Now he just needs to convince her. Of course what's a Scottish novel without some intrigue? And Grant and Colleen discover some secrets of the past that play into the present. Murders that went unproven and greed that remains. Spear's books and this one is no different. Strong characters with unique personalities. A gorgeous setting and powerful enemies.. Yep another great book.!! May 06, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Colleen Playfair inherited her family castle in Scotland with one stipulation, she must live their for a year and a day.

She is excited about the new prospect. Colleen's best friend was also mated by a Scotland wolf shifter and she is looking forward to seeing her as well. Grant MacQuarrie's family has managed the Farraige Castle for years. He will do anything to keep the Playfair heir from interfering with his pack and the castle that the pack has made their home. Colleen didn't know Grant was a Colleen Playfair inherited her family castle in Scotland with one stipulation, she must live their for a year and a day. Colleen didn't know Grant was a wolf shifter but she isn't going to just let his alpha ways intimidate her.

It becomes a fun battle of wills with a chemistry that can't be denied. Spear had me with all those KILTS but kept me with a wonderfully delightful romance, action, swordplay and a villain with malicious intent. Straight out, I loved Hero of a Highland Wolf. Packed full of witty, intelligent and engaging shifter characters, the story flowed at a perfect rate to keep me riveted to the pages. Don't miss this perfect shifter romance, you won't be disappointed. This book is set for publication August 5, Heart of the Wolf Sequence in Series: Book 14 Page Count: Sourcebooks Casablanca Publication Date: August 5, Rating: Terry Spear is my favorite "shifter" author That said, this book missed it's mark for me.

What else could you ask for!

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This one made no sense. Colleen had been mated twice to beta wolves. Never came up as to why, so who cares. She could have never been mated, it wouldn't play Terry Spear is my favorite "shifter" author She could have never been mated, it wouldn't play any part in this story except that it was mentioned. It only made her seem old. What makes a wolf young or old.

Wolves live a long time, so how did Colleen's mates both of them die under normal circumstances?? Geez I was confused! All in all, none of this matters, but it isn't consistent with the other books. I did miss a couple in the series, so I'm not sure about the changes. I was just bothered by the fluff.

For me, I never liked Colleen. There was no surprise. Only a stiff bossy alpha female. I pictured old corporate divorcee, with clock ticking, with no life time frame. Maybe I was asking too much. The pirate party was fun, but the antagonism should have lasted longer. Oh well, I can't have everything!! I am still a faithful follower!! Who will win these War of Wills? Grant is shocked that she loves the land, plays like a child on the hills, but loves to watch her gorgeous arse climbing or just walking. Colleen is fighting the sensual temptations that he pours out in gallons, but their 1 kiss makes desire pool down her body.

Can Grant let her flex her Alpha? How will Colleen deal with an Alpha, when her other mates were betas? Who is at the center of all the over the sea wall deaths? Will Colleen open her eyes before it's to late? When with they use their hearts instead of the Alphas' wills? Spear's website to look at her other wolf tales. NetGalley ARC given for my honest review. Jul 14, Emsy Van Wyck rated it it was amazing Shelves: Because Spear creates a fabulous, believable shifter world. Yes, quite a few hunky alphas in this group. In addition, Spear is a writer who makes every detail clear for her readers.

We can see this Heart of the Wolf world take form in front of us with each page we turn. Each of the books include not only charismatic protagonists, but also exciting stories that keep the reader turning page after page. This spring, I reread the entire series and enjoyed it even more as the details that thread each story and link each book to one another were so clear and well-integrated. The stories may be set in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Maine, or Scotland, but there are themes and characters that remain consistently as touchstones for her readers.

Beginning with book seven, Heart of the Highland Wolf, Spear introduces us to some fabulous wolf shifter clans of Scotland. Think HOT Scottish lairds - in kilts - who are also alpha wolves that speak with a bit of a brogue. Fanning my face right now. Her fourteenth book in the series, Hero of a Highland Wolf pub date: I was hooked from the moment that Colleen Playfair, an American she-wolf, arrives in Scotland to investigate her inheritance - a castle and property that is managed by the MacQuarrie clan.

He has several plans to make her uncomfortable, beginning with a scene that I could see - like a news clip - play out before my eyes. A field of kilt-wearing Scottish hunks, bare-breasted and oiled , dueling with one another in front of a battle-scarred castle. And Spear answers definitively that question that we all ask at one time or another. Add in the HOT romance between Grant and Colleen, a few ghosts, some mischievous wolfish brothers, an American best-friend now married to a neighboring wolf-clan laird see book 10 for her story , innumerable witty interchanges, and a very jealous, vindictive wolf and you have a story that you cannot put down.

Hero of a Highland Wolf by Terry Spear is a laugh-out-loud funny, slightly mysterious, engrossing, cannot-put-it-down read. Sep 13, Sharon Tyler rated it really liked it. It is currently scheduled for release on August 5 It is not necessary to read the prior books to enjoy any of the books in this series. So when a Playfair granddaughter from abroad inherits the estate, clan chief Grant MacQuarrie is not happy about having her in his way.

Colleen Playfair is excited and apprehensive about her new role at the castle, but is ready for the challenge. What American werewolf can say that they own a Scottish castle? Not many, but Colleen is rather excited to be one.

Highland Hero

She wants the change of scenery and does not want to change anything unless she thinks necessary. However, her good nature and willingness to learn and listen change everything. It does not hurt that the pair have an almost instant attraction. The werewolf bit has its role to play, and there is deception and life threatening moments to keep readers guessing, but it is the personalities of Grant and Colleen that keep the pages turning. I loved the surprises they each had in store for the other, and I am sure to pick up any other book in this series that I run across. I highly recommend Hero of a Highland Wolf to readers that like contemporary romance, men in kilts, paranormal romance, and suspense.

The book has a little bit of everything and comes together just about perfectly. I have read a few books in this series, and my only real issue with any of them is that the official blurb never really matches what you get. I do not mind, because what is actually in the book has turned out to be better than promised each time.

Jul 13, Kathie katmom rated it it was amazing Shelves: They really stand no chance of keeping their hearts to themselves! This is 14 in Ms. Spear's Heart of the Wolf Series. It's a stand alone, although you'll probably want to read the others, because, really Colleen arrives at the castle that she's inherited. She's been forewarned by her best friend that the manager, Grant, of the property is going to try and scare her off. Not that a whole bunch of Highland warriors, wearing kilts and swinging broadswords, would cause her to scarper off.

Nope, she's tickled at all the shirtless and oiled men that fill her courtyard. She is surprised that the men are all shifters. Her father, a jackass if there ever was one, had griped that they were all human. Once again there are some steamy times as these two work to find their way together. There's a party, with a pirate theme, that had me giggling. Yep, the Highland wolves should just roll over and show their soft underbellies when the American women come to them. I will definitely be reading more from Terry Spear. Good then she's so prolific!

May 06, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. If I had known Scotland has such a promising view I would have visited last year, "I'm enjoying the fighting. She took some hot shots that time. Omigod, if she only had such a gorgeous gluteus maximums. Why couldn't she have just admitted she couldn't handle liquor and given up the deception that she could?

He sat there for the longest time - at least it seemed that way to him - as he tried to decide what to do next. Her head was resting on his groin, which had a mind of it's own as it began to react to the woman's touch. Are you done with you budgeting? What did you have in mind? I can't wait to see what characters are next I'm kinda hoping it's Calla. Jul 28, Kimberly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review featured on www. Colleen and Grant had an interesting connection.

They really hit it off right from the start. I want to be her friend. She has a great sense of humor and is snide and quick witted. I also liked she was alpha. So many times we hear about the men being alpha but i Review featured on www. So many times we hear about the men being alpha but it was great to have the girl be it too. He is so alpha and yet can be so adorable. I loved him and everyone else for that matter at the ladies party. I could not stop smiling. They are just so cute during that exchange. I really enjoy this series. I enjoy the humor that Spear adds to her paranormal romance.

If you are a fan of shape shifters then you will really enjoy this book. You do not need to have read the series to read this book even though you will certainly want to go back and read them all. I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Sep 28, Dani C. This is another 5 star book by one of my favorite authors. In no time at all I was finished and left want more! Colleen Playfairis a wolf shifter and has recently inherited her family castle in Scotland. She must now stay at the castle for a year and a day and oversee how it is run. He has already had the displeasure of having to deal with her father.

Since Colleen never came to visit her grandmother he assumes she is just like father. If you love yummy PR books that involve shape shifters in kilts then hands down this is the series you should be reading. You can read this book as a standalone but why would you? Start at the very beginning and just work your way through with these enjoyable stories.

You will not regret it! The tale is riveting as I had to stay up until the early morning to finish it. Each of these books can be easily read as standalones even though there are interconnected characters. If you can, I highly recommend reading all My thoughts: If you can, I highly recommend reading all the books in this series as they are all fantastically fun! Check it out here: Aug 04, Janice Bolick rated it it was amazing. Hope there will be many more Highland Wolf novels.

Hero of a Highland Wolf is an entertaining and unique take on the wolf shifter story. Colleen is a strong alpha wolf in her own right and arrives in Scotland to claim her inheritance by staying the requisite year and a day. I really enjoyed the way that Colleen's character was portrayed. Colleen is smart, compassionate, and down to Earth which makes her character very likable.

Grant, being an alpha himself has his own plans for the irksome and unwanted Colleen. If his plan to scare her away righ Hero of a Highland Wolf is an entertaining and unique take on the wolf shifter story. If his plan to scare her away right off the bat doesn't work he plans to put an end to any and all of her potential ideas and suggestions for change. Colleen, however, is much more than Grant anticipated and he is quickly left off center as his well crafted plans quickly goes pear shaped.

Grant finds that he needs to regroup and rethink his approach to Colleen. It's always fun to follow the main male character when he is forced to readjust his behavior and reevaluate what he believes to be true. For Grant, Colleen is nothing like what he expected and he quickly finds that it is he who will have to bend a bit this time around. The reader gets a glimpse of Spear's sense of humor in her writing right from the beginning when Colleen arrives at the castle and it continues to be evident straight throughout the book, even when dealing with unwanted suitors with nefarious intent.

This book is a smartly written story that made me wish that I had been with this series from the beginning. Spear presents a solid story that is entertaining and moves at a good pace. Hero of a Highland Wolf is book 14 of the Heart of the Wolf series and although I read this as a stand alone and thoroughly enjoyed it, I would have probably enjoyed it a bit more if I was already entrenched into this world. However, sexy wolf shifters oiled up for battle and wearing kilts can overcome all kinds of obstacles when jumping into a story!

If you are are a fan of paranormal romance Hero of a Highland Wolf is a safe bet for an entertaining make you happy read! I will definitely be reading more of Terry Spear's books in the future. Another Highlander wolf and American she-wolf pairing. These books are pleasant reads. Aug 05, Maria rated it it was amazing. Terry Spear creates another masterpiece.

Colleen Playfair inherits a castle in Scotland and is there to see it and be there for awhile. Grant MacQuarrie already oversees this castle and is planning on giving her a welcoming that will be so intimidating, the new owner will just high tail it out of there, return to the U. He even recruits his best frie 5 Stars He even recruits his best friend and neighbor to accomplish this as reinforcement to send this " older" woman home.

Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Highland Flame by Mary Wine. He knows the sorry sight of the castle would send any woman running, but is determined to find a wife to help return his home to its former glory. Widow Jane Stafford is on a mission—return to England even if it means trudging through the Scottish Highlands on foot. Her travels lead her straight to the path of danger until a mysterious, brawny man comes out of nowhere and saves her—and the spark between them is immediate.

But the real trouble will be guarding her heart from her newly ignited Highland flame… Mass Market Paperback , pages. Published September 5th by Sourcebooks Casablanca. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Highland Flame , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Jan 25, Alyssa rated it really liked it Shelves: Sourcebooks Casablanca Publication Date: September 5, Rating: But the real trouble will be guarding her heart from her newly ignited Highland flame… What I Liked: As soon as Diocail showed up in this series which, if I remember correctly, was during Highland Hellion , I knew I wanted to see more of him and his story.

He was the perfect combination of stern, authoritative leader and fair, good man. Reading this book was a delight and I was so happy to see him get a happy ending that suited him. In the previous book, Diocail inherited the title as chief of the Gordon clan. He has returned to the castle, which is in a disarray. It needs repairs and a good semblance of order, especially with the clan unsure of Diocail's leadership. The last thing Diocail needs is an English widow crossing his lands wearing nothing but a shift.

Jane Stanley's husband has died, and his gambling deaths have cost her. She was fleeing to England to return to her father's household, and she was not faring well when the Gordons find her. Diocail promises her that she will not be harmed by anyone in the clan, and he shows her much more kindness than she expected of anyone. Relying on Diocail becomes easy I just want to gush about Diocail, is that bad? He's such a good man, possibly one of my favorite HR heroes. He's so honorable and sweet, yet commanding and unyielding.

It's an irresistible combination, and it works so well with this character. I adored him since "meeting" him earlier in the series, and I adored him even more in this book. He is so patient and kind with Jane, and yet he goes after what he wants. He is stubborn and proud, and sometimes those traits get him into a little trouble with Jane, but she loves those parts of him. Jane is a tough heroine, which is no less expected given how feisty the other heroines are, in the previous books. With her husband dead and no belongings, she has nothing to lose. She doesn't like depending on the kindness of Diocail, though she is grateful for it.

I love that she was more than willing to help the Gordon men, whether it came to mending shirts, or owning up to a mistake that would have cost Diocail all of the hard work he had done to make the clan more unified. Jane is a good match for Diocail, and Diocail is a good match for her. The two of them are so fiery together!

There is a lot of chemistry between them. Jane is no timid English lady, and Diocail is definitely not a shy man. He's a leader and a born alpha, and she is a woman with a bit of a temper. Both of them are stubborn, both of them are passionate, and both of them don't deny their attraction to each other. There are some really steamy scenes in this book - it's easily the sexiest of the four!

Diocail is a strong guy, and Jane loves his strength. As with all of the books in this series, there is a wedding fairly early on maybe halfway through , and then there is the rest of the story which involves the hero wooing the heroine. I didn't mind this setup in this book at all, because Diocail and Jane were somewhat forced to marry.

Diocail wanted to marry someone who chose him, and he wants Jane to choose him, even though they are already married. It was sweet and funny to see him refuse her because of this. They are so good together, but he wanted someone to love him and want him. She never wanted to get married again. The two of them have to work at their relationship. Falling in love wasn't easy, but they stood no chance. This story was a joy to read, and I breezed through it very quickly.

It is a fantastic addition to the series, and an excellent Scottish romance novel in general. I do hope there will be at least one or two more books in the series! What I Did Not Like: I can't think of anything that I didn't specifically like or had issues with. This book was lovely! Would I Recommend It: I recommend this book if you enjoy Scottish romance novels.

This author has become a go-to author when I am looking for books set in the Highlands. The heroes are sexy alphas, the heroines are bold, fierce ladies, and the romances are steamy and sweet. Plus there is always a good dose of humor and fun! I said this earlier but I really hope there is another book to this series, or maybe two! The ending of this book, in terms of some of the secondary characters, certainly left the possibility open, so I'm crossing my fingers.

I would welcome it! Eeee, here it is! The third book I've manually created and added to Goodreads, and it's the fourth book of a series that I absolutely love. I've got a giveaway on my blog for copies of Highland Spitfire and Highland Vixen. Here is the cover! Aug 21, Caz rated it liked it Shelves: I've given this a C- at AAR, so that's 2. One of my Goodreads friends commented on an update I made while reading this book and asked me: Diocail Gordan, newly minted laird of the Gordon clan, has inherited a crumbling castle and a poorly disciplined household thanks to the previous laird his uncle , a miser who never provided properly for those who were dependent upon him.

Jane Stanley journeyed with her husband into Scotland and now finds herself a widow because he has been killed in a fight over non-payment of the gambling debts he ran up. The innkeeper has thrown her out in nothing but her shift, insisting on keeping the rest of her goods in part payment of his bill after Jane turns down his offer to allow her to work off his fees on her back. Nonetheless, she sets off, with no real idea of which way to go, and dressed only in her shift.

She is wearing a shift. In the Scottish Highlands. Even in the height of summer the weather in the UK is incredibly unpredictable — we get rain, fog, wind and cold — and Scotland is colder than it is further south. Yet Jane, who I am asked to believe is intelligent and resourceful has been wandering about in the Highlands dressed in a nothing but a nightie for a week, with no idea of where she is going. The man in charge — whom she realises is a laird — says that she must travel with them back to his castle, ignoring her protests that she wants to go back to England and telling her that the last thing he needs on his land is a dead Englishwoman, as will undoubtedly be her fate if she keeps on as she is.

Jane is sensible of the kindness being shown her but also feels guilty as she cannot repay it. The best thing she can do, she thinks, is to leave as soon as she can to relieve Diocail of the responsibility he has taken upon himself to protect her. She takes the first opportunity afforded her to run — but her plan goes spectacularly wrong and she and Diocail end up having to get married.

I normally love forced-marriage plotlines, but this one… not so much. Diocail is more strongly drawn and a far more sympathetic character than Jane. He is determined to do his best by his dependents and to be a good laird, but he is also well aware that there are those who are not happy at his accession and would stick a knife in his back at the blink of an eye.

They could tell from somewhere outside? When did they turn into the Highland version of the Seven Dwarves? Aug 12, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Highland Flame is a story that I have been highly anticipating for quite some time. Ever since I read book three of the series "Highland Hellion" and we saw the courage and strength of this one man, Diocail. I just knew that his book would be great and you know what it WAS!!

This book worked for me in so many ways probably even more so than the previous two books. I don't think that I could pin point one certain aspect that just made this b This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Highland Flame is a story that I have been highly anticipating for quite some time. This story begins with with Diocail, who has recently taken over the Gordon clan as their laird. For too long, this clan has gone into despair, their people suffering, children starving ,even his soldiers willing to do anything for a scrap of food.

Diocail had the courage to take over the clan that needed someone worthy and strong but now he has a bigger task, bring the clan together and making sure they prosper once again. But he knows that more than anything he is in strong need of a wife, who can aid him. He just never expected the woman he would marry might not be the woman any highlander would want but would definitely prove herself and be the best cure for the clan.

Highland Flame is a story that brings two people that are complete opposites from each other.

Highland Flame (Highland Weddings, #4) by Mary Wine

Our heroine, is a woman that has gone through quite a bit of struggle. She is an Englishwoman, who found herself without a husband, determined to not become a prostitute, and along in Scotland with no friend or aid to speak of. When Jane first runs into Diocail, she realizes that she is in trouble. Because she wants him, but knows it could never be possible. However, Diocail, refuses to leave a woman like Jane alone, knowing there are many Highlander wolves that would rape and abuse her. So he keeps her with his men while they trek back to his home. The attraction between Diocail and Jane is so hot it practically steams off the pages, but we also see so much depth to their relationship.

The beginning especially, we see that even though they argue and fight, there is also something deeper growing between them. Their relationship starts out a bit angsty, but boy it's the kind of angst I really like to see happen in a romance. It flowed just right for these two. And once they accept each other here, than this is where their relationship turns more intimate and I couldn't get enough of these two learning each other slowly. He wanted her to choose him. Seducing a woman with less experience wasn't very difficult. He'd already have claimed her if that was what he wanted.

No he craved something different from her. Nothing less would satisfy him. The full dynamics of the story that adds all the variety and spice that I have come to expect from Mary Wine, was just the right flavor. Not everyone in the clan is happy with Jane as the Laird's wife and wants to take her out. Then we have the antics of Diocail's men, who want to make sure that they fall in love and boy what they come up with is hilarious.

I loved the closeness and bantering between them and most especially how loyal they are to Diocail. You see how much they would do anything for him. Especially in making sure he falls in love with his wife. And he just added a right touch to the story, he was simply adorable but he also breaks your heart because of how sad his situation is. I did love seeing the way Diocail, Jane and their entourage of men close ranks and protect this little boy who has just lost his mother to disease.

Highland Flame brings together a various array of elements to a heartbreaking but heart winning romance A story that gives you all the feelscaptures the heart of the reader!! What do you think about Mary Wine? Have you read her books? What do you like most about her stories? What do you love most about Highland clan dynamics? The hero is just as strong as the heroine and both are too stubborn for their own good. Diocail Gordon has just become Laird of the Gordon clan.

His uncle, the last Laird was a selfish, miserly man who grossly mistreated his clan and his home. Diocail plans to change all of that, but there are a few in his clan who do not welcome his leadership. His uncle had let the keep fall into such disrepair that the roof, chimneys, etc. The clan expects Diocail to marry a good Scottish lass to straighten out and manage the keep. Boy, are they in for a surprise!

Lady Jane Stanley was just widowed. Her gambling, wastrel of a husband was killed after losing all of their money and possessions in a card game. Later, he was found beaten to death. The landlord confiscated all of their remaining belongings — even the clothes Jane was wearing. So, he turned her out into the cold in only her shift. Jane went through a lot — only to find out she was headed in the wrong direction.

Then, she is rescued by Diocail and his men. They plan to take her home with them because of the weather, but, after a while, she ran away from them again. This time, a clan group finds her and decides to hang her because she is English. Luckily, Diocail rescues her — again — but this time it basically forces a marriage. Jane is determined NOT to be married again. She will not be owned by anyone ever again.

So, he sets out to woo her — and seems to be managing to do that, when she disappears again. He believes the worst stubborn, stubborn, stubborn and goes after her. They are passionately drawn to each other, but there is no trust — and trust is everything. How can they learn to trust each other? What will happen when a clan traitor threatens again? I highly recommend this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sep 07, Erica Chilson rated it really liked it Shelves: I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Read 4 Stars. I began reading the Highland Weddings series starting with book 3, having no issue jumping right into the story. New readers shouldn't have any confusion reading Highland Flame as a standalone. Mary Wine created a mixture of fast-paced storytelling with a guilty pleasure vibe, with a healthy dose of angst.

Jane is newly I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Read 4 Stars. Jane is newly widowed at the start of the novel, as within hours, upon meeting the new laird. Jane is an English woman left to the wilds of the highlands with only a shift upon her back. Barefoot and penniless, she refuses to pay her late husband's debts, payment exacted while on her back. The devoted woman would rather face the elements, travelling on foot back to her father's home in England. The previous book set up the events happening in this one, with Diocail becoming the Gordon laird of an ailing keep.

Diocail is in need of two things- his clan's trust and a wife to take the household in hand. Diocail is an honorable man, wishing to do his best to treat his people with dignity and respect after his uncle bleed them dry and left them starving. While out to collect rent and have his tenants swear fealty, Diocail stumbles upon something he very much needs and wants. After an abusive, neglectful marriage, Jane has no plans of ever taking a husband.

Jane needs to feel useful, pay her own way, yet refuses to be seen as someone's property without a voice. Diocail and Jane clash in an addictive push-pull romance, filled with equal parts sexual tension and misunderstandings. The addition of a 7 year-old boy and meddlesome, well-meaning clansmen, adds a humorous, lighthearted, heart-warming feel. Generally, no matter how many pages are in a historical romance, the pacing and influx of information always has the book feeling longer.

That isn't the case with Highland Flame. It's a quick, easy, addictive read, words jumping off the pages at a rapid clip. Why aren't I handing out 5 stars for a book I devoured in a few hours this afternoon? An element of the plot infuriated me, frustrated me to the point I couldn't enjoy the story. While this added much-needed conflict, it was out of character for Diocail to ignore, not ask for details, actually refuse to hear the details, and straight out deny Jane's voice.

To not listen, even if he didn't believe Jane, is not the mark of a man who's main job is to take care of his people. The refusal and denial was childish, not that of a leader. A leader collects information, even if he believes it may be false.

See a Problem?

I also felt Jane didn't do enough to get her voice heard- even if he didn't wish to hear it, it's hard to ignore a woman screaming the truth in your face, with all your men standing by. Even after his clansmen believed Jane, Diocail- the man who is sworn to protect his wife- still kept saying he forgives her. It was maddening, watching a strong man act so WEAK in the face of his irrational denial. A man who became laird because of two men being underhanded.

It was out-of-character, and removed any believably to the story. Frankly, it erased any emotional connection I had during the between-the-sheets action as they coupled with Diocail not believing Jane. Ethics and loyalty are hard limits for me. I would not allow anyone to touch me if they thought me a liar, and that is how Jane was written Besides that major hiccup, I enjoy the story immensely until the epilogue.

While I was thrilled by the information in the epilogue, I was frustrated by the head-hopping, after reading an entire novel without it. With the exception of the epilogue, there were very defined lines on who was narrating. In the quest to set up the next book, while also showing where this novel's couple is now, the author head-hopped four characters, with no transitions for the reader to realize who was narrating until the confusion set in.

That's not an epilogue- it's maddening. Frustration aside, I highly recommend this author and series to fans of historical romance, especially those looking for a new take on the tried and true tropes. Sep 05, eyes. Romance the Highland way! Jane Stanley's husband had been a feckless excuse for a man who sought to sell her favors to pay his gambling debts. When she refused and he was killed she found herself newly widowed and in the depths of the Highlands.

After she refused the inn's owner the same liberties she found herself thrust from the Scottish inn wearing only her chemise. Which is how Laird Diocail Gordon and his men found her some days later, trudging barefooted and determined towards England--sort Romance the Highland way!

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Which is how Laird Diocail Gordon and his men found her some days later, trudging barefooted and determined towards England--sort of. Diocail needed a woman of Jane's background to bring order to the run down castle he'd inherited when his miserly uncle had died. He needed "a lady and the duties she would have been trained to do. Running a kitchen was more than turning bread; it was knowing how much bread to set out to rise in the morning so that the supper table was full and how much grain was needed to make it through the winter and how many hands were needed to produce it all.

Diocail was not adverse to the idea. Jane, however she might be attracted to this hulking giant of a man did not want to be be married again. But fate and circumstances had other ideas. How these two work things out makes for a rambunctious story with some amusing highlights, underscored by deadly factors not so very far away. After all Jane is English and the Scots are wary of her and the trouble she could bring. Diocail is a rather wonderful character and Jane is a feisty treasure.

I must admit to having once picked this story up, finding it hard to put down. It can easily be read as a stand-alone novel. Laird Diocail Gordon has recently taken on his title, clan and castle after his uncle's death. He is shocked to discover the state of the castle and realises what a harsh miserly man his uncle was. He sets about making changes for the better, but without the help of a good woman to take charge of things he's struggling.

He's a warrior, not a house-keeper. Jane Stafford is recently widowed, very recently. Upon his death she is thrown out of the Inn they were staying in dressed in nothing but her chemise. All her worldly goods, including her clothes, were kept by the Inn keeper as payment for her dead husband's debts. It was that or stay on at the Inn being a whore. A fate worse than death in her opinion. So she finds herself, barely dressed and in a place where she has no friends or family. She is from England and as foolhardy as it may be she decides she has to make her way home on foot.

She's not sure how far she will make it, but what alternative does she have? Diocail is camping with his men while travelling to collect rents and assure his tenants' fealty when he comes across Jane. He hears her fighting a man off and comes to her aid. She is on Gordon land and the man trying to have his way with her believes that gives him a right to her. As Laird, Diocail puts the man straight and takes Jane under his protection.

Jane is still determined to make her way back to England, but half starved and with blistered feet that she can barely stand on, she realises that for at least a while she should allow Diocail to help her. The minute she feels up to it though she once again ends up running away and once again ends up in dire straits.

The only way that she can be rescued is for her to marry Diocail. It's that or the hangman's noose. There is no love between our couple but there is definitely a huge attraction.

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Can it become anything else, or will Jane still want to go back to England? Some of Diocail's clan never wanted him to be Laird, and when they discover that he has married an English woman they are even more determined to oust him from his position. They need to get rid of Jane too in order to make sure she doesn't get pregnant and give the Laird a son and heir. Will they achieve their goals, not if Diocail has anything to do with it. The story was a joy to read right from the very first page.

Jane is such a feisty, strong female yet at the same time terribly vulnerable. She needs a good, kind strong man to love and appreciate her even if she never admits it. Diocail is a fabulous character, willing to do all that he can to right the wrongs his uncle has done and making the clan proud to be Gordons. His care for his people and Jane is wholeheartedly given, he is a warrior with a heart of gold. Cross him though and you won't live to tell the tale!

I loved that there was light and dark to this book, there's devious plotting, death and fighting, but there is also the fun side of things. Such as the lengths his closest friends go to to make sure that Jane marries their Laird, then consummates that marriage. I love a book that can make me laugh even when the story can be an emotional one too.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers' copy of this book. Aug 19, Tracy Emro rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book - Mary Wine is such a great author, she is able to draw me in from the first page and hold me captive until the last.

The story opens with Jane being cast out of the inn she was staying in with her husband in just her shift. Her husband was killed and the innkeeper took all her possessions as payment due, he cast her out when she refused to sleep with him to cancel the debt. She is determined to return to her father's house in England, so she sets out walking, but unbek I really enjoyed this book - Mary Wine is such a great author, she is able to draw me in from the first page and hold me captive until the last. She is determined to return to her father's house in England, so she sets out walking, but unbeknownst to her - she is going the wrong way.

Diocail is the new laird of the Gordon clan, he was the nephew of the former laird - a stingy, mean man who was murdered - but his clan is torn, many would be happy to overthrow Diocail and his household is a mess. To escape the strife, he leaves to go with his men to collect the rents. His men have encouraged him to take a wife who can set the household to rights. They figure if the men are feed and keep is in order, Diocail will have an easier time winning over the clan.

These two meet when Diocail save Jane from some ruffians bent on raping her. As grateful as she is, Jane does not want to stay with Diocail - a fact that she repeatedly tells him. When the opportunity arises, Jane makes a run for it - only to be captured and taken to be hung as a spy! When Diocail intervenes to save her again the crowd demands that he marry her. They marry but Jane is still determined to go home to England and plans to have the marriage annulled. Diocail recognizes Jane's worth and will not let her go easily.

She is appalled by the state of the keep when she arrives and immediately begins to set things right. Diocail is more convinced than ever that Jane belongs with him. Slowly Jane begins to admit that she is happy with Diocail and just when it seems like these two are headed for a HEA, Ms. Wine throws the reader a curveball. Not everyone is happy with Jane or with Diocail for that matter.

So when Jane disappears, Diocail assumes the worst and refuses to believe that Jane did not leave him. Both Jane and Diocail are stubborn and when they engage in a battle of the wills - I was hard pressed to decide who will be the victor. This book was well written, flowed nicely, has steamy love scenes, nasty villains, great secondary characters, amusing dialogue and a great ending. I would highly recommend this book, it is the fourth in the series, but it could easily be read as a stand alone title. I have enjoyed this series so far and when we met Diocail in the previous book I was curious to know more.

The Gordons have caused a LOT of troubles in previous books. But Diocail is new to the lairdship and he will hopefully bring some order to the land. But the keep is in ruins and no one is doing anything to fix it. Good for them that he is persistent. Jane had a crappy marriage and is now on her own and trying to get back to England.

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  8. She had courage and would not back down. A spine of steel. They meet, they clash and they start falling in love. But the road there is long. The clansmen do not want an Englishwoman! The English suck after all. His retainers were so much fun. They started to like having her around and I kind of wanted a story for all of them after that.

    I just got to know them so well. But before that it seems Simon Grant is getting a story, or Brenda She so deserves love so hopefully hers first. He is the characters. I like how he does them and that fine accent. Aug 31, nick rated it liked it Shelves: Some of you may have followed my reviews for the previous books in this series by Mary Wine on the other blog.

    If you don't know, I'm totally in love with this series. It's my first highlander series and Mary Wine has done nothing but impress me with the way she weaves together romance and politics. I'm always eager to read the next book in the series, so I jumped on Highland Flame with a lot of excitement. Right away though I could tell that Highland Flame wouldn't be as good for me as the prev Some of you may have followed my reviews for the previous books in this series by Mary Wine on the other blog.

    Right away though I could tell that Highland Flame wouldn't be as good for me as the previous books in the series. It's not a terrible book, but compared to the others, it falls behind a little bit. In Highland Flame, we're given Jane's story. She's a feisty, brave and sometimes reckless Englishwoman determined to return back home after her Scottish husband's passing. Jane is a great character, who shows a lot of strength and resilience throughout Highland Flame. Her scoundrel of her husband was even ready to prostitute her to settle his gambling credit, but she knows she's worth more than that and vehemently refuses.

    She remains true to herself throughout the book, and always bounces back whatever the obstacle she faces. She totally deserved a sweetheart like Diocail. I initially wasn't quite sure what to make of Diocail. He's just become the leader of his clan and desperately needs a wife to fix things around in their decrepit castle. I couldn't quite get a handle on his personality at first, but as the story progressed, we got to see the caring man underneath all that gruff exterior. He wants to do good for his clan, and his kindness and patience towards Jane were nothing short of swoony.

    Though I loved these two characters individually, I felt like a certain spark was missing in their relationship. I don't quite know exactly why that was, but I only know that I never felt as strongly for them as I did the previous couple. They enter into a marriage with Jane still hell-bent on going back to her home in England, but throughout the Highland Flame, they become familiar with each other and grow a bond. I'm just not convinced by their bond though.

    As always, Mary Wine writes excellent steamy scenes. Another aspect I liked here was the deeper exploration of what it's like to belong to a clan led by Highlanders. All in all, Highland Flame was certainly readable, and if you're a fan of this series, I definitely recommend checking it out. May 14, Sammy Loves Books rated it it was ok Shelves: I'm not a fan of stubborn, stupid heroines that have no common sense!! They ruin a good love story and a fabulous hero everytime!! Jan 02, The Book Worm rated it really liked it. I love historical romance, and highland stories always have a special place in my heart, probably because the rough terrain and climate and the hardships of the time usually make for strong willed characters and interesting plots.