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Jerry's mousehole proves to be too small for the pup's head. Jerry then lets him into the house, where the pup laps some of Tom's milk. Jerry hides the pup before Tom wakes up, imitates the pup, and runs off.

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Tom chases Jerry, but soon finds that the pup is lapping his milk. Tom cannot stop the pup from drinking his milk, and when Tom confronts the pup, he gets a licking. Tom puts the pup outside, but Jerry scoops him up and puts him in a drawer. Once Jerry is down from the stool he was on, he sees the pup has escaped.

He is sleeping on Tom's bed, and he takes the cat's blanket, making Tom sneeze shortly after he finds his blanket is missing. We all have a bit of a laugh at her as she can be a grumpy old troll at times, growning and grumbling as you pick her up.

Shes quite funny, as much as she grumbles she still give you cuddles and kisses. Ivy will tell you what she wants and doesn't want, makes a range of different noises in response to you. Some sound very funny to her foster mum anyway , snores, has lively dreams some nights and mutters away.

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Loves to be in the middle of blankets or soft baskets and all covered up snug as a bug in a rug. When you pick her up, if you hold her like you would a baby in the crook of your arm with her head near your shoulder, she totally blisses out.

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She loves being snuggled up inside but then supper happy to find her place in the sun. When it comes to toilet training, Ivy has come a really long way. Its almost like a switch is flicked, she becomes extremely animated and will run after you when she knows you're about to put down her food. Ivys foster mums favourite part of loving on Her is smooching her all over with kisses and cuddles.

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It only takes a minute to create happiness like this! Donate now Want to donate another way? Please email supporters petrescue. As Tom goes to sleep, a thunderstorm hits, and Tom becomes stricken with guilt as he imagines Jerry and the puppy washing away in the storm. A worried Tom ventures out in the thunderstorm to find Jerry and the pup who are both safely sleeping together in a drain using a newspaper as a blanket but he himself gets blown away by the wind and nearly drowns in the river.

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Jerry and the pup come to Tom's rescue and drag Tom out of the river. Jerry heats up a can of soup and feeds it to the unconscious Tom, but when it fails to rouse him, the puppy licks him and he awakens. Tom gives the pup his own bed and a bowl of milk. The puppy calls his siblings and they share the milk as Tom and Jerry look on happily. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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