Three Ways to Die

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Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. Author information 1 Iowa City, Iowa. Abstract Sudden cardiac death occurs due to a limited number of pathological events. Images from this publication.

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How we prepare for our own death and deaths of those we love is crucial

Three Ways to Die Suddenly: Relationship between constitutively activated CaMKII and pro-arrhythmic electrical and structural remodeling. MsrA, methionine sulfoxide reductase A. Electrical re-entry pathway in heart is a representation of pro-arrhythmic structural remodeling due to scar formation. Happiness in this World.

She wasn't referring to being fired from a job she secretly despised or having a divorce finalized from a husband she no longer loved. She was describing instead how she felt about the death of her mother. Her mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia ten years earlier and had finally died after a short seven day stretch of refusing to eat or drink.

Emily had debated whether or not to have a feeding tube placed in her mother's stomach to keep her alive but ultimately decided doing so would only prolong her death rather than provide more meaningful, quality-filled days of life.

Three Ways to Die by Lee Goldberg

And yet, Emily confessed to me, she now felt horrible guilt, not just for having chosen not to prolong her mother's life, but for feeling relief at her passing. She'd known she'd feel both before she made her decision but had made it anyway, thinking it truly the most compassionate thing she could do for her mother, whom she loved, who by then had become bed-bound, non-verbal, and entirely dependent on others for every aspect of her care and survival.

As she talked about all the emotions she was feeling, she fleetingly expressed a wish that the end had come abruptly, perhaps in the form of a heart attack, rather than at the end of ten long years of decline with all it had entailed, both for her mother and herself. After our discussion, her wish got me thinking about which of the three ways we die is actually best. Death comes to many without warning, as a mid-sentence interruption sometimes literally. We're simply here one minute and gone the next.

Three Ways to Die

Though this seems at first glance a horrible fate, there are some benefits to dying this way, including being able to avoid:. Unfortunately, many become aware of their impending death months or even years in advance of it. The drawbacks of dying this way are obvious:. More and more people are dying either from or with dementia that prevents them from being aware that they're terminal.

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While at first glance this would seem the worst of the three ways to die, like the other two ways to die, some benefit exists: Many patients are in fact what we describe in the medical world as "pleasantly demented"—often quite blissfully unaware and even happy. The people who suffer most in this situation are the family members and friends who watch it, frequently finding themselves left with memories of their loved one they don't want, guilt over how they felt and treated their dying loved one for a more thorough discussion of this topic see Letter To A Widow , and an inability to come to closure regarding rifts in relationships.

The point here of course is that no one can predict or determine which of the three ways they'll die. So if you want to die without regret, you must prepare yourself for all three possibilities.

Dumb Ways to Die

To do so, ask yourself the following questions:. Emily told me she'd never come to closure regarding certain aspects of her relationship with her mom. She'd simply never had the discussion before she'd become demented.

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She'd told her mom she forgave her for all the mean things she'd ever said to her about her weight, that she loved her, flaws and all, and that she'd make sure her own kids remembered the best about her rather than the worst. The conversation, Emily told me, had taken place in quiet tones, in her mother's hospital room, the two of them alone. Her mother, Emily was certain, had understood none of it.