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In order to ensure that Hayley had the time to do this, Klaus voluntarily gave himself up to Marcel and allowed himself to be stabbed in the heart with Papa Tunde's Blade , putting him in a torturous sleep that kept him alive so that Freya could bind all of their siblings to his life-force. Blood is the main component of a vampire's diet, be it human, animal or vampire blood.

It was later explained by Atticus Shane that human blood is the key to immortality , which is why vampires, along with the first Immortals Silas and Amara , need to drink it to maintain their eternal life. If a vampire fails to regularly drink blood, their body will become severely weakened, and will ultimately desiccate into mummification until they are able to get blood into their system. The longer a vampire abstains from blood, the more likely the vampire will becoming feral until they are eventually unable to resist feeding on whomever they come upon. In many cases, a vampire who has been starved for a long period and is risking desiccation will eventually become so overwhelmed with hunger that the lose all sense of their humanity and rationality altogether and finally give into their bloodlust.

It has been demonstrated that vampire blood, just as with human and animal blood, can be used to revive a vampire who has been desiccated even if they ordinarily do not partake in the consumption of vampire blood , and it can also help a badly injured vampire heal more quickly if human or animal blood is not available. However, human blood is most compatible with a vampire's dietary needs, and because of this, the majority of vampires rely on it as their sole food source.

Despite their main food source being referred to as "human blood," this term also extends to the blood of both witches and werewolves who are in their human form, as their blood seems to be functionally identical to that of regular humans. Due to their acute senses, a vampire can detect whether or not a human has recently consumed alcohol or drugs, because their blood tastes unclean and can leave a vampire with a chemical aftertaste.

This also extends to vervain as well, as vampires who feed on a human who regularly ingests vervain will be burned and weakened upon contact with their blood, which can often be used to the human's advantage. Due to a vampire's amplified senses and feelings, their hunger cravings are much stronger and harder to control than the mundane hunger for food that they felt when they were humans, and this hunger will often be connected to and amplified by powerful emotions.

Vampires are magically preserved in the physical state that they were in when they died, therefore making a vampires body a freshly dead corpse, though it is reanimated and protected from decay with dark magic. Vampire's bodies remain in the exact same state as they were just prior to their deaths as humans aside from the injuries or effects of most illnesses that caused their death from an anatomical standpoint, except when it comes to their supernaturally-enhanced abilities and the addition of vampire's true face. Their true face is a slightly transformed version of their human face, which includes red, blood-shot sclera with protruding veins around the eyes, as well as elongated fangs.

The bite of a vampire is so powerful that it can sever the limbs of both animals and humans, as vampires are known for having extremely sharp and strong teeth. Similarly, a vampire has human-like physiology, and their bodies continue to function normally as long as they have a steady diet of human blood; for example, their heart still beats to pump the blood they've consumed through their system to maintain their vitality. Because of this, vampires can eat human food, though it doesn't sustain their life or provide any nutrition like blood does, and their digestive system will continue to process it and produce wastes just as a healthy human's does.

Regardless, many vampires continue to eat regular food for several reasons, including out of human habit, to maintain human appearances in order to prevent their exposure, and to help sublimate their eternal hunger for blood and thereby keep their bloodlust at a manageable level. Vampires can also become intoxicated by drugs such as alcohol and marijuana just as humans can, although they do have much higher tolerances due to their accelerated healing, which rapidly regenerates the cells damaged by these drugs which causes the sensation of being drunk or high.

In fact, most vampires frequently drink alcohol throughout the day to help them deal with their perpetual hunger, much in the way that some vampires eat human food to help curb their cravings.

Vampires are immune to the majority of human diseases and illnesses. One exception of this rule is cancer, though vampires cannot actually develop it-- they have to have had the cancer prior to being turned, as vampire blood cannot cure it in humans. These aforementioned vampires continue to have cancer even after their transition is complete, as cancer cells rapidly regenerate in the presence of vampire blood due to the cells being functionally immortal; normal human cells have "suicide buttons" that allow them to die once their organelles have worn out, but cancer cells have no such button, and vampire blood only serves to accelerate the regeneration of cancer cells.

The only known substances that can have a serious negative effect on vampires are vervain and Werewolf Venom. The mystical effect of vampirism is the only thing that keeps vampires and their bodies alive. If vampirism is removed through the cure to immortality , the body will return to the state of a healthy alive adult so long as the cure remains in their blood.

However, once a vampire is reverted to being a human after ingesting the cure, the cure will remain in their bloodstream, allowing any other vampire who wants to be cured to do so by feeding on the cured vampire's blood to nearly full consumption. When Silas fed on Katherine 's cure-laced blood, he returned to his previous status as a witch , but it caused a side-effect to be discovered-- should the cure leave the veins of a cured vampire, their bodies will rapidly begin to age to catch up with the time they spent as vampires.

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Conversely, if vampirism is stripped away by the Magic Purification Spell , it will physically revert the body to the final state it was in before awakening in transition, leaving it a corpse with the physical damage or illness of whatever it was that originally killed them. The only exception to this was Alaric Saltzman , who was successfully transformed from an Enhanced Original Vampire into a human as a result of his serious but not absolutely fatal injury being instantly treated by Dr.

The only remaining cure for immortality currently resides in Elena Gilbert 's blood, as the other copy of the cure was destroyed along with the Prison World after the Gemini Coven was murdered. Similarly, since the Travelers have more or less become extinct, it is unlikely that a magic purification spell could be performed again, making the chances of being cured this way nearly impossible.

It has been recently discovered that while vampires are sterile and cannot have biological children with the exception of the hybrid Klaus , whose werewolf side and the magical nature of his vampire transformation canceled out the sterility all other vampires possess , certain forms of magic can transport a fetus or fetuses from a human's body into a vampire's. This was demonstrated by the Gemini Coven , whose livelihood was dependent on the existence of twins to continue the coven, and who had a spell to magically transport fetuses from a pregnant mother whose life is in danger into another womb.

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Joshua Parker and his fellow coven members used this spell to transfer the twin fetuses from the dying Josette Laughlin into the vampire Caroline Forbes ' womb to make sure the coven would survive on without them. Since a vampire who consumes a steady diet of blood can also consume human food and has the same physiology as a normal human, Caroline was able to deliver the twins with the help of the Heretics ', and Bonnie's, magical assistance.

Additionally, her vampirism actually makes it more likely that the twins will survive, since they are functionally immortal and are much harder to kill than humans. However, it has also been discovered that, since vampires were created by magic, which also gave them their powers, their vampirism can be absorbed by certain rare witches of the Gemini Coven called Siphoners.

This was revealed when the twins Caroline was carrying, Lizzie and Josie , began to siphon her powers when Caroline was nearly at term, causing her skin to desiccate and putting her at risk of death by losing her vampirism. Siphoners can also draw on vampires for more power for spells, and, since they exist as a loophole in the rules of Nature, they can also be transformed into witch-vampire hybrids while maintaining their powers of Siphoning ; even more, they are able to practice magic as though they were a full witch since they can draw on their own vampirism as a limitless source of magical power.

As of Gods and Monsters , there are only two such hybrids left currently living at this point-- Valerie Tulle and the newly incarcerated , resurrected Malachai Parker. Vampires have the capacity to be extremely feral, predatory creatures, and can be more beast-like and savage than their human appearance suggests. They growl, hiss, snarl, and curl their lips back when provoked, baring their fangs as a sign of aggression when faced by a threat.

Despite their nature, vampires are also capable of human emotions, such as compassion, love, and self-control. However, it's in a vampire's nature to be violent, and no matter what their morality or kindness, they will almost always resort to such acts if it's necessary for their survival. While vampires typically maintain their human personalities after their transformations though magnified by the magical properties of vampirism , they are usually dehumanized to some degree, and due to both the violent tensions between witches , werewolves , and vampires along with the in-fighting within the vampire community itself , violence, tragedy, and death of the aforementioned groups and humans caught in the crossfire seem to follow vampires wherever they go, even despite their best efforts to avoid it.

Many though not all vampires are inherently selfish and consider other beings, especially humans, to be inferior to themselves, as they see themselves as the top of the proverbial food chain. Even the most compassionate of their kind will often resort to cruelty and torture if it means protecting themselves and their loved ones from danger. For example, Stefan Salvatore , despite his generally kind and compassionate attitude, has been shown to be unafraid of killing when the situation calls for it, though he makes it a point not to harm or kill humans unless absolutely necessary.

Similarly, Caroline Forbes , while saving Stefan and his brother Damon from her mother and her police force , ended up slaughtering two of her deputies in an animalistic and stealthy manner and was completely calm and unfazed afterward; this contrasted greatly with her reaction after she had accidentally killed a carnival worker out of hunger just hours after she had completed her transition, which upset her so much that she began to sob and insisted she was a monster.

This suggests the longer one spends as a vampire, the more tolerant of violence and murder they become. Additionally, over the course of their millennium of life, Elijah and Rebekah have also become somewhat dehumanized after spending so much time as the most powerful beings on earth, even despite their generally kind and gentle nature; their penchant for the "snatch, eat, erase" method of feeding and their dedication to avoiding unnecessarily large demonstrations of violence and cruelty if at all possible is typically more out of their desire to protect themselves from exposure than a desire to not harm others.

In recent years, both Elijah and Rebekah have mellowed out, and are not as quick to harm or kill out of anger, they still are known for being ruthless against their enemies or anyone who tries to harm their family and friends, and have shown no discomfort in torturing others to get the answers or results they need. However, vampires experience sensations and feelings much more intensely than humans, and as a result, they have a much more difficult time controlling their emotions, all of which are tied to their hunger in some way. Whenever a vampire is overwhelmed by powerful feelings such as extreme hunger, fear, anger, happiness, love, etc.

Their canine teeth will lengthen into fangs, giving them a more predatory look to scare off or threaten their prey and to aid them in feeding on humans and animals. This intensification of emotions experienced by vampires also extends to their personalities as well, both the good and the bad aspects of it. For example, Elena and Stefan were both compassionate and kind as humans, which amplified these traits to the point of being self-sacrificing as vampires; conversely, Vicki Donovan , who was a troubled teenage girl with addictions to drugs, carried these personality traits into her vampire life as well, making her subject to violent mood swings and making it even harder for her to resist her cravings for human blood until she had to be killed to save Elena and Jeremy from being killed.

Due to their intensely emotional nature, it is not uncommon for vampires wishing to maintain self-control to document their lives after their transition in journals. Though they have consistently shown considerable powers in recollection of specific memories and dates, vampires still need to peruse their journals in order to reflect on their feelings and other minute details during certain events.

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Another function of the vampire nature is the ability to "turn off" their humanity in order to make it easier for them to emotionally deal with feeding on and occasionally even killing humans to maintain their immortality. Vampires who have used this coping mechanism, such as Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline and Enzo , have described the process as "flicking a switch," which essentially numbs their emotions and disables their ability to be empathetic, allowing them to shut out painful feelings such as guilt, grief, and sadness and turning off the part of them that makes them ashamed of their actions.

Vampires with their humanity turned off often think of themselves as purely rational and logical and are not ruled by their emotions. They also have no problem feeding indiscriminately on whomever they please, either using mind compulsion to make the humans forget the experience or killing them outright with no shame or remorse.

From their portrayal so far on the shows, it seems that many vampires are nomads of sorts who periodically move around from place to place to make sure their immortality and lack of aging do not lead to their exposure as vampires to the general public.

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Some of them appear to attempt to take on identities within the human world and exist alongside humans such as Stefan Salvatore , who used to take on a new identity, location, and career every thirty years while others instead appear to enjoy living among humans mostly anonymously such as Damon Salvatore , Lily Salvatore , the Heretics , and the Mikaelsons throughout the majority of their lives without making human attachments and then choosing to travel to new places for a change in scenery whenever the urge strikes them. While the world does not appear to have an official rule-based vampire government neither in an international level nor a national level , at least one place, the American city of New Orleans, Louisiana , has had a thriving permanent community of vampires throughout most of the 20th century and into the early 21st century.

For most of the community's existence, it was been ruled by Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson from the 18th to early 20th centuries; then, after they were forced to flee with their sister Rebekah after the arrival of their father, Mikael , the control of the vampires was taken by Marcel Gerard , who proclaimed himself to be the king of the city.

Upon gaining leadership of the community, Marcel created many rules that he strongly enforces within the borders of New Orleans, which includes the following: The number one rule of the community, however, is that vampires are forbidden from killing any of their own kind, and vampires who have violated this rule have faced strict punishment, such one hundred years of solitary confinement and starvation in the Garden prison or even death. The only known vampires to avoid punishment for such a crime are the Originals, who are far too powerful for any vampire in the community to force them to abide by the laws.

Marcel's original community was eventually destroyed by the various wars that took place in the city in , leaving only Marcel, Joshua Rosza and Elijah the only surviving true vampires not including the hybrids , Klaus and Hayley Marshall. For the next year after the decimation of their community, the vampires moved to another neighborhood of New Orleans across the river from the French Quarter called Algiers , where they began to rebuild their vampire army by turning select individuals who proved themselves as having what it took to "move up a notch on the food chain.

Upon Marcel's transformation into an "upgraded" Original vampire also known as the Beast , he has regained full control of the city's supernatural population after putting Klaus in a torturous coma with Papa Tunde's Blade , biting Elijah and Kol , and poisoning Freya , forcing them to be put in a magical slumber and Chambre de Chasse to avoid death until Hayley can find cures for them, as well as a cure for Rebekah's curse. This effectively evicted the Mikaelsons from New Orleans, leaving Marcel with no one even close to his level of power to go against his rule.

As previously stated, there is no international vampire government, or even a vampire government within specific nations. However, there have been vampire societies over the thousand years or so that the species has existed. The most well-known among them being The Strix , a congregation of the most ancient and powerful vampires the world has ever known, which was originally founded by Elijah, who sought to seek out vampires with the time, resources, and inclination to enrich the world with the powers they possess.

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However, Elijah was eventually forced to abandon the organization, as he was dismayed by the realization that he had gathered a large group of "narcissistic and sociopathic" vampires who were only concerned with gaining power, status, and wealth with which they could use to further their own agendas. After Elijah's departure, Tristan de Martel became the leader of the organization, and, with the exception of Marcel Gerard, every vampire initiated into the society belongs to either Elijah or Rebekah's sireline.

Tristan was then overthrown in and replaced by Aya and Marcel in turn. Age is a powerful status symbol in the global vampire community. One such reason for this is because the amount of history the vampire has experienced gives them a great deal of knowledge, which translates to certain bragging rights in the community, especially when the elder vampires interact with the younger vampires, werewolves, witches, and in-the-know humans they encounter.

There are many examples of extremely old vampires whose age and history have gained them respect and status, including but not limited to the following: However, the main reason why age is a status symbol in the vampire community is because a vampire's age directly correlates to how physically powerful they are. As a vampire ages, their supernatural physical and mental abilities become even stronger and more advanced as well. For example, because "The Trinity" were the first three vampires sired by the Originals, and around a year after they themselves were turned-- Lucien Castle , Aurora de Martel , and Tristan de Martel , making them over a thousand years old.

They are much more powerful than any other regular vampire because of their age. Only the Originals and their modified version outmatch the Trinity in raw power. While attitude, training, and catching an older vampire off-guard can occasionally compensate for another vampire's young age in a fight such as Elena Gilbert nearly besting Katherine Pierce in battle , an older vampire will nearly always win in a fight against a younger vampire. In , the creation of the so-called " Upgraded Original Vampire ", also known as "the Beast" due to a prophecy foretold by witch and seer Alexis , made the now-deceased Lucien and current ruler of New Orleans, Marcel, more physically powerful than even an Original vampire despite their younger ages.

According to Stefan and Damon , the sharing of blood between vampires is considered an intimate act and is not typically taken lightly, though it is not always this way; for example, Klaus and Elijah have been shown feeding their own blood to their siblings and vampire friends to heal them after they have been seriously incapacitated by injury or desiccation.

Between romantic partners, however, this is an incredibly intimate act that denotes the love between the two vampires, as well as the trust they share. Megan , a human, killed by a vampire. Vampires generally coexist with humans due to their shared origins and appearances. Humans are mostly oblivious to the existence of vampires, which makes it easier for vampires to commingle with their human cohorts without detection or exposure.

Most of the few people who do know about vampires have either been killed to ensure their silence, compelled to forget their encounters with them, or, in some cases, are compelled not to speak of it to anyone, which lessens the chances that the vampire species will be exposed to the public. Attitudes of vampires towards humans vary from individual to individual. In general, vampires are known to see humans as less compared to themselves and ultimately regard their lives as being essentially insignificant, as humans are mortal whereas vampires live forever.

As a result of their immortality and the fatal violence they witness on a regular basis, the death of a human who has no significant connection to the vampire is typically a non-event for them, and is either shrugged off as collateral damage or seen as a means to an end in part of whatever the vampire in question's current agenda is. Only a handful of humans are aware of the existence of literal vampires. In history, there were periods of time where vampires were not so secret, but as of the 21st century, the majority of humans regard vampires as superstition, fiction, and myth, which is how most vampires prefer it to be, as it makes it easier for them to move through the world without detection.

There are small pockets of in-the-know humans, however, and they usually are in one of two groups: The supernatural forces that sustain vampires also endow them with superhuman physical abilities as well as powers of mind control. Vampires who feed on animal blood will not be as powerful as those who feed on human blood. Human blood is also known to increase the speed of healing when ingested by a vampire after being seriously wounded.

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Originally, vampires had additional powers in the early episodes of the show, but these powers were later written out of the plot by the writers after they were deemed "too supernatural. If vampires are killed by a wooden object stabbed through their heart, their body desiccates into a gray color, and their vampiric veins thicken and protrude from their skin. Vampires can build up tolerances to some weaknesses, such as vervain, allowing them to protect themselves from compulsion by an Original and to help lessen the likelihood that it will seriously incapacitate them when used by enemies.

However, it will still burn them upon contact, but if ingested, it will not weaken them as much if they take small amounts over time to increase their immunity. He was the husband of the Original witch Esther, father of the Original Vampires and the step-father of Niklaus. He is later brought back to life by Davina. He was once again killed by Klaus. He was killed by the human Matt Donovan.

He was the brother that was possessing Vincent. He was resurrected as an original vampire by unknown means, however died again after being bitten by Lucien Castle. He was willingly killed by his brother Klaus a few years later in order to be with him - even in death. He was killed by hunter Jeremy Gilbert. He is the brother that was possessing Kaleb. He was killed by Finn. He was then resurrected in his Original Vampire body by Davina Claire. She was daggered with a Cursed Stake and as result of that has been hexed but Freya Mikaelson linked her life to Niklaus Mikaelson 's so she'd slumber until Hayley Marshall-Kenner would find a cure for her.

He was a member of the Trinity. He was killed by Klaus. He was killed by Tristan de Martel. Sage died as a result of Finn's murder, due to the fact that she was a member of his bloodline. She has been staked by Hayley Marshall-Kenner who took revenge for her husband's death which Aya was responsible for. Shen was one of few non-Original vampires that even the Original Vampires were wary of. She was staked by Kol in an attempt to keep Damon from figuring out where his bloodline originated. It has been confirmed that she was part of Niklaus' bloodline.

Deceased to years Pearl Pearl was one of the tomb vampires and was staked by John Gilbert. She was staked by Damon as a means of ending her misery after being bitten by Jules, after saving Damon from it. Deceased Annabelle Anna was a vampire whose goal was to open the tomb and free her mother and the other vampires.

She fell in love with Jeremy Gilbert but was staked by his uncle John. He and Rose had been running from the Originals ever since they helped Katerina Petrova escape. Rose was very loyal to him, up until he was killed by Elijah as his punishment for trusting and helping Katerina escape. For an unknown amount of time she was a member of The Travelers. She died as result of a werewolf bite from Tyler Lockwood. She now works for Marcel Gerard. Julian was killed by Rayna Cruz in , and his soul was sealed in the Phoenix Stone. He was later brought back to life by the Heretics.

He has been killed by Stefan Salavatore with the help of Valerie to avenge Lillian's death. He was killed by Niklaus Mikaelson. She was killed by Damon to make others believe that she was the Mystic Falls killing vampire and was finally dead. Hope this helps User Info: If you wait longer than 3 days If you want to cure vampirism you take a cure disease potion if your not fully afflicted OR just acquire Lycanthropy Which turns you into a werewolf. But then you have a completely other big hairy problem to deal with.

Confirmed on offical game guide User Info: One of the cures was to become a werewolf. If its anything like Oblivion or Morrowind, there should be an actual cure out there somewhere. Has anyone with full-blown vampirism went to the arcane univiversity in Winterhold? Someone there may start a questline. I was bitten and now I'm a full vampire. Could this be why I'm attacked everywhere I go? Rifton, The Greybeards, everywhere! I really don't want to have to start from the beginning again e.

If you are a proper vampire now you must do as was said above. Make the bartender in whiterun talk about rumors and he mentions a guy who studies vampires.

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Go to the city he is in can't remember which one but its northward and talk to the guy who will start the quest proper. Buy the dark soul gem thing off of him and using the Soul Steal or trap spell bought by the mage in dragonblight if you need it you must capture a human's soul. George Stocker has a great answer that covers both these previous questions. Something worth noting once you get rid of vampirism: RavenDreamer Any way this could get merged over into one of those other questions?

If it's within three days of becoming a vampire, you can cure the disease with a Cure Disease Potion. The Shrine of Talos outside Whiterun will do.

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Shrines will cure you of all diseases. Once you have contracted vampirism e. With a filled Black Soul Gem, return to Falion and talk to him to complete the ritual. Dave DuPlantis 5, 4 26 George Stocker 2, 5 24 As an alternative, some people might prefer to use the Mace of Molag Bal to fill their black soul gems. Also note that contracting Lycanthropy, a.

Of course, I'd only recommend this for people who actually want to be Werewolves, as it comes with side effects as well. I personally like being a Werewolf - vampirism, though, is really annoying!