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Got the courage and asked for her number. I have never been too good at texting girls. I always make them lose interest in me and I am not a good conversation starter. Can you give me some tips and advice? She went on a trip recently she text me the first few days she was there then I gave her space waited 4 days before I text her to ask how things were going she ignored my message so I waited 3 more days ended up sending another text she replied instantly.

She got back from her trip I asked how it was didnt get a response then the next day she finally replied with 3 words not much of a response but she responded. Now she did something for me so I said well how about I repay you with dinner since I told her a few days ago I would already take her out for dinner all she said was that would be nice not yes not no. So I tried in a text saying ill repay you with dinner she kinda changed the subject and said you can repay me with a cup of tea so now what do I do I want to take her for dinner but it seems like she rejected it?

Or do I try again? Also is it good to stop a texting convo before she does? Hey nick i seen that your helping people out and i was wondering if you can help me ok this might be long but bear with me. Ok im still young im 16 and shes 14 about to be 15 and have a quince mexican party dance and well i really want to be the main dancer that dances with her and well ive talked over summer for about 2 moths and she was happy and replied fast but im not sure if im friend zones i never went to emotional with her just helped her out with some problems with a guy shes interested for example Her: Then i have to start and talk about something else and she keeps it goig for 4 replies and then just ends about the same i mean i make her laugh at times but not all the times and i also have only 1 class and its the last class of the day with her and well today is sunday and well i found iut were she lives by walking to school and seeing her come out of er house but she walked with her best friend and not me because i think she didnt see me and well now that i told her Me: So now i get to pick her up walking to school and its only a 7 mintue walk so not thAt long and well today i was talking to her we were talking fine and out of nowere she stopped texting me and she hadent read the message yet its been 30 mities and she didnt goto sleep beause i told her friend Me: And well before i even saidthat i talked to her friend and her friend said that she said i was cute and that she would go out with me but it doesnt look like it by text so idk since she didnt reply and once she doesnt reply i dont say anythig and send like 4 texts i dont want to look desperate.

Also since im walking her to school now and in mondt will be my first day walking her should ido anything special? We met up and started talking. She gave me a really tight hug and we talked a bit. She was working there and I was keeping her company. She thinks he just uses her as eye candy. Anyways, I motioned to her that I was going to walk away with my friends till she was done, but I think subconsciously at the time she took it as a metaphorical abandoning.

Of course another tight hug.

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Note that while working we were sitting next to each other and about five minutes prior to being kicked out I had been moving my hand from her knee up and she scooted her chair even closer to mine. So I texted her the next day and ever since her replies have started to become shorter. I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies but she said that she was with her friend Danielle whom I feel is purposely cock blocking me.

So time to recover. But anyways she had her friend text me that she had a huge migraine and that she was going to text me tommorow. Something about this girl makes all my smooth talking womanizing skills vanish. Well by the time you read this ill have made my moves, but give me your opinion on future moves and your take on this girl.

I found your tips awesome so I thought that you could help me. So I found out that she liked me and since I liked her too I called her and described my feelings. She told me that she liked me too but the day after I would go on holidays for a while and we agreed to go out together after the holidays.

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The vacation lasted about two weeks. I am now at the end of it. Tomorrow I am returning. At first we were chatting every day. She initiated half of the conversations she was talking nice to me etc. But as the days went on the conversations felt more and more boring because we had not much to talk about since we had not seen each other for a long time.

There were two days which we did not chat and when we did in some cases she sounded nice and sweet but in some she sounded boring. So the thing is does she still likes me or the long period of time was too much for her. I really need your opinion and thanks for reading this…. Last night, this girl and I really hit it off well at a party.

After awhile I told her I wanted to take her on a surprise date next friday a week away which girls seem to love as well. And I of course told her it would be exciting and adventurous. Haha it was perfect. She then proceeded to enter her phone number into my phone because what I thought to be obviously reasons of wanting to go on the date. She also started following herself on instagram from my phone. But anyway we decided to leave the party we were at and head to another party, so we left with my friend and her other beautiful friend to go to a party that they knew about.

Our other two friends were talking by themselves about 50 ft away. I just kept being honest with her telling her about what I want to do in life i. She kept telling me how much she liked my dreams about future life. We even stopped and admired these rock towers for awhile and just seemed to experience a deep moment together from the beautiful sight. We finally got to the party after about 20 minutes of walking. I helped her get up some steep stairs by holding her hand. And the rest is pretty foggy from here on out.

I think we drank more at the house, and then maybe kissed a few more times, met her friends and new people. It was a good time. We definitely left with hugging each other. That was 24 hours ago. What is my next step from here on out?? I am so confused, it is a weird situation I am in. May I add she is absolutely gorgeous and my first emotional reaction is I really like her.

And when I text her, she take time to reply and goes away without informing and next time pick up the conversation where we drop the previous time. I donno what to do.?

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We both enjoyed it, and kissed multiple times. Should I keep pressing the isssue of a relationship, or just let it go? I have something to add regarding texting. Now, most men, text. Most importantly, texting should be to move things forward, maybe get to know eachother a bit, and set up a date. The thing I wanted to add was this: There is nothing more irritating than a guy who cannot hold a conversation in text messaging.

Throw the question back at me, ask me a new question…. Iam in love with my friend. I dont usually hang around with her but we text all day. We only chat actually. We are in such a relation from almost 3 years. Should i propose her? Plz help me out. Hey I was just wondering what you thought of my situation. I really like this girl and we hung out a lot within a week and I took her out on a nice birthday date. We constantly talked and had great conversations.

Then when she got back she said she was really sick and had the flu. A friend saw her the other day and she seemed fine. Also invited her to a party the other night and no responce so I was just confused on where I went wrong. I did not over contact her because I was very specific about not doing that.

Please let me know what u think. I saw this girl at the Club in my city and told my friend that i thought she looked cute. Before i knew of it, he and his girlfriend WHO knows this girl, have tried to set me up with her. According to previous posts, texting should not be overdone and the purpose should be to set up meetings. But the problem is.. She lives approximately 35 miles away, i know very little about her, and i cant really allow myself to setup a date where i would need to take the train in order to meet her. In my thoughts, that sounds way too eager and desperate, having in mind that we have only had 3 or 4 conversations during the last 10 days.

How often should i text her? I was hoping to let our friends arrange someting where we both could join, so i had a excuse to meet up with her. It is usually me that starts the conversation, but she is replying with good answers and questions aswell, and shows interest. I just cant help it but im feeling like im overtexting if i ask a lot of questions and if i am the one to start the conversation, but is that just normal guy-to-girl texting? Im just afraid that i might screw it up, because im not a particular good texter. I suppose the questions is because of the fact that we dont know anything about eachother.

Im not sure whether she likes me anymore, responses would be great. Should I contact an attractive women I meant off online dating? We meant at a sports bar for a drink and lunch. She seemed a little rushed to get out of there though.. Should I call or Text her tomorrow asking for a second chance?

I got a girl on Facebook. I really like her very much.. I send her messages…but all one sided from me..

Clive Worth

If she didnt like me she would have told me not to disturb her anymore right? How to make her reply back to me.. I really would like to marry her.. I think she is amazing, and way out of my league. Even tho a lot of girls at my school like me. I have my eye on her. Or parents to drive me. If that makes sense. I have known this girl since last summer, and we both go to the same College.

In the summer we got chatting and when we went back after the break we really got on quite well. Then a couple of days later, she told me she liked someone else and she could never love me. As soon as we went back after the Christmas holidays, she kept looking at me like she was sorry and she was giving off all the sings that she did like me. I said it was the biggest mistake of her life, and then I told her bluntly that I loved her.

Because we both have a week off now and we wont see each other otherwise until next week.. I got her number the same night I met her and conversation goes well, if anything she takes an amount of time to reply, ranging from a couple of minutes to an hour. Despite this she seems receptive to our conversations and after reading a few things on your blog, I can add in a few things to make them better. But with her being closer and starting university I want to go see her in a few weeks About 3 as i have unavoidable plans until then after she has settled in.

Is this the right way to go about this? Or is it too much of a risk of waiting almost a month before being able to see her again? Should something be said about how I feel about her or even that I want to see her in a few weeks? Hello, I really need your help.

I have been dating this girl for 7 months now but I want to end it. It is not fair to her because I keep thinking of this other girl I have liked for a while. I was in this girls class in fourth grade. We hung out at a friends house together a lot, and we even played the flute together. We are both seniors now. I first recognized it was her about a year and half-2 years ago while we were in the auditorium at an assembly. She was sitting directly in front of me and she looked familiar.

I found out it was her. And remembered how I always like her. Anyways about a year or two have gone by since I remembered her and I like her more and more. I always saw her in the hallway with her curly hair and short frilly dresses. Well I finally Facebook messaged her. This was last July. We had a short convo though. And you used to play the flute? And she just said yes, you were in my class right? And then the convo kind of stopped.

I never made an effort to talk to her again. This year came around, senior year. And she is in my gym class. We talked for maybe 3 seconds, when we were playing volleyball and she complimented me saying good job serving… And also we were in the classroom for health and every time she walks in the room she looks down at herself as if she is checking herself to see if she looks good… And I think I noticed her looking at me a couple of times?

Do you think she likes me? What should I do? What do I do. Can I just start talking to her over Facebook? Hey nick,there is this girl from whom I got a text two days back and I got to know by a friend of mine that she likes me somewhat. Also how should I talk such that I get to know her better and extend talks? Stop fuckin playing games!!! GO for your target, be a dick, be confident, be calm aye but not dry, be yourself most important!!!!! Are you confident when you stress about every fuckin detail???

No, and that is the most important, altough you dont have to be a douche. Every situation and girl is different, so you cant stay everything the same. I wish you all and myself goodluck. But often times when I go to talk to her she turns her head as if she doesnt want to talk to me. I took this as a sign that she wasnt really into me so after a while i just accepted the fact that we would be good friends.

That was several weeks ago, we had been normal and everything was fine. Yesterday i was particularly bored so I shot a teasing message at her about how she would be seeing some more of a boy she didnt like too much and i just poked a little fun at her for that, and soon she was responding very well to my messages and teasing texts were sent back and forth for a while with a few smiley faces. She was responding unlike ways she had previously responded via text and I was wondering if she was interested in me.

I want to dig a little deeper by texting her today but i dont want to come off to her as if I was too interested by texting two days in a row when the last time i texted her was a week before that. What to do next? Towards the end of our last conversation, I felt like I was asking all the questions.

I left the conversation with her answering my last question cause I felt like I was asking too many questions. Did I do the right thing? Should I have ended the conversation with a response? We talk all the time on facebook and snapchat and all that, not as much in real life though.

Am I in the friend zone because she helped me get with another girl? She said yes, then she changed her mind and said no she had other things to do, then she changed it again and said yes she will do, then she said she was nervous, then asked to leave it a few more days. How can I make her comfortable with meeting me?

My question is, how would you handle this? That happened with one of my friends last year with her. If any one has any advice please. Nick, I know this post is old and I dint know if you still respond to it, but I need some advice. So a girl a know one day out of the blue randomly Texted me, we have been texting the past week or so and our conversations are for the most part fine.

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Hey Nick…thes this girl i have known for years…actuatualy we started a university degree together but that time i couldnt think i would fall in love wuth her one day. But after 6 years knowing each other, ofcourse we talked to each other regulary, i started to develop strong feelings about her. Infact that happened when we discovered that we were both leaving for our post grad degree in the same foreign country. I started to invite her for a date so that i could tell her about my feelings and she didnt have a broblem with it.

From that time tension began between the two of us but we sometimes keep calling and chating. What concernes me now is the tension and the fact that sometimes she cant return my texts and calls claiming to be having lot of pressure with her school work, although myself i dont want to put pressure on her but instead i support her on that. Recently, she even told me that she plans to visit my city during the oncomming winter break holidays. I am really confused Nick, please give me an advise. A friend of mine gave my number to his girlfriends friend and she has been texting me almost daily for about a month.

I used to be a very good and close friend of hers before the 2 years. I have a class with her now so what should I do and how should I approach and talk to her? Hey Nick, I now daily go on a walk in the evening with my friend. Now I am seeing a girl everyday, I think I am falling for her. Me and that girl had an eye-contact for like times. I am scared to approach and talk as she comes on the walk with her mom.

What shall I do? Should I wave to her or something? I have now really started liking her. Please reply for suggestion. Been on a few dates with this girl, we text regularly but I work a full time job and we both go to school full time so our conversations are usually not that lengthy. I recently just took her to New Orleans for a weekend with my fraternities fall formal vacation.

We had a great time the first night we talking and dancing and it was just a good night. I was a lil taken back but I ignored it and convinced myself I was over thinking it. So we finish up at lunch and go sightseeing and have a few drinks and dance and such things seem to be going well. And has been very short with me since. I met this girl in my math class in college, she absolutely amazing. Okay when I met she was going out with a guy who was at basic at the time. But about a little more than a month ago, he broke up with her.

She told the day he returned from basic, he broke up with her through text. So since then I have been debating on whether I should go for her. I asked her to go out for lunch like 2 weeks ago and she said yes. But she told me just as friends, she said because she had just got out of a 3 year relationship.

But when we see each other in school, she sits next to me and we talk about anything and laugh the whole time. What do you advice I should do? Hey Nick, your advice is great and I hope you can help me or guide me on the right path. I met this girl at a school function party last week, talked briefly, then split mutually to be with other friends.

Later that night I worked up the courage to get her number, quickly, but I got it. Now, I texted her about days after and instantly received dry text with no context to go off of. Whats more confusing is she responded within a minute or less at times, throughout the whole convo. At moments questions were asked towards myself but for the majority of the brief texting convo, i was trying to skillfully pull the convo.

What do I do, how to I get this girl? At this point, getting girls numbers are useless to me because i always f it up with my texting skills. I met this girl in pub, she causualy walked over and started talking to me, we got along fine. The next week she was out again, we said hello thenI stood away from her at the other end of the bar, she slowly drifted beside me where we spoke for the rest of the night. The next week she asked me to add her on Facebook, where we would send messages back and forth til 4am!! The conversations are never dry, we talknow about anything and almost everything!!

So I made the move and asked her if she wanted to hang out in town to indulge in the festivities. She said that she would think about it and see if she has any money left over from Christmas shopping, even though I offered to pay. I left it for a few days but we continued talking as normal. When i was five years old i had a cute class mate,she was in that time overweight, i like her anyway but you know that time, you know friends joking about that, besides i moved to another school.

She just show up by chance in my facebook twenty three years later. She now just show up by chance in my facebook twenty three years later! This girl is my friend, we always hang out together. Everyone says we should date. One day she texted me and said that everyone had been saying I liked her. She asked if it was true I answered yes and she got mad. She ignored me for a full month but now we are talking again.

I try not to annoy her so I only text her like 2 times a week. Apparently after we argued she put some boundrys on our friendship. Hi Nick, I met a girl via Asian friend chat app, we hit it off great she told me she was interested and was getting out of a bad situation, text flew back and forth she even sent sexy pictures of herself to tease me. Nick dude me and girl have been talking for a few days and like were both excited at texting each other but today she didnt have the excitment. Should give her space and stuff.

I mean i walk her to class and we always hug at the end of the day. I dont want to lose her early what should i do? Strike when the iron is hot. I would invite her to do something 1-on-1 outside of school. We talk a little bit in school, but not a lot. I am too shy to ask for her number, but she has a good personality and I want to get to know her. If the girl is too many people flirt her, should I keep going with her?

But every times Decided to give up, she make something make me fell I i still got chance as tag me for something and something else. Should I give up this relationship? Sorry about my freaking English haha. I recently met this girl online. We text all day and I was just wondering is that to much. What if we run out of stuff to talk about because we talk so much or she gets bored.

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How much is to much texting. I feel like this is where I always screw relationships up. Should I setup a date before she goes or after? I met a girl at a club we exchanged numbers and we went on a date next weekend. We really hit it off went out for drinks then went clubbing which we had alot of fun and she came over we slept together no sex. Next morning i had to go to work till 12pm so she stayed at mine wait for me then we went for lunch and we organised to go universal studio.

Anyways after we seperate this was on sunday. I texted her on wed saying Hows her week been? From my girl friends i waited too long to text i may have send a signal to her not interested but I like her I didnt want to text her too early. What would you do? I was thinking of sending a apology text saying I didnt meant to wait for that long and seem that I am playing mind games with her. Hi Nick, I came across your article by chance while searching for something to advice me on some perplexing things with regard to my recent correspondence with a girl.

After having looked at her profile and contents she has been posting on Facebook, I became attracted and wanted to know about her. So, I took the initiative to invite her, which she accepted right in one or two days interval. I asked a few questions, such as where she is living currently, and her profession, etc. She replied positively though her response is measured, mean always short. Yes, No, this, or that no more explanation. On my side, I do not have a habit of responding to people that was as I thought it is somehow luck of respect or interest in the other people.

Despite that, we kept exchanging. In the first week, we were chatting non-stop from the evening to near mid-night. And one or two days, during working day for both of us, we were chatting non-stop during the day. She was responding quickly and so did I. She asked me a profile photo. I sent her and asked her if she can do the same. She did even if she took some days. We had two very short voice conversation. During the second conversation, I told her about my intention for a long term relationship and sked her if she we can keep this intention in our thought as we move forward.

But I felt that things froze at one point when she asked me if I have children. I did say yes but am single and they are not with me.

Clive Worth (Author of Erotic Sex Stories of a Serial Internet Dating Lover)

Well, the fact is, even if I have, they will not be with me in my future relationship. This can be a pretty dangerous encounter since the enemies on the left can do a huge amount of damage in very short order if you don't realize they're there. Loot the room once you're done with the enemies and then leave the room. Cross the bridge into another part of the facility with yet more Blood Pack. They're set up above the stairs across from you so they can be hard to get at. Pull is fairly effective here or just hide behind the crates to take care of them.

Go down the stairs, dealing with the Varren, and into the labs. Head into the room here to find another security log. In the next room you will be attacked by the Blood Pack warrior Kureck as well as a bunch of his allies. The main danger here is the Vorcha of all things namely because they have Blood Pack Pyro's trying to burn you out of cover. Try to let Jack use your Biotic attacks to keep the unarmored, unshielded Blood Pack Vorcha busy while you focus on the Pyro and their volatile packs.

If you can snipe the pack then they blow up real nice. Otherwise just keep them away from you so that they don't get to cripple you. If you have someone with Concussive Shot then have them keep Kureck busy since he will try to move in close and reduce you to paste. If you have Overload hit him with that to help get rid of his shields while anyone with fire attacks can strip his armor pretty fast.

Just don't get too distracted by the Pyro's or the Krogan Warrior and allow the other group to come rush you. Head into the next room to find Jacks cell and come across a man named Aresh. You can either let her kill Aresh for what he's trying to do or just let him live. Jack is willing to let the Commander make this call. After this is done it's time to leave the facility and see it get blown to hell. Right where it belongs. If you tell Jack that you're interesting in sleeping with her then she will be more than happy to sleep with you.

This doesn't go very well and will result in her no longer speaking to Shephard afterwards. You cannot get the Paramour achievement by doing this. As the party heads into the Omega-4 relay Jack will approach you in your quarters. This leads to her showing a rather vulnerable and almost childish part of her personality. A rather touching scene plays showing her enjoying a bit of time alone with the Commander.

Much like all of the other romanceable party members Jack is broken up with fairly easily. Simply make your way down into the lower level of the Engineering level and speak to her in the usual spot. Just don't expect her to be very sociable afterwards. She's grown a bit in the past two years showing herself to be rather interested in the Commander a fact she kept hidden since she first met you.

Tali seems to view him almost like someone would a knight in shining armor; since he has saved her from a few dangerous situations she's now got quite the crush on Shephard. There are a number of complications to the relationship between Tali and the Commander but the excited girl seems quite eager to find a way past them. In her own words she wants to feel Shephards skin on her own which is a fairly dangerous prospect. But to her it's all worth the risk in the end. This requires that she go back to the Migrant Fleet to face the charges.

Just a note about this one - while you can bring Legion along just don't do it. It makes dealing with the Quarians much harder. If you're going for a romance with Tali you're only increasing the chances of messing it all up. It seems that the trial has already begun to take a negative spin in her favor before she even gets there. Speaking to the judges reveals that they're very divided on how to judge Tali. Commander Shephard can convince the judges that he can check the Alarei and possibly clear Tali's name.

They'll accept the offer so head on aboard via the shuttle. This entire place is a run and gun battle against the Geth with small breaks in between. Moving forward will present you with a number of hostiles as well as a Geth Hunter. The Hunter deploys combat drones, goes invisible and rushes your position to get in close and chew through your health. There is a small lab that is connected to this area where you can get some dialogue about the type of experiments Tali's father was running.

Continue into the next lab area to find another Hunter. He goes down pretty quickly without a whole bunch of Geth supporting him. However as you head up the stairs more Geth will come out to attack from both the left and right doors up ahead. Try to direct your squadmates to keep any Geth with shields busy while you have Tali hack any vulnerable Geth. Put yourself in whatever position suits your character class, taking out Geth or blowing down their shields. In the area you must battle Geth while they're trying to get at you from the bottom of the stairs.

Take cover near the top and keep pushing them back when they try to move forward. Any who have shields should be Overloaded while those who get too close can either be hit with a Concussive Shot or hacked. Get down the stairs and take out the last bit of resistance here. Unfortunately in the very next room Tali finds her father dead at the bottom of the stairs. There's a Paragon interrupt to try and comfort Tali by giving her a hug.

Doing this doesn't seem to have an actual effect on the romance but it sure is a sweet gesture. At the top of the stairs is the lab where most of the experiments happened. You must reach the console in the center of the room. Unfortunately it's guarded by the devastating Geth Prime as well as numerous smaller Geth. Try to knock the big boy on his butt with a heavy weapon while you direct your squad to deal with the smaller ones. Once it's down to just the Prime focus everything you've got on him to take him down expediently.

When it's dead use the console to find out what exactly was going on here. Tali begs you not to tell the fleet about her fathers actions but that's up to you. Return to the judges to find out that you've got a few options now. Doing this clears her name but this causes you to fail the loyalty mission and destroy your hopes at a romance. This counts as completing the loyalty mission as well as allowing a romance to continue it's just a fairly harsh punishment. If you choose to stay together with Tali then you will get a cutscene with her in the Captain's cabin.

See a Problem?

After the final mission you can talk to Tali to find out how she's feeling after your time together. However should you not wish to take the risk it's possible to refuse to sleep with her. Unfortunately she doesn't take this as well as the others and it's very easy to ruin your relationship. Speak to Tali in Engineering and she will repeat one line of dialogue that allows you to break up with her at your discretion.

This is available both before, and after, the Omega-4 Relay mission. Tali will also break up with you if you side with Legion over her during their argument aboard the Normandy. The poor confused Turian really isn't sure what to make of it but seems very willing to give it a try. Once you complete Garrus' loyalty quest he grows more and more attached to the idea of trying this very unlikely pairing. It is very, very important that you remain careful with this relationship at all times. Garrus is very difficult to romance thanks to the fact that he is very awkward when it comes to the idea of romancing a human.

It's an entirely new thing to him as he isn't actually attracted to them most of the time, it's just that Shephard is an exception. As such you should be very careful with the responses you pick to his dialogue since it's very easy for Garrus to be put off the idea by something as simple as saying you don't want to ruin your friendship. You should try to pick the neutral or even Renegade options for the best results. Due to this difficulty it is suggested that you always save before talking to him even if you would normally not do so.

If you're getting into a relationship with Garrus then it's very much suggested that you speak to Mordin. The conversation that ensues is one of the funnier moments in the game. Here you will meet Fade, flanked by a pair of Krogan. After a bit of talking you'll come to realize that he's not going to help. You can either take out the Krogan via Renegade Interrupt or actually fight them. Once you've taken them down "Fade" will reveal that he's not actually Fade, Fade is actually an ex C-Sec officer who is working out of the Warehouse district. When you arrive the ex officer runs off leaving you to deal with some Blue Suns mercenaries.

These guys are easy to fight simply by using Biotics to take their unshielded butts up into the air. Starting to move forward LOKI Mechs will pop out of the crates with yet more of them coming out from further ahead. The path into the Warehouse is full of mechs and Blue Sun troops to deal with. Keep on moving forward, taking out the troops that pop up between the crates as well as inside of the shipping crates. At the far end of the path some Legionnaires will pop out to attack. Try to take them out from a distance, trying to remove their shields in between hiding from their attacks.

Once you've taken out the last of the enemies lower the bridge nearby and start moving along the path. Try to take out the mech as quickly as possible using your heavy weapons and powers so that it doesn't get the chance to move in on your position, taking you out. You can tear at its shields with Overload but heavy weapons are best for finishing it. Head into the office to find Harkin is cornered in the next Warehouse section. He has nowhere to go and he's sending out his last wave of mechs at you.

This gets pretty rough so loot the room before opening the window to see what lies in wait for you. This part is simple in theory but hard as hell in practice. You must push your way forward through a small army of LOKI Mechs, taking them out until you reach the raised platform. Due to the tight quarters it's actually really hard to get through this without using a bunch of Medi-Gel if you're not careful.

The problem is that the mechs move slow enough that you can often take one down before it reaches you but then the other will get all up on your party. This allows it to cut you down repeatedly and with ease. Try to keep it focused on your party members whom you can revive if they fall which they can't do for Shephard and pop out to shoot it when you have an opening.

Keep moving away from it, taking cover where possible, and shooting it in the arms. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Internet Dating King's Diaries: Life, Dating and Love by Clive Worth. Hot on the heels of his autobiography with that unmentionable title, Clive gives you the definitive handbook on the art of successful Internet dating for both men and women.

Clive, the world's greatest Internet dater, reveals his secrets to successful Internet dating. The star of numerous TV documentaries, media interviews and newspaper features, has bedded over women Hot on the heels of his autobiography with that unmentionable title, Clive gives you the definitive handbook on the art of successful Internet dating for both men and women. The star of numerous TV documentaries, media interviews and newspaper features, has bedded over women through online dating. Clive tears away the mystery to reveal his secrets in getting to bed some of the world's most beautiful women.

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