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This poem is so apt. While it gave me time to spend with her, it made it really painful to watch her lose weight and her hair, withdraw into a Nan to walk into your room and see you smile, I walked over and hugged you all the time, you always made me smile and always had stories to tell. I loved sitting with you everyday and listen to the memories you had to share My Grammy passed away Saturday morning after a tough battle with cancer. It took her so fast, and this poem captures my exact feelings. I have never watched someone die before, and seeing Although I cannot see you, I feel your presence near.

I will hold you close in memory, Till I drop my very last tear. I was 16 years old when my grandma died. She died of kidney failure, but my grandma had a loving heart and was always kind and loving and would do anything for anyone no matter what you were My heart never felt so much pain The sky came together and dropped lots of rain I thought my life was coming to an end All I know is I will never give in Grandma, you are my source for happiness.

You are bound to my heart with the epic stories which you taught in my childhood. You created a friendly environment whenever you were with me. Thank you for the gift of love. Now you're sharing it up above. You had many things to say, All in a caring way. My grandma passed away on October 28th at 1: It was really, really hard to see my grandmother leave us.

I know she is in a better place, but I would love for her to have stayed with A beautiful angel is all that is here Saying O'Lord please leave me here Not ready to leave but has to go Wants to go back but God says no My Nan passed away the day after I left for Melbourne to see my dad.

The last words I said to her where I will see you when I get back which was only that Sunday. I feel really bad that I'm You picked me up, And held me tight, And said you loved me Every night. I was only 10 when my Nana passed. I never got to say goodbye. She died of heart failure and lung cancer. Christmas celebrates the dawn of the Light of the World. The powers of darkness are overcome by his coming to share our life. The long reign of sin is ended and grace has been poured out upon the earth. The Sun of Justice has arisen, and evil is vanquished.

Perhaps the hardest thing to remember about Christmas is this. The incarnation is an on-going process of salvation, while the nativity is the once-for-all-historical event of Bethlehem. We celebrate the stupendous fact of the incarnation, God entering our world so thoroughly that nothing has been the same since. And God continues to take flesh in our midst, in the men and women and children who form his body today. In moments of discouragement, defeat or even despair, there are always certain things to cling to.

The Whisper of Christmas Joe E.

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His nativity began to be celebrated on Dec. At the very moment when the days are the shortest and darkness seems to have conquered light, the sun passes its nadir. Days grow longer, and although the cold will only increase for quite a long time, the ultimate conquest of winter is sure. This astronomical process is a parable of the career of the Incarnate One. At the moment when history is blackest, and in the least expected and obvious place, the Son of God is born…". The glory of Christmas is that a gracious God became one of us to tell us that He loves us. And, in his or her Christmas giving, the genuine believer symbolizes his or her inner desire to spread this Good News.

Today we celebrate Incarnation! The eternal God comes into the flesh and blood of humanity. Christmas cards portray the little Babe, the Manger, the Magi, the shepherds. But these pieces of the story only touch the edge of the mysterious event which brings us together. The Good News is that the God of Mercy has come into the history of humanity to bring us perfect peace.

For the peace of mind and heart and soul that the world cannot give, follow Jesus. And when you follow Jesus, do not be surprised to see others following you. After all, the spirit of Christmas is contagious. The Word assumed our humanity and, in exchange, human nature was raised to divine dignity. The second act of the exchange consists in our real and intimate involvement in the divine nature of the Word.

And that one time changed the world. The infant born that first Christmas grew in wisdom and age and strength; he suffered and died and rose again; and he saved his people from their sins. Heart of Christmas Dr.


Let me give Christmas away, unwrapped, by exuberant armfuls. Let me share, dance, live Christmas unpretentiously, merrily, responsibly with overflowing hands, tireless steps and sparkling eyes. Christmas given away will stay fresh—even until it comes again. Bells on Christmas Day Pulpit Helps, , p. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was filled with sorrow at the tragic death of his wife in a fire in The Civil War broke out the same year, and it seemed this was an additional punishment.

Two years later, Longfellow was again saddened to learn that his own son had been seriously wounded in the Army of the Potomac. Sitting down to his desk, one Christmas Day, he heard the church bells ringing. It was in this setting that Longfellow wrote these lines: I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old familiar carols play, And wild and sweet The words repeat Of peace on earth, good will to men! And thought how, as the day had come The belfries of all Christendom Had rolled along The unbroken song Of peace on earth, good will to men!

Till, ringing, singing on its way, The world revolved from night to day, A voice, a chime, A chant sublime Of peace on earth, good will to men! Then from each black, accursed mouth The cannon thundered in the South, And with the sound The carols drowned Of peace on earth, good will to men! It was as if an earthquake rent The hearth-stones of a continent, And made forlorn The households born Of peace on earth, good will to men!

And in despair I bowed my head; "There is no peace on earth," I said; "For hate is strong And mocks the song Of peace on earth, good will to men. Then pealed the bells more loud and deep. The wrong shall fail, The right prevail, With peace on earth, good will to men! Give us the faith to trust Your goodness in spite of our ignorance and weakness. Give us the knowledge that we may continue to pray with understanding hearts.

And show us what each one of us can do to set forward the coming of the day of universal peace. Christmas Prayer Soundings , Vol. May hunger disappear and terrorists cease their senseless acts. May people live in freedom, worshiping as they see fit, loving others.

May the sanctity of the home be ever preserved. May peace, everlasting peace, reign supreme. I believe in God, but do I believe in God-in-me? I believe in God in heaven, but do I believe in God-on-earth? I believe in God out there, but do I believe in God-with-us? Come alive in me this Christmas! And the more you spend in blessing The poor and lonely and sad, The more of your heart's possessing Returns to you glad.

Christmas William Cullen Bryant. Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town, St. Joseph was searching, walking up roads and down; Our Lady was waiting, so meek and so mild, While Joseph was seeking a place for the Child;. And there in a cave, in a cradle of hay, Our Savior was born on that first Christmas Day! The Father was watching in heaven above, He sent for His angels, His couriers of love;. Now fly to the Earth, where My poor people live, Announce the glad tiding My Son comes to give; The Shepherds were watching their flocks on this night, And saw in the heavens and unearthly light;.

They hastened to find Him, and stood at the door, Till Mary invited them in to adore;. He was swaddled in bands from His head to His feet, Never did the Shepherds see a baby so sweet! He spoke not a word, but the shepherds all knew, He was telling them secrets and blessing them too;.

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Then softly they left Him, The Babe in the hay, And rejoiced with great joy on that first Christmas Day; Mary heard them exclaim as they walked up the hill, Glory to God in the Highest, Peace to men of good will! The Gospel Tree Anonymous.

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There once was a shining Christmas tree Standing out where all could see. Its brilliance captured every eye And seemed to cheer each passer by. The tree stood proud ablaze with light For every light was burning bright. I think of all the lights upon the tree This one looks the best to me. I thought perhaps no one would care If I failed to shine my share. Our Gospel, like this Christmas tree, With little lights which are you and me, We each have a space that we must fill With love, and lessons and good will. For our Gospel is a living tree That lights the way to eternity.

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The Best Gift Betty Werth. Tell it to me. Stays so full, never empties, as you make your way From rooftop to rooftop, to homes large and small, From nation to nation, reaching them all? He told that small boy with the light in his eyes, "My secret will make you sadder and wise. Some homes are hungry, some homes are sad, Some homes are desperate, some homes are bad. Some homes are broken, and the children there grieve.

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Those homes I visit, but what should I leave? The rest, my dear youth, Is that my sack is magic. And that is the truth. The more that I give, the fuller it seems, Because giving is my way of fulfilling dreams. Open that sack called your heart, and share Your joy, your friendship, your wealth, your care. Will you use what you know? And just for a moment the small boy stood still, Touched his heart with his small hand and whispered, "I will.

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He is less a selfish creature than at any other time; When the Christmas spirit rules him he comes close to the sublime. Then for others he is toiling and somehow it seems to me That at Christmas he is almost what God wanted him to be. Buccaneer Books, , pg. Some Special Gifts Source Unknown. Christmas is… Source Unknown. C hristmas is angelic music in the form of a carol and oratorio with a celestial descant. C hristmas is "glory to God," "good will to man," and "joy to the world. C hristmas is "peace on earth" for those who accept it and live in unity with God's will.

C hristmas is a ringing bell calling a distraught humanity to gladness and hope. C hristmas is a glowing hearth gently placed in the winter of man's loneliness. C hristmas is the shining star of hope in the sky of all mankind. Christmas William Arthur Ward. A Christmas List Anonymous. Never regret the past, but learn by it. Never lose sight of your dreams; a person who can dream will always have hope. Believe in yourself; if you do, everyone else will. If you can go through life loving others, you will have achieved the greatest success of all.

Where to Search for the Lord James F. We tend to look for Him in the nice, the clean, the warm. I am not made of plaster, nor of stone, nor of bronze. I am living flesh throbbing, suffering. I am among men [and women] and they have not recognized Me. I am poorly paid, I am unemployed, I live in a slum. I am sick, I sleep under bridges, I am in prison. I am oppressed, I am patronized. I cry out in the night and die in the solitude of battle. And yet I said to them: T he day of joy returns , Father in Heaven, and crowns another year with peace and good will.

H elp us rightly to remember the birth of Jesus, that we may share in the song of the angels, the gladness of the shepherds, and the worship of the wisemen. C lose the doors of hate and open the doors of love all over the world…. L et kindness come with every gift and good desires with every greeting. D eliver us from evil, by the blessing that Christ brings, and teach us to be merry with clean hearts.

M ay the Christmas morning make us happy to be thy children,. Henry Van Dyke edited by James S. Harold Shaw Publishers, Keeping Christmas Henry Van Dyke. There is a better thing than the observance of Christmas day, and that is, keeping Christmas. Are you willing to do these things even for a day? Then you can keep Christmas. Are you willing to do these things, even for a day?

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And if you can keep it for a day, why not always? But you can never keep it alone. Six Days of the Week, NY: A candy maker in Indiana wanted to make a candy that would be a witness, so he made the Christmas Candy Cane. He incorporated several symbols for the birth, ministry, and death of Jesus Christ. He began with a stick of pure white hard candy. White to symbolize the Virgin Birth and the sinless nature of Jesus, and hard to symbolize the Solid Rock, the foundation of the Church, and firmness of the promises of God. The candy maker made the candy in the form of a "J" to represent the precious name of Jesus, who came to earth as our Savior.

It could also represent the staff of the "Good Shepherd" with which He reaches down into the ditches of the world to lift out the fallen lambs who, like all sheep, have gone astray. Thinking that the candy was somewhat plain, the candy maker stained it with red stripes. He used three small stripes to show the stripes of the scourging Jesus received by which we are healed. The large red stripe was for the blood shed by Christ on the Cross so that we could have the promise of eternal life. But the meaning is still there for those who "have eyes to see and ears to hear. Affirmations of Christmas Anonymous.

I believe there are gifts more important than the ones under the Christmas tree, the things we teach our children, the way we share ourselves with friends, and the industry with which we set about reshaping the world in our time. I believe that the finest carols are often sung by the poorest voices; from hearts made warm by the wonder of the season.

I believe in prayer and quietness as a way of appropriating Christmas—that if I wait in silence I will experience the presence of the one born in the manger, for he lives today as surely as he lived then. I believe in going away from Christmas as the wise men went: You shall prepare your soul for Christmas. Spend not so much on gifts that your soul is forgotten. You shall not let Santa Claus replace Christ, thus robbing the day of its spiritual reality. You shall not burden the shop girl, the mailman, and the merchant with complaints and demands.

You shall give yourself with your gift. This will increase its value a hundred fold, and the one who receives it shall treasure it forever. You shall not value gifts received by their cost. Even the least expensive may signify love, and that is more priceless than silver and gold. You shall not neglect the needy. Share your blessings with many who will go hungry and cold if you are generous. You shall not neglect your church. Its services highlight the true meaning of the season.

You shall be as a little child. Not until you become in spirit as a little one are you ready to enter into the kingdom of Heaven. You shall give your heart to Christ. Let Him be at the top of your Christmas list. Anyone keeping these commandments is sure to have a blessed Christmas. I f I work at the soup kitchen, carol in the nursing home and give all that I have to charity, but do not show love to my family, it profits me nothing. L ove stops the cooking to hug the child. Love sets aside the decorating to kiss the husband.