Lunas Life: A Journey of Forgiveness and Triumph

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My Journey of Forgiveness - I'm so glad I'm choosing LIFE

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Harper Perennial literary fiction and nonfiction. Epic Reads young adult. This book will move and inform you about today's importance of Jewish-Christian relations. Reflecting upon the inspiring people and events throughout her li Kaufman teaches readers the truest and most profound meaning of forgiveness and reconciliation despite unimaginable circumstances. She and her mother were the only two family members to survive the Plaszow and Leipzig camps. It was then that she married her husband, Alex.

Luna's Life: A Journey of Forgiveness and Triumph

Inspired by her dear friend, the late Sister Rose Thering, a Dominican nun, she continues to spread awareness of the atrocities of the past to ensure a future in which genocides no longer occur her sister; Blanka Fuss was born in Krakow in to Marek and Mania. During the war she was in Krakow, Poland. Blanka perished in the Shoah.