Miracle Herbs to Rejuvenate and Heal

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Each has different needs, different peculiarities, and different links to our emotions and our everyday functions, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy. Let us take a look now at each major organ and discover how we can serve its health and function through simple, natural herbal medicines. When a toxin finds its way into our bodies, the liver secretes substances that bond to it, converting it into a substance that the body can get rid of.

Each time we have a glass of wine, for instance, the liver transforms the alcohol into a substance called acetaldehyde, which the body can then flush out. On a physical level, keeping the liver healthy and unburdened is a matter of not burdening it with too many toxins.

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If we make the liver do too much, it starts to become weak. Unable to cope with the workload, it lets the toxins out into the bloodstream, where we have seen the damage they can do. To keep your liver healthy, make sure your diet consists of fresh foods and medicinal herbs with plenty of good quality water and is light on the alcohol and sweets.

It is also a key organ in our reception of the fundamental Light.

The "Fountain of Youth" Herb That's Prized in Ayurvedic Medicine

One of the most sensitive organs, the liver registers all the emotional shocks we feel as we go through life, from the tiniest insult to the deepest wound of loss. Though we can minimize the negative bodily effects of emotion through medicinal herbs, each of us feels a level of emotional shock simply by virtue of being alive. Even when life is at its best and we are at our happiest, we are always still dealing with the underlying threat of mortality itself, the stress that everything we love, including ourselves, will one day come to an end; and our liver feels it all.

The great teachers of pulse diagnosis used to tell their students that this stress, this fear of ending, is the reason they would never take a perfectly healthy liver pulse: The low-grade stress of a mortal life, they said, is always there to be felt. When the liver registers a physical or emotional stress, it tightens and contracts, trapping energy and blood inside itself.

Reactive emotions, which are often at the root of these stresses, also tend to inflame the liver, stagnating the qi and blood flow in the body. When this stagnation becomes chronic, the inflammation begins to move across the body, eventually moving into the heart channel. This is why Chinese medicinal herbs are so essential; along with poor diet, this pattern of stress inflammation, rooted in the liver, is one of the primary causes of heart disease and a reason so many people struggle with their cardiovascular systems as they get older. Fear and its attendant bodily tension particularly impact the liver.

When the body is under threat, the muscles, fascia, and even the bones tighten and clench inward. This tension and contraction greatly impedes our energy and blood flow, constricting our air passages and flooding the liver with damaging fear chemistry. When the liver becomes tight and contracted, as it does when our bodies are reacting to fear, we become cut off not only from the flow of qi and blood that sustain the physical, but also from the ascended energies and Light on which our higher growth depends, according to Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy.

So how do we serve the optimum functioning of this complex organ in our everyday lives? First, as much as we can, we need to encounter and transcend any chronic and unconscious patterns of emotional reactivity that are shutting us off to what is above. A good way to get started is by engaging in conscious, loving activity, which has an immediate positive impact on liver congestion. Selfless service to others, in which the inward, self-serving gesture is released, helps to open the liver and restore free flow by counteracting the tendency towards bodily recoil and enclosure.

Qi Gong is another great means for releasing liver stress. In the practice of Qi Gong , the liver is softened and its tension released through the opening of the liver and the torso. Gently expanding and opening the arms, we relax and release our emotional and physical tension into the infinite feeling space in which we exist.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

In early Buddhist orders, monks understood this need to release and open as an essential preparatory practice, one that helped to establish the proper disposition for receiving healing and Grace. As part of their routine, the monks would regularly perform full bodily prostrations, ceremonial enactments of humility that prepared them to receive what is greater than their own self-enclosure.

Similarly, Adi Da Samraj instructs his devotees to begin each period of meditation with the practice of a specific opening and expanding mudra, or gesture—the offering of oneself to the Divine—and then a full prostration. This practice allows the devotee to open and release any self-consciousness and to physically animate the surrender we need to receive the Divine transmission.

Such a disposition directly works the liver, heart, and the emotional, feeling being. Anything that serves the release of contracted emotion and stress will help the liver to relax and soften, whether it is conscious exercise, sex , meditation, massage, acupuncture, or happy, loving times with intimates and friends. The right combination of Chinese herbal medicine can also have a great detoxifying and softening effect. The practice of relaxing and opening the liver, like all regenerative practice, requires us to find the most effective means in our own case.

Chinese herbal medicine philosophy recognizes the following foods as regenerative for the liver: Chinese herbal medicine philosophy recognizes the following herbs and plants as regenerative for the liver: Heart disease is a completely preventable condition and a tragic sign of a world that has lost touch with its natural rhythm. In physical terms, the underlying cause of most heart disease is obstructed blood flow.

When we do not exercise the body enough, and we allow too many undigested fats to put pressure on the heart, it eventually gives out. On a purely physical level, preventing heart disease is really a no-brainer: Counteracting the damaging stress chemistry that arises from our emotions and lifestyle altogether, however, presents more of a challenge. In a world becoming more negative and destructive by the day, the heart can be subjected to some major punishment. We eat toxic food, breathe toxic air, think toxic thoughts. We do everything at a frantic pace, even when we are supposed to be relaxing.

In such a hectic world, most of our hearts, weakened through stress, unhappiness, and lack of care, give out before their time. All our hearts wear out eventually, but they are designed to permit more longevity than most of us get, according to Traditional Chinese Medical wisdom.

Comfrey - Restore Broken Bones Naturally with this Super Herb: Part I

The heart, for all its esoteric magnificence, is subject to the same laws as any machine: If we do not take care of it, constantly forcing it to work at high speeds, the heart wears out before its time. Each of us, on average, gets around 2. Stress, anxiety, hate, anger, worry, concern—all negative emotions exact a toll from the heart, forcing it to work harder. In the more extreme cases, these emotions can even be felt as a kind of trauma, setting off toxic chemical reactions that injure and weaken the heart muscle.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine philosophy teaches that even too much joy can damage the heart. It is, rather, the kind of agitated, hyperactive excitement we seek in our search for distraction and entertainment, the kind that stimulates our nervous system and hypes us up. It is a joy free of equanimity, free of true feeling.

The “Fountain of Youth” Herb That’s Prized in Ayurvedic Medicine

And in the end, it wears us out. The heart thrives on the greatest qualities of human life: These qualities heal the heart, keeping it strong. The heart relaxes in the contemplative life, thriving during times of meditation, deep relaxation, massage, and conscious exercise. If we want to protect the heart, we must build periods of deeply quiet time into our life and take Chinese herbal medicines regularly. So turn off the insanity of the daily news, and let the mind and body relax in contemplation of its natural state.

Let the brain and nervous system cool. Let the heart relax, rejuvenate, and smile. The more we learn to do this, as Pundit Acharya explains, the more we help the body release its natural soma: The surest cure of all heart trouble is the smile of happiness. This smile must come out and rise out from every nerve cell and muscle cell of the body and the mind. Here one must learn, once and for all, without any question or suspicion of inquiry or analysis, how to feel the thrill that one gets out of these smiles of the cells of the body.

Cell smile and cell happiness will save your heart trouble. Chinese herbal medicine philosophy recognizes the following foods as regenerative for the heart: Chinese herbal medicine philosophy recognizes the following herbs and plants as regenerative for the heart: The mysterious play of fire and water that creates human life has its roots deep in the kidneys, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is this play between yin and yang that makes our lives possible: The yang fire brings to life the otherwise dormant yin, allowing it to engender our blood, lymph, and reproductive fluids; while the yin prevents the yang from consuming us whole.

Together, the two create the steam, or qi, which allows us to live and move. As with all our organs, bodily balance is critical for the kidneys. The more consciously we maintain this balance with Chinese herbal medicines and the like, the stronger our regenerative chemistry. If one side becomes too dominant, if we have either too much water or too much fire, then our bodies will show the imbalance. In Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, the law of aging is simple: The yang consumes the yin. The strength of our essences, then, is critical. We all inherit certain characteristics of yin and yang from our parents , some of us ending up stronger than others.

But life is the great leveler, and it is our practice and choices in life that really determine the health of our kidneys and how the aging process manifests in our case. In fact, the enlightened rishis considered it as one of the finest herbal medicines known to man.

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Add these 5 herbs to your winter diet to maintain a safe distance from diseases. Ashwagandha is just what you need to consume when stressed. Katuki is a rare herb with healing properties for the liver, and other benefits. But this plants most miraculous benefit is undoubtedly its effects on the nervous and endocrine systems, and its unique ability to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony, that leads to ultimate rejuvenation. Relying on too many anti-depressants? Ashwangandha has life-extending properties.

Research studies at universities in Japan show that this herb regenerates nerve cells and dendrite growth throughout the brain and body. Not just that, it also improves memory. Ashwagandha has been seen to increase acetylcholine levels in the brain, which are correlated with improved memory, brain function and intelligence. What's that in your glass?

Here's a list of five magical health benefits of Ashwagandha that will leave you surprised.

Emerging as a total wonder herb, it even increases nitric oxide production by regulating the blood flow and pressure of the arterial system, which elevates oxygen levels in the brain. Ashwagandha balances the thyroid and adrenal glands. One of the most incredible aspects and benefits of Ashwagandha is that it can help people with both hyper overactive and hypo underactive thyroid issues, which are very common.