Taming Her Racy Ways [Racy Nights 5] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)

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Description [Siren Menage Everlasting: While they can't help falling in love with her, they must also contend with a man from her past hell bent on having her at all costs. Teresa ran away from her abusive ex-boyfriend more than once, and each time he's found her. As she falls in love with Carson and Garrett, she'd lulled into a false sense of security that this time she is safe from him, and from her past, forever.

But during the May 3 celebration marking the anniversary of the tornado that devastated Racy one year ago, Teresa is kidnapped in broad daylight. Can Carson and Garrett find her in time?

Or will they lose the woman they each cannot live without? Looking for beautiful books?

Winning Her Racy Heart

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Ignore that crap, okay? Marisol was too stunned to do anything other than smile at him.

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Even Rafe had passed judgment on the group, as Ria had often told her. Guilt washed over her at that thought. They were so different from each other, but both were sexy handsome men, and each possessed qualities she admired. She forced herself to meet his gaze. His parents pretty much still hate me. Even my own parents refuse to believe me. And apparently his parents feel the same way. You were fourteen and he was legal. But to hold a grudge for all these years?

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And to be so obstinate that you flat-out refuse to believe your own son or daughter is telling you the truth? It probably has less to do with you, per se, than with the way they act toward all their children. Ria is always bucking them on something. It sounded as though Luke had opened up more to Ellis that night than he had to his own brother. He said they were fine with him dating Alexa, but when they found out that Chase is with her, too, they went nuts.

Shivers ran up and down her spine. They reached the Racy town limits, and when Ellis stopped at a red light, he gave her a searching look. Rafe released the kiss, and Ellis pulled her close, kissing her with wild abandon and such skill that Marisol actually became dizzy. She did, and he and Rafe both slowly removed her dress and bra, stepping back to admire her body. Her arms started to cross over her breasts but a warning look from Ellis had her dropping her arms next to her sides.

I want your hands behind your back and your eyes on your pretty feet.

Winning Her Racy Heart [Racy Nights 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)

Do you understand, Marisol? They each carried the toys and other items Rafe had taken from the cabinet.

Taming Tammy Pleasure Montana 5 Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting

When she entered the room, she tried not to gasp. A leather bench with fittings for what she assumed were cuffs and other bondage apparatus had been placed in the center of the room, and next to it stood a large, padded X, also equipped with fittings. And so that you have the experience of being completely under our control. Marisol had to bite the inside of her cheek because an unexpected giggle rose up at the look on his face.

Ellis led her to the X and told her to turn around and place her arms and legs against the pads. When she did so, she was spread-eagled and her arms and legs rested against soft leather. He and Rafe secured her wrists and ankles to the cross with bondage cuffs. Ellis adjusted the pad behind her until it rested comfortably in the small of her back.

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The men stepped back to admire her, and Marisol tried to stay calm. This was much different than being restrained on her knees against a wedge.

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This was a more open and vulnerable position, and she could see both of them. She could watch their faces and look into their eyes. He picked up the tickler and handed it to Rafe, and then Ellis scooped up the paddle and slapped it once on his open palm. The sound it made against his flesh caused her to flinch. Ellis noticed her reaction. It hurts that much. But the tickler will help balance that out. Marisol closed her eyes but Ellis told her to keep them open.

He licked it a couple of times, and then Rafe did the same to her right one.

Winning Her Racy Heart (Racy Nights #1) by Tara Rose

Marisol whimpered softly as her arousal built. Maybe they were only teasing her by letting her think they were going to use the paddle on her? As her climax built, both men straightened up and Rafe brushed the tickler over her breasts, then across her wet pussy lips. Ellis stayed slightly in front and to her left as he tapped the paddle against her nipples. So much for her theory they were only teasing.