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Not even 15 minutes into the message I realized that my perspective was all wrong and my attitude needed some tweaking! After reflecting on that truth for a minute, who am I kidding… for days…. But what I can say is, the rest that is required from sickness brings me closer to God in so many ways. It has allowed me to see that my strength comes from God, not my own.

He has allowed me to be more empathetic to those who suffer diseases or deal with daily struggles as well. Sympathize with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters. That said, although my situation is not the favored situation, it is the one that humbles me and allows me to be open to others. I am not a perfect Christian. I have never and will never claim to be. In fact, I have a long way to go in my walk with Christ. Basically… I live and breed constant distraction in my own life in addition to the unexpected.

In Luke 10, we learn that Martha was distracted with serving and making sure that everything was perfect. But Mary on the otherhand, was more concerned with The Lord himself, what he had to say and his teachings. Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Talk about a gut check! Each day I have to succumb to the to fact that I need to rest.

Fully, physically and spiritually rest in the arms of our Father. The Word of God. If you are floating along in the same distracted boat as me, I pray the same for you too! That you will choose the good portion! Spring and daylight savings time are around the corner! More daylight, warmer weather hopefully , a little more Vitamin D to cure those Winter blues and another month for memories to be made! Speaking of warmer weather, this tends to be the time of year in which we hunker down on eating well, getting our exercise on, and enjoy being outdoors. If you are like this dizzy chick, you need to exercise to keep stress-free and mentally strong not just physically.

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And of course, I always seem to think that I can pick right up, where I left off….. I find myself getting emotional and ready to throw in the towel before I even get started. My woe-is-me party comes to an end and then I get my attitude checked by the lovely Lysa TerKeurst during my quite time. She has a knack for putting things in perspecitive and placing this dizzy chick back in reality. From the beginning of my workout, I struggled to be the Missy I once was…. I blamed myself, I blamed the disease, I got sad and angry. Afer my workout, I decided to sit alone in the word and get myself together.

Weak, vulnerable and ultimately, needing to lean in and press into God for my strength. I had to remind myself that I am fortunate to have caught this diesease early on, and that I can still walk at al all.

Small town gal. Taking on a big world. One spin at a time.

I can still exercise, and I can still be the same Missy before…. With God, all thing are possible. In his perfect timing. And we certainly should not feel guilty for what we are not. It is time that we cut those threads of guilt with the edge of grace! I vow each day to do my best to wake with a grateful mindset. Fully present and trusting that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. If I feel strong enough to lift a full set of the heavier weight, then go for it. If I need to drop down in weight to get the full set, then go for it. Any progress is progress!!! I want to completely embrace every moment and be thankful for every opportunity.

Nothing is to be taken for granted as the granted things can be taken from us.

Classic USA Road Trips

Our Heavenly Father, I seem to forget daily that you made me in your image. I pray that your please help me to celebrate, be grateful and live as who you made me to be versus dwelling on who and what I wish I were. But what if we mindfully tried to embrace each day with present minded living, grateful for every challenge and experience we encounter? Present and Missy The. We would probably find a few good things came out of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to balance the bad.

BUT…if it encourages others, then even better! And to the point! Haters Gonna Hate…Let em! One minute you think you have a friend. You learn who they truly are. They simply judge you without knowing you. And no matter the actions of others or the hate , we have to move on in Grace. But nothing is gained from any of that… although in the moment, it just feels right! It is tempting to take on the role of God and seek to punish those we feel deserve it.

But I was reminded today, that it impossible for anyone to take revenge with pure motives. EVEN when the innocent suffer and the wicked appear to prosper, it is for God alone to punish. This has always been a challenge for me. You question their motives, what you did to deserve it, etc. It can literally consume you. We can rest in peace knowing that we have victory in Jesus! No battle is too big for him!! How awesome is that?!! Feeling thankful for all my blessings today! Unfortunately, food becomes something you have to have, not necessarily for pleasure or convenience anymore.

And how many of you actually SKIP breakfast?!?! I do well to get myself ready, my dog settled and to work in one piece. My life has admittedly become all about convenience, even when low sodium foods are a must. I have to make the time to prepare as best I can. You have breakfast for the week. A healthier alternative to the traditional muffin. Pair them with your favorite fruit or oats and you have a healthy, convenient breakfast Monday through Friday. I saw many variations on Pinterest for Egg Muffins so I simply modified for my muffins to meet my low sodium dietary needs.

Feel free to use your favorite veggies, protein and cheese! Preheat oven to degrees. Spray muffin tin with Pam. Add veggies, protein and cheese into each muffin cup, then pour the egg whites over the veggies until the liquid reaches the rim.

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Bake on for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and out of pan immediately. To avoid the muffins getting mushy, you must remove the from the pan and let them cool on baking rack or paper towels. Then place in container or zip lock bags 2 per bag making sure that all of the air is out.

I think this Dizzy Chick has been thawing out since a trip to New Hampshire at the beginning of the month. Seven feet of snow for my sweet friends in the North East bless their hearts!! After having lived in the States for 4 years, we sure do miss Wholefoods and Trader Joes! Totally with you on all of this Bethany.

Funny thing was, I expected not to like it much. That trip was for my husband, but we all had a ball, so much diversity and loads of unexpected finds. We found that generally a pub meal would feed my wife and I, so just ordered one between two most nights. I actually want to rent a motorcycle and do all of Route 66!

I think these are great for anyone who is looking to travel to the US for the first time.

I forgot something else to add — I met a British with a pet peeve toward American pricing system because the taxes are not included. He had to carry extra cash when he purchase food or shop around. And also I discovered that America appears to be famous for filling up a cup of ice for soda. So, when I order drinks especially on the plane, I tell them no ice please. Interesting read, even from a road tripper like me. You just have to look in the right places! The fast food gets lots of attention but like everything else in the US the food choices are very diverse, and there are plenty of healthy options, more so than in Australia IMO.

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Thanks for all the lovely tips. Sure this will make our adventure a memorable one. I completely agree about how bad the food is in some parts of the US. I was very jealous when traveling around Europe this summer because even their packaged food is better than ours…. These are great tips for any family road-tripping the U. I hope by the time we come back home to do our road trip, this will be the norm. Thank you for these great tips and enjoy the rest of your travels!

I have done a couple of short USA road trips so far and would like to do a lot more. Take the scenic route, you miss so much if you stick to the Interstates and Highways. When booking a rental car online it is quite confusing as it asks if you want all sorts of different things — some straight forward but others like whether you want to pay a daily rate for road toll charges. So should I just pay tolls as I get to them or pay a daily rate just in case so no queuing.?

Totally agree with you. Road trip is definitely the best way to discover the US. Working in an events promotion company in London, I have attended several travel events or foreign culture events and lot of them were about the United States and everybody agree to say that travelling around the country is needed to discover it. Safe and Happy travels! If you are traveling the U. I find the travel websites like booking.

Research is key in the U. Good luck and have fun!! Yes, they border can go through your phone, emails, etc. If they find anything suspect, well …. We did put this knowledge to use during our awesome road trip in the USA! I was wondering is there a app to use, we are travelling from NewYork all the way down to Miami then to Los Angeles, I would like help with any suggestions on which application to use to create my Itinerary.

Paying people to provide you with service is evil, amarite? Ken, people should be paid for the work they do as part of their wage. In the UK and many other countries around the world tipping is a bonus for excellent service. You need to get out of the US.

See how it is done in other places. Try Japan, for ex. I often go on camping and tours with my family. Well explained tips regarding road trips. It will help us to make our road trips more interesting and easy. Thanks for nice information. Minimum wage is NOT a nationally set rate. Wait staff may make minimum wage, but in some cities, minimum wage is more than I make as a child care provider!

Planning a USA road trip

Also, decent produce can be purchased at most any grocery store, and larger ones have a bakery and deli on site. Shipped in 12 to 14 working days When do I get it? Our picking, packing and delivery is linked to what you order, where you want it delivered and how you choose to pay, so delivery times can vary. Collections Currently only available at our Cape Town warehouse.

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