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Ignatius Press Bolero Ozon. To Know Christ Jesus. This modern spiritual classic by Frank Sheed, the renowned author, publisher and lecturer, is brought back into print for the benefit of new generations of readers to develop a deeper, more profound knowledge of Jesus Christ. Sheed's concern with the Gospels is to come to know Christ as he actually lived among us, interacted with all the various people he encountered from his infancy to his passion and death--the God-man who was like us in all things except sin.

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Sheed has tried especially to see Our Lord in his effect upon others--seeing how they saw him, trying to see why they saw him so. There is much about Mary and Joseph in their task of bringing up a baby who was literally adorable; about John the Baptist; about Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalen; about Nicodemus; about people we meet only for a moment, like the man born blind and the owners of the drowned swine; and why the Pharisees, not only the worst of them but some of the best, would not accept Christ.

This must be the Frank Sheed of the Sheed and Ward publishing house so prominent in Catholic literature publishing in years gone by. They were a tremendous service to us when I was growing in the faith as a boy.

To Know Christ Jesus

In my view, my generation owes them a considerable debt of gratitude. Just use the search in the upper left corner.

Thanks for your comment. Cogniet's version of the slaughter of the innocents is my sad favorite. The look in the mother's face, the baby's face, the other mother running.

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It has been one of my favorite books for many years and I've read it and been enriched by it over and over. Vince, I'll need to put Sheen's "Life of Christ" on my to read list.

In a time when New Year's resolutions can be so often petty or merely selfish, here's a good one: You may be interested to know that Angelico Press will be releasing a definitive edition of this wonderful book in the next couple weeks which will include over magnificent watercolors by the painter James Tissot.

Vince, great call on the Sheen recommendation. You can check it out here: Is there a better way to end the old year and start the new than getting to know Christ Jesus better?

Knowing Christ Personally

As a result one can get better at Christian trivia all the way from alpha to omega, so why not share for learning and for fun. Here are some insights, considerations and reflections from the life of Christ in the early years that might be new to you. Since this blog is geared a bit toward men and men are simple creatures, I often like to use bullet points and pictures.

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All he needed to do was to trust God and take Mary as his wife. No royal wedding had ever had a glory to compare with that. Today the poorest Catholic can have the same presence within the context of a nuptial Mass. Imagine being a fly on the wall during that Bible study!