Where Do The Children Play?

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Where do the children play?

The British Medical Journal concluded in that there is "an obesity epidemic in young children". The main solution, suggested the BMJ, should be to "reduce television viewing and promote playing There is another striking message coming out of Play, Naturally, and that is not just that children are losing out and becoming unhealthy from their lack of outdoor play; their environmental awareness is also being affected. The play expert Roger Hart suggested in that "it is only by intimately knowing the wonder of nature's complexity The environmental dimension to natural play was a key component too of a study by Demos and the Green Alliance in , which noted that children deprived of wild places to play "are losing their connection with the natural environment".

Play, Naturally makes a compelling case for the policy of securing and maintaining accessible open and green spaces, designed and maintained as places to play.

The government has over the last few years been signalling that it is attaching an increasing importance to the issue. In , it commissioned a national play review, chaired by former health secretary Frank Dobson.

Where do the Children Play? | iEARN Collaboration Centre

Children's Play Council has been funded from the initiative to provide guidance, help and advice through a national support structure, Play England. In response to the Dobson review, culture secretary Tessa Jowell said the government would be "considering how to take forward a more strategic, cross-departmental approach to play policy", and a Whitehall group was set up to develop this agenda.

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Her department is to publish a report on August 16 outlining the government approach to play. While happily unaware of such bureaucratic machinations, generations of children and their prospect for a natural, playful childhood will depend to a large extent on what it will say. The prime minister is right to say that "people will expect more active government" in promoting healthy living. We must therefore hope that the government's promise last January to develop "a more strategic approach to play policy", and the Labour election pledge to do more for play for disadvantaged children, will soon lead to a national action plan to protect and develop free play opportunities in every neighbourhood.

David Broza sings this still relevant song currently and engages youth in cross-cultural projects. IEARN teachers and students who join our project will explore these questions with photos, videos, and prose. Where possible, they will do community service to improve the places in their community where children and youth play.


Listen to Cat Stevens: Teachers and students will survey play areas available to children in their communities, Example surveys will be provided, by the project facilitators. Students will take photographs or videos in the playgrounds, but be mindful of the privacy rights of people who are using the facilities.

The surveys will enable them to evaluate whether the community facilities are adequate and how the play areas can be improved. We will hold an optional kick off Skype or Blackboard Collaborate meeting for the teachers. A culminating synchronous session will be available for students to share and discuss their project work.

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With the guidance of their teachers students will create multimedia presentations to share their observations, activities, and conclusions. IEARN members will learn where the children and youth play in communities around the world and make a commitment to provide a safe and enriched environment for all children and your to grow, explore, feel confident, and develop their skills. Learn with the world, not just about it.