Brooks Berry In The Case of The Haunted Cabin (The Brooks Berry Mysteries Book 3)

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Obsessed with sports, best friends with his dog Ripken and a very curious mind. He also is one of Wauwatosa's leading detectives. Join this boy sleuth and his friends on his mystery solving adventures packed with unexpected twists and turns. First edition of a new series. Are you on the fence about becoming a vegan? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this book is for you! What you will find in this book are vegan smoothie recipes for your Ninja blender.

Rest assured, none of the ingredients for the smoothies featured in this book contain any animal products. This means no dairy products, no eggs, and no honey. This time he teams up with familiar partner Brad Klemz and newcomer Bryce Kopish to help solve an international jewelry and boat theft ring.

Harrowing adventures await Brooks and company requiring quick thinking actions to avoid dangerous situations and solve the crime before the bandits leave the country. This time he travels with his sister, Ally, to visit his Grandparents in Arizona. While on their visit, their Grandfather takes them to stay at a friend's cabin with the ulterior motive of having Brooks solve the mystery of who is haunting it.

While on their visit, their Grandpa takes them to stay at a friend's cabin with the ulterior motive of having Brooks solve the mystery of who is haunting it. Un-Orthodox Boy Michael James A simple, heartfelt wandering of life and its happenings, "Un-Orthodox Boy" is a collection of poems about faith and the steady, sustaining love of God. As a text, "Un-Orthodox Boy" seeks, in its own way, to probe at the subtle boundaries of poetry; James' poems attempt to put on display a measured offering of human feelingthe bright visions, the deep despairs, and the spaces of the heart in-between them.

Throughout "Un-Orthodox Boy", James' verse exhibits moments of both levity and gravity in its desire to embroider the soul in the vibrant colours of God's goodness. It attempts to craft cathedrals of awe in the heart and reveal the breadth of individual sensibility. In short, James' work, in its execution, implores its readers to consider what it means to be human and to recollect the presence of the divine in the world. We'll publish them on our site once we've reviewed them. Item s unavailable for purchase.

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Overall rating No ratings yet. The Long Shot Meet Kirsten, An American Girl 2. Kirsten Learns a Lesson: A School Story 3. A Christmas Story 4. A Springtime Story 5. Kirsten Saves the Day: A Summer Story 6. A Winter Story Toutou and Pussy 2. Kitty's Robins 3. The White Rabbit 4. Rudie's Goat 5. Kitty's Visit to Gramdmamma 6. Little Kitty Brown and her Bible Verses 2. Kitty Brown and Little School 4.

Kitty Brown Beginning to Think Fourteen and Holding 3. Fifteen at Last 4. Going on Twelve 5. Girls' Series Companion lists volume 5, but publication information could not be verified in other sources. Kristy's Queer Christmas 2. Kristy's Surprise Party 3. Kristy's Rainy Day Picnic Kittyboy's Christmas 2. Mabel's Mishap 3. Worth His While A Room for Cathy 2. Miss Cathy Leonard 3. Cathy Leonard Calling 4. Cathy's Little Sister 5. Cathy and the Beautiful People 7. Letty's Sister 5. Letty's Treasure 6. Letty's Good Luck 7. Letty at the Conservatory 8.

Letty Grey, Heiress Let's Play Circus 3. Let's Play Sailors Note: The House with a Clock in Its Walls 2. The Figure in the Shadows 3. The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring Libby's Uninvited Guest 4. Libby Shadows a Lady My Horrible Secret 2. The Terrible Truth 3. My Secret Admirer 4. Twelve-Year-Old Vows Revenge A Girl and Her Dad 2. Gloria at Boarding School 3. Just Girl 4. A Doctor's Daughter 8. This was reissued as Barbara Hale's Mystery Friend: This was originally published by Milton Bradley as Nancy Brandon: A Girl Called Ted Two Girls of Today Sally Found Out Judy Jordan Another Judy Jordan title, Judy Jordan's Mystery, may be a phantom title or a retitled version of volume 17 or No publication information could be found for this title.

A True Blue Story 7. Tales You Wouldn't Believe Freckles Comes Home Linda Goes to the Hospital 2. Linda Travels Alone 3. Linda's First Flight 4. Linda Goes to a TV Studio 5. Linda Goes on a Cruise We Hate Everything But Boys 2. Is There Life After Boys? We Love Only Older Boys 4. My Heart Belongs to that Boy 5. All for the Love of that Boy 6. Dedicated to that Boy that I Love 7. Loving Two is Hard to Do Advertisements for the series also list the following three "prequels", chronicling Linda's adventures at a younger age:.

Want to Trade Two Brothers for a Cat 3. Tomboy Terror in Bunk Linda Carlton's Perilous Summer 5. Linda Carlton's Hollywood Flight Linda Craig and the Palomino Mystery 2. Linda Craig and the Clue on the Desert Trail 3. Linda Craig and the Secret of Rancho del Sol 4. Linda Craig and the Mystery of Horseshoe Canyon 5.

Linda Craig and the Ghost Town Treasure 6. Linda Craig and the Mystery in Mexico At this point, the books were revised and reissued in paperback editions by Minstrel-Pocket, with new titles added:. The Palomino Mystery 2. The Clue on the Desert Trail 3. The Secret of Rancho Del Sol 4. The Mystery of Horseshoe Canyon 5. The Mystery in Mexico 6. The Ghost Town Treasure 7.

The Haunted Valley 8. Secret of the Old Sleigh 9. The Emperor's Pony The Phantom of Dark Oaks The Search for Scorpio The Golden Secret 2. The Crystal Trail 5. Anything for Kelly Everybody's Favorite Kathy in Charge Linda Lane 2.

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Linda Lane Helps Out 3. Linda Lane's Plan 4. Linda Lane's Problems 6. Sidney de Grey; or The Rival Schoolboys. Cousin Clara; or The Mislaid Jewels. Peter Clinton; or The Story of a Boy The Case of the Diamond Eye 2. What Happened to Candy Carmichael 3. Valerie Valentine is Missing 4. Dark Treasure 2. Addie's Country Home 2.

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Addie's Visitors 3. Working for Mama 4. Addie's Brother 5. Addie's Birthday 6. The Sail on the River 7. Addie's Story Book 8. Laura's Garden 9.

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The Lost Child Working for Papa The Magic Lantern This series appears in American Catalogue, but no additional information about the author or books could be found in the NUC to verify it is an American series or identify "Cousin Belle". The White Dress 2. The Broken Basket 3. Jamie by the Lake 4. Bertie Page 5. Amy and Her Kitten 6. Little Canary's Daisy 2. Little Canary 3. Little Canary's Cousin Eugene 4. Little Canary's Black Cato The Little Cockalorum 2.

The Little Cockalorum Crows Again 3. The Little Cockalorum Finds Romance The Little Colonel Doll Book The Mary Ware Doll Book Our Little Mexican Cousin E. Our Little Portuguese Cousin E. Tehyi Hsieh Daisy and Dot 4. Daisy's Six Kittens 6. Daisy's Death Note: This series appears in American Catalogue, but no additional information about the author or books could be found in the NUC to verify it is an American series or identify "Aunt Fanny.

Fanny's Journey 2. Fanny at School 3. Fanny's Pic-Nic 4. Fanny's Birthday 5. Fanny's Fair 6. Miss Mason's Story This series appears in American Catalogue, but no additional information about the author or books could be found in the NUC to verify it is an American series or to identify "Aunt Laura. A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia 6. A Little Girl in Old Washington 7. A Little Girl in Old Detroit 9. A Little Girl in Old St. A Little Girl in Old Quebec A Little Girl in Old Baltimore A Little Girl in Old Salem A Little Girl in Old Pittsburgh The First Four Years Mother Nature's Cheerful Children Little Lucia 2.

Little Lucia and Her Puppy 3. Little Lucia's Island Camp 4. The following titles may be related to the series: A Little Maid of Province Town 2. A Little Maid of Massachusetts Colony 3. A Little Maid of Narragansett Bay 4. A Little Maid of New Orleans A Little Maid of Quebec Little Miss Cricket 2. Little Miss Cricket's New Home 3. Little Miss Cricket at School Little Miss Weezy 2.

Little Orphan Annie and the Haunted House 4. Little Orphan Annie Shipwrecked 7. Little Orphan Annie, Willing Helper Colette in France McDonald Chandra in India McDonald Four Little Pitchers 2. Grandma's Christmas Box 6. Trials of the Baby Pitcher. A Little Princess of Tenopah 2. A Little Princess of the Pines 3. A Little Princess of the Patio 4. A Little Princess of the Ranch 5.

A Little Princess of the Stars and Stripes Later editions of volumes add "Little Prudy's" to the title, e. Volume 5 is sometimes titled Little Prudv's Story Book. Little Prudy's "Wee Croodlin' Doo" 2. Jimmy Boy 3. Jimmy, Lucy, and All 5. Lucy in Fairyland A Loyal Little Maid 2.

A Little Puritan Pioneer 6. A Puritan Knight Errant 7. The Red House Children at Grafton 3. Little Rosie in the Country 2. Little Rosie's Christmas Times 3.

Brooks Berry In The Case of The Haunted Cabin

The Little Runaways 2. The Little Runaways at Home 3. The Little Runaways at Orchard House Belle Powers' Locket 2. Dora's Motto 3.

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Lily Norris' Enemy 4. Jessie's Parrot 5. Mamie's Watchword 6. According to the ads, the stories show how children can be "'sunbeams' of joy and happiness to others". Little Suzy's Six Teachers 3. Little Suzy's Little Servants Little Washington 2. Little Washingtons' Relatives 3. Little Washington at School The Little Washingtons 2. The Little Washingtons' Travels 5. Waukley Roy as author. No verification of a previous publication has been found. Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys 3. The Story of the Live Dolls 2. More About Live Dolls 4. The Story of the Three Dolls 5.

The Live Dolls' House Party 6. The Live Dolls' Busy Days 7. The Live Dolls' Play Days 8. The April Fool Doll 9. The Live Dolls' Party Days The Live Dolls in Fairyland The Live Dolls in Wonderland Key To The Treasure 2. Clues in the Woods 3. Haunted House 4. Pirate Island Adventure 5.

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Loraine and the Little People 2. Loraine and the Little People of Spring 3. Loraine and the Little People of Summer 4. Loraine and the Little People of the Ocean Lori Adams and the Riverboat Mystery 3. Lori Adams and the Adopted Rebel 4. Lori Adams and the Jungle Search The Phantom Yacht 2. The Phantom Town 3. Finding the Lost Treasure Although the series is listed in ads, no publication information could be found for the last volume. Louie Maude 2. The Roly Poly Family ' 3. Louie Maude and the Caravan 4. Louie Maud and the Mary Ann Lucile, the Torch Bearer 2.

Lucile, Bringer of Joy 4. Lucile on the Heights Ann on the Oregon Trail 2. Lucretia Ann in the Golden West 3. Lucretia Ann on the Sagebrush Plains Lucy Ellen 2. Lucy Ellen's College Daze 3. Lucy Ellen's Heydey Captain Lucy and Lieutenant Bob 2. Captain Lucy in France 3. Tight Spot 2. Collision Course 3. Double Danger 4. Cousin Lucy at Study Rev. Night of a Thousand Pizzas 2. Frog Punch 3. The Cookie Caper 4.

The French Fry Aliens 5. Rubberband Stew 6. The Flying Popcorn Experiment 7. Invasion of the Fast Food 8. Space Food 9. Day of the Monster Plant Madge Morton's Secret 3.


Maggie Adams, Dancer 2. Maggie Adams' Eighteenth Summer 3. Stay on Your Toes, Maggie Adams Getting Something on Maggie Marmelstein 2. Maggie Marmelstein for President 3. Mysteriously Yours, Maggie Marmelstein The Magic Makers in Backwards Land The Love Vote Jo Stewart 2. Lynn's Challenge Sandy Miller 4.

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The Love Contest Jo Stewart 9. A Song for Mandy Dawn Aldridge Test of Love Janice Stevens Lucky at Love Barbara Bartholemew. The Case of the Gobbling Squash 2. The Case of the Mind-Reading Mommies 3. The Case of the Tattletale Heart 4. The Case of the Dummy with Cold Eyes Maida's Little Hospital Maida's Little Farm Maida's LIttle House Party Maida's Little Treasure Hunt The Story of a White Rocking Horse 3. The Story of a Candy Rabbit 6.

The Story of a Monkey on a Stick 7. The Story of a Woolly Dog Prime Time 2. Wanting It All 4. On the Move 5. Love Scenes 6. Hard Times High The Makeover Club 2. The Makeover Summer 3. The Makeover Campaign Is There Life after Sixth Grade? Leslie McGuire 4. William Stine 5. Fourth Grade Loser Ellen Kahaner 6. Mandie and the Secret Tunnel 2. Mandie and the Cherokee Legend 3.

Mandie and the Ghost Bandits 4. Mandie and the Forbidden Attic 5. Mandie and the Trunk's Secret 6. Mandie and the Medicine Man 7. Mandie and the Charleston Phantom 8. Mandie and the Abandoned Mine 9. Mandie and the Hidden Treasure Mandie and the Mysterious Bells Mandie and the Holiday Surprise Mandie and the Washington Nightmare Mandie and the Midnight Journey Mandie and the Shipboard Mystery Mandie and the Foreign Spies Mandie and the Silent Catacombs Wait for Marcy 2. March Catches Up 3. Sometimes these books are advertised as the last six titles in the Hildegarde-Margaret series, but Hildegarde does not appear in them.

Margery Morris 2. Margery Morris, Mascot 3. Margery in the Pine Woods