Consciously Creating Circumstances

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But, the taking action part is meant to be effortless, fun and exciting. Allowing simply means accepting what currently is without fighting against it. For example, if you are poor and you decide to create abundance in your life, at the beginning of your wealth creation, there will still be events and circumstances in your life that remind you of your money problems, like too many bills…. Now, allowing means that you accept those current circumstances without slipping into emotions like fear, anger, worry, desperation… You simply deal with those issues in an unattached way, you remain anchored in your abundance consciousness and you keep on taking action that is aligned with your desire to create abundance.

There is no pushing and fighting against what is, because if you fight against your poverty, you put your focus and attention on poverty instead of abundance and by doing so, you create more poverty. Unfortunately, the Law of Attraction is often explained in a way that makes people belief that there is no need to take action and that all that needs to be done is to lean back to visualize and to use affirmations… those are fantastic tools, but nothing will happen until you take action and if you want really big things to happen, it requires taking massive action.

However, it is not about HARD work, pushing and forcing, it is about getting into the energy that will light the desire in you to take action on your ideas and to deeply enjoy the taking action part. You can also take a look at my article about getting into the flow to learn more about how you can take effortless action: Regarding your question about the numerology numbers, honestly I would not pay too much atteention to it.

If you identify yourself with a specific number or sign, you may limit yourself by thinking that you have certain flaws or weaknesses because of your number or sign and that there is not much you can do about it. Hi Robert, makes a lot of sense. For myself, I keep on falling flat in the above scenario because I forget the time-span involved between creating and materialising. Some other impacts are also involved in our internal sabotaging of ourselves, i. Yes, Andries, the time span between creation and materialization is the hardest part to deal with. But it will be much easier, once you fully understand the entire process and once you realize that those unwanted circumstances are only a shadow of your past and that they will go away once you stop focusing on the thoughts that created those circumstances.

So, so true Robert. We can only and always experience our consciousness. And yes, you are absolutely right, there is so much abundance out there and we can find it almost anywhere… We just have to learn to see it, to be grateful for it and to enjoy it. I am glad I came across it! These words are music to my ears: I have a problem with running into and working with people I just do not vibrate well with, creating massive interference.

Yes, I work with such people from time to time and would like to stop that from happening. I understand not everyone can be like that, but how do I attract those into my reality? Just think about them? Not taking on work that my gut tells me not to it is always right; I can tell even from the voice of a person? I guess I beat myself up for past mistakes, which I know we are not supposed to, but how can we not when we really screwed up? If we were given a great opportunity and we messed up by doing something else, how can we feel good about that?

The universe always knows and gives accordingly what is best for us. Not taking something is a major, setting you back God knows how long. Starting from within with forgiveness is the way to go, but it is tough. Thanks a lot for your great comment. There is always a message in everything. Make it a game. Learn to handle those situations without any inner friction and enjoy the challenge. That way you can turn an event you would normally experience as unpleasant into something fun and exciting and maybe you become even good friends with the person you dislike at first.

Messing up is part of the plan, it belongs to the process. Maybe you would be rich and famous, but you would be very bored. Our live was never meant to be without any challenges. Your response brought to mind Thomas Crown, the wealthy thief who simply did it for fun because he was bored! It made for a great movie and the remake I even like better. The point is, he made trouble because he was bored, so I see your point now! It really is part of the plan to learn and grow, no matter what situation you are in!

Could it be that you are too focused on the problem and that you practice positive thinking in order to get rid of the problem? Lots of people use an attitude like: As long as you fight and struggle with your problem, as long as it bothers you, you will keep it alive — no matter how much you visualize and think positively. What I mean is to cut your emotional ties worry, fear, anger… with the problem. Jim Carrey and Oprah go a lot into how this works. I recommend watching their interviews. I liked what you said concerning the Law of Attraction.

What also matters is that your super causal body attracts a lot of vibrations from your experiences in the past,including previous births.

These are lodged in our intercellular spaces as deep psychic impressions that cause us to recurringly experience the same tape over and over again. Desires too contribute enormously here. Desire agitates because of impatience? Because we have very little time with us as humans.

See a Problem?

Why do we have less time? Because at the very root of our being is the deep,subtle,subconscious knowledge that we are mortal. Yes we are mortal. This is the deep rooted wellspring of our impatience with every desire. The basis of agitation and dissonance. Nonetheless ,here we must remind ourselves that desires will always arrive as milestones on the highway of life. And these milestones,these desires will arise in multifarious forms. They will come as inspirations,they will come as actions to be initiated ,as performance to be displayed before others,as approval to be gained from others,.

In fact every action of our life is desire in motion. Thanks a lot, Mona for your great comment.

Consciously Creating Circumstances

SO glad to have found this forum. I am sending out an APB for like minded individuals. They are now bombarding me, its fantastic. In times of doubt, I let the water in the shower run over my tears and down into the drain where God collects them and then smiles at me with the Sun. I have been seeking for someone else that is teaching this information as I see it and you hit it right on the head. Just the act of imagining a future reality is liberating, no mater the circumstance now. Of all the articles l have come across in the past one week non has hit the nail on the head of what my life has been in terms wanting to creat what you desire only to fall back into what you erroneously thought was your reality, the lack , the bills, the worries and frustrations of how to meet your needs and that of your loved ones etc.

I am truly grateful for this piece and all the enlightenment l have found in it. I have one question, why does it seem as if the negative things are fast to manifest more than the good things even when you are doing all you can to creat what you desire? All is One; 4.

The Great Link; 5. Forming the Picture; 6. Impressing Your Desire; 7. The Law of Attraction; 8. Bread Upon the Waters; 9. Entering the Kingdom; Your Basic Attitude; Health and Wealth; How to Concentrate; Fear and Faith; and The Spirit of Your Thought. Although fifteen chapters encompass only pages this is not an easy read in the fact that you will not have to dwell and meditate on what is being spoken to.

You will have to. However, the wisdom that you attain you will be able to take with you and employ wherever you are in the World.

The cost of this text will be recouped many times over. Read and improve your life. Five stars is not enough. This is the "original" s instructional tract on conscious creation or matrix manipulation, or whatever you happen to call it. BUT be careful which edition you order! It doesn't make the book unusable, but it is certainly very annoying. The edition to avoid is paperback, copyright by "Rough Draft Printing" Yeah, boy is it "rough"!

They ought to be really ashamed of such grossly sloppy work. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Amazing book that elicits epiphanies. I have read dozens of these "thought" books and this is one of my top 5 favorites. Right up there with "Feeling is the Secret" Neville Goddard. If you apply the knowledge you will see the results. This copy was sent as a gift.

One person found this helpful. This may be what you need then I will read it a hundred more times! Then research thought-forms in more depth, as this practice is called by many names through many belief sets but all use the same basic techniques. There are many variations and the point is to find what works best for you and what you can align with.

I am very happy to have found this book and the way the author clearly progresses you through understandings necessary for things to work for you. I aligned with a lot in this book and cannot say enough good about it - when the student is ready I read this book about 20 years ago when it "fell" into my life unexpectedly. That is what this book is all about, how to get what you need and want from your own consciousness. I have read the original book so much that the pages literally have all separated from the spine, so I was glad to see that it was in print again and I ordered another one.

But I will never get rid of my original copyright edition of , it is that special. Other books have copied the context of "Consciously Creating Circumstances" but they are just a diluted down version of this much more powerful, yet simply written book when the first edition was published in December, It explains how our thoughts, though invisible forces, direct our physical lives.

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Whether we are aware of this or not, our thoughts still direct our lives. This book explains how to change your life circumstances by consciously selecting thoughts, which always precedes a physical, tangible action. Just be warned, you must be "ready" to accept the teachings this author offers, and if you are, this book finds you! It is not for the average person with a closed mind. The author, George Winslow Plummer, wrote "Consciously Creating Circumstances" many, many years before I was born, yet what an influence he has made in my life through this writing.

This book is a short and easy read. I love the illustrations that the author puts into your mind with his words so you can "see" what he is telling you.

The Key To Consciously Creating The Life You Want

I like how he gets to the point. There is no lingering or excessive writing before or after a topic. This book is similar to a few others that i've read: I advise you read all three if this stuff interests you. Reading this book and following the laws outlined in the manner provided will aid you in consciously creating circumstances.

My first time doing this was while reading " The Power of Your Subconscious Mind " and after that I started to actively seek books relating to the subconscious mind.

When it happens it feels like coincidence but it's really you creating your thoughts in the world. This is a great classic!


This particular edition however has incredible spelling errors and other errors which look like there were attempts at words you can't even guess what they might have been! Still, I hope it gets reformatted at some point.

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