Into the Lions Den: Part III

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Scorpius is a brutal character, make no mistake. You need only look to the cold open of this episode to see that.

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Much like Scorpius took Crais life from him, Crichton has just done the same thing. Is this the end of an era? Does Scorpius have a purpose anymore?

The inevitable destruction of the Peacekeepers at the hands of the Scarrans? Nothing about the end of this arc — and this truly feels like the end of a massive arc — is neat or organized, though. I went from disappointment to sadness to anger to shock and to a million other things in between. These were some of the best sets and special effects, and the visuals will haunt me for a long time. Aeryn watches in horror as her old friend Henta is burned alive in front of her, all for doing what she was trained to do.

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