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This is what bothers me. As far as the worship goes, this former Russian Orthodox chick is still getting use to the idea of a drum set in church. For centuries, the Church taught that only the priest could properly interpret the Bible for the people. Not too many years ago, the pastor would teach on Sunday mornings, and there would be Bible classes for adults before or after the worship time, and others with the gift of teaching would also use their gifts and teach.

In a church I attended in the late seventies, four different people preached on Sunday nights, and we all benefited from their gifts.

Outgrowing Church?

As a former Roman Catholic I recently attended mass and could not believe how poor the sermon was! I had forgotten…we Protestants are still doing a much, much better job in our music, our sermons, and our prayers. But I also agree with you Ryan-those lyrics you quoted were downright creepy and I could not sing them either.

Outgrowing Our Religion: Are We Ready? (Audio)

We have to continue to look at things with a bit of a critical or discerning eye. Ce Ce, as I explained to Kat, I was referring to a congregation being taught by just one person.


For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church would not let its parishoners study the Bible for themselves. They were told that only the priest could interpret it correctly.

Is It Possible To Outgrow Your Church?

Because people want professional Bible teaching, we are limiting the giftedness of other teachers in our churches. Chuck, I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. The great preachers in the past — as well as people like John MacArthur and Chuck Swindoll — have always done both expository and topical messages. People have already carved out Sunday morning and are done with church for the rest of the week? Thirty years ago, people were willing to come to church 3 or 4 times a week so you could offer a class led by a lay person on Sunday night or Wednesday night.

That is no longer true, of course, and most people now only come to church 1 or 2 times a week.

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We see the discoveries the pastor made that led him to outgrowing his ingrown church. During a time of searching he came to realize that as pastor he was the source of the problem and to build his church into one motivated to carry out the Great Commission he would need to make changes. He details this journey and in so doing challenges others to discover the power of God rather than attempting to abide in their own power and with their own resources.

Though a good book full of solid teaching, I believe it would best serve as an introduction to church growth and to outgrowing a stagnant church. If you have read other books on the subject this many not excite you very much. Those wary of evangelicalism may also find comfort in the fact that this is written from a Reformed perspective. When it comes to specifics about church growth there have been many books written since this one that will prove more useful.

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40+ and the Church: Outgrowing Your Congregation? – The Perennial Gen

I decided to embrace the thorn in my side instead of running from it. Britt Apr 14, Jake Brandes Feb 01, Smiley03 Sep 16, Just wanted to tell you that I thought your post was extremely well written, and exactly what I needed to read this evening. Thanks for the insight. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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40+ and the Church: Outgrowing Your Congregation?

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